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Wrestlemania XXVI – March 28, 2010


Well, it’s finally Wrestlemania time. I watched the show live last night and honestly some of the matches were really big let downs. I hope they redeem themselves upon second viewing, but not optimistic. I went into this Wrestlemania not expecting much, only three matches interested me (Jericho/Edge, MITB, Rey/Punk) and they just were not as good as they could’ve been. If you follow me on twitter (nala310) you’ll see I posted my opinions up after each match. For those that missed it, here are my quick thoughts on the show and we’ll see if the replay changed anything. The tag match was good but way too short, under five minutes, what a bad start to the night. The triple threat match was surprisingly better than I expected, but Randy winning was obvious. Money in the Bank was a massive disappointment this year, ten men is way too many and most of the time they spent laying around. Jack Swagger winning made me happy, but made little to no sense. Triple H pinning Sheamus was a stupid thing to do, Sheamus needed a win here, and a Triple H loss would’ve been a catalyst to his heel turn. Maybe Sheamus is on the future endeavor list? Rey wins of course, as CM Punk is basically dead and buried at this point. I don’t think he’s won much since the Rumble, and beating JTG on Superstars isn’t a big win. CM Punk is the best they have and they don’t know how to utilize his talents, way to drop the ball. The Bret and Vince match was just boring, basically ten minutes of Vince getting his ass kicked. Went too long for what it was, but always nice to see Natalya. Jericho beating Edge just seemed wrong, all the buildup for the return of Edge and he loses? That is what they call stupid booking! The best part of the match happened after the match, and I’ll get to that later. Screw the diva match; it was a load of shit and not worth mentioning. Although I’m glad I got to stare at Mickie in those tight jeans for a couple minutes! Cena wins, no surprise there as once again we get Cena shoved down our throats. Get over it WWE, stop shoving Cena down people throats, it’s just not working. Was really hoping Swagger would cash in the Money in the Bank at this point, but no, nothing good there. Undertaker ends the career of Shawn Michaels in a good match, not great but good. I assume Shawn won’t be gone for long, probably return around Summerslam. Wish they’d stay gone when they lose, Ric Flair we’re all looking at you. All in all this was a mediocre Wrestlemania, and could’ve been a lot better. With that said, let’s see how the replay holds up.

We open Wrestlemania with shots of the jets flying over Phoenix and the dome. The set looks really impressive this year, almost like a pyramid over the ring. Fantasia, the worst winner from American Idol, butchers the National Anthem. She probably did the second worst version in Wrestlemania history. Now time for a classic WWE opening video, the storylines may suck sometimes but the videos are always top notch. What a massive looking crowd, reminds me of Wrestlemania III. Michael Cole opens the show, that’s not a good thing, along with Jerry Lawler, still not good, and the third man is Matt Striker. Save us from Cole and Lawler Matt, please. Now it’s time for our opening match.

1. R-Truth & John Morrison v Big Show & Miz. Well, I really had a feeling this would be moved to the dark match. Instead the dark match was a 26 man battle royal, won by Yoshi Tatsu, can’t wait to see that when the DVD comes out. Truth asks the huge crowd “What’s Up”, and out comes JoMo. Remember when tag teams came out together; remember when tag teams were established with names and finishers? While John comes out we get a look at the announcers, and out come ShowMiz. This would be Miz’s first Wrestlemania, since last year he wound up on the dark match instead of the PPV. Wrestlemania live on PPV in Romania, as Lawler says hi to Romania. Morrison and Miz open up, and Morrison with an armbar and a go behind. Miz hammers him down but runs into a dropkick, Cole says it’s been nine years since the title changed hands at Wrestlemania. So we’re not counting the unification last year? The only reason it’s been so long is because the titles never get defended on PPV, much like the IC and US titles. So other than last year’s unification match, the previous title change was at Wrestlemania 17, when Edge & Christian won the TLC match. JoMo slams Miz and tags in Truth; JoMo hits a legdrop and Truth with one off the top rope. Truth gets shoved back and Miz goes for a clothesline but Truth ducks and hits a dropkick. Miz tags in Show, and Truth ducks under and hammers him, but no effect. Truth caught running at Show and nailed with a fall away slam, then grabs Truth in a headlock and shoves JoMo off the apron with one hand. Show drops Truth and climbs the ropes and Morrison kicks him, sending him crashing to the mat. Good thing Truth moved or he’d be a squashed Truth. Truth goes for a cover and Show sends him off onto the ref. Both make a tag and JoMo takes down Miz with a series of clotheslines and follows with a flapjack. Miz in the corner and Morrison charges but Miz jumps over, and Miz rolls through but Morrison counters and nails the kick. Morrison goes for Starship Pain but Show pulls out Miz, Truth dives on Show, who catches him and tosses him into the steel post. Miz tries for a cover and Morrison kicks out. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Morrison rolls through for a near fall. Miz opens up on his former partner and Miz sent in, but holds the ropes and Show tags himself in. Morrison not aware goes for the Flying Chuck on Miz, but Show punches him in mid air, and comes in for the win. 6/10 was getting good, but way too short for Wrestlemania. I expected this to go at least ten minutes or more, and instead we got a three minute match. Whatever. We now get clips of the Wrestlemania weekend.

