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WWE Superstars – April 8, 2010
April 9, 2010, 9:32 am
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It’s time for Superstars this week, after a surprisingly good episode of RAW and another great episode of NXT. Tonight on Superstars we get diva action, among other things, and it should be a good show. I picked Superstars as the only WWE show I’m recapping regularly because it features RAW and Smackdown superstars, and it’s consistently the best WWE show of the week. So with that out of the way, let’s get started.

1. Layla v Beth Phoenix. We start tonight with Smackdown Divas, as McCool, Layla & Vickie make their way to the ring and they have a mic, someone turn it off quick. Vickie starts with her excuse me spiel, and then introduces Horseface who claims the crowd loves her. They make jokes about Beth being a man and not deserving a title shot, pot/kettle anyone? Can there be three less attractive women in the ring, as they mock Beth Phoenix who looks a million times better than them. Oh God are they annoying or what? Seriously, and they’re not even entertaining at all. Vickie continues her screaming and says the divas division has one rule, you must be a diva and Beth is not a diva but will face Layla, who looks like she’s going to crap herself. Beth Phoenix comes out and looks pissed off, sucks to be Layla tonight. The bell rings and Layla quickly bails out of the ring and removes her shirt, may be her best move of the night. Layla gets back in and Beth catches her this time, but she grabs the ropes and the ref pulls Beth off her. Layla able to get a kick in the head and then clobbers Beth, but gets shot in and comes back with another kick. One Glamahammer takes down Layla and Beth pulls her up to the top rope and flings her down again. Beth grabs Layla’s legs and pulls her off the ropes the hard way, as this is just a squash. McCool grabs Beth’s ankle and Beth goes after her and Vickie, but gets caught coming back in the ring. Layla chokes Beth on the ropes and distracts the ref while Horseface chokes her. Layla with a rear chinlock and body scissor on Beth who powers out with ease. Beth rams Layla in the corner and charges at her but eats a boot, and Layla climbs the ropes and dives into a backbreaker from Beth. Beth pulls her up again and nails the Glam Slam for the easy win. 5/10 was fun for what it was; at least they kept McCool out of the ring. Beth gets caught from behind by Vickie and McCool attacks, and McCool turns her back on Beth and gets tossed over the top rope and Layla bails out. Beth chases the Three Stooges up the ramp; we get the NXT recap which included a beer keg challenge, won by Heath Slater who then had to face Kane later in the night. Heath tried his best but fell to the Big Red Machine in a very good match. I really like this NXT premise as it’s a cool show with some impressive matches and a great way to debut new guys.

2. Evan Bourne & Yoshi Tatsu v Chavo Guerrero & Zack Ryder. Well these are some interesting tag teams, should be an interesting match with four great talents. No one struts quite the way Rosa struts to the ring, very hot! Yoshi & Zack start out, as we have an ECW rivalry reborn as Zack hammers Yoshi and sends him in but misses the clothesline and caught in an Octopus Hold followed by a nice rollup. Evan tagged in and the do a nice doubleteam leg sweep/dropkick combo. Evan gets caught with a jawbreaker and tags in Chavo who goes for a wheelbarrow slam and gets armdragged. Evan with the quick kicks and Chavo catches the legs, but Evan uses the momentum to send Chavo to the floor. Evan dives off the apron with the double knee on Chavo and catches Ryder with a dropkick as we go to commercial. We come back and Chavo is stomping a mudhole in Evan in the corner. Evan catches Chavo with a spinning headscissor and goes to the apron and jumps over Chavo but runs into a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Chavo with a nice belly to back Suplex and tags in Ryder who applies a headlock on Bourne as Rosa cheers her man on. Evan kicks his way out but caught with a knee and Zack goes for the neckbreaker and Evan rolls him for a near fall. Evan goes for another roll up but countered into a Rough Ryder and gets a near fall before tagging in Chavo. Zack with a backbreaker as Chavo slingshots himself onto Bourne. Zack back in and chokes Bourne in the corner as Rosa taunts Bourne. Zack with a bottom rope hotshot and tags Chavo back in. Chavo hits a low dropkick and cranks the arm before tagging Ryder in. Bourne kicks Chavo off and hits a top rope Hurricanrana on Ryder and both men are down. Bourne able to tag in Tatsu who hammers Ryder and comes off the ropes with the spinning heel kick and follows with a backdrop. Tatsu with a series of kicks and the double knee to the face in the corner. Yoshi rolls Ryder, but Chavo made the blind tag and nails Tatsu from behind. Chavo with the rolling Suplexes and climbs the ropes for the Frog Splash but Tatsu rolls away and Chavo rolls through. Tatsu catches Ryder coming from behind him and takes down Chavo with a legbar and tags in Bourne. As Tatsu holds Chavo Bourne hits the Shooting Star Press for the win. 8.5/10 a great tag team match, very impressive. Four of the best young talents in the company put on a great showing tonight. We get the RAW recap, and I really like this Otunga kid, he’s not bad on the mic. The match wasn’t good but with Show and Cena in the same match what can you do, at least they explained why Otunga turned on Cena on RAW, instead of just forgetting about it as usual. He did it to get on Miz’s good side since he’s one of the pros on NXT, which at least made sense.

