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Wrestlicious Takedown – March 8, 2010


I’m amazed at how hard it is to find the episodes of this show. I can find the TNA shows easier than this, and people complain about TNA all the time. Last week was the debut of Wrestlicious, and it was not a bad show. It was more entertaining than RAW at least, and considering how bad RAW was this week, I bet this is better again. Let’s get to the show.

We open the show with Jimmy Hart looking for the host of the show, and in comes our host, an episode late, Leyla Milani. Jimmy gets all tongue tied around Layla and says he loves her show, Deal or No Deal, and Leyla says she’s lucky to host Wrestlicious. Jimmy makes a pass at Layla and she elbows him and now we go to our opening video.

1. Boot Camp Bailey, the Wrestlicious trainer comes to the ring and the crowd boos. She’s doing an army gimmick, but as a heel. She keeps yelling attention as she thinks she’s Vickie Guerrero. She says she’s looking for a few good women and asks if the crowd is Wrestlicious. Bailey asks the crowd who wants to be a trainee, and pulls in random girls from the crowd. The third recruit winds up being the floor manager, Tracey, who reluctantly gets in the ring. Bailey addresses them as maggots and tells them they are hers and they will do as she says. The one in the middle looks like she’s having a blast as she leads her recruits out of the arena and we go to commercial. We come back and get a recap of the six diva match from last week. It’s only a half hour show people, let’s not waste time.

2. Now we get another skit, Are You Smarter than a Male Wrestler, starring none other than Brian Knobbs. Brian faces off against Glory, played by Christie Ricci, while Jimmy Hart plays the question man. Brian gets the question wrong, and Glory gets it right for the win and back to commercial.

3. After the commercial we get the recap of Boot Camp Bailey from minutes ago. Another skit, The Young and the Wrestlers, which sounds pornographic. We have the three girls from the Boot Camp Bailey segment running loose around a house or a hotel or something and then Bailey arrives and they march off.

4. This week’s Takedown Spotlight, Lacey Von Erich, who always looks great as long as she doesn’t wrestle! Basically just a video set to bad music of Lacey in a green bikini on a beach. Well at least she’s not trying to wrestle!

5. Another vignette, as we see Tony the Top, the mafia stereotype knocking on a door. JC Rich opens the door and introduces Autumn Frost, played by Jennifer Blake. We get another bad joke and over to the next segment.

6. Paige Webb, known as Serena on Smackdown, hosting You Got Male. Paige says she loves getting e-mail from fans and reads her e-mails. Paige looks better with hair as she winds up getting a porn photo in the e-mail.

7. Autumn Frost v Paige Webb. So we have an ice princess versus a web blogger, love the gimmicks. Paige removes her jacket as the announcer says his floppy got hard, too much information. Should be a good match, as both ladies are fantastic athletes. Autumn attacks Paige from behind and rams her in the buckle, then an eye rake on the ropes. Paige shot in, but she goes behind and applies a full nelson. Autumn with a sitout, but Paige pulls her up and back to the full nelson. Frost makes the ropes, and Paige breaks the hold. Autumn gets an elbow in and applies a full nelson, but Paige drops down, however Frost pulls her up. Paige with an armdrag into an armbar but Frost send her to the corner and rake the eyes. Frost gets whipped to the corner and Paige follows in and monkeyflips Frost out. Paige hammers Frost, sending her to the floor as Frost takes a breather. Autumn back in and a drop toe hold sends Paige into the ropes, then rakes the back before trying for a pin, but Paige kicks out. Autumn with a choke then into a rear chinlock, then punches Webb in the jaw. Frost rams Paige’s head into the mat and gets a near fall. Frost hammers the back of Webb and pulls her up by the hair, Paige shot in and leaps over Frost going for the sunset flip. Autumn drops down, but Webb hooks the arms and gets a near fall. Frost chokes Paige on the ropes and covers for another near fall. Back to the rear chinlock, Paige able to armdrag out of it, but Frost quickly back on and another armdrag gets her out of the hold. Frost gets armdragged out of the ring and Webb with a baseball slide into the back of Frost, and then rams her head into the apron. Frost rolled back in and Webb reenters by the top rope and hits a cross body for a near fall. Frost rolls out and Paige goes for the baseball slide but Frost moves and opens up on Webb then tosses her back in. Webb pulls herself up in the corner and Autumn chops her, but Webb reverses the corner toss and goes for the monkey flip, but Frost holds the ropes. Frost rolls Paige up and scores the pin with her feet on the ropes. 6/10 not a bad match actually, would be better with a good announcer. After the match we get a preview for next week, with a tag match.

No point in doing a match recap only had one match. It’s really not a bad show, but they need to do fewer vignettes and more matches. They have lots of women that can actually work, and need to show it off.


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