2. Cody Rhodes v Ted DiBiase v Randy Orton. I love the fact that they introduce the next guy before the previous one gets in the ring. They really needed the old carts to bring the guys out. The match starts with Legacy double teaming Randy, and Randy trying to fight them off. Randy rolls out and Cody follows Randy rolls in and clotheslines Ted then clotheslines Rhodes back out as he came in. Orton hits the Garvin Stomp on DiBiase, then a dropkick for Rhodes, but turns into a dropkick from DiBiase. Legacy begins to stomp Orton, and the crowd is behind Randy which seems odd. Someone turn off Cole and Lawler’s microphones and let Striker do the show alone. DiBiase holds Randy so Rhodes can pummel him, then they change positions as they take apart the Viper. Orton tries to fight back and gets double Suplexed down again. Legacy taunts Orton as they slap him in the back of the head. Orton pulls himself up in the corner and they beat him back down. Something wrong with Randy being in the second match of the night, just not what I expected. Randy fights back and crowd erupts, but Randy gets clotheslined down by Ted. Legacy hits the high and low, well kind of, Cody’s timing was off by a bit there. Cody climbs the ropes while Ted makes the cover. Cody pulls him off and then tosses Ted out of the ring. Cody hits the Alabama Slam, shades of Hardcore Holly, on Orton and makes the cover but Ted breaks it up. Now Legacy is finally going at it as they roll out of the ring and pounds each other, Ted is bleeding from the forehead. They get back in and continue to hammer each other, but see Orton getting up. They charge and Orton backdrops Ted, clotheslines Cody and then powerslams both men. This place is coming unglued now as Orton hits the backbreaker on Cody and readies for the RKO, but Ted pulls him out. Ted hammers Orton and Cody dives over the ropes and Orton moves, causing Cody to wipe out DiBiase. Orton rolls back in, and Ted slowly tries to get in. Orton catches him in the DDT position and Cody tries to stop him but Orton kicks Cody. Randy hits the double DDT on both men using the ropes, which was awesome looking. Orton kicks out DiBiase and readies for the RKO on Rhodes. Randy stares at Cody and stands over him, and then looks to the crowd and decides he’d rather punt Rhodes. DiBiase sitting outside just watches as Orton punts Rhodes in the head. Ted slides in and goes for Dream Street but Orton counters to the RKO for the win. 7.25/10 a lot better than what I expected it to be, and the right man won the match. Glad that Orton won that match, but they really made Legacy look like jobbers in there. The only offense they got was when they double teamed Randy, or on each other. We now get a promo with the heel divas, as we see the manatee of wrestling, Vickie, along with Scary Spice, Horseface, Alicia and Maryse. I think the other four combined weigh as much as Vickie, just saying is all. Vickie brings in the beautiful Jillian Hall, who sings as only she can do. Well, at least she’s better than Fantasia was! Everyone walks off while she sings and in comes Santino as we get a Slim Jim commercial. Santino bites it and Jillian becomes Mae Young who kisses him, he bites again and it’s Gene Okerlund in a dress. He takes another bite and we get a Melina sighting! Santino and Melina walk off as we get a shot of the MITB briefcase.

