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TNA Destination X – March 21, 2010


Tonight TNA presents their third PPV of the year, Destination X. Other than one match this looks like it’s going to be a great show. I honestly am more interested in this PPV than I am in Wrestlemania, as we have some great matches tonight. The ladder match should be amazing, and might be better than the MITB will be. Nine or ten guys in a match is going to make it to chaotic, at least tonight it’s only four men. The Ultimate X tag match should be a great match, as well as Williams and Moore. I don’t agree with Shannon Moore getting the title shot right out of the gate, but he should be able to pull a good match out of the rapidly improving Doug Williams. The tag title match is sort of an obvious win for Beer Money as it looks like they are turning Matt Morgan heel and I expect he will turn on Hernandez tonight. The match I am most interested in is Daffney getting a title shot against Tara, which should be great to see. I’m a huge fan of Daffney, and I think she deserves a title reign, just as long as it’s not a short one night one. I’d like to see it go to a feud between Daffney and Angelina, and they have a nice long feud over the summer. AJ & Abyss is another obvious match, but they may shock us, I really don’t expect Styles to drop the title that quickly after winning it. They should still put on a good match as both guys know each other well enough to know what works in a match, and both are willing to take big bumps for each other. The only match of the night I don’t care about is the nWo crap, which is going to be a waste of time. I assume Nash will turn on Eric Young and it was all a set up to get Hall and Waltman contracts, thus leading to a feud with Hogan. The only good that could come from this is maybe Eric Young getting pushed to the main event in this feud. Maybe next month we get a six man tag with Nash, Hall & Waltman versus Young, Angle and someone, hopefully not Hogan. Maybe Jeff Hardy, even add in Sting on Nash’s team and RVD on Angle’s team and make it a War Games match? That might be interesting, if they go that route. Well, with all the speculation out of the way, let’s get to the Impact Zone for Destination X.

We open the PPV with the usual recap video showing all the major storylines, Angle/Anderson, Abyss/Styles, etc. Mike Tenay and Tazz welcome us to the Impact Zone; as we see ladders in the aisle, guess we know the opening match.

