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WWE Superstars – March 11, 2010
March 13, 2010, 2:20 pm
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I really don’t have an opening spiel for this recap, so let’s just get to our opening match.

1. Dolph Ziggler v Shelton Benjamin. It’s a battle of MITB match participants, this should be great. Dolph kicks and hammers Shelton as soon as the bell rings and gets Benjamin in the corner. Ziggler shoots him out, but reversed and Dolph on the shoulders of Shelton. Dolph counters to the sleeper but Shelton flips him off, but Ziggler comes back with a low dropkick and a fameasser for a near fall. Dolph stomps Shelton and drops the big elbow, I love when he does that, it always looks cool. Ziggler with a rear chinlock, but Shelton fights out and comes off the ropes with a pair of clotheslines then goes for the whip kick, but Ziggler ducks. Shelton nails a Samoan Drop for a near fall and picks up Dolph and sets him on the top rope. Shelton starts to follow and Dolph fights him off, but Shelton runs up the ropes; however Dolph grabs the arm and drops to the floor. Shelton is dazed and Dolph quickly back in and hits the Zig Zag and gets a near fall as Shelton kicks out of Dolph’s finished. Well, that’s the beginning of the end when they kick out of your finisher. Ziggler waits for Shelton to get up and locks on the sleeper and takes Shelton down. The ref checks the arm of Benjamin and calls for the bell, as Shelton is out cold. 6.75/10 a good match, but too short, should’ve gone another ten minutes or so.

2. Mike Knox v Goldust. Always happy to see Mike Knox, I keep saying this man can be a superstar if used right. It’s been quite the resurgence for Goldust since his return; he’s looking as good in the ring as he did in the late 90s. The bell rings and they lock up, Knox sent to the corner and the ref breaks them up allowing Knox to get a shot in. Knox hammers Goldust down, but Goldust fights back and comes off the ropes, however Knox gets an impressive dropkick on the Golden One. Knox continues the offense as he applies a rear chinlock and Goldust fights his way out. Knox sends him in the ropes, and Goldust comes back with the low uppercut then the reverse atomic drop followed by a bulldog for a near fall. Knox in the corner and Goldust climb the ropes and hammers him, Knox shoves him off and charges at Goldust. Goldust catches Knox in a powerslam for a near fall. Goldust goes for a Suplex and Knox send him in and misses the boot but hits the Flying Bear for a near fall. Knox pulls Goldust up and for a slam, but Goldust reverses to the Final Cut, formerly the Curtain Call, for the win. 6.25/10 another good but short match.

3. Santino v Zack Ryder. Well, it’s always nice to see Rosa, and I love Zack’s music. Santino quickly with a side headlock and Zack fights out and applies a side headlock take over. Zack sent to the ropes and comes back with a shoulderblock, but a second time and Santino armdrags him down. Santino charges the corner, but Zack drives him down and nails a clothesline as Rosa cheers him on. Zack with a neckbreaker gets a near fall, as Rosa screams that was three. Ryder with a rear chinlock to wear down the Italian Cobra. Santino flips Zack down, but Zack comes back with the two handed chop then tosses Santino head first to the buckle. Santino starts his Hulking Up, and hammers Ryder follows with the splits then a hip toss. Santino hits the Cobra Strike, but Rosa on the apron distracts Santino. Ryder hits a hot shot, Rough Ryder then the Zack attack for the victory. 5.5/10 it was a fun match, but much like the previous two, way too short.

4. MVP & Christian v Chavo Guerrero & Carlito. MVP and Chavo start out and they lock up and Chavo with a go behind. MVP counters to a side headlock and shot in, MVP over Chavo and hits a flying forearm. Christian & Carlito tagged in, as Christian’s protégé cheers him on, Carlito sent in the ropes and Christian hits a nice dropkick on Carlito. Christian slaps Carlito but gets shoot in and ducks under two clotheslines but Carlito hits the knee to the midsection. Christian rolls to the apron and Carlito sends him off the apron to the floor as we go to commercial. We come back and Carlito has a double arm submission on Christian who fights out. Carlito hits the springboard back elbow for a near fall, as Chavo yells at the ref. Carlito slams Christian and climbs the ropes, but Christian gets the boot up and tags in MVP. MVP hits the belly to belly Suplex and a pair of clotheslines then nails Chavo. MVP with a face breaker followed by the balling elbow. MVP waits for Carlito to get up, but Chavo pulls him out and MVP baseball slides both men. MVP sends Carlito in and Chavo sweeps out MVP’s feet as he enters. Carlito goes back out and rams MVP’s back into the barricade then sends him in. Carlito slams MVP and tags in Chavo who comes in over the top and then stomps MVP. MVP blocks a punch and opens up on Chavo, but Chavo comes back with a drop toe hold and works the back of MVP. Chavo gets MVP in the corner and Carlito chokes MVP before being tagged in. Carlito works over MVP right in front of his protégé. Carlito continues to punch MVP, who fires back with his own, but Carlito gets a boot in. Carlito off the ropes and MVP catches him and slams him face first and tags in Christian as Chavo comes in. Christian hits the flying forearm and follows with a springboard sunset flip for a near fall. Christian climbs the ropes and hits the diving forearm and then knees Carlito in the head. Christian goes for the flip a second time and Chavo rolls him up for a near fall. Chavo hits the three amigos Suplex, but the third countered into a reverse DDT and Carlito has to break the pin attempt. MVP clotheslines Carlito and they both tumble to the floor. Christian goes for the Killswitch, but Chavo counters and hits a Gory Bomb and climbs the ropes. Chavo goes for the frog splash but Christian moves and hits the Killswitch for the win. 7.5/10 a good tag team match with two teams of random wrestlers.

Match Recap:

1. Dolph Ziggler beat Shelton Benjamin 6.75/10

2. Goldust pinned Mike Knox 6.25/10

3. Zack Ryder beat Santino 5.5/10

4. MVP & Christian beat Chavo Guerrero & Carlito 7.5/10

All in all not a bad show, but the matches felt rushed this week. Usually Superstars has good matches, but this week just felt like it was an afterthought. Very disappointed by this week, but it was still more entertaining than Monday Night RAW.


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