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Friday Night Smackdown – April 2, 2010


Let’s finish the week of with Smackdown, as we are five days removed from Wrestlemania. With Jack Swagger targeting Randy Orton, will the Edge and Jericho continue? Tonight’s episode is subtitled “Jackpot”, and I don’t think it’s from Las Vegas, so let’s find out what that means. Never mind, they are in Las Vegas, my bad.

1. Chris Jericho, still the World Champions, opens tonight’s show. Jericho starts out by saying he is still the World Champion, didn’t I just say that? Jericho repeats that he is the best in the world at what he does and last week he said he was superior to the fans and Edge and he was right. Jericho calls himself the best champion of this or any other generation as he beat Edge and is still the champion. The crowd starts a “You Suck” chant, why, I don’t see Cena anywhere! Jericho says Edge tried to injure him by spearing him through the barricade and while he was laying there, an innocent victim, all he heard was 70,000 people chanting Spear. This of course starts a spear chant, nice work lemmings; follow the WWE format sheets to the letter. Jericho calls the crowd a bunch of losers, as Jericho says he is an honest man as he holds the title overhead. Jericho says it is so, and out comes the Rated PG star, Edge. Edge says Jericho makes a valid point and he does have things in common with the crowd, they all love watching Jericho get speared, that sounded gay. Edge says he wants to spear Jericho again tonight and he wants a rematch here and now. Jericho asks if the crowd wants to see it, and he doesn’t care what they want, as Edge had his chance and lost. Jericho says that puts Edge at the back of the line, because he’s a loser and nothing will change that. Jericho tells Edge to get out of his ring now, and instead Edge hammers Jericho. Edge rips off Jericho’s clothes to reveal the tape on the ribs and hits the Impaler DDT. Edge readies for the spear, as the place erupts, and Edge hits the spear on Jericho. Edge stands proudly over the crumpled body of Jericho and leaves him laid out. However as Edge heads up the ramp he is nailed from behind by Jack Swagger’s briefcase. Swagger grabs the mic and says to get a ref now; he’s cashing in the case. The ref runs to the ring and Jack hands in the case, the contract is cashed in.

2. Jack Swagger v Chris Jericho. Swagger tells the ref to ring the bell, but first he removes the clothing from the ring and checks on Jericho. The bell rings and Swagger hits the gut wrench powerbomb for the win and title! No rating as this really wasn’t a match but glad to see Swagger with the gold. Let’s hope they don’t screw it up like they did to Sheamus.

3. RTruth & John Morrison v Cryme Tyme. Shad & Truth start out, and they lock up, into a side headlock from Truth. Truth sent in and Shad with a shoulderblock takes down Truth. Shad presses Truth, who slides down, kicks Shad and hits the ax kick. JoMo tagged in and John hits Starship Pain for the win. DUD wasn’t even a minute long. Well, guess this means the rumors are true, Shad go bye-bye. I won’t miss him, he sucked anyway. JTG never even got in the ring and he looks pissed on the ring apron. He’s going to turn on Shad I bet. JTG get’s in the ring and helps Shad up and Shad asks what happened. Shad suddenly grabs JTG and shoves him back then nails the big boot on JTG. Shad drives a knee to the chest and hammers his tag partner and nails a knockout punch. Isn’t that Big Show’s finisher? Shad stands over his fallen partner and then pulls him back up and hits the STO as the ref tries to pull Shad off JTG. The refs help JTG up after Shad leaves, and we go backstage to see new champ Swagger strutting the halls. Swagger runs into Slam Master, Tony Atlas, Mickie James and they congratulate him. Swagger sees Shelton and Swagger says he should be the Gold Standard now. After commercials we go to Josh Matthews with Shad who says no more Cryme Tyme and this is his time. That is going to be a very horrible feud to watch.

4. Drew McIntyre v Matt Hardy. Have I said I love Drew’s music, it’s so cool sounding? Drew hits Matt with a big boot before the match even starts. Drew tosses Matt into the ringpost shoulder first and hits the Future Shock on Matt. Drew raises his title over his head and leaves a fallen Matt on the mat. No rating as it wasn’t even a match again, whatever. Now we replay the only good part of RAW, Shawn’s retirement. Now over to Vickie with Horseface and Layla. Vickie is now sporting a cougar necklace. Vickie says everyone is calling it the hog splash and Horseface says it’s the cougar splash, as Swagger comes in. They applaud the new champ, who asks for Teddy and Vickie says she’s the official consultant for Smackdown. Swagger says he wants a Championship address live tonight, and she says he can have all the time he wants out there. He starts to leave and turns around and kisses Vickie, that wasn’t worth the title win.

