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TNA Impact – March 8, 2010


Tonight marks what hopefully will become the return of the Monday Night Wars. It’s been too long since WWE had competition on Monday’s and this is a welcome moment. Of course TNA better have something big planned for next week, with Austin returning to RAW. Tonight is the scheduled in ring returns of Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, which is either going to be a train wreck or a great moment, there’s no middle ground on this. TNA is promising a plethora of surprises and big things and I hope they can deliver on this. I really want to see TNA succeed on Monday’s and give WWE a swift kick in the yam bag, they need it. After all look how good WWE and WCW were in the prime of the War, we need those days back, as WWE has been lacking for a long time. TNA’s first Monday outing two months ago was a great show with a huge main event, as AJ Styles beat Kurt Angle in a five star match, which was a great start for the year. Hulk and Flair may not match the rating for quality, but if done right this could be a good match. So with that in mind, let’s see what TNA has to offer on their first Live Monday Impact!

TNA begins with their new opener and a new song, well at least I got to see Daffney, but the song really sucked. Mike Tenay and Tazz open the show, and they welcome us to TNA live with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair squaring off for the first time in nearly a decade. Tazz says it will happen sooner then we think, as we go to the ring.

1. Hulk Hogan & Abyss head to the ring and the crowd is going insane for the Hulkster. No matter what you say about his lack of ability, no one can spark a crowd like Hulk. We see Dixie Carter at ringside watching proudly, I hope she stays this happy, we also see Brooke cheering her dad. Hulk has the microphone and tells Abyss it’s time to cut the clowning and this is the biggest night in TNA. Hulk says there is no reason to wait around and tells Flair and AJ to get ready, and continues by saying when he came to TNA he came to take it to sacred ground. Hulk says Flair and AJ changed the rules and left him in a pool of blood and now its TNA’s reckoning day, as we again see bouncing Brooke! Hulk says it’s time to put an end to this crap and tells Flair and AJ to get their asses out here now. This brings out Styles and Flair, as AJ’s robe feathers make it so you can’t see his face.

2. Hulk Hogan & Abyss v AJ Styles & Ric Flair. Let’s hope they keep the old guys involvement to a minimum as we start with Abyss and AJ. Abyss misses a wild punch and AJ kicks back, but can’t send Abyss to the ropes, but Abyss sends him in and drops AJ down hard. AJ crawls to his corner and tags in Flair, Abyss goes right to Flair, who chops the monster in the corner. Abyss spins him around and chops Flair then sends him to the opposite corner and backdrops Flair. Flair gets a low blow in while Hulk had the ref, and now AJ gets a cheap shot in, which brings in Hulk. Hulk knocks down Flair, but eats a Pele kick from Styles. We have chaos early as all four in the ring. AJ pounds the Hulkster down, and the lights go out, suddenly we have Sting in the middle of the ring. AJ and Flair beg off in the corner as Sting has the bat, Hulk and Abyss slowly get up, bet he hits Hulk or Abyss instead. Sting in between both teams, and suddenly nails Abyss and Hulk with the bat, just as I expected. Sting lays out both men, as AJ grabs a chair and nails the monster in the head. Flair takes the chair and cracks the Hulkster in the head now, as Sting stands over both men. Hulk busted wide open as AJ & Flair continue the beatdown, we see Brooke screaming at ringside. Brooke looks like she’s about to cry, as security comes in the ring and pulls Flair and AJ back, as Hulk gushing blood. 5/10 not a great match, as expected and very short, but what we got was watchable. Surprised that Sting would do a heel turn this late in his career, but that’s shock for the sake of shock. I assume the match will restart later tonight, as Hulk has the mic and says this ain’t over. Hulk says they will finish this before the night is over, and says it will be a no dq match as we go to commercial. We come back and get the ADD replay for those who forget what happened five minutes ago. We see Sting backstage as Dixie catches up to him, and he pushes her back and says he owes her nothing. Hey we have a PPV in thirteen days, does anyone else know that? We’ve had little to no hype for the PPV so far, as JB is with Styles and Flair, and JB says the match will be restarted. AJ says there is no do over in wrestling and they own those two, but will beat them up again. Flair says Sting has come to his senses and says if he’s coming out of retirement he will make a statement. Flair says they will finish this tonight and Hulk and Abyss will leave in an ambulance tonight. Over to Abyss who’s screaming “Why Sting Why?” Crash TV continues as we now jump to Brooke and some bleach blonde with big boobs, Brooke says Hulk’s not ok. Who’s the other blonde; she’s got a rack that rivals Trish or Jillian for goodness sakes, not complaining about that. She’s quite the butterface though; everything looks good but her face!