3. Money in the Bank. This is going to chaotic with ten men, but still fun. Kofi has his hair tied in a way where it looks like a Mohawk. Kane has a black eye, must be from the kick from Kofi on Smackdown. The bell rings at everyone pairs off, MVP and Christian on the floor as are Swagger and Hardy and Benjamin. Kane dumps Dolph and Drew kicks Kane, as the first ladder sent in via MVP. Drew sets it up and starts to climb, but Hardy shoves him off for bump number one. Evan hits the double knee on Drew, followed by a Twist of Fate and MVP’s big boot sends Drew out. Now everyone’s scurrying up the ladder and pulling everyone else off. Kofi looks like Booker tonight and Swagger in the red, white and blue singlet looks like Angle. Kofi sends Swagger and Hardy tumbling off the ladder, and Christian tosses Hardy into Swagger in the corner then tosses the ladder into them both. Christian flips Kofi into the ladder crushing Hardy and Swagger. Christian sets up a ladder and starts the climb, but Ziggler pulls him off with a Zig Zag and resets the ladder. Ziggler gets to the top and MVP pulls him down the hard way, and tries to climb but Kane pulls him down and goes for the chokeslam, but gets nailed by a ladder. Kofi, Shelton and MVP drive the ladder into Kane, sending him in the corner and then set it like a ramp. Kofi tries to run up the ladder and stumbles into Kane who powerbombs him on the ladder then hammers MVP and Shelton. MVP hits the boot sending Kane to the floor and turns into Paydirt from Shelton who sets up the ladder now. Swagger nails him with another ladder and then cracks Kane and MVP as well, but Bourne drives the ladder into Jack. Evan now sets up the ladder and climbs but Swagger nails him, and Bourne sends Swagger inside the ladder. Matt and Christian each grab a ladder and set it between the rungs on the ropes, and drive it into Swagger repeatedly. The set the ladders like a scaffold and Christian and Matt climb, Bourne climbs the side of the ladder. Swagger pushes the ladder from under Matt sending him down, as Christian tries for the Killswitch on Bourne on the other horizontal ladder. Bourne fights it off and kicks Christian down and dives on him with the Air Bourne. Bourne quickly springs up the ladder as Matt climbs the other side and arm drags Bourne off the ladder. Swagger catches Hardy from behind and shoves Matt onto the horizontal ladder which falls down with Matt on it. MVP and Shelton get rid of the extra ladders, and climb the remaining ladder. Shelton sends MVP off the ladder, but MVP fights back and powerbombs Shelton over the top. Shelton counters to a head scissor and both men on the floor, as now all ten on the floor. Kane drives a ladder into MVP and Shelton and gets in the ring. Kane starts to climb and Dolph jumps over him and almost has the case, but Kane shoves the ladder, sending Dolph to the floor. Kane tosses the ladder at him, but he ducks and the ladder goes to the outside. Kofi sends in a ladder to which Kane chokeslams Dolph on it and then sets him inside it. Kane slams the ladder closed on Dolph then breaks the ladder in half. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Kane sending him to the floor then sets the broken ladder pieces in the corner. Kofi uses the ladder parts as stilts and climbs his way up. That was the best part of the match so far, as Drew comes in and kicks the ladder apart and sends Kofi out of the ring. Drew grabs a ladder and sets it up and quickly climbs up. Matt scales the other side and they’re slugging it out with Drew sending Matt down. Matt shoves the ladder and Drew gets crotched on the top rope, which has Lawler laughing. Matt now ascends the ladder, as Kane comes in and sets up another ladder beside him. Christian climbs Kane’s ladder which he brings towards Matt. Christian and Matt slug it out on two ladders, as Kane climbs the other side. Kane readies for a double chokeslam but they fight him off and send him down to the mat. Christian and Matt continue their war on the ladder, and Christian nails a reverse DDT, called a Twist of Fate by Cole, from the top of the ladder, damn that was impressive. Christian climbing up again and Swagger on the other side and swings the case into Christian sending him to the floor. Jack having trouble unhooking the case, but finally gets it down for the win. 8/10 a very good match, but not as good as the previous years. Not nearly as many spots as expected, especially with ten men involved. Swagger’s win made no sense though, as they’ve done little to nothing with him for months. Lawler says Swagger mentioned cashing it in tonight if he won. We now get an Extreme Rules promo and a recap of the Hall of Fame last night. Howard Finkel introduces the Hall of Fame class of 2010. One of the Bella Twins is pushing the wheelchair of Vachon, while the other is helping out the old lady representing Gorgeous George.

