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Wrestlicious – March 25, 2010
March 26, 2010, 8:10 am
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Here I thought the show was on Mondays, but it’s actually on Thursday, explains why it takes so long to find it. Anyways, here we go with the fourth episode of the funniest half hour of TV, I still say they need at least an hour.

1. We open this week of Takedown with Leyla Milani & Jimmy Hart. Leyla introduces Jimmy as the manager of champions, and he says he’d like to manage Leyla. He says she’d be perfect for his stable, she says he’d be perfect for hers, shoveling manure.

2. We get our first look at Shauna-Na, played by Indy star Kristin Flake. This is basically the same gimmick as Cherry had in WWE, as she’s set in the 1950s.

3. Shauna Na & the Bebops, who I have no idea who they are, are introduced to the crowd. The Bebops are Wanda & Rhonda, and are Shauna’s manager. Shauna says its swell to be there and hopes she can be as great as Gorgeous George, Bobo Brazil & Buddy Rogers. They probably have no idea who they are, as she waves to Ozzie & Harriet. The commentator says she’s adorable and disturbing at the same time. Tonight’s main event is Marley, Daizee Haze, facing Sierra Sheraton. Daizee is from the SHIMMER Company and is a pretty good wrestler from what I’ve seen. Sierra is Erica D’Erico who I know nothing about, but I read she’s been around for a little while, so should be a good match.

4. Toni the Top is on her way to JV Rich’s crib with Autumn Frost. Tony says she’s really limber like a cat. JV says when she can catch mice bring her back.

5. Wrestlicious Rewind time as we see White Magic & my girl, Draculetta facing Amber Lively & Lacey Von Erich from last week. This was actually a fun match, and I love the female Dracula gimmick for Daffney, she plays it so perfectly. We announce the next three in the battle royal, Kickstart Katie, Maui & Toni the Top. Oh, it’s Toni with an I.

6. Leyla is lying on the beach, as she does every week. Leyla talks about wrestling and romance, comparing love to a clothesline.

7. The Young and the Wrestlers continues this week, as we see Boot Camp Bailey induct her three new recruits from a couple weeks ago. We now go to Bailey and her recruits, who she introduces to her trainers. She sends one into the ring with Autumn Frost who beats the crap out of her. Love the furry boots, very Melina like! Now we see Bailey marching her troops to the hot tub and she proceeds to tell them they are to clean it with a toothbrush.

8. Takedown Spotlight featuring Tyler Texas. We see Tyler on the beach in a red bikini and denim jacket. Tyler looks good on the beach, but wouldn’t a match showcase her talents better? I guess big boobs could be a talent, just not in wrestling. Ah, well, she looks great, so who am I to complain?

9. Sierra Sheraton enters the locker room and is told she’s late. She says there was a problem with the limo, she’s told they didn’t send a limo, she says that was the problem. She’s told people say she’s a little brat, but is told she’s not so little. She responds by slapping the ring announcer.

10. Are you Smarter than a Male Wrestler. This week we have the Cuban Assassin, in a US mask and jacket, facing Marley. First question for Cuban is a math question, he answers he doesn’t hang around with squares. Marley’s turn and she gets it right to win.

11. Sierra Sheraton v Marley. Shelton’s gimmick is basically a Paris Hilton type, as she’s supposed to be a spoiled rich kid. Marley is playing a hippie, which I believe is basically her gimmick as Daizee Haze. Marley goes into a yoga pose and Sierra attacks her from behind. Sierra goes back to her corner as the bell rings. They lockup and Marley with an armbar as she twists the arm repeatedly. Sierra pulls her down by the hair to break the hold, and Marley does more meditation. Another lockup and Sierra tries to go behind, but Marley with a hammerlock reversal and Sierra makes the ropes. Sierra offers a test of strength, but uses her height advantage to anger Marley. Marley jumps and grabs her arm pulling her down. Marley back to the armbar, and gets sent in, Sierra goes for a hiptoss but Marley holds on. Marley with a hiptoss of her own followed by a spinning head scissor takedown. Marley charges in but gets caught in a wheelbarrow slam for a near fall. Sierra hammers the back of Marley and rams her head into the buckle. Sierra with a toss across the ring and then chokes Marley in the corner. Sierra with a snapmare by the hair and goes for the running knee, but Marley rolls her up. Sierra kicks out and now she’s angered as she pummels the hippie. Sierra pulls her up and tosses her into the buckle and chokes her again. Marley shoots her to the opposite corner, but Marley gets a foot up and hits a nice victory roll for a near fall. Sierra quickly gets back on the offense as she works over her smaller opponent. Sierra sends her to the ropes and Marley comes back with a crucifix, but Sierra falls back with a Samoan drop for a near fall again. Marley just barely kicks out and Sierra readies for a Suplex, but Marley reverses it into nice DDT. Both women are down and slowly they get up, Sierra misses a clothesline and now Marley nails her. Marley sends her in and hits a clothesline, then a back elbow. Marley with a face crusher, then into a figure four armbar. Sierra rolls Marley up thought with a handful of her skirt for a near fall. Sierra argues with the ref, and Marley grabs her and readies for the heart punch. Wait, heart punch, what is this the 1980s? Seriously, when’s the last time anyone has used the heart punch, Crush maybe? Sierra blocks and lifts her up, but Marley fights out and hits the heart punch. Marley comes off the ropes and eats a big designer boot for the victory. 6.75/10 not as good as some of the other matches, but not bad. Still better than anything the WWE has offered lately.

This was another fun episode of Wrestlicious, but as always I wish it was longer. The half hour just flies by and I enjoy the show so much. It’s nice to have a wrestling show that doesn’t take itself so seriously. Wrestling was meant to be just mindless entertainment, and that’s what this is. The girls look great, they can wrestle better than 90 percent of the WWE girls and they can poke fun at themselves. This reminds me a lot of the SNME shows from the 80s. This reminds me, I really need to get back to recapping and finishing up those shows.


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