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Wrestlicious – March 15, 2010


Last week we saw the second episode of the newest wrestling company, Wrestlicious, which was a welcome change from the WWE and TNA Shows. The show may not have been considered a great program but it was lots of fun to watch, the way wrestling was meant to be. It was just pure mindless entertainment with some goofy characters and a pretty good match. My only complaints about the first show were that there was only one match and it was only half an hour. I’d like to see them get a full hour and have three or so matches each week, that way we can be introduced to each character quickly. I’m looking forward to tonight, because I believe this episode has Daffney from TNA on it, and I like me some Daffney! So, let’s see what episode three brings us.

1. Leyla Milani & Jimmy Hart open the show and Leyla says the show is popular, and Jimmy complains that everyone is talking about her and not him. Leyla says he was mentioned in the Time review, Jimmy says they called him Timmy Hart and says he can carry suitcases. Leyla then hands him her keys and says to go get her bags. You have to love a wrestling show brought to you by The Horny Goat Brewing Company!

2. Leyla Milani then brings us our Wrestlicious Rewind, which is our main event from last week of Paige Webb versus Autumn Frost. Paige of course is Serena from the Straight Edge Society. We then get the announcement of the next three girls in the battle royal, Glory, Autumn Frost, Tyler Texas. Can’t wait to see this battle royal, whenever the hell that is.

3. Leyla is now sitting on the beach; she’s becoming the Eric Bischoff of the show.

4. Takedown Spotlight on Cousin Cassie! Of course it’s not a video showing her wrestling skills, or scuffling on the farm but instead just her posing on the beach in a little blue bikini. Not that I’m complaining at all, just saying.

5. Amber Lively is with her doctor now, as we get another bad joke. But at least we got to see Madison Rayne!

6. White Magic the Voodoo Queen & Draculetta v Amber Lively & Lacey Von Erich. White Magic is played by Lacey from the SHIMMER group, not Lacey Von Erich. Draculetta is of course Zombie Hot, Daffney, who looks amazing in this getup. She even does Ariel’s old WWE entrance, very cool. Amber is of course Madison Rayne, playing a good girl cheerleader, while Lacey is just her clumsy self. After the intros we go to commercial and when we come back Magic and Amber start out. Magic dances like the Boogeyman, which is hilarious while Amber shakes her money maker. They lockup and start with a test of strength, but Amber spins through into a wristlock on the Voodoo Queen. She sends her in but misses a leg kick and connects with an armdrag sending Magic to her corner where she tags in Draculetta. Draculetta comes in, and looks hot in that outfit by the way, and threatens Lacey Von Erich as Amber poses. They lock up and Draculetta gets a knee in then applies a wristlock, which Amber counters out of and tags in Lacey. Lacey twists the arm while Magic has something in her hands, it’s a voodoo doll. Draculetta rakes Lacey’s eyes and hammers her down then a nice uppercut to the chest twice. Magic calls Draculetta to bring Lacey to the corner and she does, Draculetta kicks Lacey in the corner. Amber has the ref distracted allowing a double team on Lacey, but at least we get a nice view up Amber’s skirt! Magic tagged in and chops the ample chest of Von Erich then rams her head into the turnbuckle. Magic with a blatant choke in the corner and then chases the ref away then tags in Draculetta. Magic hits a knee to the chest of Lacey, good thing she has all the padding, as Draculetta hits the Umaga corner butt to the face move for a near fall. Amber breaks the pin and Draculetta distracted allowing Lacey to make the tag. Amber with a snapmare, then a nice inverted Tower of London on Draculetta. Magic uses the voodoo doll to break the hold and Draculetta tags her in. Magic uses the voodoo doll to take down Amber, this is hilarious. Magic nails a knee to the throat and then drags Amber to the middle of the ring and kicks her in the spine. Another Boogeyman style dance before tagging in Draculetta and they nail a double boot to the back for a near fall. Draculetta lifts up Amber and slams her down hard and gets another near fall on the cheerleader. Draculetta goes for DDT and Amber rolls her up for a near fall, but Draculetta comes back with a vicious clothesline for another near fall. Draculetta tags in Magic and they connect with a double Suplex on Amber. Magic tries for a pin, but Amber shows her resilience as she kicks out again. Magic nails a pair of forearms to the chest, but a third misses and Amber rolls her up, but Magic kicks out. Magic quickly hammers the back of Amber and tags in Draculetta who pulls the legs out of Amber then a rear chinlock, but Lacey finally comes in to break the hold, angering the vampire. Draculetta folds up Amber in a very graphic fashion, that was not a family friendly camera shot. Lacey breaks the hold again and Draculetta confronts her, then goes back to Amber and applies a sleeper hold. Amber fading out slowly as the crowd tries to fire up Amber, who escapes with a jawbreaker. Magic charges across the ring and takes out Lacey, while Amber clotheslines Draculetta then a cross body for Magic. Amber dropkicks Draculetta and then a spin heel kick eliminates Magic, Amber hits the enziguri on Draculetta for a near fall. Amber tags in Lacey, while Magic pulls out Amber; Lacey applies the Claw on Draculetta. Magic rolls in with the Voodoo Staff and nails Lacey across the back of the head drawing the DQ. 7/10 actually a good fast paced match, and glad they kept Lacey’s involvement to a minimum. Amber/Madison really showed something in this match and a lot of impressive skills too! After the match Voodoo and Draculetta chase the ref out and celebrate like they won the match. Lacey and Amber slowly head to the back as the villains taunt the crowd.

7. JV’s Crib closes the show, as Paige Webb is reading a dictionary as Jimmy Hart enters the bedroom. JV Rich is showing the bedroom to some girl while Jimmy has to make the bed. That was a pointless closing segment.

All in all this was just a fun show, and a great way to kill half an hour. The girls can wrestle, but the show needs more time. I really enjoyed the match this week; Madison/Amber is really an impressive wrestler as is Daffney/ Draculetta. I’m really looking forward to next week’s show.


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