3. Frankie Kazarian in the ring and says two years ago he chose to walk away from TNA and when he did he had doubts about himself. Nice that he returns as himself just as his wife, Traci Brooks, is released, that’s got to suck. Kazarian continues and says after a lot of soul searching he can safely say that live in the Impact Zone tonight the doubt is gone. He says the reason he came back is to reignite the flame of the X division, you mean the forgotten division, and the way he sees it if TNA is going to war let the warriors of the X division lead us to battle. This brings out Daniels, who says he has one thing to make clear, if anyone will lead the X division it won’t be Kazarian or the buffoons in the back, it will be the man who X division before it was anything. Daniels says he will lead the X division and on this night Daniels says he alone will carry the X division to the highest of heights. Now out comes the X champ, Doug Williams, who calls them two geezers who are superheroes, nice one, since both played Suicide! Williams says the X division is alive and well, because he is the champion. Kazarian responds that Doug has a point, as he is the champ, but when they pioneered the division where was he. Daniels interrupts and says Kazarian has not done anything that he cares about. Kazarian says maybe the reason he doesn’t care is because he’s a selfish prick. Well, it took twenty minutes, about nineteen more than I expected, but we have the first appearance of Eric Bischoff, and I guarantee it won’t be the last. Bischoff says when Hulk asked his about saving TNA he said he was excited about it and calls the X division the adrenaline of TNA. Bischoff says it will run bigger, faster and stronger and says the title match will happen tonight, as it will be a three way match and it starts now.

4. Kazarian v Daniels v Doug Williams. Daniels quickly rolls up Williams and Kazarian breaks it up and rolls up Daniels, but now Williams breaks it up. Doug rolls Kaz, but now Daniels breaks it and goes for Angel Wings, but backdrops Kaz who was charging in. Williams with a headbutt and shoots in Daniels, who comes back with the dropkick. Daniels goes for the dropkick on Kaz, but Kaz holds the ropes and hammers Daniels down, but turns into a flying forearm from Williams. Williams with a Suplex on Kaz, who counters and rolls up Williams, Daniels charges at them and Kaz with a Northern Lights Suplex while still holding Doug down. Kaz sends Doug in the corner and tosses Daniels into him. Kaz shoots Daniels in the opposite corner, but reversed and Kaz over Daniels, but caught by Doug, Kaz sends both over the top. Kaz dives over the top rope on both men, as the crowd explodes, Kaz sends Doug back in and goes after him, but Daniels pulls him down. Daniels sent shoulder first into the pole, and Kaz gets on the apron. Williams misses a swing and Kaz knocks him down and goes for the slingshot legdrop, but Doug moves. Doug with the running kick on Kaz and follows with a side headlock, then puts Kaz in the corner and nails the flying knee, as we see Dixie backstage. Focus on the match monkeys, not on Dixie’s announcement. Williams gets caught in a jawbreaker, and then Daniels pulls the leg out of Kaz. Daniels clotheslines Doug then kicks Kaz and follows with a STO takedown. Daniels hits a springboard moonsault, but Kaz kicks out and Daniels sends Williams off the apron, and then nails Kaz in the corner. Daniels hits a DVD for another near fall, as Doug back on the apron. Doug nails Daniels and climbs the ropes, but Daniels catches him. Both men clothesline each other and Kaz hits a double dropkick and all three men are down. All three slowly get up, and Kaz clotheslines Doug, then spinkick on Daniels, a dropkick sends Doug out. Kaz with a springboard back elbow on Daniels, followed by the springboard leg gets a near fall. Kaz sets Daniels on the top, but Daniels fights out and goes for the Angel Wings, but Williams nails the flying uppercut knocking Daniels down. Williams rolls up Kaz, but Daniels rolls Doug for a near fall. Daniels tosses Doug out, and Kaz hits the inverted atomic drop, then a running knee followed up with a spinning neck breaker on Daniels. Doug slowly pulls himself up, as Daniels sends Kaz into him and nails an urunage. Daniels goes for the BME, but Kaz moves, however Daniels lands on his feet. Williams catches Daniels from behind and nails the Chaos Theory for the win. 8.75/10 a great match from two great stars and one who’s rapidly improving each time I see him. This was the match they should’ve opened the show with, as this would’ve got anyone who’s a fan’s attention. After the match we suddenly see Shannon Moore charging down the ramp. Moore attacks Williams and nails a nice headscissor takedown. Moore with a spinkick sends Williams out of the ring, and now we see Eric at the top of the ramp. Eric says at Destination X Doug Williams will face Shannon Moore for the title. That’s not fair to the guys who’ve been there for a long time. Why not make it a six pack challenge at have Williams/Daniels/Kaz/Moore/Homicide/Lethal? From here we go backstage to JB with Dixie Carter, so is she now the new Jack Tunney? JB asks Dixie about the Sting situation, and Dixie calls Sting by his real name and says he has a match tonight. Dixie says he’ll find out his opponent when everyone else does, RVD maybe?

