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Friday Night Smackdown – March 26, 2010


Well, it’s time for the final stop on our Road to Wrestlemania. However before we get there, I finally reviewed the Undertaker versus Shawn Michaels match from last year. The introductions were impressive; I have to admit, seeing Shawn descend from Heaven while Undertaker rose from Hell. The two best parts of the match were the near death moments, as Shawn missed the moonsault and splattered on the floor. Then a few minutes later Undertaker did his best impression of Brock Lesnar attempting to break his neck doing a dive. The match had a lot of just laying around, which I knew is supposed to be exciting, but it just felt like they couldn’t keep the pace. I admit I liked all the reversals of the finishers, but the ending felt like a letdown. The reversal from the moonsault to the Tombstone just felt lame, overall I’d give the match an 8/10 overall. Wasn’t as great as everyone claims but still not bad, I just didn’t like all the kickouts from the finishers, made the moves look weak doing that. Honestly it felt like it dragged, not as bad as the Iron Man Match from Wrestlemania 12, but if they clipped off about ten minutes it would’ve been better. Curious to see what they pull off this year still, but I hope Shawn loses. The streak should never be broken, or if it is it should be a young talent who can use the push for years. Anyways, let’s get to the final Smackdown and finally Wrestlemania! Well, I didn’t realize there were two different versions of Smackdown this week, and downloaded the usual one, which wound up being the International Version. This one has classic matches from Wrestlemania, where as the US one has the new stuff. So guess we’ll do the International one first and then the US one.


We open the show with the Wrestlemania theme, and then over to Matt Striker & Todd Grisham in a backstage area. Well, this is going to be a short recap, as it looks to be just a preshow for Wrestlemania. First thing we’re shown is the Wrestlemania debut of the Undertaker, from Wrestlemania VII against Jimmy Snuka.

1. Undertaker v Jimmy Snuka. Wow, this was so long ago, yet I remember watching it live. They start out with Snuka just staring at the newcomer. Paul Bearer had the best facial expressions. Undertaker catches Snuka with his back to him and hammers him. Undertaker slowly, very slowly, stalks Jimmy in the corner and continues to pummel him. Undertaker chokes Snuka on the ropes and then shoots him in and catches him with the flying clothesline. Bobby Heenan says he caught him in the pineapple! Undertaker goes back to choking Snuka in the corner and sends him to the opposite corner but gets reversed. Snuka runs into the big boot and tumbles to the floor. Undertaker grabs Snuka from the floor and pulls him to the ring apron and follows up with a Suplex to bring him back in the ring. Paul Bearer holds the urn highly as Undertaker misses the elbow drop and Snuka tries to fight back. A couple chops and headbutts and Undertaker is staggered. A whip in from Snuka revered, Snuka comes off the ropes and goes for the crossbody but Undertaker ducks and Snuka flies over the top rope to the floor again. Snuka tries to fight off Undertaker as he comes in, and goes for the springboard cross body but Undertaker catches him. Undertaker scoops up Snuka and nails the Tombstone for the win. 5/10 a slow moving match, but impressive debut. This was classic Undertaker as most of his early matches he moved very slowly.

They actually show the match in its entirety. From there it’s more hype for the Undertaker/Shawn Michaels match. After the commercial we get hype for the John Cena and Batista match. We now go to Wrestlemania 20 for the opening match.

2. John Cena v Big Show. John goes right at Show and gets tossed to the corner, again and tossed to the ropes. Cena ducks under a punch and unloads on Show who shrugs it off and tosses Cena to the floor. Show goes to pull Cena back in and Cena with a shoulderblock, a second one countered with a big knee. Show goes to toss Cena into the post but Cena hits a hotshot and climbs the ropes. Show catches him coming off and slams him down for a near fall. Show hammers the back of Cena and chokes him on the ropes. The crowd chants “Let’s go Cena”, as Show chops down Cena. Cena finally fights back and comes off the ropes, right into the big clothesline of Show. Cena pulls himself up using the Big Show and Show scoops and slams Cena with ease. Big Show chokes Cena using his boot and follows up with a big Suplex for a near fall, its funny hearing Tazz on commentary; I’m surprised they didn’t redo the commentary to erase Tazz from the history. Show continues to chop Cena and then stands on his back, as Show is toying with Cena. Cena tries to fight out and comes off the ropes, but this time runs into a big boot as we go to commercial. We come back and Cena trying to fight back again as he nails Cena with a bunch of haymakers but shot into the corner. Cena catches Show charging in with the boot then a low dropkick. Cena goes for the FU on the giant and hits it for a near fall. Cena’s facial expression is priceless; he looks like he’s going to cry. Cena picks up his chain from the corner and the ref stops him, Cena tosses it away and the ref goes after it. Cena grabs the brass knuckles and cracks Show while the ref is busy and then he quickly hits an FU for the win. 5/10 not a great match, but considering who was in it was the best could be expected. Show gets knocked out a Wrestlemania, same thing that happened to him against Mayweather.