4. Sheamus v Triple H. Triple H being this early in the show is even odder than Orton being second. This must really be pissing him off being before the divas even. They lock up and Sheamus over powers HHH to the corner and shoves him. Sheamus says he’s the future, yeah future victim maybe. Another lock up and in the corner and Triple H slaps Sheamus then hammers him. Sheamus whips him in and HHH goes for the Pedigree early, Sheamus slides out. Sheamus drives a knee into HHH and pummels him before sending him to the corner; HHH comes out with a clothesline followed by a Suplex. HHH drops the knee and goes for a pin, but Sheamus kicks out and rolls out of the ring.HHH follows and rams him into the barricade before sending him back in. HHH clips the knee and locks on the figure four, as Cole mentions Ric Flair. Vince must’ve been losing it when he mentioned a TNA guy! Sheamus fights to the ropes and breaks the hold and rolls out. HHH follows but gets tossed to the stairs, as Striker gives Hunter a new nickname “Ace of Spades”. Doesn’t he have enough nicknames already? Sheamus drives HHH to the barricade and rolls him in. Sheamus hits a huge backbreaker and then a second one, as he works over the Game. Sheamus stomps the Game in the corner but gets caught coming in again. We have a slugfest now, and Sheamus hits a big axe handle to the head of HHH for a near fall. Sheamus with a rear chinlock as he slows down the match, not that it needed it, and then hits a running powerslam for a near fall. Sheamus with an armbar on HHH and HHH powers out with a belly to back Suplex. Triple H catches Sheamus with the boot twice and follows with DDT, to which Sheamus was actually up first? Triple H sends him in but gets caught with his head down. HHH comes back with a high knee, followed by the facebuster, as we can hear someone scream out facebuster before he hits it. HHH goes for the Pedigree, but Sheamus counters and HHH kicks him off to the buckle. As Sheamus staggers in the corner HHH hits the neckbreaker for a near fall. HHH sets him up top, but Sheamus slides out and goes for the Celtic Cross, but HHH counters. Sheamus goes for the big boot but HHH ducks and goes for Pedigree. Sheamus counters and hits the pump kicks for a near fall, as Triple H becomes the first man to kick out of the kick. Sheamus pulls up the Game and goes for the Cross, but HHH counters and hits the spinebuster. It’s scary the difference in color of these two, Sheamus is so white he’s making HHH look black, just saying is all. Sheamus rolls to the apron and HHH grabs him, but Sheamus fights off and hits another pumpkick. Sheamus pulls up the limp body of the Game and suddenly HHH springs to life and hits the Pedigree for the win. 4.5/10 very slow moving match, like watching a glacier melt. A very boring match and why did HHH need to win? Sheamus should’ve won this match, he needed it more. From there we get a Slim Jam ad with Edge, which was kind of funny.

5. CM Punk v Rey Mysterio. This is the match I’m looking forward to so much; Punk needs the win to continue the feud. Serena looking good in those jeans and leather jacket! The bell rings and the Society distract Rey, allowing Punk to cheapshot Rey and hammer him in the corner. Punk whips him to the opposite corner and gets caught with a drop toe hold to the corner. Rey climbs the ropes and Punk knocks him off, tying him to the tree of woe. While the ref is with Punk, Serena chokes him and Punk comes in with a baseball slide, but Rey moves and he crotches himself. Punk rolls out and Rey follows, Rey dives off the apron and Punk catches him and drives him headfirst to the steps. Rey makes it back in at nine, and Punk quickly hammers him. Punk with a sleeper, as Luke screams to squeeze him. Rey fights out and uses the kicks, but sent to the corner and jumps over Punk. Rey with a shoulderblock then a springboard senton. Rey goes for a crossbody, but Punk catches him and powerslams him down for a near fall. Punk caught with his head down and Rey kicks him, but now Punk catches him and goes for a roll up. Rey rolls through and goes for a kick, but Punk counters and rolls him up for a near fall. Rey goes for the Hurricanrana, but Punk shoves him off and nails the roundhouse kick for a near fall. Punk tries for the cover multiple times, but Rey keeps kicking out and then Rey hits a springboard DDT out of nowhere for a near fall of his own. Rey dropkicks Punk in the ass and goes for 619, but Punk counters into the GTS but Rey fights out. Rey springboards and gets caught in the GTS but Rey fights out and Punk drops him on the apron. Rey hits a big kick and climbs the ropes. Rey misses the frog splash and Punk gets a near fall, Punk losing his mind and Luke kicks the steps. Rey pulls himself up in the corner and Punk hits the high knee and goes for the bulldog but Rey shoves him off. Punk goes for the powerbomb, but countered to a Hurricanrana. Rey goes for 619 and Serena jumps on the apron to cover Punk, stopping Rey in his tracks. Rey turns around and Luke on the apron, Punk goes for GTS, but Rey counters and sends Punk into Luke. Rey hits 619 and a springboard splash for the win. 6/10 that’s it? Seriously? That’s the match? What the hell was that? Six minutes for the match was not enough, not even close. That and Rey should not have won, no way in hell. So that’s the end of the feud now? Punk needs to be future endeavored, he’d be better off anywhere but here. What a piss off that was. Now we get a long Bret and Vince hype video.