5. Taylor Wilde & Sarita v Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky v Tara & Angelina Love. Holy shit it’s Taylor Wilde, I’m shocked! I miss Taylor, nice to finally see her back on TV, and is it just me or did her breasts get bigger? So they’re claiming that they stripped Kong and Hamada of the title for not defending them, since Kong is gone. These titles are more useless then the Divas title in WWE. Well, this should be a good match with Lacey not involved in it. Torn on who to cheer for I like all six of these women, just make it a long match and I’ll be happy. Angelina chases out TBP, and Tara and Angie get rolled up by Taylor and Sarita. Taylor and Tara start and Taylor with a dropkick, then goes for a Hurricanrana but gets caught and dropped. Taylor tags in Sarita who kicks Tara and hits a springboard stunner, then comes off the ropes, but Velvet tags herself in. Velvet gets a near fall, and the Beautiful People double team Tara. Madison in now and kicks Tara then picks her up and holds her so Velvet can slap her. This brings in Angelina, who distracts the ref and TBP double team Tara. Taylor and Sarita break the pin attempt and TBP shoot them in, and Lacey trips Taylor and Sarita. Madison and Velvet follow with a pair of dropkicks. Angelina in and takes out both TBP. Tara now in and goes for Widow’s Peak on Madison, but Daffney runs in and nails her with the title, as the ref is with Angelina. Madison makes the cover and the Beautiful People win the gold. 8.25/10 a great tag match, very chaotic and was one of the best women’s matches in a while. That and it’s always nice to see Daffney! Backstage Christy is with the Pope, who’s facing Desmond Wolfe tonight, and Pope flirts with Daffney first. Pope suddenly attacked by Desmond who goes right after the injured ankle. Desmond pulls off the boot and then grabs the chain of the Pope and slams it into Pope’s ankle, leaving Pope laid out. We see Sting heading towards the ring, as Tazz spoils the surprise by making a 4:20 reference. That was pretty dumb, even though most everyone anticipates it to be RVD. After the commercial we join the Beautiful People who are celebrating their huge title win. Madison looks great with a title! Lacey asks if she’s a champion, and they say they couldn’t do it without her. JB brings in the champagne for the girls, and they don’t want to share with him. Velvet says with the BP as the champs things are about to explode. Velvet pours the champagne all over JB as they celebrate. We see the recap of Sting attacking Hulk and Abyss earlier tonight.