1. Brian Kendrick v Amazing Red v Daniels v Kazarian. This is a ladder match to determine the number one contender to the X title, and should be a good match. We start quickly with Daniels jumping Kazarian and Red making the save. Kendrick waits outside while they double team Daniels and Red baseball slides into Kendrick. Kazarian clotheslines Daniels and they both go to the floor, Red dives over the top onto them both. Kendrick quickly grabs a ladder and sets it up, but Kendrick cuts him off. Kendrick and Kaz brawl, while Daniels tries to climb and Red gets him. Red starts to climb but Daniels pulls him down and they slug it out, while Kendrick and Kaz on the floor. Red dropkicks the ladder into Daniels and climbs the ladder, but Kendrick able to catch him. Kendrick and Red fight on the ladder, and Red pulls Kendrick down, pulling down the ladder. Kendrick hits a kick to the face of Red and then slingshots Kaz into the ladder. Kendrick in control now as he opens up on Daniels, while Kaz may be injured as he holds his leg. Daniels nails a STO on Kendrick, then picks up the ladder and hammers everyone, but Red slides under and drops Daniels face first into the ladder. Red and Kendrick alone in the ring and Red hammers him, but Kendrick sends Red out. Kendrick goes after Kaz and chokes him on the barricade, then grabs the ladder. Kendrick sets the ladder between the ring and barricade, but turns around and sent into the steel post by Kaz. Kaz Suplexes Kendrick on the ladder, that looked cool. Kendrick on the apron, gets caught by Daniels who hotshots him and he lands on the ladder. Daniels hits a split legged moonsault springboard onto Kaz on the ladder, damn that looked painful. Daniels stands on the ladder and Red nails a springboard Hurricanrana off the ladder sending both men to the floor, prompting the “Holy Shit” chant! Red and Kaz in the ring, and Kaz set the ladder then nails Kendrick. Both men atop the ladder, and Kendrick tries to climb the side of the ladder but pushed off. Red and Kaz punching on top of the ladder, and Kendrick shove the ladder, crotching Kaz and sending Red to the floor. Kendrick resets the ladder, but Daniels catches him from behind and sends him to the corner, then shoots Kaz into the ladder face first. Kaz in the corner and Daniels charges in with the ladder, but Kaz moves and nails a springboard legdrop sending Daniels’ face into the ladder. Daniels gets laid out on the ladder in the corner, but Kendrick catches Kaz with a nice kick and brings in a second ladder. Kaz crushes Kendrick’s fingers in the ladder, as Red comes in and Kaz misses the charge. Red hits a spinkick sending the ladder into Kaz, who’s now trapped in the ladder. Daniels hits a vicious clothesline on Red spinning him 360 degrees. Daniels sets a ladder horizontally in the corner and slams Red on it. Red falls off, knocking down the ladder. Kaz and Daniels slug it out, and Daniels goes for a Suplex on the ladder, but blocked. Kendrick nails both men with the ladder and Kendrick tries to climb and cut off by Kaz. Kaz whipped into Daniels who backdrops him into the horizontal ladder. Kendrick hits an enziguri on Daniels and quickly sets the ladder up and begins the climb, but Daniels throws him off into the other ladder jaw first. Daniels tries to climb and Kaz with a roundhouse kick and then a powerbomb into the horizontal ladder! Kaz tries to climb and Kendrick grabs him, but Kaz sends him to the corner. Kaz and Kendrick climbing opposite sides, and Kendrick take him down with a facebuster from the top of the ladder. Red catches Kendrick now and sends him in the corner, following with a dropkick to the back. Kendrick backdrops Red to the floor and Kaz then go for a corner move but runs into a kick. Kendrick goes for the Sliced Bread, reversed into a Downward Spiral. Kaz and Daniels slug it out, and then Kaz slingshots Red into a stunner. Kendrick nails the Sliced Bread on Kaz but turns into a Death Valley Driver from Daniels. Red slides a ladder into the ring and sets it up beside the other ladder. Daniels and Red climbing two different ladders and Daniels take Red down with an urunage off the ladder. Daniels slides Red into the ladder and does the same with Kendrick and begins to climb, but Kendrick gets out. Kaz springboard from the ramp right onto the ladder, and sends down Kendrick. Daniels rams Kaz’s head into the ladder, but Kaz Suplexes Daniels off the ladder, but has his leg hooked in the ladder so he stays up there. Kendrick climbs up quickly, but Kaz knocks him down and grabs the contract! 8.25/10 a great ladder match, very impressive and fast paced. What a great way to start the PPV, a fantastic opening match. Mike and Tazz do their usual hype machine for the matches tonight.

2. Ric Flair comes out on the top of the ramp in a wheelchair pushed by Desmond Wolfe’s valet, Chelsea. Flair says he is not a happy camper and tells the crowd not to whoo at him, but to bow down to him. Flair screams he is a sixteen time champion, and look at him now, not funny. Flair says he’s fallen off cages, been slammed off ladders, gone through tables and crashed in an airplane but has never been in a wheelchair. Flair says he came to TNA for action and he’s not getting any action, as the fans chant “Shut up Ric”, Flair blames Abyss and Hulk for putting him in the wheelchair. Flair says tonight ‘The Abyss’ and Hulk Hogan pay for doing this to the Nature Boy and has Chelsea help him to the back. Well, at least it wasn’t Bischoff, as we go to Abyss and Hogan. Abyss wearing red and yellow splotches on his black leather pants and he says he can feel the power. Hulk says not to be afraid of the power; the gold on his finger will lead to the gold around his waist. Abyss leaves to get ready as Bischoff comes in, wearing a baseball cap, to which Abyss asks if he has a baseball game tonight! Hulk can’t stop laughing as Eric pulls off the hat to show his shaved head. Hulk says Eric knows what Foley is capable of and needs to separate the personal from the business side. Hulk says Eric needs to get back to the business of TNA and by the end of the week it won’t be a distraction. Eric promises he will be watching the match, as Hulk says Eric’s got a Hulk Hogan hair cut.