6. Bret Hart v Vince McMahon. So we have a match between a sixty something year old man and a fifty something post stroke victim, this could be a mat classic! Vince comes out with a microphone and announces this match will be a lumberjack match with a special referee, and he brings out the Hart Family. Bruce Hart pulls off his jacket and reveals he’ll be the referee. Bret says he knew Vince would pull this crap and talked to his family and they double crossed Vince. Wonder if the Family was the original plan or something was changed, because this seems anti-climatic to me. Bret says tonight will be remember as the night Bret screwed Vince and the bell rings. Vince goes to hit Bret and Bret blocks and hammers Vince down, then rakes his eyes across the ropes. Bret pounds Vince and then chokes him in the corner, and Vince bails to the outside. David and Tyson take turns punching Vince as does Smith Hart. David and Tyson hold Vince as Natalya slaps him, and Striker wishes her best in future endeavors. Smith and Kidd continue pummeling Vince on the floor, and then hit a Hart Attack from the top rope to the floor. Where is Jim Neidhart anyway, I figured he’d be out there, must be an all you can buffet in the area and he got distracted. They toss Vince back in and Bret continues to beat the daylights out of Vince who rolls out again. Vince goes under the ring as the Harts pull him out and now he has a weapon. Vince has a crowbar and the Family back off as Vince gets back in and charges Bret. Bret avoids the hit and knocks Vince down and Bruce grabs the crowbar and tosses it to Kidd. Kidd hands it back to Bret who unloads on the chairman with it. Bret screams at Vince to get up and then cracks him again with the crowbar. Bret drives the crowbar into the throat of Vince and tosses it back to Kidd. Bret grabs the legs and readies for the Sharpshooter but changes his mind, or he forgot how to do it, and instead grabs the crowbar back. Bret continues to work over Vince and hands it back to Kidd, then stomps the yam bag of Vince. Oh, not in the grapefruits, he broke the genetic jackhammer! I love how no one comes out to save Vince, as Bret continues to stomp on him. David Hart Smith passes a chair to Bret, and now Bret sets it up and takes a seat. All he needs now is a Tim Horton’s coffee and a cigarette and he’d look like a typical Canadian! Just saying is all! Vince slowly struggles to pull himself up and Bret gets back up and slams the chair across the back of Vince. Bret wears out Vince with the chair with so many shots I lost count of it all. It’s now just getting boring, as Vince has done nothing the whole match while Bret has just clobbered him with punches, crowbar and now a chair. If this had taken place in Toronto or Vancouver or anywhere else in Canada the place would be going nuts, but here in Arizona people seem to be not as into it. This would’ve been huge in Calgary, they would’ve been screaming the whole time. Finally Bret locks on the Sharpshooter and Vince quickly taps to end this thing. 2/10 was way too long for what it was, and felt like it was dragging. Nice to see Bret one last time, but should’ve been only five minutes at most. Although I can’t complain about seeing Natalya on PPV, she looks great as always! They now announce the attendance as 72,219, wonder how inflated that actually is.