We get a promo for the UK tour, and Bret is scheduled to be the outside enforcer for the Cena and Batista match. Guess Bret’s sticking around after Wrestlemania. Now it’s time for hype for the Edge/Jericho match, that’s going to be the best match of the night. Matt & Todd talk about Jericho having been involved in eight Wrestlemanias, and Jericho defended the title at Wrestlemania 18 against Triple H, while Edge faced Booker T, leading to our next match.

3. Edge v Booker T. Well this will lead fire to the rumors of a Booker T return, as we join the match in progress. Booker sends Edge in the ropes and hits an Alabama Slam for a near fall. Booker climbs the ropes and Edge shakes the ropes. Edge hammers Booker on the top rope and snaps off the Hurricanrana. Edge gets sent in again and ducks under the clothesline and comes back with the spin kick. Edge hits a pair of clotheslines but gets caught with a knee and Booker goes for the scissor kick, Edge ducks and hits the reverse takedown for a near fall. Edge climbs the ropes and hits the diving spin kick for another near fall. Wasn’t this feud over a Japanese Shampoo commercial? Booker sent to the corner and jumps over Edge and rolls him up, but Edge counters and sends Booker into the buckle. Edge misses the spear and hits the buckle himself and Booker connects with a thrust kick. Booker with the spin-a-roonie and follows with the scissor kick and gets a near fall. Booker goes for the Book End and Edge snapmares out and nails the Spear for a near fall, as Teddy Long is the ref. That’s funny actually, as Edge does an Edge-a-roonie. Booker misses the scissor kick and Edge goes for the DDT, but Booker counters and misses the kick, Edge hits the Impaler DDT for the win. 6.75/10 what we saw was really good, but Edge is always impressive and Booker was great at the time.

After the match we get a replay of the spears of Edge, showing the brutality of the move. Now it’s time for another match as we get Randy Orton taking on Triple H from last year.

4. Triple H v Randy Orton. Great we get this match in its entirety, let’s hope its better than I remember. They start out with the big stare down and Randy goes to lock up and Triple H spears him down. HHH hammers on the viper in the corner, and the ref then has to pull him back. Triple H goes right back on him and the ref threatens to disqualify him. With HHH distracted Orton hits the RKO out of nowhere, and now he stalks HHH. Orton goes for the punt but HHH moves and hits the Pedigree on Orton. We jump forward as HHH is on the top rope and Orton dropkicks him as he comes down. Orton readies again for the punt and this time HHH grabs the foot and Orton tries to fight back but HHH flips Orton over the top rope to the floor. HHH follows outside and hammers Orton on the floor and grabs the monitor. The ref warns him if he uses it he will be disqualified and lose the title. HHH drops the monitor and kicks Orton in the head then sets him up on the announce table. HHH goes for the Pedigree on the Spanish table but gets backdropped onto the RAW announce table. Orton pulls Triple H up on the table and nails the DDT on the floor; he should’ve pulled the mats back first. Orton rolls in the ring as the ref begins the count and HHH gets back in just in time and Orton stomps the Game. Orton continues the offense on HHH pummeling in the corner, but HHH fights out. Orton tosses HHH into the ref in the corner and hits the RKO again. Orton slides out of the ring and grabs the sledgehammer from under the ring, which begs the question, why is there always a sledgehammer under the ring. You don’t use a sledgehammer to build a ring so what’s the reason. As Orton enters the ring Triple H hits the punt on Orton and grabs his sledgehammer. The ref is still down and HHH cracks him with the sledgehammer and then slides it out of the ring. Triple H goes back to pounding on Orton and the ref tries to pull him back, but Triple H is relentless. HHH picks up the limp carcass of Orton and hits the Pedigree for the win. 7/10 wasn’t a great match, but was better than I remembered it.