3. Daffney v Tara. This is the match I’ve been looking forward too, should be a great match. Daffney looking good in her red and black love that entrance. Is that supposed to be a spider or a bird, seriously? They start out quickly and a slugfest, as Daffney gets a knee in and sends Tara in the ropes. Tara nails a shoulderblock and then slams Daffney, before removing her top. Tara hits the standing moonsault by Daffney kicks out and Tara hammers her down to the corner. Daffney catches her coming in and sends Tara into the buckle then stomps her back repeatedly. Daffney with a nice kick as Tazz asks if she has a yam bag, classic. Daffney gets a near fall from that kick, and follows with a big slam and then slams her head to the mat. Daffney drives the boot in the face of Tara and sends her back to the corner. Daffney screams at the ref and sends Tara to the opposite corner and charges in. Tara catches her in the Tarantula and the ref forces the break, Daffney brings Tara back in the hard way and nails a trio of hair pull snapmares then a big kick to the chest for another hear fall. Daffney driving the knees into the back of Tara and locks in a rear chinlock and then hooks the legs, which just looks dirty! Tara being folded up like an accordion as Daffney continues to pull the leg back. Tara able to break the hold with a series of elbow and then a kick to Daffney. Tara nails the enziguri and both knockouts are down, Daffney rushes at Tara and chopped down. Tara shoots her in and nails a huge spinebuster for a near fall of her own. Tara pulls Daffney up, but Daffney slaps her away and connects with a nice Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall as we have dueling chants. Daffney misses the charge and hits chest first, Tara follows with the spinning backbreaker for a near fall. Tara pulls her up and Daffney rakes the eyes and hits a facebuster with the knees and almost scores the win. Daffney screams at the ref and tosses Tara out of the ring and follows. Daffney rams Tara into the barricade and sends her back in. Daffney goes after the title and swings and misses with the belt. Tara kicks the belt away and nails the Widow’s Peak for the win. 8.25/10 great match between two amazing women wrestlers. Better than anything WWE has done with the girls in a long time. Sad that Daffney didn’t win, but a great match. Tara goes around the ring and celebrates with the crowd and rolls back into the ring to grab Poison, but he’s gone! Daffney stole her pet spider, as we see Daffney licking Poison’s cage and takes off with Tara chasing her. We go backstage to Christy Hemme with Brutus Magnus, who says his new name is now Magnus as he needs one name to beat the one trick ponies of TNA. Magnus says he brought in Rob Terry to do his bidding but he had to go off and get some glory, and tonight he will pop the ego of Terry. Magnus says like Dr. Frankenstein he is forced to kill the monster he created and unlike the doctor he will enjoy it.

4. Rob Terry v Brutus Magnus. The only problem with breaking up the British Invasion is now they get more TV time. Williams is the only one of the three I can tolerate, Magnus reminds me of Masters and Terry is like Batista. Terry charges down the ramp with a purpose and tosses the belt down and goes right at Magnus. Terry tosses Magnus across the ring and clotheslines him over the top rope. Magnus slowly gets back on the apron and catches Terry with a poke to the eye and hammers the bigger man. Magnus with a series of European Uppercuts but Terry catches Magnus coming off the ropes with a backbreaker. Magnus outsmarts Terry and nails him as he goes for a backdrop. Terry hits a big spin kick and follows with a one handed spinebuster for the easy win. 3/10 just barely above a squash, but seeing the big guy hit that spin kick was impressive. Up next is Ultimate X, which should be a great match. I guess this match was a bathroom break, which was about all I expected of it.

