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WWE NXT – February 23, 2010


It’s finally time I get around to doing the NXT shows, since I’m four weeks behind already. This is the one I’ve watched, so it won’t be anything new, but the Bryan/Jericho match was great. We’ll see if it was as good as I remember it being. This was the replacement show for ECW, and for the first two weeks it did great in the ratings, but now it’s about where ECW was anyway. The premise is that they are teaming up 8 rookies (some have lots of experience actually) with 8 pros. The pairings are kind of strange as we have Miz with Bryan Danielson, excuse me Daniel Bryan, and Bryan has more experience than the Miz. We also have the pompous Brit William Regal with the cowboy Skip Sheffield, you have to love Vince’s obsession with the Odd Couple. Each week we have featuring the rookies facing each other, or facing the pros or tag matches with one winning the prize. I don’t think we know what exactly the prize is, maybe a title shot for the winner? Either way we get some great scripted reality and some interesting matches. This should be a fun show to watch and recap, so let’s get to it.

They start the show with a graphics of each rookie and pro, some interesting pros in the mix. We then see the eight rookies in the backstage area as Miz walks in and looks at them. Miz tells his pro Daniel Bryan to come closer, and introduces his rookie to the crowd. Miz calls Bryan an internet darling and a star on the minor leagues and people say he’s ready for the WWE. Miz asks if he’s ready and Bryan says he is, so Miz tells him to get to the ring and show personality and charisma. Bryan says he can do that, and Miz tells him to go out to his music and have a good catchphrase.

1. Daniel Bryan heads to the ring, as Miz says his personality is as dry as the Mojave Desert and if he doesn’t show personality, Miz will slap some personality into him. Michael Cole welcomes us to the debut of NXT along with Josh Matthews; Matt Stryker is backstage as the host. Stryker should be doing the whole show personally; he’s the best in the company. Savannah, looking hot as always, introduces Daniel Bryan who thanks the crowd and stumbles over his words a little. Bryan says to all his fans he has two words, he’s sorry, he wishes his pro was William Regal but you get what you get. Daniel introduces himself to the crowd and says he finally has his opportunity in the WWE and this is the next evolution in the WWE, and gets cut off by Miz. Miz says he can tell this is going to be a lot of fun, and says I’m sorry is the best Bryan could come up with. Bryan tells Miz to watch what he says or he’ll submit him right now, don’t anger the veterans or you’ll wind up like Daniel Puder. Bryan says he was thinking of going on a reality show and getting a faux hawk, but says that’s already been done. Miz tells him to try a catchphrase and does his, Bryan says he’ll try and come up with something as cool as that. Bryan says if they step in the ring together Miz has two options, Tap or Snap, and asks the crowd what they think. Miz asks the crowd if they think Daniel Bryan belongs in the ring with him, and he says he doesn’t and tells Bryan he failed and slaps him. Miz leaves the ring as Bryan is stewing in the middle of the ring. After the commercial Matt gets words with Bryan and asks his thoughts on being embarrassed and Bryan says he wasn’t embarrassed and he slaps harder than Miz. Bryan says he’s been in the business twice as long as Miz and Stryker says he’s been in the WWE only seconds and needs to show respect.