We now get the Hall of Fame video for Ted DiBiase, one of my all time favorites. That’s going to be the best part of the Hall of Fame. We now go to Wrestlemania 6 for Ted DiBiase versus Jake Roberts, cool!

5. Ted DiBiase v Jake Roberts. I miss those little carts they used, they looked so awesome. I remember watching this one live too; this was my favorite match from the show. Hope it holds up to my memories. Jake quickly goes after DiBiase and they slug it out early. Jake with an arm bar and gets sent to the ropes, Jake comes back with a shoulderblock and a high knee. Jake goes for the DDT and DiBiase slides out of the ring wisely as Jake went for the quick win. Jake distracted by Virgil as Ted comes in the ring, but turns around quickly. Ted with a side headlock and shot in, Jake with an armdrag and both men miss an elbow drop. Jake goes for the DDT and Ted slides out again. Jesse on commentary says Jake is obsessed with hitting the DDT, as Jake pulls Ted in by the arm. Jake works over the arm of the Million Dollar Man and moves into a hammerlock. Jake drives the knee into the arm of DiBiase and cranks back on the hammerlock, as Gorilla Monsoon does the classic medical terms. Jake transitions into a chicken wing as we get a view of huge crowd in Toronto. Ted reverses the hold and Jake uses the leverage to send Ted to the outside as we go to commercial. We come back and Ted has the Million Dollar Dream on Jake in the middle of the ring. Jake tries to get to the ropes and drops to one knee, and slowly crumples but able to get a foot on the ropes to break the hold. Ted drags Jake to the middle and covers Roberts, but he kicks out and DiBiase is getting angry. Ted climbs the ropes and waits for Jake to get up, and dives down, but Jake catches him with a double sledge. Jake hits the clothesline followed by the inverted atomic drop and another clothesline. The crowd at a fever pitch as Jake sends Ted in and backdrops him down as Jake signals for the DDT. Jake hits the short arm clothesline, to set up for the DDT. Jake tries to pull Ted up but Ted has the ref and Virgil pulls Jake out of the ring. Jake slams Virgil on the floor, but Ted catches him from behind with the Million Dollar Dream. Jake hits the ringpost and Virgil tosses Ted back in for the countout win. 7/10 was still a great match, but the ending was a letdown.

We now get a promo package for the career of Bret Hart, including the Screwjob from Montreal. They go over the feud between Bret and Vince, and the music is just brutally bad. From here we go to Wrestlemania 11 for Bret Hart versus Bob Backlund.

6. Bret Hart v Bob Backlund. Rowdy Roddy Piper was the guest referee for this match, and it’s an I Quit match as well. Bret quickly jumps on Bob in the corner and hammers him then whips him in the opposite corner. Bret elbows Bob in the head and goes for the Sharpshooter but Bob avoids it. Bret drops an elbow and then tosses Bret over the ropes and kicks Bob. Bret choking Bob on the ropes as Piper checks to see if Bob wants to quit. Vince shows his lack of knowledge of Wrestlemania as Lawler asks him who Bret beat at Wrestlemania 8 and Vince says Bulldog, it was Roddy Piper. Bret applies a figure four leglock on Bob, and Piper asks him if he quits and Bob says no. Bob rolls over and reverses the hold on Bret, and they make the ropes as we go to commercial. We come back and Bob has a hammerlock on Bret, and then hammers Bret in the face. Bob goes to an armbar and Bret says “Hell no” about quitting, as Bob works over the arm. Bret finally breaks the hold by slamming Bob and quickly gets the offense as he hits a backbreaker on Bob. Bret goes up and drops the elbow across the face and locks in the Sharpshooter but Bob makes the ropes. Bret hammers Bob in the corner and sends him to the opposite corner and charges in. Bob moves and Bret hits the post shoulder first, and Bob capitalizes with the Crossface Chicken Wing, but Bret has the ropes. Bob tries to pull him back and does, Bob tries to take him down with the legs, while the Chicken Wing is hooked in, but Bret fights off and reverses the hold. Bret locks in the Chicken Wing and Bob screams out yes and the bell ring. 7/10 wasn’t a bad match, but they’re match at Survivor Series was a lot better.

