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Friday Night Smackdown – March 5, 2010


As we rapidly approach Wrestlemania in three weeks and also the possible renewal of the Monday Night Wars, first we have to make our way through Smackdown. Last week Edge speared Chris Jericho again and said that he was all Jericho could think about, and that Edge was in Chris’ mind constantly. Also last week CM Punk was screwed out of his opportunity to win the Money in the Bank match for the third time as Rey Mysterio cost him his match. Tonight will Jericho or Punk get the opportunity to strike back at their oppressors, or will they fall again.

1. Edge opens the show and heads to the ring as we see highlights of Edge beating Miz from last week. Edge looks around the crowd and says Wrestlemania is 23 days away and he’s a little concerned about his opponent, Chris Jericho. Edge continues that week after week he’s confronted Jericho, and Jericho keeps repeating the same things over and over again but Chris just keeps getting speared. Edge says the thing is the same thing will keep happening right up to Wrestlemania and at Wrestlemania Chris Jericho will get speared again. Edge starts a spear chant and out comes the Big Show. Big Show comes to the ring and Edge calls it a depressing surprise and asks what brings him to Smackdown. Edge asks him if it’s because he speared Big Show’s little buddy last week, and tonight they have a match and Show will get speared. Show says Edge is not the only reason he’s here, tonight ShowMiz find out who they face at Wrestlemania. Show says Edge got lucky beating the Miz, but tonight his luck will run out. Show says he’ll get his hands on Edge, who interrupts and asks if he’s going to eat him. Show says he eats pieces of crap for breakfast, and Edge says that explains his breath. Edge says Show’s promises mean nothing and he has a promise for show, because tonight he is going to spear him. Edge pretends to charge forward and Show drops the belts, Edge taunts Show who charges and Edge drops down sending Show tumbling to the floor. We go backstage to see Teddy Long joined by Drew McIntyre, who says people are under the impression he lost to Kane last week and says he wants Teddy to set the record straight. Teddy turns to the camera and says by order of Vince McMahon Drew’s loss has been expunged and Drew is once again undefeated. Well that’s a new way to do an undefeated streak. Teddy points out that Kane is in the MITB match and tonight Drew is in a MITB qualifier and will face Matt Hardy. Drew thanks Teddy who walks away.

2. Drew McIntyre v Matt Hardy. I love Drew’s music/video just sounds so cool and it suits his character perfectly. Matt comes out with his rookie from NXT, Justin Gabriel who made quite a splash in his first match on NXT last Tuesday. I really need to recap the first two episodes of NXT, maybe on Monday. Anyway this is a qualifier for the MITB, and they quickly lock up with Drew sending Matt to the corner and we get a clean break. Matt with a side headlock and they wind up in the ropes, and Drew gets the cheap shot in. Drew sends Matt in and nails a back elbow, then into the rear chinlock, countered by Matt who sends Drew in. Drew grabs the ropes, but runs into a pair of armdrags and rolled up. Drew able to kick out as the crowd chants Hardy. Drew hammers Matt and shoots him in, but caught with his head down and clotheslined over the top to the floor. Matt follows and rams Drew’s head into the ring apron, but runs into a hotshot on the barricade. Drew rolls in and wants the ref to count, Matt rolls in and Drew continues to stomp him as we go to commercial. We come back at Drew has a submission hold on Matt, who fights his way out and goes for Side Effect, but Drew counters into a neckbreaker for a near fall. Drew locks the arm and hammers the face of Matt, and continues to stomp Hardy. Matt tries to fight back and Drew goes for a slam, countered to a sleeper, which Drew counters to a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall, which was a cool series of counters. Drew back to the submission hold, working over the shoulder, neck and ribs of Matt, who fights his way out and catches Drew in the corner. Matt climbs the ropes but Drew nails Matt and goes for the superplex, but Matt fights him off and nails the yodeling elbow to the back of the head. Matt does the goofy white man dance and goes for Twist of Fate, countered to Future Shock, countered to a backdrop. Matt goes for TOF again, but Drew rolls him up and Matt reverses the rollup for the victory! 8.75/10 a great match and a surprising ending. So Drew’s undefeated streak now becomes a losing streak, didn’t they do this losing streak with MVP? Drew looks at the Wrestlemania banner and snaps, tearing apart the announcer desk. Drew goes around the table and tells Matt he will be at Wrestlemania. Drew starts to leave and has to turn around to grab the IC title. So far for MITB we have Christian, Benjamin, Swagger, Kane, Hardy, Ziggler, and MVP. Not a bad lineup so far, hopefully Bourne gets added in next. We go backstage to Slam Master J & John Morrison, as Slam Master shows off his abs to JoMo, and in come Truth with his rookie, Otunga. Truth says he set his rookie straight after his loss on Tuesday and says they blew it last week against Ziggler. JoMo says they both want to go to Wrestlemania and tonight is their last chance as they face two teams, the winner faces ShowMiz. Truth and JoMo go over some names for their new team, and they agree on Unified World Tag Champions. Oh good we get Rey Mysterio burying Luke Gallows coming up, I’m so excited I could plotz.