6. Sting v Mystery Opponent. Sting heads down the ramp; well at least they didn’t have him drop down from the rafters. If the opponent is who we expect, this place is going to explode. Someone has a big sign that reads “Real Awful Wrestling”, that’s cute, wonder who in TNA made that for him! This is Sting’s first match in a long time, and I hope he has no ring rust, of course same can be said for his opponent. Sting’s opponent is introduced and it’s Rob Van Dam, and the place just explodes! RVD comes in through the crowd and springs to the top rope as Sting looks down the ramp awaiting him. RVD hits a kick to the face of Sting and follows with Rolling Thunder for the win! DUD match wasn’t even a minute long, but the debut of RVD was huge! After the match Sting attacks RVD from behind with the bat, Sting hammers RVD repeatedly as the crowd chants RVD. Sting leaves RVD laid out in the ring as the crowd boos Sting. Sting shoves the ref down and climbs back in the ring. Sting cracks RVD in the throat with the bat and then in the head followed by the back. The fans chant “You Suck” at Sting as the refs try to get Sting to go to the back. Sting nails a ref with the bat and then nails the other ref, and then heads back to the ring again. Sting smashes RVD in the back with the bat and suddenly we hear Hulk’s music. Hulk comes down the ramp, heavily bandaged, and Bubba tries to stop Hogan from going to the ring. Security keeps Sting and Hulk separate, as Sting keeps mocking Hulk from in the ring, then nails RVD with the bat again and again. Hulk fights through security and makes it to ringside as RVD slowly gets up and eats the bat again. The security holds Hogan back and Sting nails Hulk in the midsection with the bat. Security now helps Hulk to the back and Sting quickly follows after them. Sting takes out security and nails Hogan again with the bat and leaves Hulk laid out. Security slowly helping Hulk up, but who’s helping RVD up? Just wondering. Tenay says he’s disappointed in Sting as Tazz asks what’s going through Sting’s mind. Now we hear Nash’s music, as someone screws up and we see Bischoff sitting backstage.

7. Kevin Nash & Eric Young come to the ring, and Nash has a piece of paper, maybe he can’t remember his lines anymore. Nash says for the last month no matter what he’s done Hall and Waltman have found a way into the Zone and he’s talked to Hulk today and has a contract. Nash says the contract states that Hall & Waltman get one match against himself and Eric Young, and tells Hall & Waltman to come to the ring and accept the challenge as we go to commercial. We come back and Nash and Young are still waiting for Hall and Waltman, who finally make their way to the ring, guess they had to finish their beers and joints first. Security comes in the ring, and So Cal Val hands Hall the microphone. Hall gets in Nash’s face and says two thirds of the Wolfpack are in this building, and calls Nash Big Sellout and asks if he’s Hogan’s stooge. Hall says after what Sting did Hulk ain’t running nothing. Hall says TNA is starting to get cool, and they may not be smart but they have lawyers. Hall says they’ll beat them at Destination X they want real contracts. Nash says they get one match, and Hall calls out Eric who we see on the big screen. Bischoff says if Hall and Waltman beat Nash and Young they’ll get a contract but if they lose they are out of TNA forever. Waltman says it’s a deal and Nash says he’ll see them at the PPV, Hall says he’ll be the one that looks like Elvis. Hall and Nash shake hands, and Waltman slaps Eric Young. Young spears Waltman down and security pulls them apart, while Hall and Nash stay in separate corners. Eric yells at security he’s tired of paying them and tells them to get Hall and Nash out of the ring and Young can beat the hell out of Waltman.

8. Eric Young v Sean Waltman. Young takes Waltman down quickly and hammers him as we have a slugfest. Waltman gets the spinkick in and sends Young to the corner, but Young comes out with the clothesline and a back elbow. Young backdrops Waltman then ramming his head into the mat repeatedly. Young goes for a slam, but Waltman counters and comes back with the spinkick to the face and sets him in the corner. Waltman goes for the Bronco Buster, but Young moves and nails a piledriver for the win. 7/10 for a short match it was quick paced and very good. These are the talented two of the tag match at Destination-X, so hopefully they stay in for the majority. We go backstage and see an Army truck pulling up; maybe it’s the debut of Tony from the Smackdown versus Raw game! The return of Craig Pittman? Five soldiers come out of the tank as we go to commercial. After the commercial the US Army comes down the ramp and stand at either side of the ramp, and here comes Kurt Angle.

