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Saturday Night’s Main Event #22 – July 29, 1989

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a SNME recap, about six weeks. So let’s try and finish off the final nine episodes. Tonight’s episode comes to us about one month before the second annual Summerslam PPV, back when PPV’s were far apart and not every three to four weeks. Going into this show the biggest feuds were Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, and Ultimate Warrior and Rick Rude. The World Heavyweight Champion is still Hulk Hogan, who regained his title at Wrestlemania V, while the IC champion is Rick Rude who upset the Ultimate Warrior at the same show. Meanwhile in the tag team division, Demolition is still the reigning champions sitting at 478 days since the victory. Tonight they face Bobby Heenan’s tag team of the Brain Busters in a two out of three fall match. Can the Demolition retain the gold again, or will Bobby Heenan acquire his second championship for the Heenan family? We have all this and more tonight on Saturday Night’s Main Event.

We open tonight’s episode with the mini interviews including Randy Savage, Sherri, Brutus Beefcake, Bobby Heenan, Brain Busters, Demolition, Jimmy Hart, Honky Tonk Man, and Hulk Hogan. I notice this is the 24/7 feed as the WWF is censored out, lovely. Why do they have to do that to vintage video? At least they kept the classic SNME music intact. Jesse and Vince welcome us to Worcester, Massachusetts and go over tonight’s matches they include Hulk Hogan versus Honky Tonk Man and the tag team title match. We get a video recap of Honky Tonk Man’s greatest hits which features everyone he’s cracked with a guitar. We see Jake Roberts, Brutus Beefcake, Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart, and Jimmy Snuka. It’s time for the opening match.

1. Honky Tonk Man v Hulk Hogan. Who possibly believed that Honky Tonk stood a chance in this matchup? Honky tries for a cheap shot with the guitar and Hulk moves and pulls Honky to the floor. Hulk hammers Honky up the aisle and Jimmy jumps on Hulk’s shoulders. Hulk climbs the stairs and enters the ring with Jimmy still on his back as Honky comes back in with the guitar. Hulk smashes Jimmy in the corner and avoids the guitar and sends Honky to the buckles. The Hulkster unloads and nails a big clothesline and continues to hammer Honky and follows with the atomic drop. Hulk sends his to the corner and follows with the big elbow sending Honky to the mat, giving Hulk time to pull his shirt off. Jimmy tries to pull Honky out and Hulk pulls Jimmy in, Hulk then sends Jimmy and Honky head to head. Honky tumbles to the floor and Hulk follows and stalks him, but Jimmy hits him from behind with the guitar, which doesn’t break. Honky enters the ring to break the count then dives on Hulk with a double ax handle. Honky tosses him back in and works the back of the Hulkster over. Honky with a rear chinlock as Jimmy cheers on his man, but Hulk powers out of the chinlock and drives Honky into the buckle. That might break Honky’s hair, as Honky hits a big clothesline on the Hulk. Honky pulls up the Hulkster and hits the Shake Rattle and Roll but dances instead of covering the Hulk. Honky finally makes the cover and Hulk kicks out with power and begins the Hulking Up procedure. Hulk with three right hands, big boot and Honky tumbles to the floor. Hulk quickly follows and Jimmy from behind with the guitar and Hulk catches Jimmy and cracks him with the guitar and a guitar to the back of Honky Tonk sending Honky in the ring. Hulk drops the big leg across the chest of Honky and covers him for the win. 3.5/5 a good brawl, which is about all Honky was good for. Honky always played the perfect villain as was tough when in control but cried when getting beat. Current villains can learn from HTM. After the match as Hulk celebrates referee Ronnie Garvin enters the ring for the next match and we get a recap of the Garvin/Valentine feud. Basically they fought a couple times and it lead to a retirement match, which Garvin lost and then quickly became a ref. Garvin basically screwed over Valentine until he finally demanded Garvin get reinstated as a wrestler and they fought a few more times, including a great submission match at the Royal Rumble. Is it just me or does Garvin look like Barney Rubble? Just saying is all.