5. Motor City Machine Guns v Generation Me. This is the Ultimate X match with the winners being number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles. The Guns quickly try to climb up and Generation Me pull them down and we have pinball chaos as everyone bouncing around. Shelly nailed with a nice double team sending him out, then a double dropkick on Sabin. Max tries to climb and Sabin knocks him down; only to get double teamed again however Shelly trips Max and Sabin nails a big kick to the face. Now the Guns show how they do double teaming on Jeremy and Shelly holds Jeremy and then takes down Max as well, but Sabin takes too long. This is too freaking chaotic to keep up with. Sabin hits a nice dive over the top rope onto Max while Shelly held him in the air. Jeremy tries to make it to the X but Sabin cuts him off and they double team Jeremy now. Shelly holds Jeremy but he fights out and takes down both Guns. Jeremy makes it half way to the X but pulled down and eats stereo roundhouse kicks. The Guns work over Jeremy now, as Max is still down on the floor. Jeremy able to fight off the Guns and Max hits a double missile dropkick on both men sending them to the floor. Max backdrops Jeremy onto the Guns causing the crowd to erupt. Another series of double teams from Generation Me take out Shelly, but Sabin goes after them. I’ll say it again, there is no way I can keep up with this match, its chaos, but awesome so far. Jeremy shimmies his way to the X while Max tries to keep the Guns down, but Sabin dives off the back of Max and spears Jeremy down. Sabin and Max fight on the top rope and Sabin gets the better, however the Guns stack up and nails a tornado DDT on Max. Jeremy gets spun around by Sabin, who turns into a wheelbarrow slam and all four men are down. All four men start going across separate cables, and Shelly down first, taking down the Generation who take down Sabin. A series of kicks from Max on both Guns and followed by a brutal running powerbomb into the corner on Shelly. A double team on Shelly and Max dives on Sabin, back in and now the Guns send Generation Me into each other. Jeremy tumbles to the floor and Max tied to the tree of woe. Sabin sets up Max on the top rope and they nail the double team superplex/powerbomb which looks amazing. Tazz has it right calling the match “complete freaking insanity” and I agree. Sabin and Jeremy struggle to the X, but Sabin kicks him down and pulls down the X for the victory! 9.25/10 that was amazing, four supreme talents and they kicked ass. Great match, no idea how MITB is going to be able to top that. These guys never slowed down, it was just non-stop action, early match of the year.

6. Kevin Nash & Eric Young v Scott Hall & Sean Waltman. Well, we followed a great match with what will probably be the worst match of the year. This may be worse than the Team 3D/Nasty Boys match. I wonder if they’ll do a swerve and have Young turn on Nash tonight instead, although either way someone turns on the Nash and Young team. I can picture them reuniting the nWo though. Young and Waltman start the match and they lock up, Young gets him in the corner and hammers Waltman. Young drives the knee in but Pac with a side headlock and Young shoots him in, Waltman hits a shoulderblock and comes off the ropes but Young nails a Thesz Press. Young rams the head of Waltman into the mat, but gets sent into Hall who misses a shot and Young nails him, but turns into a clothesline from Waltman. Do I call him Waltman, Pac, what? Pac is easier; as he tags in Hall who does the crotch chop at Young. Hall with a series of shoulderblocks, and applies an armbar and slaps the back of his head. Hall sends him in and misses a clothesline, but catches Young and hits the fall away slam for a near fall. Pac tagged back in and chops Young in the corner, but Young tries to fight back. Young hits a botched looking backdrop, but runs at Pac and tossed to the floor. Pac dives over the top rope and nails Young, which looked impressive, as Tazz says the same thing. Young ducks under a chop and sends Pac crotch first to the post. Hall clotheslines Young down and checks on Pac, who slowly slides in. Young able to get back in as Hall tagged in and applies a sleeper on Eric who reverses into a sleeper of his own. Hall reverses out into a side Suplex to break the hold and Nash begging for the tag, as is Pac. Young tags in Nash but the ref didn’t see it, and with the ref distracted Pac is looking under the ring. Pac swears on camera and finds a can of paint and sprays it in the face of Young while Hall holds him. Why is the ref not stopping it, can’t he see the paint? Young falls back into Nash who gets the tag, and Pac and Hall beg off as Young stumbles around. Nash suddenly nails the jackknife powerbomb on Young and tags Young back in. The ref says what everyone is thinking, “Are you kidding me”. Pac hits the X-Factor on Young as Nash plays stupid in the corner. Hall then hits the Outsider edge on Young and Pac makes the cover as the ref reluctantly counts the three. 5/10 I’ll give it a pass, at least it was short, but went just as I expected it to. Pac swears on camera again as he grabs the can of paint and sprays the outline of Young’s body on the mat. Great they even have the old nWo Wolfpac music, doesn’t WWE own that? That was stupid and lame, as now we have to deal with these three idiots on Impact. JB is with Kurt Angle who cuts off JB and says he wants to do the interview solo. Angle holds up the bloody medal, a picture of Anderson and then lights it on fire. Kurt says it’s real, it’s damn real.