5. Great Khali v Dolph Ziggler. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Khali, as he heads to the ring as we head to commercial. We come back for the introduction of Dolph Ziggler, another guy with cool music. The bell rings and Ziggler bails out quickly and slide back in, then runs under Khali. Ziggler runs into the big chop. Khali sends Dolph to the buckle and chops him in the corner. Khali shoots Dolph in and nails the big boot sending Dolph out of the ring. Dolph struggles to his feet and Khali grabs him over the ropes, but Dolph hits a hotshot and climbs the ropes. Dolph locks on a sleeper, but Khali flips him over his head. Dolph quickly goes back to the sleeper and locks the legs around Khali and Khali making the ropes but the ref never seen it. Khali passes out and Dolph scores the big upset win. 2.25/10 about what you’d expect with Khali, glad Dolph scored the win. After the match Runjin grabs a microphone and hands it to Khali who says he’s done a lot of soul searching and it’s time for him to go home to India and regroup. Khali says when he returns he will be World Champion, and they leave. We see the Straight Edge Society coming to ring, Serena looks hot as always.

6. Straight Edge Society comes to the ring. After getting screwed at Wrestlemania, as Rey once again buries a better talent, what more can they do to ruin Punk? Guess we’re about to find out. Luke says people need to open their ears and listen, as Punk saved him and can save each and every one of them. Luke says to look at how he’s changed since being saved by Punk and the time is now, the time to make a change for the better is here and now. Serena tells the crowd to show Punk some respect and that Punk is the perfect man. Serena calls Punk selfless and remarkable and a healer, if the people would look into his eyes they would see he is not blinded by sin and addiction as the fans are. Serena continues that CM Punk can save them like he did her and Luke, and if not for him they’d be like the fans and when she looks at the crowd she sees a sea of demons. Serena says when she looks at Punk she sees an angel. Punk says if there ever was a city that needs to be saved this is it, Las Vegas. Punk says for those at home he envies them for not having to be there. Punk says in Vegas you can drink 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, to which the fans cheer. Punk says people can smoke anywhere without reprisal. Punk says the fans are cheering these things like sheep following the herd, Punk says what happens in Vegas, does not stay in Vegas as this town is full of liars. We need an appearance from the Godfather, which would be legendary. Punk says what happened at Wrestlemania never should have happened, amen to that, and he should’ve saved Rey. Punk says whether Rey likes it or not, he needs Straight Edge, and just like the fans he needs CM Punk. Punk says Rey was supposed to be his crown jewel, to show anyone can be saved, and he wants Rey to know he won’t give up as he asks for a rematch. Punk says he know what answer will be, but he’s willing to sacrifice something important, something that represents his purity and his position as leader of the SES. Punk tells Rey to grant him one more match, and if he loses he’s willing to sacrifice his hair. Punk says that’s how much he cares about Rey; he’s willing to sacrifice a piece of himself just to save him.

7. Layla & Michelle McCool v Tiffany & Beth Phoenix. Tiffany & Horseface start the match, and Horseface overpowers Tiffany in the corner. Horseface turns her back on Tiffany and gets taken down; Tiffany eats a kick but flips Horseface over into the corner. Tiffany jumps on top and gets taken down; Horseface chokes Tiffany on the ropes and pulls her down by the hair. Layla tagged in and they double team Tiffany, Layla drops a leg for a pin attempt. Layla with a rear chinlock and then driven to the mat and back to the chinlock. Tiffany powers out and flips Layla down before tagging in the Glamazon. Beth takes down Layla and goes after Horseface who runs, Beth with the airplane spin followed by a big clothesline then Beth pops Horseface. Layla goes for a spinkick and Beth ducks under and nails the Glam Slam for the win. 2/10 about as good as can be expected, at least it went more than a minute. Vickie gets in the ring and Horseface pulls her out. We see Teddy watching on from the back, as Jericho comes up behind him. Jericho demands Teddy reverse the decision and give him back his title. Teddy says he won’t do it, and if he wants a rematch tonight, Jericho says he’s injured and was taken advantage of. Teddy says if he doesn’t want his rematch tonight he has nothing else to say. Jericho says Swagger won’t get away with it and he’s the champion. After commercial Josh is with the Hart Dynasty. Natalya says they are excited for the opportunity and won’t let anyone down. Smith says it was an honor to see Stu in the Hall of Fame and help Bret in his match. Kidd says now it’s their time, and in comes Swagger who stands in front of them.