2. Greg Valentine v Jimmy Snuka. Valentine immediately gets in the face of Ronnie Garvin, as before the match we get a prerecorded statement from President Jack Tunney. Tunney says if Garvin puts his hands on another wrestler he will be suspended. Valentine attacks Snuka before the bell as he was adjusting his knee pads. Valentine quickly drops the hammer on Snuka and chokes him on the ropes. No Jimmy Hart with Valentine tonight, as Hulk took care of Hart. Valentine shoots him in and misses a clothesline and Snuka comes back with a big chop and follows with the flying headbutt. Snuka climbs the ropes and drops down, but lands on the knee brace of Valentine. Valentine drops a series of elbows across the chest of Snuka and gets a near fall, as Garvin was out of position. Valentine kicks Snuka sending him to the floor and Valentine kicks Snuka as he was coming back in. Valentine continues to keep Snuka out of the ring, and Garvin finally pushes Greg back. This distracts Valentine and Snuka climbs the ropes. Garvin punches Valentine and Snuka nails a cross body for the win. 2.5/5 wasn’t a bad match but was more about Valentine and Garvin’s feud then anything in the match. After the match Valentine goes after Garvin and gets backdropped out of the ring. Before the next match we get footage of the Beefcake and Savage feud which started on the Brother Love Show as Savage attacked Brutus. They then proceeded to cut the hair of the Barber, which leads us to this match.

3. Brutus Beefcake v Randy Savage. Brutus chases Savage and Sherri out of the ring with his shears before the bell rings. Brutus goes after Savage and they run in the ring, Savage charges at Brutus who tosses him over the top and is alone in the ring with Sherri. Sherri quickly bails out and Brutus chases and grabs her by the ankle, but Savage nails him from behind and tosses him in. A slugfest quickly ensues and Brutus gets the best and then chokes Savage with his jacket. Brutus shoots Savage in and Savage goes for a kick but Brutus catches the foot and nails a double ax handle. Brutus gets caught in the corner and eats the buckle as Savage quickly unloads on the Barber and sends him to the opposite corner but misses the charge in. Brutus with a nice cross body press for a near fall. Sherri up on the apron and Brutus distracted and goes after her, and Savage comes from behind but Brutus catches him. Savage misses the clothesline and Brutus hits a high knee for another near fall. Another slugfest and Brutus on the ropes and Savage goes for the running knee on the ropes but Brutus misses sending Savage to the apron. Brutus hits another high knee sending Savage to the floor and Brutus follows, Savage hides behind Sherri and Brutus continues the offense. Brutus tosses him in and Sherri grabs Brutus’ ankle allowing Savage to hammer Brutus and send him to the floor. Savage nails the flying double ax handle to the floor and Sherri gets a few kicks in as well. Savage slings himself out and kicks Brutus and then Sherri nails him with the spiked heel to the head. Savage tosses Brutus back in and goes for a slam, but Brutus rolls him up however Sherri has the ref distracted. Savage quickly back on the offense with a back elbow, but Brutus with backslide almost gets the win. Savage now chokes Beefcake as Sherri removes her nylon and chokes Brutus. Savage climbs the ropes and goes for the double ax handle, but Brutus catches him and nails a big clothesline as Brutus makes his comeback. Brutus with a big elbow and sends him in but caught with his head down. Sherri holds Brutus and Savage go for the knee, but Brutus moves and Savage nails Sherri sending her to the floor. Savage sent to the corner and Brutus misses the charge and now Savage charges but gets backdropped to the floor. Sherri helps Savage up and Savage sends her backstage to go get help as we go to commercial. We come back and Brutus is unloading on the Macho Man. Savage able to get a punch in and hits a snapmare but misses the knee drop; however he’s able to slam Brutus on the top rope. We see Sherri returning with the massive Zeus, whose Savage’s partner at Summerslam against Brutus and Hogan. Brutus whips Savage in and gets the sleeper on Savage, but Zeus comes in and nails Brutus drawing a DQ. 4/5 was actually a great match, but the cheap ending ruined it. Zeus with a bearhug on Brutus and Hulk quickly comes out to make the save. Hulk’s shots do nothing to the massive Zeus who locks a bear hug on the Hulk as Savage drives a double ax handle in the back of Hulk. Savage has the scissors and tries to cut Hulk’s hair but Brutus makes the save. Hulk sends Savage out as Brutus’ punches do nothing to Zeus who puts the bear hug on Brutus. Hulk uses a chair which does nothing and now Brutus has a chair as well, and Zeus doesn’t back down. Savage and Sherri convince Zeus to leave the ring.