7. Doug Williams v Shannon Moore. What did Moore do to deserve this title shot anyway? Just asking, as it makes no sense. This should be a good match though, better than that last match was. I can’t stop laughing at body outline in the middle of the ring from Eric Young, just looks hilarious. Doug quickly takes Shannon down by the leg, but Shannon with an armbar and Williams kicks him off as we have a stalemate. Doug again sweeps the foot and applies a side headlock, but Shannon with a headscissor counters it and stalemate again. Williams gets a kick in, but Moore with a pair of armdrags and then the inverted atomic drop followed by a legdrop. Moore opens up on the Brit in the corner and shoots him to the opposite and gets backdropped to the apron. Shannon off the top with a Hurricanrana for a near fall, Shannon sets him on the top rope. Doug slides out and shakes the ropes causing Shannon to fall. Doug stomps Moore and cinches in a cravat headlock, then follows with a high knee. Williams back to the headlock and Moore fights off, but comes off the ropes and gets hit with a headbutt to the stomach. Williams with a gutwrench Suplex and goes for the Chaos Theory, but Shannon gets to the corner. Williams nails a running knee and then chokes Moore in the corner. Doug continues the offense as Shannon is in trouble now, Doug pounds on Shannon in the corner. Shannon tries to fight out but sent to the ropes, and comes back with a side bulldog. Shannon follows with a leg lariat then a dropkick. Shannon sent to the corner but gets a boot up and connects with a twisting moonsault knocking Doug to the floor. Shannon follows with a baseball slide sending Doug to the barricade; Shannon climbs the ropes and hits a nice moonsault on the floor. Doug reaches under the ring as both men slowly get in. Shannon in the corner tries to pull Doug out and the ref pulls Shannon back, this allows Doug to crack him with a brick he found for the win. 7.5/10 that was a good match actually, Doug gets better each time we see him. Doug has the mic after the bell and tells Shannon he didn’t deserve a title shot and makes fun of the X-Division. Doug says he is what the Division should be, technical wrestling and counter holds. Doug says he brings prestige to the division and the title, and acrobat and fliers belong in the circus with the clowns. Doug calls Shannon a clown and says he’ll fix his makeup. Shannon’s split wide open from the brick, as Doug steals a purse from some plant in the crowd. Doug pulls out lipstick and paints the face of Shannon Moore as the crowd chants “RVD”. Doug admires his handiwork and leaves the ring still champion.

8. Hernandez & Matt Morgan v Beer Money Inc. This is going to be another match where one man turns on his tag partner, as I expect Morgan to do a heel turn here tonight. Roode starts with Morgan and Morgan turns and tags in Hernandez right away. Morgan says you wanted the match, you start. Hernandez and Roode lock up and send Roode to the corner and we get a clean break. Roode sends Hernandez to the corner and pounds him, but the corner whip reversed. Roode gets a boot up and dives off the top, Hernandez catches him but Roode fights out. Hernandez with a shoulderblock but Roode off the ropes hits the flying forearm and Morgan screams at him and then he tags himself in. Roode goes to tag out to Storm, who needs some liquid courage instead; Roode opens up on Morgan but no effect. Roode sent to the ropes and Morgan nails a side slam drop and tags Hernandez in and tells him to wrestle better. Roode catches Hernandez and they double team Hernandez in the corner. Storm tagged in and slaps Hernandez then goes for a Suplex but Hernandez reverses it and holds him up for about thirty seconds, which was impressive. Hernandez twists the arm of Morgan and goes for the tag, but Matt says he’ll come in when he wants. Hernandez turns away and Matt tags himself in again, and then tosses Storm face first into the turnbuckle. Matt poses in the ring and says one move took down Storm, who makes a tag to Roode. They go for a double team and Morgan nails both with a crossbody. Matt tags Hernandez back in and Hernandez hits a huge shoulderblock sending Roode out and then tries to dive over the top, but Morgan gets in the middle. Storm hits a dropkick to the back of the distracted Hernandez and Roode hits a neckbreaker, than tags in Storm. BMI double team Hernandez in the corner, as the crowd chants “Morgan sucks”. Storm uses the tag rope to choke Hernandez and then follows with a snapmare into a rear chinlock. Storm drives a knee in the back of Hernandez’s head then tags in Roode. Roode sends Hernandez to the corner and follows with a clothesline, as Matt screams at him. Hernandez gets a boot up on Roode and pulls himself to the top, but Storm crotches Hernandez on the top rope. BMI hit a double superplex on Hernandez, and follow with a Beer Money cheer. Storm goes for a cover and Hernandez tosses him away, Storm goes for a rear chinlock, but Hernandez breaks it and sends Storm to the corner. Storm hits a flying inverted DDT off the top and gets a near fall, which looked cool. Hernandez tries to fight back and gets his eyes raked. Storm sent to the corner and Hernandez to the apron, Hernandez comes back in with a slingshot shoulderblock and both are down. Hernandez tags in Morgan, who takes down both member of BMI. Matt hits an avalanche on Storm and then goes for the chokeslam on Roode, who fights out but runs into a discus clothesline. Hernandez gets tagged back in and Hernandez dives over the top rope onto Roode, Morgan goes after Hernandez and throws him back in the ring. Hernandez gets in Morgan’s face as Storm comes from behind and goes to spit the beer, but Hernandez ducks and Morgan gets a face full. Hernandez hits a powerbomb on Storm for the win. 6.75/10 not a bad match, but the storyline kind of hurt it. After the match Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint on Hernandez and then leaves with both titles.