3. Shelton Benjamin v Dolph Ziggler. We get hype for Extreme Rules PPV before the match. A lock up and Shelton with a side headlock gets shot in and comes back with a shoulderblock. Ziggler goes for a kick, and Shelton catches his leg and punches Dolph. Ziggler sent to the corner and jumps over Benjamin and locks in the sleeper, but Shelton with a jawbreaker. Shelton misses the Stinger splash and Dolph rolls him up for a near fall. Dolph stomps Shelton, as Matt makes a Barry Horowitz jokes, Dolph hits a perfect standing dropkick for another near fall. Ziggler to a rear chinlock and Shelton fights out, but Dolph comes back with a neckbreaker. Dolph drops the big elbow on Shelton and gets another near fall, as Ziggler is working over Benjamin. Shelton sent in to the corner and monkey flips Shelton, but he lands on his feet and nails Ziggler with a neckbreaker on the knee. We have a slugfest now which Shelton wins, and clotheslines Ziggler down twice but caught with his head down. Shelton nails the belly to back Suplex but Ziggler able to kick out and pulls Shelton into the turnbuckle and goes back to the sleeper. Shelton fights out but Dolph lands on his feet and goes for Zig Zag, but Benjamin sends him into the buckle. Shelton nails the Paydirt for the victory. 8/10 a great competitive match, actually thought Dolph was going to win. Very good match, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when does Shelton get his main event push?

4. Jimmy Wang Yang v. Ezekiel Jackson. Nice to see our resident jobber join the show, been a while. Jackson the final ECW champ and this should be a quick squash match. The bell rings and Yang runs at Jackson who sends him flying. Yang tries to go behind and Jackson just hoists him up, but Yang hits a dropkick. Yang runs into the shoulderblock of Zeke sending Yang to the ropes, and now Jackson chokes Yang. Jackson tosses Yang in the corner and hammers the crap out of him. Jackson charges in the corner, but Yang gets the knees up twice and hits an enziguri. Yang hits a spinkick and climbs the ropes, but Jackson catches him and nails the Book of Ezekiel for the easy win. 1/10 a squash match, as expected but glad to see Zeke back. This man could be the Brock Lesnar or Goldberg if used correctly; otherwise he’ll be the next Ahmed Johnson. We go backstage to Rey Mysterio and his daughter, as Tiffany joins them. So Tiffany is now a babysitter, what a demotion from being the GM of ECW. Then again it was ECW, maybe it’s a promotion.

