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Wrestlicious – March 29, 2010
April 3, 2010, 9:53 am
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It’s been a long week; let’s just get the shows done. It’s time for another fun filled episode of Wrestlicious.

1. Layla Milani opens the show, but her video get’s cut off. We see her tied to a chair and being taunted by Brooke Lynn who has scissors. She starts cutting the hair of Layla and says Takedown is hers now, as we get a gratuitous boob shot. From there we go to the opening video.

2. Jimmy Hart is joined by Brooke Lynn who says Layla is tied up. Jimmy asks if he saw her at the Jersey Shore, and she says she loves to be at the beach. He compares her to driftwood, and we get a preview for the main event, a six diva tag.

3. Felony is in her jail cell, and says she’s in for taking a car for a test drive, a police car. We get the next three girls for the battle royal, Marley, Paige Webb, my favorite Draculetta. One more announcement and then the battle royal, finally.

4. Malibu McKenzie, the student nurse, is with a patient. She says he’s a terrible patient like a little boy. She tells him to take his pills or he gets a spanking. He says it’s a deal and tosses the pills; she slaps him across the face repeatedly.

5. Little Slam promo video and in the Wrestlicious Spotlight. We get to see her prowling the beach in blue and orange polka dot bikini. Not my favorite so far, but anyway.

6. Wrestlicious Rewind as we get the recap of Sierra Sheraton versus Marley from last week. I still can’t get over the use of the heart punch, that was so eighties. This was probably one of the worst matches so far, but it was still better then the Wrestlemania diva match!

7. You Got Male with Paige Webb who’s reading her e-mail. She gets a picture of a guy in a French maid uniform and quickly hits delete. She says that’s disturbing.

8. Savannah with School Belle. Word of the day “Bare”. She uses it in a sentence, “After a match Charlotte and I like to go out got an ice cold bare.”

9. Detention Hall as we have three girls in Catholic School Girl uniforms, how they’d know I like that! Just saying is all. Hope says she got detention for passing notes, Charity says for studying anatomy in the boy’s locker room.

10. Hope & Faith v Paige Webb & Charlotte. Oh my damn, Faith is Portia Perez, my favorite of all women wrestlers!!! Nicole Matthews of Shimmer is Hope, Paige Webb is Serena from Smackdown and Charlotte is Amber O’Neal. This should be a hell of a match. Four of the best looking in wrestling in one match. Naughty Girls asking the crowd for donations, and Faith says the teacher says they have to collect money for Charity. The third member of the team who comes out with Sister Ophelia. Ophelia tells them to be on their best behavior or they’re back to detention hall. Charity looks really familiar, but can’t place her. Savannah accompanies Charlotte to the ring, as the Naughty Girls mock the Southern Belles umbrellas. Charlotte hits Faith in the head with it, and we’re ready for action. Faith and Webb start the match, as they mock Paige’s glasses and Paige flashes her chest to the crowd, very impressive. Paige lets her hair down as Faith is flipping out in the corner and we go to commercial. We come back and Faith tags out right away to Hope. Hope and Webb lock up, and Hope with a takedown as Webb get back up. Another lockup, and Hope with an armdrag takedown, as she celebrates. Faith still screaming at Webb, as they lockup and a hiptoss from Hope takes down Webb again. Hope uses the refs hands to cover her ears, and they lock up again. Webb with a fireman carry, followed by armdrag and hiptoss for a pin attempt. Hope kicks out quickly and Webb tags in Charlotte who hammers Hope’s arm and snapmares her over. Charlotte drives the knee to the back and drops a leg for a near fall. Charlotte back to the armbar and tags in Paige who drives an elbow to the arm of Hope. Paige twists the arm and snapmares her down then drops a trio of elbows while still holding the arm bar, very cool looking. Hope rakes the eyes to break the hold and tags Faith in, and she runs into a drop toe hold. Hope sends her to the ropes and Faith pulls Webb down by the hair. The announcer says Paige has such beautiful hair, hate to see anything bad happen to it, obvious reference to WWE shaving her head. The Naughty Girls double team Webb in the corner while Charlotte has the ref, Hope tagged back in and they pummel her in the corner. Webb sent in and eats a back elbow for a near fall. Faith back in and chokes Webb down as Faith pulls her up and rams her in the buckle then drives the elbows in. Hope tagged in and applies a front face lock on Paige, who’s trying to make it to her corner. Faith distracts the ref as the tag is made, and the ref doesn’t see it, this allows another double team on Paige. Faith with the headlock and feet on the ropes, as we get an ass shot now. The ref catches the Naughty Girls double teaming and Paige punches her way out, but taken down by the hair. Hope tagged in and they nail a double clothesline. As the Naughty Girls celebrate Charlotte drags Paige over and Paige makes the tag. Charlotte takes the Girls down with a double clothesline, then a pair of clotheslines and pair of slams. Charlotte hits the Confederate Crush on Faith, and Hope makes the save. Now they double team Charlotte and send her in, Charlotte holds the ropes and kicks Faith, Paige tags in. Paige hammers Hope as Charity reaches under the ring and pulls a brick out, which she puts in her pencil case. Paige decks Faith and Charity swings at Webb with the brick but hits Hope instead. Webb quickly covers Hope for the winning pin. 7.5/10 was a good match, but the finish wasn’t great. Enjoyed seeing Portia on TV, very nice.

This was another great episode of Takedown, I really enjoy this show. Very happy to see Portia on national television, she’s an amazing talent.


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