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WWE Superstars – March 18, 2010


It’s time once again for WWE Superstars, tonight we have diva action as the Bella Twins face off against Jillian & Katie Lea. Thursday’s just don’t seem the same without TNA to be honest, and I hate to say it but I think they were better off on Thursday. Anyway, let’s get to tonight’s episode of Superstars.

1. Kane v Shelton Benjamin. A battle of MITB participants, as Shelton quickly applies a side headlock on Kane who shoots him in and nails a shoulderblock. Shelton wisely bails to the apron and then rolls back in. Kane with a go behind takes down Benjamin, who reverses the hold and applies a front chancery. Kane drives him to the corner and then opens up on Shelton, followed by the snapmare/dropkick combo for a near fall. Kane pulls Shelton up and rams him into the buckle then twists the arm, as he works over the arm and shoulder of Shelton. Shelton makes it to the corner and Kane sends him to the opposite corner but misses the charge and Shelton hits the Stinger Splash followed by a crossbody. Shelton to a side headlock, but Kane Suplexes his way out of it and goes back to the arm bar. Shelton fights his way out of the hold and sends Kane to the corner, but reversed and Shelton springs to the second rope. Kane catches Shelton and goes for the chokeslam but Shelton slides out, however Kane connects with an uppercut. Kane climbs the ropes and Shelton catches him up there with a knee to the face sending Kane to the floor and follows with a split legged Asai moonsault to the floor as we go to commercial. We come back and Shelton has a side headlock on Kane who powers out of it, but Shelton hammers Kane and tries to shoot him in. Kane reverses and connects with a big boot for a near fall, as we see a replay of the amazing moonsault earlier. Kane goes for the Tombstone but Shelton slides down his back and rams Kane into the buckle then climbs the ropes. Shelton hits a diving bulldog and gets a near fall, Shelton goes to send Kane in but Kane holds on and connects with a side slam for a near fall of his own. Kane climbs the ropes and this time he hits the diving lariat and quickly goes for the chokeslam but Shelton grabs the ropes. Kane releases and sends Shelton in to the ropes and goes for a backdrop, but Shelton reverses into nice DDT for another near fall. Shelton showing signs of frustration as he goes for Paydirt but Kane pushes him off and goes for the chokeslam, but Shelton fights out and hits the spinkick. Shelton runs into the uppercut and then Kane finally hits the chokeslam for the win. 7.75/10 surprisingly a great match, very impressed. Kane is on fire lately as he’s had a few good matches recently.

2. The Bella Twins v Jillian Hall & Katie Lea. Always nice to see Jillian, she’s so cute and always looks like she’s having fun out there. Katie has the mic and says the crowd is lucky she has psychic powers and can predict that her beautiful team will win the match. Jillian grabs the microphone from Katie Lea and starts to sing, as only Jillian can do and this brings out the Bellas. Katie starts out with Brie and Katie with a side headlock, but Brie fights out and Katie pulls her down by the hair. Katie slams Brie but misses the elbow drop and Brie twists the arm and shows her agility by bouncing off the ropes, then tags in Nikki. Nikki comes in with a sunset flip for a near fall, but Katie fires back with a kneelift and gets tossed in the corner. Katie misses a charge and Nikki hits the snapmare, but Katie sends her to the wrong corner and Jillian tagged in. Jillian goes for a backdrop and gets caught with her head down. Nikki makes the tag and hits a monkey flip, they then nail a double clothesline on Jillian for a near fall. Jillian quickly fires back and sends Brie to the corner but gets caught coming in. Brie climbs the ropes and Katie comes over, but Brie kicks her away however the distraction costs her as Jillian able to hit an electric chair drop. Jillian able to get a near fall, which should’ve been the end, which was brutal looking. Brie gets tossed across the ring by her hair, and Katie tagged in. Katie kicks Brie in the midsection as Nikki bounces in the corner. Katie hits a side backbreaker on Brie for another near fall, as Katie moves to a submission hold, but Brie fights out however Katie takes her back down by the hair and tags in Jillian. Jillian pulls back on the hair of Brie and then rams her face into the mat, but she misses the legdrop and Brie makes the tag. Nikki with a nice pair, of dropkicks, on Jillian followed by a clothesline and a jumping neck snap. Katie comes in, but the ref stops her, this allows the Bella’s to hit a double bulldog on Jillian for a near fall. Katie breaks the pin attempt and gets tossed to the ropes where Brie pulls her out of the ring. Jillian catches Nikki and goes for the X-Factor but Nikki blocks and rolls up Jillian for the upset! 8/10 probably one of the better diva matches in WWE a while. They had five minutes and they put it too good use, I’m very impressed with the Bellas. Would’ve rather seen Jillian win, but it was still a very good match.