9. Kurt Angle comes down the ramp between all the Army guys. Angle enters the ring as the Army surrounds the ring, and Angle calls out Anderson and says he brought some friends with him tonight. Angle says this is the men and women who’ve sacrificed for the country and says these are the people who leave their loved ones behind to stand up for what we believe in. Angle says they stand up, fight for and die for people and these are the people Anderson spit on. Angle says he had an epiphany and says winning an Olympic medal means nothing compared to what soldiers do for this country and as a proud American it is his duty to protect the soldiers when bitches like Anderson degrade them. Angle says at Destination X he will kick Anderson’s ass all over the Impact Zone, and this causes Anderson to appear on the screen. Anderson says it’s not about Angle and the high school dropouts with him; it’s about the two of them and the medal. Suddenly Angle arrives in the backstage area and hammers Anderson and sends him towards the ring. Angle sends Anderson into the ring, but as Angle comes in Anderson nails him with medal. Anderson starts to head up the ramp and runs into the Army men, and Anderson screams at them and backs up right into Angle, Angle pulls Anderson back in. Anderson pummeled and tossed to the troops who beat Anderson up, then send him back to Angle. Angle tosses Anderson to the other side of the ring and the troops pound Anderson and send him in again. Angle sends Anderson to the other set of troops who make destroy Anderson. Anderson know now’s what it feels like to have been Shawn Michaels back in 95! They toss Anderson back in and Angle hits the Olympic Slam and stands over Anderson. Angle rips Anderson’s shirt off and the troops pass the US flag to Angle. Angle holds the flag proud as the Army slides in the ring and hoists Angle on their shoulders as we go to commercial. We come back to Hulk and Bubba backstage as Bubba is trying to talk Hogan out of getting back in the ring. Hulk says this is the last shot tonight and he needs to turn this thing around. Hulk says he has to do it, and Earl Hebner suddenly enters the office and says he needs a second change. Hulk says he has too much to do, and Bubba gets in Hulk’s face and says everyone needs a second chance and deserves it. Hulk slowly pulls himself up and tells Earl he can help him, Hulk tells Bubba he needs to stay out of his business and tells Earl if it gets out of control he needs to stop the match. Earl promises Hulk and shakes his hand; he’s going to screw Hulk over. We now get a Destination X card rundown, and the Guns get to be on PPV, I’m shocked! Now to Jeff Jarrett who’s looking for Storm, and says he’s forced into the match and asks if they had a choice. Storm says they volunteered for this match, and Jeff tells Storm he gave him his big chance and Jeff’s father trained him. Storm says it’s about him and Jeff cheapshots him, Roode comes over and saves Storm as Foley pulls them apart.

10. Jeff Jarrett v Beer Money. We come back from commercial and the match is underway as they double team Jeff on the floor while Foley is in the ring, as he’s the ref. They toss Jeff in the ring and continue to hammer Jarrett in the corner as Foley rings the bell. Roode chokes Jeff and shoots him in the corner and sends in Storm, but Jeff gets the boot up and clotheslines Roode. Jeff drop toe hold on Storm and comes off the ropes, but Roode catches him in a spinebuster. A nice double team move from Beer Money, and they pinball Jeff back and forth with a series of punches. Roode nails the Eye of the Storm on Jarrett and they stand over the fallen Jarrett. Roode holds Jarrett up and Storm goes to spit the beer, but Jeff moves and Roode blinded. Jeff with a low blow on Storm and backdrops Roode and follows with a clothesline. Another clothesline sends Roode out and then he backdrops Storm over the top. Jeff follows and rams their heads together and rolls Roode in. Jeff slams Storm’s head into the barricade. Jeff starts to get in and Storm holds his ankle allowing Roode to send Jeff into the barricade. Foley reaches under the ring and gets the barbed wire bat, which he hands to Jeff. Jeff enters the ring and goes to nail Roode, but another ref slides in and takes the bat. Roode hits a low blow on Jeff and they follow with the DWI for the win! 7/10 for a handicap match it wasn’t bad actually, but I like Beer Money. We go backstage to Abyss and Hulk, who is arguing over who starts the match, and in comes Brooke. Brooke displays her lack of acting ability as she cries and checks on her dad. Brooke says she didn’t want to ask Hulk before, but it’s hard seeing him out there again and Hulk says he has to go out there. Hulk says this is his second chance and has to do what he has to do and Abyss has his back. Brooke asks Hulk if he can promise one thing; make this the last match as she doesn’t want to lose him. Hulk promises her that this is the last time he goes out there; I call bullshit on that one. They embrace as we go to commercial. I say it’s going to be another tag match at Destination X with Hulk & RVD v. Flair & Sting.