9. Kurt Angle v Ken Anderson. Both men slow to start, and they lock up, and Kurt with a side headlock takeover. Kurt ties up the head and arms of Anderson quickly. Anderson able to get Angle in the corner to break the hold. Another lockup and Kurt back to the side headlock takeover, and Anderson sends him to the ropes but Kurt comes back with a shoulderblock and back to the headlock takeover. Kurt showing off his amateur abilities as he controls the loud mouthed Anderson, who’s able to get Angle back in the corner to break the hold, and we get a clean break. Angle invites Anderson to try and get the headlock on him, and Anderson tentatively goes for the headlock and Angle sends him off with ease. Angle tells Anderson to try it again and Anderson tries again, but Angle once again sends Anderson down. Angle laughs at Anderson and tells him to try for a third time. Anderson slowly moves towards Angle and then kicks him before applying the side headlock, but Angle nails a back Suplex on Anderson then stomps him. Angle chokes Anderson in the corner and sends him to the opposite corner and follows with a backdrop. Angle rams Anderson’s head into the turnbuckle and then the mount/punch combo in the corner. Angle kicks Anderson in the stomach and nails a snap Suplex for a near fall. Angle sends him to the corner, but Anderson gets a boot up and climbs the ropes. Angle goes at him, but Anderson pulls Angle’s arm as he drops to the mat, then slides in and nails a hammerlock drop. Anderson stomps the face of Angle then a stomp to the midsection, as Anderson now has the advantage and continues to hammer the Olympian. Anderson with a shoulderblock but Kurt fights back and runs into a shoulderblock from Anderson. Anderson with a key lock on Angle and almost scores a pin, then switches to a wristlock. Angle tossed shoulder first into the ring post and Anderson rolls him up for a near fall. Anderson with an armbar on Angle, who fights his way out and comes off the ropes with a huge lariat but injured his arm in the process. Angle pulls himself up as does Anderson, and Angle with a pair of clotheslines but runs into the boots of Anderson. Angle is able to hit the belly to belly Suplex for a near fall, and sends Anderson back in but Anderson kicks Angle in the face. Anderson comes off the ropes and Angle nails the clothesline for a near fall. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Anderson counters into the vintage rolling slam for a near fall. Anderson stalks Angle and goes for the Mic Check but Angle fight off, Anderson misses the clothesline and Angle hits the triple German Suplex. Angle pulls down the straps and hits the Angle Slam on Anderson for a near fall thought that was the end. Angle goes for the ankle of Anderson and pulls him to the center, and Anderson kicks Angle off almost into the ref. With the ref distracted Anderson gets a low blow in and follows with the Mic Check for a very near fall. Anderson can’t believe Angle kicked out of that and sends him to the corner. Anderson sets him on the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Angle fights back and sends Anderson to the mat. Angle hits a frog splash on Anderson and gets a near fall, very impressive looking. Anderson goes for the Angle Slam, but Anderson counters to an armdrag and Anderson ducks the clothesline which hits the ref. Anderson hits an Angle Slam on Angle, but the ref is out cold. Need Waltman to spray another outline around the ref, he might be dead! Anderson slides out of the ring and can’t find what he’s looking for, is someone hiding everything on these guys. He steals a fat man’s chair, to which Tazz says the chair might already be bent. Anderson stands over him with a chair, but then tosses it aside and grabs the medals instead. Anderson wraps the medals around his hand and goes to punch Angle, but Angle ducks and nails a vicious German Suplex. Angle picks up the medals and begins to carve the head of Anderson, Abdullah the Butcher would be proud. Anderson is bleeding like a stuck pig as Angle pounds the crap out of Anderson and goes to check on the ref. Anderson tries to escape and Angle applies the Ankle Lock and Anderson has to tap out. 7.75/10 a great match, and the right guy won. Hope this ends the feud now, as Angle destroyed Anderson and left him a bloody mess. So far this has been a very impressive PPV. Angle leaves the ring and Anderson calls for his mic and tells Angle people are fake and Angle is not an American Hero and probably not a real gold medalist. Anderson tells him he’s not a real American and tried to have a straight up match with him and Kurt cheated to get the victory. Anderson says the people think Angle’s going to rest easy but he knows and Kurt knows the only thing Kurt will do is lay in bed with his eyes open staring at the ceiling and the word going through his head over and over again is Anderson. Anderson keeps repeating his name, reminds me of Edge when he keeps repeating spear over and over again. Christy Hemme backstage with AJ Styles, as she asks what his strategy will be with Flair in a wheelchair. AJ says his strategy is to win at any cost and to keep his title and teach Abyss a lesson. AJ asks Abyss who he thinks he is trying to break Flair’s back, and says he doesn’t care what Abyss has he will beat him. AJ says at the end of the night he will be styling and profiling. JB is with Abyss, and Abyss says AJ is confident because he’s the champ and has what’s left of Ric Flair. Abyss says AJ has Flair but Abyss has the power of Hulk Hogan running through his body. Abyss says Flair begged him to put him in the wheelchair and now it’s time for the heavyweight title match. Abyss says when he’s done with AJ there will be nothing left, and asks what he’s going to do when Abyssamania runs wild and crazy on you!