7. Edge v Chris Jericho. This is the other match that I was really excited about, two of the best in the world. Edge has been one of my favorites since his debut, hell I remember when he was in WCW. I even have an old show on DVD when he was Sexton Hardcastle! We start the match with a lockup, and Edge with a go behind which Chris counters. Chris transitions into a side headlock and Edge shoots him in, but Jericho comes back with the shoulderblock. Jericho off the ropes and Edge misses a pair of clotheslines but hits the shoulderblock. Edge stomps Chris in the corner and the ref pulls him off, allowing Chris to get the advantage now. Chris shoots him to the opposite corner, but reversed and Edge hits a flapjack and readies for the spear. Jericho rolls out of the ring and Edge follows and sends him into the table and the ring apron before sending him in. Striker makes a huge blunder saying that Chris and Edge started out together and trained together, not even close Matt. Edge gets caught coming in as Jericho kicks him and then a baseball slide sends Edge back to the outside. Edge slowly pulls himself back in at five and Jericho goes back on the offense with a hotshot on the bottom rope. Jericho with a belly to back Suplex and a pin attempt but Edge kicks out. Jericho with a submission hold now, and fights his way up but Jericho pulls him down by the hair. Jericho slaps Edge and tosses him into the buckle before driving the shoulder into the midsection. Jericho sends him to the far corner but misses the charge and hits the ringpost. Edge now hammers Jericho and sends him in, and connects with the spinning heel kick. Edge gets caught with his head down and Jericho hits a Suplex across the ropes and goes for the triangle kick, but Edge moves and Jericho lands on the apron. Edge sends him off into the table and then dives off the apron with a nice clothesline. Edge tosses Chris back in and follows, as he comes in from the top, but Jericho catches him. They fight up top and Edge hits a front Suplex for a near fall. Jericho sweeps the legs and goes for the walls but Edge kicks him off to the corner, and Edge charges in and Jericho moves. Edge slides outside and comes back in off the top with a cross body but Jericho rolls through for a near fall. Jericho goes for the Walls and Edge kicks him off again and hits a top rope sunset flip for a near fall, countered to a near fall for Jericho. Chris kicks Edge in the face and stalks the challenger. Jericho goes for the Codebreaker but Edge sends him to the buckle and readies for the Spear. Jericho jumps over the Spear and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Edge grabs the ankles and rolls Jericho up for a near fall. Edge runs into a back elbow and Jericho goes for the lionsault that never hits and lands on his feet. Edge hits the Edgeomatic for a near fall, but walks into an enziguri, which gets Jericho a near fall now. Jericho pounds on Edge and sends him to the corner and goes for a bulldog but Edge pushes him off and nails the Impaler for a near fall. Edge runs into a big boot from Jericho who follows with a diving forearm to the back of the skull. Jericho now readies for a Spear of his own, and instead runs into a big boot from Edge. Edge now gets set to deliver his spear but runs into the Codebreaker from Jericho. Chris able to get another near fall and argues with the ref before going to work on the ankle of Edge. Jericho gets the Walls on Edge again, and then changes to a single leg crab, but Edge just makes the ropes to break the hold. Edge able to roll up the champ for a near fall and then clotheslines Jericho sending both men to the floor. Jericho grabs his title belt, but Edge clobbers him and sends him in the ring. Jericho hits a neck snap on the top rope, sending Edge into the ref, allowing Jericho to crack him with the title. Edge just barely able to kick out and Jericho waits for him to get up. Jericho hits another Codebreaker on the challenger for the win. 9.5/10 a great match; it would’ve been a full ten if not for the title shot. Still one of the best Wrestlemania matches ever, right up there with Savage and Steamboat! Would’ve rather seen Edge win, but still a great match and no complaints. After the match Jericho goes to ram Edge’s leg into the post and Edge kicks him off into the table. Edge tears apart the tables and puts Jericho on the Spanish Table and climbs on the English Table. Edge spears Jericho from one table to the other and through the barricade! Holy shit, that was amazing looking! I guess this means the feud isn’t over. We get highlights of the Battle Royal from earlier tonight; I can’t wait to see that. I love Battle Royals. Now it’s bathroom break time, as long as you can go quickly!

8. Alicia Fox, Maryse, Layla, Vickie Guerrero & Michelle McCool v Mickie James, Gail Kim, Kelly, Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres. This is a joke match, and not a clue why it’s even on the PPV. This should’ve been the dark match and show the battle royal. I love seeing Mickie, but this is going to be a horrid match. Team Mickie slides in the ring and Team McCool bails, except for Vickie, guess she’s too big to fit under the ropes? Vickie and Gail start and Vickie uses her immense weight to push Gail back, then turns and poses. Gail tags in Beth while Vickie’s not looking, and Beth picks up Vickie and drives her to her corner. Beth hammers her and tags in Eve who drives the shoulders in. Gail tagged in as they take turns beating up the manatee. Gail goes to tag Kelly, but then tags in Mickie, who’s rocking the tight jeans. Now it’s Kelly’s turn, and Vickie screams at her. Kelly kicks her and hits the fameasser, bringing in Horseface who hits Styles Clash. She turns around into Mickie’s DDT, followed by Layla with a neckbreaker, poorly done. Speaking of poorly done, Gail hits the Eat Defeat on Layla, which looked really bad. Maryse charges in and hits the French Kiss on Kim, but Eve sort of hits her flipping senton move. Basically she missed and just grazed Maryse’s knees. Alicia hits the axe kick on Eve but this allows Beth to hit the Glam Slam, leaving just Vickie. Beth stalks Vickie who’s almost in tears in the corner, but Horseface hits the kick to the face of Beth. Horseface helps Vickie up, and tells her to hit her Wrestlemania moment. The manatee climbs the ropes, with help from Horseface and Layla, and hits the worst bullfrog splash in history, although I like that she pointed upwards for Eddie, I’ll give her that. Vickie rolls up Kelly but rolls her too far and the shoulder comes up so she has rerolled her up again for the win. The ref has to tell Michelle and Layla he has to recount the pin, as they were coming in, and this is a mess. DUD what a freaking embarrassment this was. The most pathetic waste of time in the history of television. We go from a great match to this abortion, what the hell was Vince smoking back there?