3. Mark Henry, Christian & Yoshi Tatsu v Jack Swagger, Zack Ryder & William Regal. Tatsu & Ryder open up the match and Ryder gets a knee in and goes for a side headlock, but Yoshi sends him in. Ryder comes back with a shoulderblock, and comes off the ropes, but Tatsu goes for the armdrag and Ryder blocks. Yoshi with a series of quick kicks and tags in Christian who comes in off the top. Ryder quickly makes the tag to Swagger, so Christian tags in Henry who struts into the ring as Swagger doesn’t look so cocky now. Swagger with a go behind and hammers the back of the neck of Henry who tosses him in and nails a huge shoulderblock. Henry hits a headbutt then brings in Ryder the hard way. This allows an attack from behind from Swagger, and they go for a double Suplex, but Henry reverses the move. Christian and Tatsu come in and clothesline Swagger over the top and then Christian hits a kneelift knocking Regal out of the ring. Henry press slams Ryder over his head and tosses him to the floor on top of Swagger as we go to commercial. We come back and Christian and Regal in the ring and they lock up, and they do a series of amateur moves. Christian hits a snapmare followed by a low clothesline for a near fall, but Regal comes back with a series of knees and tags in Swagger. Swagger with a nice belly to belly Suplex and continues to hammer Christian. Swagger shoots him in but misses the clothesline and Christian makes a blind tag to Tatsu who comes in via the top taking down Swagger. Yoshi with a series of chops but misses on and Swagger with a drop toe hold sending Yoshi to the ropes and Regal hits a cheap knee to the head. Swagger tags in Ryder who snapmares Tatsu over and follows with a nice dropkick for a near fall. Ryder with a rear chinlock as we get a nice look at the always stunning Rosa Mendes. Yoshi elbows his way out, but Ryder pulls him down by the hair and tags in Regal. Regal quickly opens up on Yoshi and sends him in and follows with a back elbow. Regal with a perfect looking butterfly Suplex and tags in Swagger. Regal holds Yoshi allowing Swagger to nail Tatsu, Swagger pummels Yoshi in the corner and stands over Tatsu. Swagger rams Yoshi into the buckle and drives the shoulder to the midsection of Tatsu and shoots him to the opposite corner. Tatsu crumples to the mat and Swagger goes for the Vader Bomb, but Tatsu gets a knee up. Christian and Ryder tagged in and Christian gets caught charging in, but Ryder caught coming off the top. Christian with the rope choke then jumps over the ropes and slaps Ryder in the face. Christian with the inverted DDT as Swagger charges in and missed, Christian hits a back elbow sending Swagger to the floor. Christian pops Regal and climbs the ropes, but Ryder catches him and goes for the superplex, but Christian fights him off and goes for a cross body and misses. Ryder nails the Rude Awakening neckbreaker for a near fall, and readies for the Zack Attack, but Christian counters to a powerbomb. All hell breaks loose as everyone is in the ring now, Ryder misses a charge and Christian hits the bouncy kick, followed by the flying forearm and then finishes it with the Killswitch for the win. 9.25/10 great tag match, nonstop action and excitement. Probably the best match of Henry’s career, not that that is saying much, but they kept his involvement to a minimum.

Match Recap:

1. Kane pinned Shelton Benjamin 7.75/10

2. The Bella Twins beat Jillian Hall & Katie Lea 8/10

3. Christian, Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu beat Jack Swagger, Zack Ryder & William Regal 9.25/10

This was a great episode of Superstars with three amazing matches. Even the Bella Twins had a great match tonight, which was a surprise. The main event was one of the best WWE TV matches in a long time, and was fantastic.


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