4. Demolition v Brain Busters. At the last SNME Demolition got disqualified and kept the titles, tonight it’s a two out of three fall match. Demolition has the longest title reign in WWE history as they won the title way back in March 1988 at Wrestlemania 4, tonight’s they’re toughest challenge. Demolition make their way to the ring to generic music, which just doesn’t work right, their real music was always so cool. Tully and Ax start the match and Tully cheapshots Smash but gets sent in and holds the ropes and slides out. Smash presses Tully pack in and gets punched by both members of Demolition but able to get Ax in his corner where they double team Ax. Ax fights his way out and Arn pulls him to the floor but Ax hammers him and sends Tully into Arn. All four men in the ring and Busters sent in and hold the ropes and slide out of the ring. Arn back in with Smash who sends him to the corner but Arn comes back with a series of punches, Smash retaliates with a chokehold. Arn with a snapmare and goes for a stomp but Smash catches the foot and flips Arn over. Smash lays out Arn in Demolitions corner where they double team Arn. Smash gets caught in the bad knee and Tully tagged in, and a slugfest ensues. Smash overpowers Blanchard and locks in a bearhug but Tully breaks it with a thumb to the eye. Arn tagged in and Smash goes for a slam but Tully dropkicks Arn in the back sending Smash down. Tully quickly chokes Smash and tags in Arn who sends Smash in and nails the vintage spinebuster for a near fall. The Busters try to double team but it fails as Ax grabs the hair of Tully and Smash nails a hotshot on Arn for the first fall. The second fall starts after the commercial as Smash is choking Arn in the corner and tags in Ax. Ax chops down Anderson and hits a double thrust to the throat then drives Arn into Smash’s foot. Smash tagged in and hammers down Anderson and cranks the neck. Ax tagged in and another hotshot on Anderson as Heenan looks on in horror. Ax snapmares Arn down and goes back to the neck, but able to fight out and tags in Tully. Tully quickly stomps Ax and hits a bottom rope hot shot, while Tully has the ref Arn drives an elbow to the throat of Ax. Tully sends Ax in the corner and they double team Ax, as Arn is tagged in. Smash with the ref and Ax gets double teamed by the Busters. Arn with a chinlock on Ax and tags in Tully who sends in Ax but gets caught and Smash tagged in. Smash slams both Busters down and now we have all four in the ring. Arn tossed to the floor, Heenan sent to the post and they double team Tully as Heenan crumples to the mat. Suddenly we see Andre make his way to ringside as Demolition nail the Decapitation and go for the cover, but the ref doesn’t count instead calling for the bell. The referee raises the hand of Blanchard as Demolition gets disqualified in the second fall and we go to the third and final fall. Andre is sitting at ringside as we start the final fall, and Ax quickly takes over on Tully. Tully ran into Smash’s boot and Smash tagged in. Smash sends Tully to the floor and Ax sends him back in. Ax tagged back in and Ax sending Tully in and nails a back elbow, but Tully gets a thumb to the eye, however Ax sends Tully into the head of Arn Anderson. Arn gets the tag and Arn stumbles in and pulls up Ax. Ax nails an atomic drop sending Arn to the buckle but when he stumbled back he headbutts Ax down. Arn crawls to the corner and tags in Tully as Smash is tagged in and Smash sends Tully up and over the buckle. All four in the ring again, but Ax and Arn tumble to the floor and the ref with Arn and Ax, as Arn goes to the post. All four back in and Heenan gets involved, while the ref is with Ax Andre slides a chair in and Tully cracks Smash with the chair. Arn makes the cover and we have new tag team champions. 4.5/5 a great match between two phenomenal tag teams. This is the way tag team wrestling should be, teams who’ve been together for a long time, not just thrown together for a couple months. Jesse quickly runs to the Heenan dressing room, with Haku and IC champion Rick Rude to celebrate the new tag championship. After that we get hype for Summerslam and Vince and Jesse close the show.

Match Recap:

1. Hulk Hogan pinned the Honky Tonk Man in 6:14 3.5/5

2. Jimmy Snuka beat Greg Valentine at 3:14 2.5/5

3. Brutus Beefcake beat Randy Savage by dq in 11:30 4/5

4. The Brain Busters beat Demolition 2 falls to 1 to win the titles at 12:33 4.5/5

Another great SNME comes to an end, as we head to Summerslam 1989. After 478 days as champions we have new Tag Champions in the Brain Busters. Demolition would get the titles back in about 2 months, but never get to the heights they achieved at this point. Hopefully I’ll get the next episode later today or tomorrow. Only nine episodes remain of the classic SNME’s and I plan to finish these by the end of April, let’s see if I can pull it off.

Here’s the matches from tonight’s show






Savage and Zeus v. Hulk & Brutus from Summerslam!


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