9. Batista v John Cena. All I can hope for is an injury in the first five minutes to end this match quickly! I hate both these overrated ass clowns, and don’t care about this match at all. Cena has the usual overblown Wrestlemania entrance, and I hit fast forward. Batista dives at Cena who avoids contact, and they lock up with Batista overpowering Cena. Cena sends Batista in, and Batista comes back with a shoulderblock, Cena with a side headlock takedown. The “Cena Sucks” chants begin early. They wind up in the corner and Batista tries for a cheapshot, but Cena moves and opens up on Batista. Cena sent to the opposite corner and Batista follows with a clothesline to the back, then sends him back to the corner and pounds him again. Batista rolls out of the ring and sets Cena on the apron and kicks him in the head. Batista comes back in and goes for a Suplex, but Cena reverses it, and now both men are down. Cena send Batista to the corner and follows with the bulldog for a near fall. Cena tries for the FU but Batista spikes him down with vile looking DDT. Cena’s about three inches shorter after that move. Batista hits the running boot and Cena kicks out again, so now its chinlock time. Cena powers out of the hold and gets a knee to the back, as we have a slugfest now. Batista hits a kick and a neckbreaker for a near fall again. Batista with a front chancery, as we get a look at the crown, Cena backdrops Batista to break the hold. Cena catches Batista with a big boot followed by a pair of shoulderblocks, the belly to back Suplex and then prepares to drop the fist. However Cena runs into a spinebuster and the Animal channels his inner Warrior, then readies for the Batista Bomb. Cena counters into the STF, and Batista makes the ropes. Cena turns around into the spear from Batista which gets another near fall. Cena in the corner and Batista driving the shoulder in then set him on the top rope. Cena shoves him off and hits a fistdrop from the top rope. Cena goes for the FU and Batista grabs the top rope and counters to a Batista Bomb for another near fall. Batista has the worst facial expression; he looks like such a caveman. Cena goes for the FU, countered as Batista has him on his shoulder, but Cena counters back to the FU and he hits it this time for a near fall. Cena climbs the ropes and dives down, but Batista catches him in mid air with a sloppy spinebuster. Batista goes for the Batista Bomb, but Cena counters to the STF and Batista taps out. 7/10 actually better than I expected, but once again Superman has the title. Great that means we’re going to hear the same old shit on RAW. I’m sick of Cena and his constant title wins, remember when seven times World Champion meant something? Cena holds the title over his head, and I was hoping Swagger would’ve cashed in the MITB, but no.