8. Kane v NXT Rookies. Kane comes to the ring and says he’s getting a little bored and when he gets bored he gets frustrated and a frustrated monster is not good. Kane says he needs someone to take his frustrations out on and the more the better. Kane says tonight he will take on all eight NXT stars, starting now. So Kane’s going to either bury all the rookies, or get further buried, it’s a loss loss situation. Kane starts with Daniel Bryan and Bryan quickly kicks Kane and slides under him. Bryan with a back kick and runs into a slam from Kane. Kane hits the dropkick and Young tagged in, and Kane continues the offense. Kane eats a back elbow and no effect, as Kane rams Young in the corner. Young off the ropes and Kane catches him and tosses him across the ring. Barrett in now and eats a turnbuckle from Kane but Wade headbutts Kane and opens up on Kane. Wade walks into an uppercut but kicks Kane; however he runs into a big boot to be eliminated as we go to commercial. We come back and Kane takes down Sheffield and sends him to the corner and follows with a clothesline. Kane slams Sheffield but Heath makes the blind tag and nails Kane. Slater off the top rope and Kane catches him in the clothesline for the next elimination as Tarver quickly comes in and gets tossed over the top rope. The rookies drop down to discuss strategy and they circle the ring. They all slide in and go after Kane, who fights them off, but the numbers overtake Kane and the ref calls for the bell. DUD what a stupid match idea and an even stupider ending. They all pound on Kane but Kane fights back, as Bryan comes off the ropes with a missile dropkick and they all hit moves on Kane now. Gabriel climbs the ropes and hits a 450 splash on Kane and they leave Kane laid out. They pose and Kane starts to get up, and they run up the ramp with Kane following. We get a recap of Swagger winning the title.

9. Jack Swagger comes out for his Championship address. Swagger says this is the first of many state of the championship address he will give and he prepared a few statements. Swagger says congratulations to everyone for being a part of history as he reads from a script. Swagger says he will be champ for a long time and tells the crowd to show respect until the speech is over. Swagger continues to read his speech as the crowd boos him. Swagger calls himself Shawn Michaels’ replacement as the greatest wrestler, and out comes Chris Jericho. Jericho tells him to give him back his title and Swagger says it’s his now and he can’t do anything about it. Jericho tells Swagger he is the champion not him and Swagger committed a crime stealing his title and he wants it back. Jericho says when he’s healthy he will take it back and says he wants this travesty righted now, as Edge joins the party. Swagger leaves the ring, and Edge tells Swagger to face him. Edge says Swagger wouldn’t be champion without Edge, and he appreciates how he cashed in the MITB and tells Swagger to face him. Jericho says he has no right requesting a match, and he beat Edge. Edge says he hit him with the two spears that cost him the title and tells him to shut up. Teddy Long comes out and says we have a little situation here, as Jericho has a rematch and he doesn’t want to take it and Edge wants a match but he doesn’t have a rematch. Teddy says he has a solution, next week Jericho will face Edge and the winner will get a title match with Swagger. Jericho screams at Teddy as Edge turns to look at Swagger and Jericho hits the Codebreaker on Edge. Swagger slides in and hits the Gut Wrench Suplex on both men and stands tall with his World Title.

Match Recap:

1. Jack Swagger pinned Chris Jericho No Rating

2. John Morrison & R-Truth beat Cryme Tyme DUD

3. Drew McIntyre & Matt Hardy went to a no contest No Rating

4. Dolph Ziggler beat Great Khali 2.25/10

5. Layla & McCool lost to Beth Phoenix & Tiffany 2/10

6. Kane beat NXT Rookies DUD

Where do I even start with this episode? Seriously, if not for Swagger’s title win this was boring. Five matches and Khali gets match of the night? What the hell is wrong with that sentence? I get the title match was the cashing in of MITB and went the same way they all do, so that’s forgivable. The rest though? Glad Cryme Tyme is done, hopefully the feud is short and they’re both gone soon. I guess Drew and Matt are going to feud now; well at least we should get some good matches out of it. So does this mean Ziggler is getting a push, or was that just to write out Khali? The diva match was there, at least it was better than the one at Mania or RAW, but not by much. And what was the point of the Kane crap? That was just boring and not really necessary at all. Glad to see Swagger with the belt, but how much you want to bet they mess this up as well? What a week this has been, let’s hope next week is better.


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