Once again we get another recap of the Bret and Vince feud. This is followed by an Undertaker video showing all the victims of the streak, to Johnny Cash’s “Ain’t No Grave”. That is countered by a Shawn Michaels video of his Wrestlemania moments. This sends us to Wrestlemania 19 for Shawn Michaels versus Chris Jericho. This was Shawn’s Wrestlemania return after four years away.

7. Shawn Michaels v Chris Jericho. Shawn had the worst haircut at this point; of course Jericho had the worst beard. They lock up and Shawn with a side headlock takedown, and Jericho reverses, both men up quickly. Jericho with an armdrag takedown and Shawn counters and both men up again. Shawn lies across the ropes and then back to an armbar, Jericho reverses and Shawn elbows out. Shawn hits an armdrag and Jericho kicks him off and does a double leg takedown. Both men back up again and Jericho gets caught in the side headlock takedown again, but rolls over Jericho for a pin attempt. Shawn gets elbowed in the stomach and Jericho with a shoulderblock and catches Shawn with a slap. Shawn answers by tossing Jericho over the top and baseball slides Jericho to the tables. Shawn follows and tosses Chris back in and renters via the top rope. Shawn with a crossbody and Jericho rolls through. Jericho hammers Shawn and sends him in and connects with a spin heel kick. Jericho pounds on Shawn’s head and rams him into the buckle then chops him in the corner. Shawn sent to the opposite corner and Chris chokes him. Shawn sent to the corner and Jericho goes for the bulldog but Shawn shoves him off and he lands crotch first on the ropes. Shawn quickly cinches in a figure four leglock, and Jericho able to reverse it and Shawn releases the hold. Shawn hits a knee breaker on Jericho and goes for the figure four again but sent to the ringpost as we go to commercial. We come back as Jericho hits a backbreaker and climbs the ropes. Jericho hits a diving reverse elbow and now mocks Shawn by signaling for the Sweet Chin Music. Shawn hit with his own move and Jericho covers for a near fall, as Shawn just kicks out. Jericho hammers Shawn in the corner and drives the shoulders and sends him to the opposite corner. Shawn comes back with a crossbody and now we have a slugfest. Shawn sweeps the legs and catapults Jericho into the ringpost and rolls him for a near fall of his own. Shawn misses a wild swing and Jericho hits Shawn in the back and sets him up top. Jericho hits a top rope belly to back Suplex, but Michaels counters to a crossbody in mid air, that was cool. Shawn pulls himself up and climbs the ropes; Jericho kicks the ref into the ropes, crotching Shawn on the top. Jericho quickly goes for a superplex but gets tossed to the mat and Shawn drops the big elbow on Y2J. Shawn signals for Sweet Chin Music and misses, Jericho ducks under sweeps the feet and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Shawn crawls to the ropes but Jericho pulls him back, but Shawn crawls to the ropes again and the hold has to be broken. Jericho screams at the ref that Shawn tapped out, and turns around right into Sweet Chin Music. Shawn crawls over to make the cover and Jericho just kicks out in time. Jericho pulls himself up, and Shawn pulls himself up on Jericho. Shawn sent to the corner and flips up and over and Jericho goes for the back Suplex, but Shawn up and over and rolls up Jericho for the win. 9/10 one of the best matches in Wrestlemania history, and it still holds up seven years later. After the match Shawn offers the hand to Jericho, who instead hugs Shawn Michaels and then kicks him in the yam bag.

We go back to Striker & Grisham, as they go over the Jericho and Edge feud. Matt avoids making a prediction on the winner of the main event.

Match Recap:

1. Undertaker pinned Jimmy Snuka 5/10

2. John Cena beat The Big Show 5/10

3. Edge pinned Booker T 6.75/10

4. Triple H beat Randy Orton 7/10

5. Bret Hart made Bob Backlund submit 7/10

6. Shawn Michaels pinned Chris Jericho 9/10

Not a bad show tonight, loved seeing all the old matches. It was a very fun way to build to Wrestlemania. Well, that was the International version of Smackdown, now onto the US version.


1. Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin & Drew McIntyre v Christian, MVP, Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston. Well, that’s quite a group we have in this match, making some screwy tag teams. It’s RAW versus Smackdown, but seems odd with Swagger & MVP on one team, Ziggler and Kane on other. Kofi and Ziggler start out, Kofi with a go behind, but Dolph reverses and Kofi moves to a side headlock. Dolph hammers Kingston to break the hold and applies a side headlock of his own. Kofi fights out and sends Dolph off the ropes, and Dolph comes back with a shoulderblock. Dolph off the ropes gets caught in a spinning heel kick and Kingston attempts a pin. This brings in the other eight men as we go to a commercial. When we come back and Matt Hardy is pounding on Swagger and sends him to the corner. Matt follows with a clothesline/bulldog combo for a near fall. Matt twists the arm and tags in Shelton, who sends Swagger shoulder first to the buckle. Shelton pushed to the corner, where Swagger unloads on him, but Shelton comes back. Shelton sent in and catches Swagger with his head down, but then runs into a belly to belly Suplex form Swagger. Swagger pretends to tag, but changes his mind and points up to the briefcase. Shelton hits the spinning ankle kick on Swagger, who now decides to tag in Bourne. Bourne snaps off a spinning head scissor followed by the dropkick. Shelton slows him down with a kick and sends him in, and Bourne comes back with the double knee to the face. Bourne tags in Christian, as we have a resumption of a battle from ECW. Christian twists the arm of Shelton and then drives the knee in before tagging in MVP. MVP sends Shelton to the corner but reversed, and MVP jumps over Shelton and hits a flying forearm for a near fall. MVP tags in Bourne who comes in via the top rope and goes for the Air Bourne but Drew causes a distraction. This allows Shelton to hit the top rope belly to belly as we go to commercial again. We return to Shelton with a chinlock on Bourne, who kicks his way out of the hold but Shelton overpowers Bourne. Shelton tags in the Big Red Machine who hammers the much smaller Evan Bourne. Kane stomps Bourne and then a huge slam followed up with a massive elbow drop. Christian makes the save after Kane tries to pin, and Matt tagged in. Matt slams Bourne and drops the fist for another near fall; we have yet to see Drew in the match so far. Matt drives Bourne down with a headlock but Bourne kicks his way out and Matt tags in Dolph. Ziggler works over the midsection of Bourne and points at Christian. Ziggler hits the big elbow drop for a near fall, and drags Bourne to his corner and tags Matt back in. Hardy rams Evan in the corner and tags Dolph back in, they’re making an interesting team. Ziggler taunts the RAW team as he measures Bourne, but takes too long and runs into a dropkick from Evan. Evan tags in Christian who hammers Ziggler and hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Christian goes for a slam and Ziggler drops down and applies the sleeper, Christian drives him to the corner. Christian hits the bouncy kick, which really needs a name, followed by the diving forearm. Christian readies for the Killswitch, and Drew clobbers Christian from behind. This brings in MVP who sends Drew to the corner and hits the running kick, but turns around into Matt Hardy’s Side Effect. Matt suddenly gets blasted by a huge clothesline from Jack Swagger who spins around and gets taken down by Shelton who then gets a flying forearm from Kofi. Kane takes down Kofi with the big boot and catches Bourne on the top rope and hits the double chokeslam on Kofi and Bourne. Christian runs into a chokeslam but slides out and sends Kane out of the ring. Ziggler goes for Zig Zag but Christian catapults him in the corner. Drew makes the blind tag while Christian hits the Killswitch, but caught unaware as Drew enters the ring. Drew hits the Future Shock on the former ECW champion for the victory. 9/10 whew, that was chaotic but impressive. Drew scores the victory for team Smackdown, and I predict Drew wins MITB, but my predictions will be at the end of this lengthy recap. After the match and everyone leave, Drew brings in a ladder and sets it up. Matt quickly slides back in, as does the other nine men. They gang up on Drew and shove the ladder down, then send the ladder on top of Drew. Now it’s time for some Wrestlemania hype and Axxess footage.