10. Undertaker v Shawn Michaels. Undertaker wearing a hoodie instead of his trench coat. Shawn gets in the face of the Deadman, well actually the chest. Undertaker looks very red, maybe from his being cooked last month. Shawn does the throat cutting motion of Undertaker and the bell rings. Undertaker charges in and Shawn moves and chops him repeatedly. Shawn sent to the opposite corner and vintage Shawn as he flip up and over. Undertaker hits the snake eyes/big boot combo, then the Avalanche. Undertaker goes for Old School, but Shawn fights it off, and Undertaker goes up again and hits this time, but may have injured his knee. Undertaker signals for the chokeslam, but Shawn counters and goes after the leg. Undertaker rams Shawn to the buckle and then goes for the Tombstone, but Shawn slides out and works the arm. Undertaker goes for the chokeslam again and Shawn fights off again, but Undertaker twists the arm and misses the clothesline. Shawn goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Undertaker moves back to avoid it. Shawn dives for the bad knee and Undertaker avoids it once, but now Shawn is relentless. Shawn pounds on the knee, but Undertaker chops Shawn to send him back and then he gets him the corner and opens up, but one kick from Shawn sends Undertaker back. Undertaker clotheslines Shawn over the top and looks like he’s going for the dive, but Shawn back in and spears him down. Shawn back to the knee of Undertaker and goes for figure four, but kicked off and out of the ring. Undertaker follows and rams Shawn back first to the steel post and then sets him on the apron for the legdrop. Undertaker limps his way back in and Shawn pulls the legs out and gets the figure four locked in. Undertaker suddenly reverses the figure four and Shawn quickly breaks the hold, as both men are down we get another look at the crowd wandering around. Undertaker and Shawn now slugging it out and Undertaker has the advantage, but misses the big right and Shawn chops him. Shawn shot in but comes back with the flying forearm/nip up, right into the chokeslam from Undertaker for a near fall. Undertaker pulls Shawn up and sets up for the Tombstone, but Shawn counters to the Ankle Lock. Undertaker kicks Shawn in the head to break the hold and both men down on the mat again. Shawn clotheslines Undertaker out of the ring. Shawn dives off the apron with a moonsault but Undertaker catches him and nails the Tombstone on the floor. That’s what he did to Jake Roberts at Wrestlemania 8 to win, as someone flubs up and we get a brief shot of the entrance or something. We get a trainer who comes down to check on Shawn and Undertaker shoves him away. Undertaker throws Shawn back in and covers, but Shawn kicks out again. Undertaker goes for the Last Ride and the knee gives out and they both tumble down, that looked sloppy. Shawn climbs the ropes and goes for the elbow drop, but Undertaker gets the knees up, and both men are flopping like fish on the mat. Shawn gets too close to Undertaker, who goes for Hell’s Gate and Shawn counters to a pin attempt. They both slowly get back up and Shawn snaps off Sweet Chin Music from out of nowhere for a near fall. Shawn now cues up the band for a second attempt, but Undertaker catches the foot and hits the Last Ride for another near fall. Undertaker tosses Shawn out of the ring and destroys the fixed announce table and goes to powerbomb Shawn thru the table, but Shawn counters to the Superkick knocking Undertaker on the table. Now, because it’s Wrestlemania, Shawn climbs to the top rope and hits the moonsault driving Undertaker through the table. Either Shawn miscalculated or has great aim, as he basically only hit the knees of Undertaker. Shawn gets up and is punch drunk as he swings around wildly, he might be so confused he’s looking for Jannetty. Shawn pushes the Undertaker back in the ring, and readies for the Sweet Chin Music and hits, but Undertaker able to kick out again. They’re down in the ring again, and Shawn first up goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Undertaker counters to a chokeslam. Undertaker slowly pulls Shawn up and hits a second Tombstone Piledriver and gets another near fall. Undertaker pulls the straps down and starts to do the vintage throat cut motion, but stops and looks down at Shawn. Undertaker tells Shawn to just stay down, as Shawn pulls himself up using the Undertaker’s body. Shawn does the throat cut motion and then bitch slaps Undertaker. Undertaker scoops up Shawn and nails a third Tombstone Piledriver to make the streak 18-0 and end the career of Shawn Michaels. 7.5/10 it wasn’t a great match, but was good. Too much laying around and the fact that they kicked out of each other’s finishers again and again kind of ruined it. One Tombstone at the end would’ve been better, instead of three of them. If this was truly the end of Shawn that would’ve been a great way to go out, but I expect he’ll be back by Summerslam. After the match Undertaker picks up Shawn Michaels and they shake hands and embrace as the crowd goes wild. Undertaker leaves the ring to give Shawn his moment, as the crowd chants “Thank You” to Shawn. Shawn slowly heads up the ramp as we fade to black, ending Wrestlemania 26.

Match Recap:

1. ShowMiz beat Truth & Wisdom in 3:22 6/10

2. Randy Orton beat Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase 8:58 7.25/10

3. Jack Swagger won the Money in the Bank match at 13:39 8/10

4. HHH pinned Sheamus at 12:05 4.5/10

5. Rey Mysterio beat CM Punk at 6:30 6/10

6. Bret Hart destroyed Vince McMahon at 11:09 2/10

7. Chris Jericho pinned Edge at 15:43 9.5/10

8. Team Vickie beat Team Beth at 3:20 DUD

9. John Cena beat Batista in 13:29 7/10

10. Undertaker pinned Shawn Michaels at 23:37 7.5/10

This won’t go down as the greatest Wrestlemania of all time, but it was good. The best match by far was Edge and Jericho, just wish they had gone another ten minutes or so. Other than the god awful diva match, the worst match was Bret & Vince as expected. That dragged on too long, they should’ve clipped five minutes from that and skipped the diva match and given the time to Edge and Jericho. I don’t know why Rey won the match, as Punk should’ve got the first win to continue the feud. Cena and Batista surprised me as did Orton and Legacy as I expected those to be bad matches, but they were actually good. I don’t know what the hell happened with the tag match, as three minutes was just pathetic for that. All in all, I’d give the PPV a B- as it had some great matches and some impressive moments, Vickie’s bullfrog splash was not one of them though. Curious to see where they go from here on RAW tonight, but I’m more interested in Impact just for the Daffney/Tara match. Just saying is all. Thanks for reading, back tomorrow with the Impact and RAW recaps.


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