11. Hulk Hogan & Abyss v Ric Flair & AJ Styles. I love that they announced this as the continued main event! We come back from the final commercial break, as we see Brooke at ringside, Hulk and Flair lock up. Flair chops Hulk in the corner and sends him to the opposite corner but reversed and Flair gets backdropped. Hulk punches Flair sending him to the floor and Hulk follows and chokes Flair in front of Brooke. Flair busted open already and Hulk continues to work the head of Flair, Flair able to get the chops in but Hulk no sells and chops Flair himself. Hulk continues the offense on Flair outside the ring, as we see Brooke again. Hulk slides in the ring, while Flair gushes on the ramp. Abyss goes after Flair ramp now and hammers Nature Boy, while Hulk removes his belt. Hulk whips Flair with the belt repeatedly and follows up by standing on the head of Flair. Flair gets a low blow in, as Flair wears the crimson mask, AJ tagged in and AJ starts to work the leg of the legend. Now we see Brooke showing her concern as she shows off her acting ability, which is next to nothing. Hulk rolls out of the ring and AJ follows and rams Hulk into the ringpost and now Hulk’s bleeding. AJ sends Hulk back in the ring and Flair stomps Hogan and calls in Abyss. While the ref is with Abyss, Flair drives a knee into the groin of Hulk and tags AJ back in. AJ hammers Hulk sending him down to the mat and tags Flair back in. Flair gets a boot in the midsection of Hulk and snapmares him over. Flair climbs the ropes, this never works, and Hulk grabs him by the yam bag and slams Flair down. Flair makes the tag, as does Hulk, and Abyss cleans house as he takes both men down. Abyss goes for the double chokeslam but they kick out and send Abyss in. Abyss comes back with a big clothesline, and then Avalanches both men. Abyss nails the chokeslam on Styles and then one for the bloodied Flair. Abyss shows off the ring from Hogan as AJ gets a few shots in, while Hulk and Flair on the outside fight. Abyss able to backdrop AJ who lands on the apron and comes back with the springboard forearm and gets a near fall. AJ and Flair working over Hulk and Abyss, but they begin to Hulk up, both men hit a pair of big boots on their opponents. Hulk hammers AJ in the corner and sends him into Abyss who hits the Black Hole Slam for the win. 8/10 I hate to say it but it was actually a good match. I’m impressed as Hulk and Flair were able to pull off a good match tonight. We see Brooke bouncing up and down as she celebrates, and we see how she got that recording contract! As Hulk and Abyss celebrate we suddenly see Wolfe from behind hammer Abyss. He goes for Hulk, but he blocks it, however Flair nails Hulk in the knee. We have a three on two now, but the Pope comes out to rescue Hulk and Abyss, as Pope takes down AJ and Wolfe. AJ clips out the bad leg of Pope, and they stop him. Suddenly out comes Jeff Hardy who goes after all three men. Jeff hits the Twist of Fate on AJ Styles and climbs the ropes as we fade to black!

Match Recap:

1. Hulk Hogan & Abyss went to a no contest with Ric Flair & AJ Styles 5/10

2. Doug Williams beat Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian 8.75/10

3. The Beautiful People beat Taylor Wilde & Sarita and Tara & Angelina Love 8.25/10

4. RVD beat Sting DUD

5. Eric Young beat Sean Waltman 7/10

6. Beer Money beat Jeff Jarrett 7/10

7. Hulk Hogan & Abyss beat AJ Styles & Ric Flair 8/10

I honestly have to say this was a great show tonight, even if the matches were a little short. As I said they should’ve opened with the X match, as that was a great match. The Knockout match was short and I may have given it a little high of a rating, but I liked the match and I like all seven who were involved. The RVD and Sting match was not a match as RVD hit two moves and scored the win, under thirty seconds long. Still nice to see Mr. Monday Night back on TV, it’s been too damn long. The Young/Waltman match was better than I expected as were the handicap match and main event. I hate handicap matches, but this was actually a good match. I’m shocked at how good the main event was, it was way better than I ever expected. I wish this was a onetime deal with Hulk and Flair wrestling, but I seriously doubt it. I can see either a tag match or six man tags with Hulk, Hardy & RVD facing Flair, Wolfe and Sting for Destination X. Although that leaves Pope out, so maybe eight man tag with Pope and a surprise? Well, let’s see if RAW can compare to TNA tonight, as I as impressed with this show.


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