2. Beth Phoenix v Vickie Guerrero. This has the looks of a disaster, poor Beth she gets treated so poorly. Last year she feuded with Santino, this year Vickie, seriously who’d she piss off in the company for this shit? I like Beth and I think she could be used so much better; she could beat most of the guys much like Chyna. However unlike Chyna, Beth is actually a hot woman. Vickie comes out and yells her catchphrase, and says she told Beth if she ever laid her hands on her she would regret it. Vickie says in the spirit of competition this match is now a five on one handicap match and brings out her team mates, Layla, Horseface, Maryse, and Alicia Fox. Damn it, Horseface just had to get her ugly mug on Smackdown. Can she please suffer an injury and disappear. Layla starts out for her team, and Beth doesn’t look too worried. Beth hammers Layla in the face and drags her to the other corner but Layla kicks back. Beth lifts Layla and drives her to the corner with ease and pounds her down. Horseface distracts Beth and Layla gets a kick in, but Beth shrugs it off and press slams Layla. Michelle shoves Beth from behind and Beth spins around still holding Layla, causing Layla’s feet to kick Horseface in her horse face! That made me smile! Beth throws Layla down and pulls in Horseface and tosses her, then brings in Fox the hard way before clubbing Maryse. Beth clotheslines Horseface and Layla, and then tosses Alicia into Maryse. Beth clotheslines Alicia & Maryse, and then hammers Horseface and Layla. Beth hammering all four, but the numbers catch up. Layla holds the ankle of Beth and Horseface hits the kick. Vickie wants the tag in and covers Beth for the win as the crowd shits all over this. 5/10 all credit goes to the Glamazon who carried the five sacks of uselessness to a watchable three minutes. Beth shows her power carrying five klutzes in one match, why is Beth not a champion? After the match the four idiots and Maryse celebrate the win. Horseface tells Vickie to do the frog splash, and Vickie climbs the ropes. I’m surprised the ring didn’t tip over from her fat ass up there, seriously. Vickie takes too long as Mickie James, Kelly, Gail Kim & Eve Torres make the save. Mickie looks freaking stunning as always as they toss out the other four and chase them backstage. This leaves Beth and Vickie alone in the ring, as Beth gets up and Vickie is begging for her life. Beth catches her by the ample ass and pulls her back, then rips her pants off. Vickie wearing pink panties that say Excuse Me. The horror, the horror, my eyes are burning; no one needed to say that. That’s right up there with Mae Young and her wrinkled puppies; this is funny to Vince, seriously? That and how much money does Vickie need that she keeps being humiliated? Beth’s facial expression is priceless as she laughs at Vickie who runs backstage in her bloomers! Beth stands tall in the ring with Vickie pants, which could pass for a tent!

3. Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring for his interview time. Jericho says this Sunday at Wrestlemania, the night legends are made and careers are defined, he will beat Edge to retain his World title. Jericho says he has to hand it to Edge, as he’s one of the greatest of all time and no one has come back from more injuries. Jericho points out Edge came back three months early and won the Rumble, and his love for the business and the pride he shows is second to none. Jericho says he has every tool to beat Jericho except for one thing, DNA, and apologizes for going over people’s heads. Jericho claims his DNA is superior to everyone and it’s what made him the first Undisputed Champion and the greatest performer of his generation. Jericho says Edge’s on downfall is his inferior DNA doesn’t match up to his and calls Edge a reject as the crowd starts screaming spear. Jericho says it’s not his fault Edge is always injured it’s his defective DNA and he will end Edge’s career. Jericho says when Edge is beaten and the crowd is silent, he will ask why his career is over and says not to blame himself but blame his DNA. Finally the Rated R Superstar comes out to end Jericho’s tirade. Edge charges the ring and Jericho goes to hit him with the belt but Edge blocks. Edge hits the big boot and readies for the spear, as Jericho slowly gets up. Edge charges and Jericho quickly dives out of the ring, leaving Edge alone in the ring with the World Title. Edge picks up the title as Jericho heads up the ramp.

4. R-Truth v Big Show. On RAW we saw John Morrison score the victory over Show’s tag partner, Miz. Can the Truth defeat the other half of the tag champions? John Morrison comes out first and introduces R-Truth, and I hit fast forward. Love watching him wrestle, but I hate that damn entrance. After a commercial break we come as the bell rings, and Truth tries to avoid Show but Show catches him in the corner. Show chops Truth and sends him across the ring with ease. Big Show chokes Truth on the ropes and then pulls him up just to hammer him in the stomach. Show slams R-Truth down hard and slowly stalks Truth, who tries to pull himself up but gets chopped again. Truth tossed shoulder first to the ring post, Show then drives a shoulder into Truth’s midsection. Truth finally starts to fire back and eats a big headbutt. Miz cheering on Show, who sends Truth to the corner and eats a big boot. Truth comes off the ropes and Show catches him and delivers a fall away slam. Show climbs to the second rope, as Miz is screaming at him and Show goes for a big elbow but Truth rolls away. Truth pulls himself up and clobbers Miz who was on the apron. JoMo tosses Miz in the steps, but the distraction may have cost Truth. As Show grabs Truth for the chokeslam and Morrison runs in, but gets caught in the choke as well. JoMo and Truth fight out and nail double DDT drawing a DQ. 3/10 was about what I expected it to be, as Truth was basically tossed around like a rag doll. After the match Truth hits the axe kick on Show and then Morrison hits the Flying Chuck on Show. Miz charges in the ring and gets hit with the Lie Detector followed by Starship Pain. Truth and Wisdom stand tall over the tag champions, as they are ready for Wrestlemania, as am I!

