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Friday Night Smackdown – February 26, 2010
February 28, 2010, 9:58 am
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   Let’s get this week complete with Smackdown, tonight Mickie James defends her women’s title against the dog faced gremlin, no not Rick Steiner, Michelle McCool. The special referee for the match is Vickie Guerrero, which of course means the title will chance hands. Before we begin though, I’d like to acknowledge the release of three stars, Hurricane, Paul Burchill & Maria. Hurricane’s was not a surprise after his arrest, although he was talented. I assumed he’d slide by just because he was popular with the kids, the key demographic of the WWE now. Paul Burchill’s release was not a surprise as they’ve done nothing with him. Burchill is such an unused talent, he has charisma, character, talent and ability, but never got a real push. Hopefully he can get a chance in TNA and maybe be used right. After all look what TNA has done with Morgan & Dinero. Maria’s release was a huge shock though, as I just finished watching her match on Superstars. It seemed like they we’re going to be using her more and then suddenly she’s fired. Some people are saying it’s because of her tweets, as she has talked about wanting to concentrate on her music. If so WWE has dropped the ball, they could’ve used that to push her. Of course same could be said for Mickie, as her single debuted and we’ve heard nothing about it on TV. I heard Mickie’s single and it was actually pretty good, but WWE won’t acknowledge it. Of course if horseface brought out a CD of her scratchy voice they’d plug it to the moon, calling her the next megastar, but that’s what happens when you have ‘stroke’ with the top talent. Maria’s release came at a surprising time, considering she is on the next season of Apprentice which starts next week, another way they could’ve pushed her. I expect more releases as we head to Wrestlemania, and I expect that Jillian, Katie Lea, Goldust, Kozlov and others times are going to be up soon. Of course with Maria gone on Smackdown that leaves Mickie James as the only face on the show, something that needs to be fixed ASAP. Another reason I think we’re going to have Maryse v. McCool at Wrestlemania to unite the titles as the only ones on Smackdown are Mickie, McCool, Layla, Phoenix & Natalya. If the match happens, you can bet the house that McCool wins, as they’re hell bent on making her the biggest star in the company. Almost makes me wish Stephanie would come back to wrestle, picture that power struggle. Of course the promos alone could deafen the entire planet with those voices. Well, with that let’s get to the show.

  1. We open tonight’s show the same way we opened this weeks RAW, with the talented World Champion, Chris Jericho. Jericho says the obvious, that he’s the World Champion, as he holds his title over his head. After fifteen months, Jericho continues, he is now where he belongs as World Champion. Jericho says last Monday was supposed to be his inaugural ball and a chance for the crowd to give him the respect that he deserves, but that didn’t happen as Edge took it away from him. Jericho says he didn’t deserve that, as Edge comes down the aisle and Jericho glares at him. Did Stryker just say Jericho swallowed a persimmon? Edge start out by saying as much as he hates to do it, he has to congratulate Jericho on winning the World Title. Jericho responds that of course he did it because he’s the best in the world at what he does. Edge replies he’s the best at getting speared, as he mocks Jericho’s wins over the years. Edge tells Chris he has feeling the spears are not just getting to him physically but they’re getting to him mentally because he sees doubt in Jericho’s eyes. Edge asks Chris if he thinks he can beat him, and Jericho responds of course he can. Edge says the last thing Jericho sees at night is Edge and first thing in the morning is Jericho, that sounded pretty gay actually. Edge says he wants Jericho to be at him best at Wrestlemania, and doesn’t want him to show up with doubt or he’ll get one more spear and it’s all over. Jericho says Edge will never spear him again and starts to turn away and instead punches Edge. Jericho goes for the Codebreaker but Edge holds the ropes and spears Jericho again.