2. Michael Tarver & Carlito v Heath Slater & Christian. We get intro videos for each rookie, nice way to debut the new guys, very cool. Carlito and Slater start the match and Slater with a go behind rollup for a quick near fall. Slater gets caught celebrating and Carlito hammers him and tags in Tarver. Tarver quickly hammers the smaller man and shoots him to the corner, but Slater springs up the ropes and comes back with a lariat, then a clothesline and an armdrag into an armbar. Tarver powers out and nails a drop toe hold into the ropes, with the ref distracted Carlito gets a cheap shot in. Carlito tagged in and they double team the rookie, Carlito hits a nice neckbreaker for a near fall, and then transitions into a rear chinlock. The crowd behind Slater as he tries to fight out and Carlito pulls him down by the hair and tags in Tarver. Tarver with a rear chinlock then releases the hold and comes off the ropes, but Slater catches him with a powerslam and both men are down. Carlito and Christian tagged in, and Christian quickly unloads on Carlito and connects with a nice dropkick. Christian goes for the Killswitch but Carlito counters and goes for the springboard elbow, countered to the Killswitch but countered again. Christian goes for the springboard sunset flip and gets a near fall, but Carlito quickly hammers him and tags in Tarver. Tarver sends Carlito into Christian, but Christian nails Carlito and Slater pulls out Carlito. Christian hits the diving forearm and quickly nails the Killswitch for the win! 7/10 a nice quick paced match, great way to start the show. Slater should’ve scored the win though instead of Christian. We go backstage to The Straight Edge Society with Darren Young who will face David Otunga who’s with R-Truth.

3. Darren Young v David Otunga. CM Punk looks like he’s disgusted by his rookie and moves Serena away from him. He looks like Orlando Jordan, and that’s not a good thing. CM Punk cuts a promo saying Young needs to accept Straight Edge if he wants to be mentored. The lockup and Young hammers the back of Otunga and sends him in, Young connects with the back elbow and sends Otunga to the corner but Otunga puts the breaks on and nails a pair of clotheslines. Otunga hits an ugly looking spinebuster for the easy victory. DUD basically a squash and the spinebuster looked brutally bad.

4. Chris Jericho v Daniel Bryan. Jericho comes out with his rookie Wade Barrett, a former bare knuckle fighter. Bryan extends a hand and Jericho slaps it away and gets in his face. You know your short when Jericho towers over you! Jericho shoves Bryan back and then slaps him, Bryan responds with a slap and a dropkick, then a flying forearm. The ref pulls Bryan out of the corner and Jericho hits a dropkick, then a low dropkick. Cole acts like he has no idea who Bryan is, while Jericho continues to dismantle Bryan. Jericho with a modified cobra clutch, which Bryan fights his way out of and comes off the ropes with a roll up for a near fall. Jericho comes back with an enziguri, and then slaps him in the back of the head. During the match we get an interview at ringside with Wade Barrett, as Jericho misses a corner charge and hits his shoulder on the post. Bryan unloads with the kicks and slides under Jericho and takes him down with a leg. Bryan nails the running knee to the face for a near fall, and continues with a series of kneelifts. Bryan ducks under the clothesline and hits a flying knee for a near fall. Bryan pounds Jericho and a diving forearm sends Jericho to the floor. Bryan waits for Jericho to get up and does a vicious suicide dive onto Jericho and Jericho turns sending Bryan ribs first into the announce table. You can see the big welt on him, as he springboards into the ring and Jericho goes for the Walls. Bryan reverses into a leglock of his own, and Jericho just makes the ropes. Bryan walks into the Codebreaker from the World Champion, as we see the rookies watching backstage. Jericho quickly locks on the Walls of Jericho on Bryan who taps out. 8.75/10 a great match and a great debut for Bryan. After the match Miz jumps on Bryan and starts to hammer him, then stomps Bryan. Miz drives Bryan’s head into the mat and tells Bryan he embarrassed him. We go backstage to Stryker with the other rookies, as Stryker says next week we continue to make history on NXT.

Match Recap:

1. Michael Tarver & Carlito lost to Heath Slater & Christian 7/10

2. David Otunga squashed Darren Young DUD

3. Chris Jericho beat Daniel Bryan 8.75/10

This was a lot better of a show then what I expected it to be. The tag match was very impressive and both rookies looked great out there. Otunga is very green though and almost killed Young with that spinebuster, he might be the Ahmed Johnson of the show. This was the first time I’ve seen Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan and I’m greatly impressed, of course he had a great opponent so that helped. Very enjoyable show, and look forward to episode two.


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