5. Luke Gallows v Rey Mysterio Jr. Well, this will probably be another carbon copy of every Rey match from the last five years. Get beaten up for a while, hit a drop toe hold, guy lands perfect on the ropes, hit 619, win match, go home, drink tequila and break a piñata. Just saying is all. Punk has the mic and says Rey’s popularity stems from one thing, parent’s inability to be proper role models for their children. Punk says kids buy his mask, wear his merchandise and tune in to cheer his superhero, to fill the void the parents have left. Punk says Rey is not a superhero, but just the average neglectful parent and last week people cheered Rey’s act of cowardice. Punk calls the crowd cowards like Rey, and says he’s a man who refuses to face him man to man and instead takes cheap shots. Punk says Rey stripped him of his right to be a three time MITB match winner and attacked Luke for no reason last week. Punk tells Luke it’s not his fault and he forgives him, but he doesn’t forgive Rey and tells Luke to make Rey answer for his actions. Punk tells Luke he’s not fighting for himself or Punk but for the entire Straight Edge Society. Luke readies for action as Rey comes to the ring and the bell rings. Rey tries to use his speed, but Gallows catches Rey and hammers him. Luke sends Rey in but Rey comes back with a low dropkick, however Luke catches Rey in a belly to back Suplex and goes back to stomping Rey. Luke misses a clothesline and Rey hits a headscissor takedown, but Luke catches Rey with a flying shoulderblock. We see Darren Young, Punk’s protégé backstage, while Luke continues to pummel Rey and the fans chant 619. Don’t worry monkeys; Rey will hit his one move as always. Luke gets caught with his head down and charges at Rey, who pulls the ropes down and Luke tumbles to the floor as we go to commercial. We come back and Rey is kicking the legs of Luke who answers with a short arm clothesline and follows with a big elbow drop. Luke sends Rey in, but eats a foot and Rey springs up but Luke just punches him and whips Rey into the steel post. Punk comes around the ring and smiles at the fallen Rey, as Luke comes out after him. Luke presses Rey over the top back in the ring, as Punk applauds approvingly. Rey shot in the corner and Luke nails a nice belly to belly Suplex for a near fall and drives the knee in the back of Rey. Luke with a rear chinlock as he cranks back on the neck of Rey, who kicks his way out and comes off the ropes. Luke catches him in a fall away slam, shades of JBL, scoring a near fall. Luke pummels the spine of Rey and pulls him up into the bearhug. Rey fights his way out and Luke sends him to the corner and nails a shoulderblock, but Rey avoids the second one. Rey slides to the apron and hits a springboard senton, then a springing crossbody for a near fall. Rey off the ropes and Luke catch him with a clothesline as Serena cheers on Gallows. Serena still looks hot even with her short hair, just saying. Rey hits a flying X-Factor and climbs the ropes, but Luke catches him on the top rope and climbs up with him, but Rey knocks him off. Rey dives down but Luke catches him with an uppercut and follows with the big splash for a near fall, which should’ve been the end. Rey comes back like nothing’s happened and locks in a dragon sleeper, but Luke makes the ropes. Rey clips the knee and Luke of course lands perfectly on the ropes. Rey goes for 619 but Serena jumps on the apron and Mysterio stops dead, the ref busy with Serena and Punk slides in. Rey goes after Punk and turns into a powerbomb from Luke, but Rey shifts his weight and lands on Luke for the win. 6/10 not a bad match, but no one expected Rey to lose. The little twit beats three people by himself, that’s so believable. I’m so tired of Rey and his unstoppable underdog crap; you can’t be an underdog if you never lose. After the match Punk gets in the ring and goes for GTS, but Rey fights off and slides out of the ring. Rey runs up the ramp, as the Straight Edge Society glare at him.

6. The Hart Dynasty v Cryme Tyme v R-Truth & John Morrison. So we have two established teams against one new team, gee I wonder who’s going to win. Would love to see Harts win, but never going to happen, and I hate Cryme Tyme but even they would deserve it more, but I hear Shad may be gone soon. So that leaves the makeshift team of JoMo and Truth, whatever happened to tag teams being together for years, Demolition, Hart Foundation, Young Stallions, Bulldogs, Killer Bees, etc. Now we get makeshift team after makeshift team, Jerishow, ShowMiz, Truth/JoMo, etc. We start with JoMo and Shad and they get face to face, JoMo quickly unloads on Shad, but Shad overpowers JoMo. JoMo uses his speed to try and take down the big man, but he catches Morrison and nails a spinebuster for a near fall as we go to commercial. Not bad one minute in and commercial, this match gets as much respect as a diva match. We come back and JTG with a rear chinlock on JoMo and JoMo sends JTG to the corner and JTG tags in Shad. The double team JoMo and Kidd tags himself in, JTG dropkicks Kidd who tags in Smith. Smith nails JoMo and hits a perfect rolling belly to belly Suplex that was awesome looking. Smith stomps on JoMo and pulls him up. Smith goes for the vertical Suplex, but JoMo flips out and comes off the ropes. Both men collide head to head, Smith tags in Kidd who goes after Cryme Tyme, since that’s the corner JoMo landed in, but this allows JoMo to roll to his corner and tag in Truth. Truth opens up quickly on Kidd and hits a big boot for a near fall, but Smith breaks it up and Shad comes in, JoMo clotheslines Shad and Smith over the top and all three tumbles out. JTG grabs Truth from behind, who turns around and nails JTG while Kidd hits a perfect springboard dropkick for the near fall, should’ve been the end there. Kidd shots Truth in and misses the clothesline; Truth comes back with the Lie Detector for the win. 7/10 not a bad match, but Cryme Tyme always drag a match down. The wrong team won, even though I’m a huge fan of JoMo, I’d rather see the Harts get the title shot. After the match we get a dance contest from Truth & Wisdom.