  2. John Morrison v. Dolph Ziggler v. R-Truth. This is the second Money in the Bank qualifier for Wrestlemania, to join Christian. Let’s hope JoMo can score the win and then win the MITB, it’s time to pull the trigger on his main event push. John is easily the best in the WWE right now, and most exciting to watch. Truth comes out with his rookie, Otunga, who is a future star. The bell rings and Dolph smartly slides out of the ring, and Truth and Morrison decide to go after him. They toss Dolph in and hit a double elbow sending Ziggler back to the floor. Now Truth and JoMo lock up, and JoMo with a armbar, shoots him in the corner, but Truth up and over then hits a side kick for a pin attempt, broken by Ziggler. Ziggler quickly slides back out and JoMo with a side headlock on Truth, shot in and slides under Truth and hits a dropkick for a pin attempt. Once again broken up by Dolph, who bails again, but JoMo chases him. Ziggler slides in and eats a clothesline from Truth, who then clotheslines JoMo out. Dolph gets tossed over the top to the feet of Otunga, and then Truth hits a dive over the top on Ziggler and then slides Ziggler in, but JoMo catches Truth coming in as we go to commercial. We come back and Ziggler with a rear chinlock on Truth as we see JoMo on the floor holding his shoulder. Truth tries to fight out but Ziggler hammers him down then baseball slide on JoMo. He turns into a right from Truth, but avoids a punch and locks on the sleeper. Dolph falls back wit the sleeper as Truth is fading, but JoMo makes the save and opens up on Ziggler. He shoots Ziggler in the corner, but misses the charges and Ziggler hits a Fame-Asser for a near fall, as he channels his inner Billy Gunn. That move could really break a neck, just ask Marty Jannetty about that, if you can find him.  Ziggler kicks Truth out and waits for JoMo to get up and hits a nice inverted slam for a near fall, that was impressive. Dolph points to the Wrestlemania banner and lifts up JoMo, but JoMo rolls him up and Truth breaks it up. Truth tosses out JoMo, but eats a perfect dropkick from Ziggler who gets a near fall. Dolph goes for Zigzag but Truth holds the ropes, and Truth charges but Dolph powerslams him for a near fall. Ziggler waits for Truth to get up but gets rolled up and JoMo breaks the pin attempt. JoMo hammers Ziggler and hits the leaping side kick, but Truth rolls him up from behind for the near fall. Truth hits a big boot and Ziggler makes the save this time. Truth with a jawbreaker on Ziggler then goes for the Lie Detector, but Ziggler drops down and Truth nails JoMo. Ziggler breaks another pin attempt and tosses Truth out and covers Morrison who kicks out. Ziggler gets JoMo in the corner and sets him for the superplex, but JoMo fights him off. Both men fighting on the top as Truth comes in and now all three up top. Ziggler knocked to the floor from a right hand from JoMo, and he landed hard, looked like he bounced his head off the ring apron. That had to freaking hurt, just looked brutal to watch. Truth goes for a superplex, but John holds the ropes and nails a sunset flip/powerbomb on Truth. JoMo looks at the banner and hits Starship Pain for the pin, but Dolph pulls him out and quickly makes the cover for the upset win! 9.5/10 simply an amazing match, one of the best TV matches in a while. Three great wrestlers show how to do a triple threat match, awesome. A surprising win, which made the match even better. I’m a huge fan of JoMo, but impressed to see Ziggler score the win. So what does this mean for JoMo at ‘Mania?