Match Recap:

1. Team Smackdown beat Team RAW 9/10

2. Vickie’s Team beat Beth Phoenix 5/10

3. Big Show beat R-Truth by DQ 3/10

Well, the show went downhill as it went along. The opening match was great, and was a good way to showcase all ten men in the MITB. The women’s match was a joke, but what else is new. Beth dominated all five with ease, and carried the match to a watchable level. However did we really need to see Vickie’s underwear? The main event was bad, beyond belief bad, like watching a Bushwhacker match! Between the two Smackdown episodes this week, the International version was better. Well, it’s about ten hour till Wrestlemania, so here’s my predictions.

1. Smackdown divas over the RAW divas

2. CM Punk over Rey Mysterio

3. Randy Orton wins the triple threat

4. Sheamus upsets Triple H

5. ShowMiz over Truth & Wisdom

6. Bret Hart beats Vince McMahon

7. Drew McIntyre wins MITB

8. Undertaker beats Shawn

9. Edge pins Chris Jericho

10. John Cena over Batista

I’m assuming we’re going to open with the tag match, and I can’t see a reason to job ShowMiz this soon. Then it’s going to be MITB, which I’d love to see Swagger win, but I have a feeling Drew pulls it out, leading to something big at the end. CM Punk beating Rey actually makes sense, even though it would kill Rey to lose, but this would continue the feud. I can see this feud going for at least a couple more PPVs leading to the hair versus freedom match inevitably. Randy beating Legacy makes a lot of sense, as they’ve started teasing tension between The Legacy. I think they’re going to cost each other, start to argue allowing Orton to hit a double RKO for a win. Sheamus needs a win over an established name, and if he is a friend of HHH’s I can see HHH letting him score the victory here. This would lead to Triple H getting frustrated and causing the long overdue heel turn. Sadly the diva match will be the bathroom break, other than seeing how hot Mickie looks. I can’t believe they screwed up what could’ve been a good match, Beth & Mickie versus Maryse & McCool for both belts. Then again they screwed up last year too, I see Beth taking the loss as Vickie pins her again. Now we head into the main course of the show, as Edge scores the win over Chris Jericho in the match of the night. I hope this doesn’t end the feud though, they can keep feuding all year and it would be great. Bret Hart’s Wrestlemania return follows, and Bret destroys Vince all over the building before applying the Sharpshooter and Vince passing out, ala Steve Austin. Now the question of what match goes on last, with the way I predict things, I see Cena and Batista next. Cena scores the win after a grueling battle and wins the title, only to be interrupted again by Vince. This allows Batista to hit a pair of Batista Bombs on the new champ, and then Vince announces the MITB winner wants to cash in the title now. Drew quickly comes out, hits the Future Shock on Cena and pins Cena to win the World title, and makes him the second man to hold the IC and World title at Wrestlemania. After bringing out the Hall of Famers, we finally get the main event of the night, as Undertaker and Shawn Michaels battle. Shawn hits Sweet Chin Music on the Dead Man, but the lights go out. When they come back on Triple H is in the ring with the sledgehammer, poised to nail Undertaker in the head. However he spins around cracking Shawn in the face, then places Undertaker’s arm over Shawn for the final three count. Triple H stands over both men laughing as the show ends, as does Shawn’s career. Of course Shawn returns in time for Summerslam to begin a feud with the evil Triple H, which cumulates in a Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania 27 next year. Well, that’s my predictions; let’s see what the WWE does. Should be a fun show and I’m watching it live with friends, and I’ll recap it tomorrow. Enjoy Wrestlemania tonight!


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