7. Edge v Big Show. I love how Edge is the new lone wolf, which was Barry Windham’s old nickname in WCW in the early 90s. Show misses a punch and Edge goes for a punch but Show hits a headbutt. Show with a second headbutt and then chokes Edge in the corner. Show punches Edge then stands on him, as Edge rolls out of the ring. Show grabs Edge who slingshots Show on the top rope. Show nails a shoulderblock on Edge and then the big chop on the Rated R Superstar. Show back to the choke on Edge, who rolls to the apron. Show goes outside and tries to ram Edge in the post but Edge sends Show in. Show slowly gets in the ring and Edge hammers Show, but Show comes back with a big headbutt. Show slams Edge down and stands over Edge then choking him on the ropes. Show with another headbutt, as Show has dominated the match so far, and Show with a rear chinlock. Edge fights out with a jawbreaker and starts to hammer Show, who answers back with a kneelift then a big slam. Show climbs the ropes and goes for the Vader Bomb but Edge wisely rolls out of the way. Edge pulls himself up in the corner and Show charges in, but Edge gets a boot up and goes for the tornado DDT. Show pushes Edge off into the corner and charges in, but Edge slides under him and hits a bulldog on Show. Show kicks out with ease and then tosses Edge across the ring before signaling for the chokeslam. Edge counters into a DDT and readies for the spear. Edge spears the Big Show down and scores the win. 6.5/10 could’ve been better, was mostly dominance from Show. That really didn’t make the number one contender look good. After the match Jericho from out of nowhere slides in the ring and tries to nail Edge with the title. Edge ducks under and spears Jericho again, sending Jericho to the floor. Edge grabs the mic and says Chris Jericho just got speared, as the crowd chants spear. Edge stands victorious in the ring, as Jericho heads up the ramp still holding his World title.

Match Recap:

1. Matt Hardy beat Drew McIntyre 8.75/10

2. Shelton Benjamin pinned Dolph Ziggler 8/10

3. Ezekiel Jackson crushed Jimmy Wang Yang 1/10

4. Rey Mysterio beat Luke Gallows 6/10

5. John Morrison & R-Truth beat Cryme Tyme & Hart Dynasty 7/10

6. Edge pinned Big Show 6.5/10

This was a pretty good show this week, two great matches, one good match and two not bad matches. Don’t quite understand the losing streak/undefeated streak for Drew, hope they have something big for this. Has Straight Edge Society won a match since the Rumble? The best guy on the mic and they have him as big a jobber as Iron Mike Sharpe. I don’t get the booking of this company some days; those are days that end in Y. Nothing ever seems to make sense they way they do things. They’ve dropped the ball on the Bret/McMahon story; it’s just another McMahon feud. Couldn’t care less about Cena/Batista, the two most overrated wrestlers in history, and Taker/Shawn is either going to be great or a massive failure, there’s no middle ground for the match. If Shawn wins and ends the streak it ends one of the best things about Wrestlemania, personally I’d rather see both guys put career on the line and it goes to a draw and both leave. The Edge/Jericho build has not been great, but both guy can deliver and should have the match of the night at Wrestlemania. Well, that brings us another week closer to ‘Mania and lots of rumored releases coming. Hopefully Hornswoggle is one of them, guess we’ll wait and see.


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