3. MVP v Carlito. In a battle of the men with flatheads from hitting that glass ceiling so many damn times, should be a good match still. Why neither guy gets a push is beyond me, but whatever. Carlito comes out with his rookie, Michael Tarver, who’s second from the bottom in the NXT poll currently. The bell rings and MVP is worried about Tarver out there, as they continue the rivalry from last week. They lock up and MVP with an armbar and Carlito fights out and rams MVP in the buckle. MVP sent to the opposite corner and comes back with a big clothesline for a near fall. MVP drives the knees in and hiptosses Carlito before dropping a knee for another near fall. MVP back to the armbar and shoots Carlito in and nails a big backdrop before going back to the armbar. MVP stomps the arm of Carlito but Carlito catches MVP and rams him in the buckle and hammers MVP down. Carlito sents MVP in and misses the clothesline and MVP comes back with the flying forearm and goes for the balling elbow, but Carlito bails outside. MVP with a baseball slide sends Carlito to the barricade as we go to commercial. We come back and Carlito with a headlock on MVP, into the neckbreaker then drops a leg for a near fall. Carlito goes to a sleeperhold as MVP fights his way back up and breaks the hold. MVP sent in and ducks under Carlito’s elbow and hits a nice fisherman Suplex for a near fall. Carlito in the corner and MVP goes for the kick, but Carlito moves and MVP falls to the apron where Carlito shoves him off into the barricade. Carlito tosses MVP back in and covers him for a near fall as Tarver watches on. Carlito opens up on MVP and comes off the ropes, but gets caught in the belly to belly Suplex of MVP and both men are down. Carlito misses a punch and MVP quickly hammers him and nails a facebuster followed by a clothesline. MVP hits a knee to the face and drops the balling elbow on Carlito and follows up with the Playmaker, but Carlito counters and sends MVP to the ropes. Carlito goes for the Backstabber and MVP holds the ropes and rolls up Carlito for a near fall. Carlito sent in and MVP gets caught with his head down, Carlito charges him and gets backdropped to the apron. Carlito springboards back in but then get caught with a big boot from MVP for another near fall. Carlito nails MVP with the jawbreaker and goes for a dropkick, but MVP holds the ropes as Tarver grabs his ankle. MVP quickly nails Carlito with the Playmaker for the victory. 8.5/10 a great match, nice back and forth action and a great main event. That was better than RAW’s main event, as both guys went toe to toe for a great match. That’s why I love watching Superstars, everyone brings the A game for this show.

Match Recap:

1. Beth Phoenix crushed Layla 5/10

2. Yoshi Tatsu & Evan Bourne beat Chavo Guerrero & Zack Ryder 8.5/10

3. MVP pinned Carlito 8.5/10

As always with Superstars a great show with two fantastic matches. The diva match was not great, basically a squash match as Beth pretty much destroyed Layla. Hopefully this leads to Beth tearing apart McCool and getting rid of her for a while. The tag match was spectacular as was the main event, as everyone put on a great effort and it was a great show.


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