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WWE Superstars – Match 25, 2010
March 26, 2010, 8:58 am
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With only three days till the biggest night in sports entertainment, the Road to Wrestlemania has just two stops remaining. First we have Superstars and finally Smackdown, and then Sunday is the big day. Still have no idea if we have a diva match at Wrestlemania, tomorrow is the last chance to make the announcement, so I guess we’ll know then. I still can’t find Smackdown, which is odd as it’s usually posted by this time. If I don’t find it by the time I finish Superstars, I’m finally going to rewatch the Undertaker versus Shawn Michaels match from last year’s Wrestlemania. I’ll post my comments about it in the Smackdown recap, right here on although I still don’t think it will touch the Randy Savage versus Ricky Steamboat match from Wrestlemania III. I’ve said before it was a good match on a horrid PPV, so I’m going to watch it by itself with none of the other PPV stuff. I want to see what all the commotion is about with the rematch this year, as I really don’t remember it being that great. For now let’s get to Superstars.

1. JTG v CM Punk. Well at least it’s the semi-talented member of Cryme Tyme facing the Straight Edge Savior. Hopefully CM Punk can carry the scrub to a watchable match. If we don’t have a diva match the only women to be at Wrestlemania will be Serena and Rosa Mendes, that’s kind of sad actually. I’d like to see Serena actually wrestle though, but will we ever see that? Punk & JTG lock up, and Punk gets him to the corner and nails a series of knees to the midsection. The ref pulls him back, and Punk charges in with another knee, but gets sent to the corner. Punk backdrops JTG to the apron and then knees him to the floor. Luke & Serena stalk JTG slowly outside the ring, and Shad slows them down. Punk comes out and pounds on JTG before rolling him in. Punk sets him on the apron and delivers another knee to the head then comes in the ring and applies the rear chinlock. JTG fights his way out and comes off the ropes, Punk misses the clothesline and JTG hits one of his own. JTG nails a dropkick and hits a Mugshot for a near fall. JTG opens up on the Savior and rolls him up and gets another near fall. Punk sent in, but reverses and ducks under JTG’s dive. JTG pulls himself up in the corner and eats a knee to the face followed by the bulldog. Punk delivers a series of kicks and ends it with the Go to Sleep for the victory. 6.25/10 not a great match, but good enough for Cryme Tyme. At least Punk finally got a win, it’s been a while. Not that he’s going to win at Wrestlemania of course.

2. Rey Mysterio v Tyson Kidd. Ok, did I miss something or were there only two matches this week? The start with a lockup, and Kidd quickly to an armbar. Why is the Dynasty not on Wrestlemania? Someone explain this travesty of justice to me, which really boils my potatoes. Rey takes out the leg and goes for a legbar, but Kidd fights out and goes back to the armbar. Punk reverses again back to the legbar and Kidd makes the ropes breaking the hold. Kidd goes back to the arm again and Rey ties to kick his way out but Kidd takes him down. Kidd gets caught and Rey flies out of the move, and jumps over Kidd. Kidd comes back with a shoulderblock and hammers Mysterio down again. Tyson rams Rey into the buckle, as Smith and Natalya cheer him on, Kidd sends him in and Rey slides under Kidd. Rey hits a headscissor sending Kidd to the ropes and Rey goes for 619 but Natalya trips Rey. Rey rolls out and goes after her, but runs into Kidd who tosses him over his head. Rey lands in a seated senton on Smith, but Kidd takes advantage of the distraction and clobbers Rey. Tyson slams Rey into the barricade as we go to commercial. We come back and Kidd has a submission hold on Mysterio but Rey knees his way out. Rey pulls himself up in the corner, but Kidd stomps him back down. Kidd pulls up Rey and sends him to the opposite corner, but misses the charge in as Rey drops down. Did Stryker just call Rey a No-Limit Soldier? Wasn’t that the group that the rap guy in WCW was leading that Rey was a part of with Konnan and they feuded with the West Texas Rednecks, or is that just a coincidence? Rey on the apron and goes for a springboard but Kidd dropkicks him in the stomach. Kidd gets a near fall and quickly goes to a submission hold. Rey powers his way out, wait did I just Rey powered out of something that just seems wrong. Kidd sends him in and presses Rey overhead and lets him fall to the ground. Rey rolls out of the ring and Kidd dives off the apron onto him before tossing Rey back in. Kidd twists the arm of Rey and nails a nice gut breaker for another near fall. Love how the underdog never loses to anyone really makes him an underdog. Kidd continues to lay a beating on Mysterio, and Rey comes back with a bulldog as Rey begins his cookie cutter offense he’s used for the last six or seven years. Rey comes off the ropes and Kidd kicks him and tosses him out of the ring. Rey lands on his feet and while the ref is with Kidd, Natalya nails Rey. Kidd hits the baseball slide sending Rey into the barricade and Kidd comes outside. Kidd tosses Rey back in and hits a springboard Blockbuster, which should have been the end of the damn match. Seriously, that was awesome looking, but Rey of course kicks out. Kidd sets up Rey in the middle of the ring and climbs the ropes. Kidd goes for a triple jump moonsault and falls off the ropes, which looked brutal actually. If that wasn’t planned, that had to freaking hurt badly. Rey quickly hits a springboard senton, followed by a pair of clotheslines. Rey with a springboard crossbody gets a near fall. Rey sends Kidd to the corner but reversed and Rey over Kidd. Rey hits a Hurricanrana followed by a kick to the head for the near fall. Rey gets caught with a spinning side kick and Kidd goes for a slam but Rey slides down and comes off the ropes. Kidd hits a hotshot followed by the clothesline and goes to the apron. Kidd hits a springboard elbow and of course Rey kicks out of another great move from Tyson. I really hate Mysterio; he just ruins anyone he’s in the ring with. He’s become the Triple H of Smackdown, as he just gets up from anything, and hits his finisher out of nowhere for the win. Kidd hits a series of knees and a headbutt to the stomach. Kidd’s about to lose, as Rey hits a back elbow, springboard Hurricanrana into the ropes followed by 619 for the win. Sadly I typed all of that before he even hit it; it’s just so obvious everything he does anymore. 7.75/10 all credit for the match goes to Kidd who carried Rey to a good match. Rey has devolved so badly in the last six or so years, it’s not even funny anymore. You want to see a good Rey match, watch his matches with Psychosis from ECW, or any of the early WCW stuff. Matches with Malenko, Jericho, Benoit, Juventud, etc as now he’s just the same crap every week.

Match Recap

1. CM Punk beat JTG 6.25/10

2. Rey Mysterio upset Tyson Kidd 7.75/10

It seems interesting that the two men who face off at Wrestlemania had a match tonight. You’d think they planned that, but I doubt it. The only three matches the WWE cares about at Wrestlemania are Taker/Shawn, Bret/Vince and Batista/Cena. All the rest is basically being treated as filler, which sucks since those are the three I’m looking forward to the least. Well, just have to find Smackdown and then we’re ready for Wrestlemania this Sunday.


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