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WWE NXT – March 2, 2010


Last week we saw the debut of NXT, WWE’s newest version of Tough enough, and this was a very impressive debut. We had three matches to showcase the new rookies, with Daniel Bryan being the standout for the episode. Daniel had a great match with the World Champion Chris Jericho and took him to the limit, only to fall short and then be slapped around again by his mentor Miz. Also last week we see the debut of Otunga, who crushed C.M. Punk’s rookie with ease and a horrible looking spinebuster. What does NXT have in store for us in their second outing? Let’s find out.

1. David Otunga v Darren Young. This is a rematch from last week, where Young was squashed in about a minute. Young quickly kicks Otunga and rams him into the buckle, but gets shot in and armdragged down. Otunga slams Darren down and sends him the corner and follows with a big clothesline. Otunga takes too long and gets sent to the opposite corner where Young follows with a neckbreaker. Young drives a knee to the head of Otunga and applies a rear chinlock as the crowd boos. Truth cheers on Otunga, who fights back and nails a back Suplex, but Young kicks out sending Otunga to the apron. Young snaps the neck on the top rope and Otunga tumbles to the floor. Punk looks on, and doesn’t look very impressed with his protégé as Otunga pulls himself up and gets dropkicked back down as we go to commercial. We come back and Young has a chinlock on Otunga and follows with a series of knees to the skull. Young nails a nice snap Suplex on the bigger man, but Punk doesn’t seem to be very interested in the match. Truth pounds the apron to fire up his man, but Young hits a back elbow to continue the dominance. Young is relentless as he works over the neck and head of Otunga. Otunga once again tries to fight out and gets rammed into the turnbuckle and shot to the corner but Otunga moves and rolls him up. Young quickly kicks out and nails a big lariat and back to the chinlock, who’s training this kid Sid Vicious? Young rams Otunga in the buckle again but gets caught in the corner as Otunga hits a pair of big clotheslines. Otunga sends him in but gets caught as Young goes for the neckbreaker but Otunga shoves him off and a shoulderblock sends Young to the floor. Otunga quickly follows and tosses Young back in, but Gallows comes around the ring distracting Otunga. Truth confronts Luke as Otunga gets back in and comes off the ropes, but Punk trips him allowing Young to hit a full nelson takedown for the victory. 6/10 was a semi-good match but Young spent too much time in the chinlock, dragging it down. The Straight Edge Society leaves ringside without Darren Young. Truth comes in and checks on Otunga who pushes him away and leaves the ring without him. We go backstage to Daniel Bryan being checked by a medic as Miz walks in and congratulates him on his debut. Miz says he learned a lesson, that he is nothing in the WWE and will respect him. Miz says his next lesson is even with a boo-boo he still has to compete and will face Wade Barrett right now. As Miz leaves he slaps the injured ribs of Bryan. During the commercial Stryker gets a word in with Otunga who says he got jumped, and Truth asks if he thinks he’s going to make a name off him. The brawl in the interview area and the refs try to pull them apart

2. Daniel Bryan v Wade Barrett. This is the first time we’re getting to see Barrett in action, so this should be interesting. Bryan’s ribs are taped up, and this is a target as Wade immediately goes after the injury. Wade drives the shoulder into the ribs of Bryan, as Jericho is on commentary and says he’s doing the right thing. Wade hits a side slam for the first near fall, as we see Miz and Carlito watching the match backstage. Barrett hits a nice Suplex prompting Jericho to applaud Wade, who gets tossed from the ring. Bryan dives off the apron driving a knee to the sternum of Barrett, then tosses Wade back in. Bryan goes for a springboard and tumbles to the mat; Barrett lifts Bryan on his shoulders and drives him down hard for the win. 6/10 very one sided, but what we saw of Wade was pretty impressive actually. After the match Jericho gets in the ring and pummels Bryan before locking in the Walls of Jericho. We go backstage to Christian and Heath Slater, who says last week was great and the people love him. Christian tells him he knows he’s excited but there is a difference between being confident and over confident. Christian tells Heath he hasn’t heard the crowd response yet and tells him he has big things ahead of him. Stryker is standing by with Matt Hardy and his protégé, Justin Gabriel, who says he couldn’t have asked for a better mentor, coach or sensei. Matt says Justin will bring excitement, high flying maneuvers and now they’re going to the ring.

3. William Regal & Skip Sheffield v Matt Hardy & Justin Gabriel. Regal and Skip look like the odd couple as we have the Brit and the cowboy, looks funny. Regal keeps looking at him like he stinks, as they call him the corn-fed meathead, well we had a corn-fed colossus, so why not? Skip and Justin start out, and Skip over powers him and we get a clean break, back to the corner and this time Skip drives a shoulder to the gut and sends him to the opposite corner and nails the clothesline. Skip with a snapmare and sends Justin to the ropes, but Justin slides under and hits a nice dropkick, into an armdrag to the armbar. Matt tagged in and they hit a double elbow, Matt goes back to the arm and tags in Gabriel. Justin was coming in from the top and then jumped down, Matt hits the corner clothesline and they hit a nice Hardy Boy double team as we go to commercial. We come back and Regal is working over Justin Gabriel, as Regal hits a beautiful butterfly Suplex, and locks on a submission hold. Gabriel his way out and hammers Regal, but one hit from Regal takes down Gabriel. Regal opens up on Justin in the corner and the head and shoulder Suplex. Regal yells at his rookie allowing Justin to make the tag, but Regal catches Hardy coming in. Regal hammers Matt, sending him crashing to the floor and then gets in the face of Skip again. Regal in the ring, as we see Justin and Matt laid out on the floor and Regal breaks the count. Matt slides back in and Regal gets right back on him and tags in Sheffield. Skip slams Matt down and hits a splash for a near fall. Sheffield stomps on Hardy and the ref pulls him back, Skip sends him to his corner and tags in Regal. Regal nails the big uppercut and then drives the knees to the face, but Matt goes for backslide but Regal counters out and clobbers Hardy. Regal sends Matt to the corner and tags in Skip, Skip takes down Matt and applies a rear chinlock. The crowd solidly behind Matt, who fights his way back up but gets hammers by Skip. Skip goes for a slam and Matt slides down his back and nails a neckbreaker. Skip makes the tag and Regal screams at Skip to quit the stupid stuff as he controls Hardy. Regal pulls up Matt, but Matt hits the Twist of Fate out of nowhere and tags in Gabriel. Justin comes in via the top rope and hits a perfect 450 splash for the win. 7/10 a nice tag match, and glad to see the rookie score the win. We go backstage to Matt Stryker with the other six rookies, as Matt says one of these rookies will become a star. Carlito comes in and takes a bite out of his apple and spits it in the face of Heath Slater and says “That’s Cool”. Heath screams at him as he wipes off the apple and we fade to black.

Match Recap

1. Darren Young beat David Otunga 6/10

2. Wade Barrett pinned Daniel Bryan 6/10

3. Justin Gabriel & Matt Hardy beat William Regal & Skip Sheffield 7/10

Not a bad episode, as we got to see a few more rookies’ debut. Justin Gabriel was very impressive, especially with the 450 splash, which looked awesome. Young just doesn’t seem to be working very well; he spent too much time in the chinlock. Otunga is a powerhouse, and I can see Vince liking him. Sheffield is a bit dorky but that could work in his favor, as he could be a comedy character. Once again this was a very good episode, not as good as last week, but still pretty good.


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