10. Abyss v AJ Styles. Flair is on the ramp in his wheelchair, as JB starts the intros Abyss jumps AJ and pounds him down quickly as the bell rings. Abyss rams AJ in the corner and sends him to the other corner, then shoots him in. Abyss misses the clothesline but tosses AJ across the ring. AJ chops Abyss which does nothing, as AJ shoulderblocked to the ramp. Abyss follows and hammers AJ in the face, then goes towards Flair. Abyss tosses AJ closer to Flair, who’s screaming at Abyss. Abyss readies for the chokeslam, but AJ gets the thumb in the eye and then the enziguri sends Abyss to the ropes. AJ struts and high fives Flair, before running at Abyss who backdrops AJ back in the ring. AJ pulls himself up in the corner and Abyss charges in, but AJ dropkicks him in the knee. AJ quickly stomps the leg on Abyss and continues to work over the monster. Abyss rolls to the apron and AJ baseball slides Abyss to the floor and follows with the flip dive over the top rope, that move is always amazing looking. AJ picks up a chair and wedges it in the corner, as Abyss slowly rolls in the ring. While the ref tries to unwedge the chair AJ chokes Abyss on the ropes, and the chair is still in the corner. AJ chops Abyss and goes for a slam, dumb move as Abyss over powers him and tosses him across the ring. AJ runs at Abyss who presses him up, but AJ slides down and takes out the leg of the Monster. AJ goes back to working over the leg of Abyss and then hammers him in the back of the head. Abyss set up in the corner and AJ chops him repeatedly and another low dropkick takes Abyss down again. AJ continues to work over the knee and ankle of Abyss, as Flair looks on approvingly. AJ gets in the face of the ref, and then goes to the apron and goes for the springboard forearm but lands in the hands of Abyss. Abyss goes for the chokeslam but AJ kicks him away, however two clotheslines from Abyss take down the champ. AJ pulls himself up in the corner and Abyss hits the Avalanche followed by the sideslam for a near fall. Abyss lifts up AJ for Shock Treatment but AJ slides down the back and hits the Pele sending Abyss to the corner. Abyss backdrops AJ to the apron, but AJ comes back with a springboard forearm. AJ goes for the Styles Clash, but Abyss counters into a catapult into the chair AJ set up earlier. Abyss pulls AJ back and nails Shock Treatment for a near fall, as Flair is having a fit. Abyss needs to do the big boot/legdrop combo to win! Abyss sets AJ on the top rope and goes for the superplex, but AJ able to fight out of it and sends Abyss to the mat. AJ hits the Spinal Tap on the challenger for a near fall, as Flair screams at AJ to get back on him. AJ is shocked and goes after the ref, giving Abyss time to get up. AJ turns around and runs into the Black Hole Slam for a near fall, as Flair is right near the ropes. Flair grabs the ref and sprays something in his eyes causing him to tumble to the floor in agony. Meanwhile AJ hits a low blow on the monster and Flair tosses him the title belt, which AJ hits the monster in the face with. The crowd chanting for Hogan and here comes the Hulkster with referee Earl Hebner. Flair again having a coronary as Hogan tells Chelsea to get her ass backstage now. Hulk grabs the wheelchair of Flair and starts to roll him away, as AJ screaming at Hogan. Hulk rolls Flair backstage while AJ goes to the apron and hits a springboard 450 splash for a near fall. Abyss begins to Hulk Up, as the crowd is becoming unglued now; Abyss is shrugging off everything AJ does. Abyss points at Styles and three rights to head, shoots him in, nails the big boot and follows with a chokeslam right through the ring and the ref orders the bell rung? 6/10 a great match, and that was a great visual, but the ending was a disappointment and killed the match for me. Hulk slides in the ring with the World Title and hands it to Abyss, but Hebner pulls it away as Flair rolls to the ring. Abyss grabs Flair and pulls him in the ring, while Hebner falls, the ring is collapsing and everyone is falling. Hulk grabs Chelsea who has the spray and points it at Flair who gets an eye full. Desmond charges the ring and Hulk and Abyss pinball him back and forth then sprays Wolfe in the eyes. Wolfe then tumbles into the hole in the mat, as does Flair, as the PPV has turned into a Three Stooges episode now. Hulk and Abyss pose in the ring, was I the only one who wanted to see Hulk stumble and fall in the hole accidentally? That would’ve made the show for me!

