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The Week in Review – March 15 – 19, 2010
March 22, 2010, 7:50 am
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Best Match of the Week

1. Christian, Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu v. Zack Ryder, Jack Swagger & William Regal from Superstars 9.25/10

Worst Match of the Week

1. Undertaker v. Drew McIntyre from Smackdown DUD

Well, I missed a few weeks of the reviews, but there really hasn’t been much to rave about on the shows. I hate to say it but Superstars and Wrestlicious are quickly becoming the two shows to see each week. I still need to get a chance to watch the NXT shows and recap them, I’ve only watched the first one or two, and liked it. Hopefully this week the recaps of NXT will be done. As for the shows this week, Smackdown was bad, RAW was better than usual, Superstars was phenomenal, Impact was mediocre and Wrestlicious was just plain old fun. Overall Superstars is far and away the best show of the week with three amazing matches.

TNA Impact averaged 4/10 for six matches in two hours. TNA is really suffering from an overdose of both Crash TV and too many veterans. TNA needs to focus more on the knockouts and the young talent and less on the older guys. They especially need to have less of Bischoff; he doesn’t need to be in every quarter hour of the show, that’s just overkill. I think TNA would benefit from a second show where Impact was, giving four hours of TV a week. This would allow more time for the matches and storyline advancement. Problem with this idea is Bischoff would then give himself twice the TV time, negating the value of a second show.

Monday Night RAW averaged 4/10 for six matches in two hours. The same score as Impact, which is an amazing thing. Impact had a much better main event, as RAW’s main event was either a squash match or a contract signing depending how you look at it. I hate the fact that they’re almost making Bret and Vince’s match at Wrestlemania the main event. It’s getting the biggest push and more airtime than any other match so far, and I almost wonder if it will be the final match of the night. I stand by the opinion that the World title match should be the main event, but that makes another problem. Which World Title? That’s the issue with two World titles, which one is the more important one, Chris Jericho’s or Batista’s? This is the reason they need to unify the belts and make one World Champion, as two dilutes the product too much.

Wrestlicious averaged 7/10 for one match in half an hour. I really can’t compare this show with the others as they only have a quarter of the time and one match. However it was a great match and Wrestlicious is just so much fun to watch. It’s like a throwback to the old eighties style with overblown gimmicks and bad comedy. This proves that wrestling doesn’t have to be so serious all the time and can be just a fan diversion to watch.

WWE Superstars averaged 8.5/10 for three matches in one hour. This is the measuring stick of the shows, as they consistently put the better matches on this show. It’s not plagued by the overblown egos of Cena, Batista, Shawn, Undertaker, HHH, etc. Superstars has become the show to watch if you want to see the young talent put on a good match and not hear the same old blah-blah crap from the same old people. I love Superstars and hope it never changes from what it is; I find it to be worlds better then RAW, Smackdown or even Impact.

Friday Night Smackdown averaged 3.75/10 for five matches in two hours. This makes Smackdown the lowest rated of the week, and for good reason. We had two good opening matches and then the show went to hell. The Hart Dynasty once again got crushed, which begs the question of who they angered. The Luke/Rey match was not bad, and at least Rey didn’t win, but we know he won’t lose at Wrestlemania. The main event was the most frustrating thing to sit through in a long time. Why are they burying Drew? He was doing well with the undefeated streak, and they should not have ended it. He’s lost three out of four matches now, and the one he won was over a jobber. This makes no sense to me; I really thought he would be the winner for MITB and then challenge a tired Cena for the title at the end of the night and become a double champion, ala Ultimate Warrior. Instead he’s jobbing out like the Honky Tonk Man and I don’t get the reasoning.

All in all this was a bad week of TV other than Superstars and Wrestlicious. The big three failed to impress this week and presented a lot of crap. So far the buildup to Wrestlemania has been atrocious, and they really need to do something big this week.


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