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Wrestlicious – April 8, 2010


It’s time to finish off this new improved shortened week with Wrestlicious. We’ve made it to the sixth episode of the series so far, and I love this show. It’s nice to see a wrestling show that doesn’t take itself so seriously and has some fun characters. I think that’s what’s missing in wrestling nowadays, characters, everyone is basically the same now and no one really stands out. I miss the old days of over the top characters like Akeem, Big Boss Man, Honky Tonk Man, Jim Duggan, Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, George Steele, Mountie, Brother Love, Repo Man, etc. Everyone had a defined gimmick and character and it made everyone a little different, they even had different music. No everyone looks the same, same moves basically and everyone has the same sounding music. Here at Wrestlicious everyone has a nicely defined character and gimmick and it just makes the whole show for me. Well, anyways, tonight I do believe we finally get the battle royal for the first champion, I hope. So let’s see what Wrestlicious has to offer this week.

1. We open the show with the announcement that tonight is the championship battle royal and Cousin Cassie won the votes to name it, the Hoedown Throwdown. Let’s hope they give the battle royal a good portion of time and don’t rush the eliminations.

2. Brooke Lynn & Jimmy Hart open the show and Brooke says she will be the last women standing. Jimmy says she has to go through 19 other women and Jimmy says the final two will meet at a later date. She tells Jimmy to put the crown on ice and he says maybe that will bring down the swelling of her head, and realizes that’s just her wall of hair. The final five girls are announced for the battle royal, White Magic, Hope, Alexandra the Great, Maria Toro, Amber Lively.

3. Country Quickie with Tyler Texas & Cousin Cassie. Tyler says Wrestlicious girls are not like the girls down home as they make some classic redneck jokes.

4. Are you Smarter than a male Wrestler. We get Greg Valentine playing today against Little Slam. Wow, Greg Valentine looks ancient and also looks like he could be the father of Triple H with that hair. The category is popular culture and it’s a rap question to which Greg gets it wrong and Slam gets it right of course to win.

5. Kandi Kisses promo as we recap her debut from a couple weeks ago. The Britney jokes are a little old, but still classic.

6. Kandi Kisses v Lil Slam. Wow, we get two matches this week, what a treat. Kandi tries to climb the corner to pose and falls of the ropes, which was supposed to happen. Kandi wearing white tonight and it looks pretty cold in the building, as she can cut glass with those things! Slam jumps up the ropes and poses, and Kandi attacks from behind. Slam sent in and ducks under the clothesline and comes back with a shoulderblock, clothesline and a cross body. Kandi quickly jumps on Slam and hammers her and then chokes her on the ropes. Kandi shoves Slam in the corner and continues to choke her then a big chop and followed with a series of kicks. Kandi goes across the ring and charges but Slam jumps over and rolls Kisses up for a near fall. Kandi angered snapmares Slam twice and kicks her in the back, a third snapmare followed up with a low dropkick. Kandi sends Slam into the ropes and nails a vicious backbreaker and into a double arm submission. Slam starts to fight out and hits a Stunner on Kisses and follows with a pair of clotheslines, she charges and connects a nice bulldog for the near fall. Kandi hits a spear on Slam and gets a near fall, as Kisses now argues with the ref. Slam slow to get up and Kandi goes for the Shining Wizard but Slam ducks and catches Kisses with the X-Factor for the victory. 6/10 not a bad match, Kisses/Lizzie is an impressive talent and Slam seems to be pretty impressive as well. I’ll say it again, this show needs an hour and then we can get some longer matches.

7. Takedown Spotlight on Amber Lively. Amber aka Madison Rayne looking hot in a blue striped bikini top and black bikini bottoms lounging in the surf. This maybe my favorite of the Spotlights so far. She’d look so much better without one thing, that damn piercing in her face, I hate those things.

8. The Young and the Wrestlers. We recap Boot Camp Bailey’s adventures as she brings in her new trainees. Bailey pulls in one of her recruits in the ring by the hair and lays a beating on her. Can she do that to Michelle McCool please? Just saying is all. Later that day Bailey is marching her trainees and hands them lunch, bread and water, and tells them to eat up. This is like a Wizard of Id cartoon now, I love it.

9. Wrestlicious Rewind. We get a recap of last week’s tag team match which was a good tag team match. WWE should take lessons in how to use the divas from watching this.

10. Shauna Na and the Bebops. They’re in a fifties style dinner and Shauna’s waiting for her date. Shauna says he delivers socks for newborn babies because he’s always making bootie calls.

11. The Hoedown Throwdown Battle Royal. In the match we have Faith, Hope, Marley, Maria Toro, Paige Webb, Toni the Top, Charlotte, Brooke Lynn, Lacey Von Erich, Felony, Alexandra the Great, Autumn Frost, Glory, Draculetta, Tyler Texas, Sierra Sheraton, Amber Lively, Kickstart Katie, Maui, White Magic. Quite the group of talented ladies in this match, some we’re seeing for the first time. My favorites are Draculetta (Daffney), Faith (Portia Perez), Amber Lively (Madison Rayne, Paige Webb (Serena Deeb), Autumn Frost (Jennifer Blake). Either way this should be a fun battle royal. Final two fights for the title, much like WWE did with the IC title battle royal back in 94. Tyler dumped by the Naughty Girls as she was distracted by Toro outside the ring. We have chaos all over the ring as everyone is brawling all over and out goes Charlotte courtesy of Brooke Lynn and White Magic follows thanks to Marley. Marley dumped via the Naughty Girls and Draculetta goes out thanks to Amber Lively. Amber celebrates too soon and gets dumped by the Naughty Girls. The Naughty Girls working great tonight as they keep working as a team and dumping people. The Naughty Girls celebrate and turn around only to have the other girls attack them and dump out both of them. Lacey tumbles out, as only she can do, via Kickstart Katie, as my picks are disappearing quickly; all I have left is Paige and Autumn. Sierra goes out thanks to Maui and Autumn quickly follows with help from Alexandra. We’re down to the elite eight, Maui, Felony, Glory, Katie, Brooke, Alexandra, Toni, and Paige. Paige goes for a monkey flip and Toni holds the ropes and sends out Paige as all my picks are out. Felony dumps Maui and Katie goes via Glory. Brooke holds on and pulls out Alexandra but tumbles with her. Final three Glory, Toni & Felony, as Glory and Toni brawl and Felony watches in the corner. Glory headscissors Toni and gets her over the top leaving Glory and Felony as the final two. They’ll meet for the title later, and the refs pull them apart. 6/10 was a little too short, but was still fun to watch. It’s too bad they rushed the eliminations, they should’ve made the whole show just this match. So we have Rain and Christie Ricci as the final two, should be a good match. Shauna Na tells us to tune in next week.

As always a fun show, which could seriously benefit from an addition half hour, maybe once they get the new tapings started. I think these are still the ones taped last year, supposed to be new tapings at the end of May in Minneapolis.


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