Match Recap:

1. Kaz beat Kendrick, Daniels and Amazing Red 8.25/10

2. Tara pinned Daffney 8.25/10

3. Rob Terry squashed Magnus 3/10

4. Motor City Machine Guns beat Generation Me 9.25/10

5. Hall & Waltman beat Nash & Young 5/10

6. Doug Williams pinned Shannon Moore 7.5/10

7. Matt Morgan & Hernandez beat Beer Money Inc 6.75/10

8. Kurt Angle beat Ken Anderson 7.75/10

9. Abyss beat AJ Styles 6/10

If it wasn’t for the last five minutes of the PPV it would’ve been an awesome show, but the cheap ending in the main event ruined it for me. We had five matches that were simply amazing, especially the Guns/Me match, which is easy match of the night. People will say I rated Tara/Daffney too high, but to damn bad, I like Daffney. The Terry/Magnus match was short and inoffensive so no complaints, the four way ladder match was great although I wanted Daniels to win. The nWo crap was boring but at least it was short, so whatever. The X match was way better than I expected, as I said Williams impresses me each time I see him. The tag title match was good, but the storyline took away from the match, and I think the four guys could’ve had a better match. Angle and Anderson was a very good match, and I hope that ends the feud, but where does Angle go from here. The main event was great, until the end as I said; I hate non finishes in main events. That’s my biggest complaint about most of the RAW main events, and this was annoying. Hell, I would’ve been happy with Abyss winning the belt then losing it back tonight on Impact, wouldn’t have been great but better than what we got. All in all, this was a great PPV and worth watching if you haven’t seen it. It’s available on just search for Destination X. It’s split into nine parts it looks like.


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