  3. Michelle McCool v. Mickie James. Vickie is the ref for this match, which is just going to be a screw job. When is Mickie’s contract up anyway, she needs to get out of this company. Mickie looks great today, as she always does, she looks perfect with the title. Good lord, did Stryker just say Mickie is going back to her wig-wam? The bell rings and Mickie should just nail Vickie to get disqualified, saves her losing the title, but why interject good thinking in a storyline designed to push horseface? Horseface with a side headlock, but Mickie shoots her in and horseface comes back with a shoulderblock. Mickie responds with two dropkicks, but an armbar from horseface sends Mickie to the corner. Mickie fights out with a series of kicks and a neckbreaker for a pin attempt, which Vickie of course doesn’t count. Mickie gets in her face and McCool tries to throw her out, but Mickie reverses and then a baseball slide on horseface. Mickie with a nice hurricanrana on the floor as Vickie screams at her. Mickie rams horseface face first in the barricade, might improve her looks, no nothing can save her. Mickie tosses her in and goes to follow, but Layla comes over, so she kicks Scary Spice, but this allows horseface to pull her legs out. Horseface throws her in and hammers Mickie’s head in the mat. We see Beth Phoenix backstage watching the match, as horseface kicks Mickie. It should be Beth v. Mickie, and McCool needs to be future endeavored. Just saying is all. Horseface poses and scares young children, and turns all the straight men in the front row gay, but turns into a series of punches from Mickie. Horseface gets a knee in, and goes for the Styles Clash, but Mickie counters into a head scissor takedown and follows with a clothesline. Mickie shoots her in, but caught in a belly to belly and Vickie falls out of the ring. What the hell was that, as Layla helps her up and pats her ass. Michelle distracted and Mickie rolls her up for three, but Vickie doesn’t bother to count and instead slaps Mickie. Mickie gets in Vickie’s face, but horseface nails a kick and gets a quick count to regain the title. 2/10 all points go to Mickie for carrying these three pieces of shit. Nice to see Mickie gets embarrassed for months and still has to lay down to this piece of garbage. Despicable, she needs to go to SHIMMER or even Wrestlelicious, because this company has respect for her.
  4. Kane v. Drew McIntyre. This is the third qualifier for the Money in the Bank match, which means either Kane is in it again or we don’t get a IC title match at ‘Mania. Either way we lose. I’d rather see a fatal four way elimination at Wrestlemania between Drew, JoMo, Miz & MVP to unite the two titles, but that won’t happen. Drew comes out to his new kickass music, which is my favorite music in WWE right now, and has a mic. Drew says he is undefeated and no one in the WWE has been able to beat him, not even Kane. Drew says he dropped Kane last Sunday and after beating him tonight he will win MITB and the prophecy will be fulfilled at Wrestlemania, he’ll be the IC Champ, World Champ and still undefeated. That would be cool, maybe he wins MITB, HHH (who gets himself in the Cena/Batista match) wins the RAW title and then Drew cashes in after the match to win the title. We start the match with Kane quickly going after Drew who hides in the corner, then goes for a cheapshot, but Kane blocks and hammers Drew done. Kane stomps the hell out of Drew in the corner and won’t let off. Kane pulls him out of the corner and nails a float over suplex for a near fall. Kane with the snapmare/dropkick combo, but Drew bails before the dropkick and nails Kane on the apron. Drew with a neckbreaker using the top rope and then opens up  on Kane. Drew clotheslines Kane down hard for a two count, as Kane kicks out and Drew goes right to the headlock. Kane fights out after quite a while in the headlock, but shrugs it off and hits the corner clothesline twice. Kane follows up with the sidewalk slam for a near fall, Kane then climbs the ropes. Kane misses the diving lariat and Drew nails a modified Zigzag for a near fall, that was cool looking. Drew goes for the Future Shock, but Kane forces Drew into the corner and charges in, but eats an elbow. Drew rushes right into Kane’s big hand for a chokeslam, but he fights out. Kane catches Drew with a big boot and gets a near fall. Drew pulls himself up in the corner, and accidentally trips the ref. This distracts Kane as Drew goes for Future Shock, but Kane backdrops him out. Kane kicks Drew’s hands off and nails a boot to the head for the win. 6/10 not a bad match, but what a shitty way to end his undefeated streak. That was a load of crap doing that, they had a license to print money with Drew and of course dropped the ball. Vintage WWE in screwing up a young guys push for a guy who hasn’t been over in years. Drew gets up after Kane left and realizes he lost his first match and goes after the ref who bails. Drew snaps and grabs his title and slams his fist on the table and screams at  Stryker. So now he’s going to turn psychotic maybe, I hope they have something good planned for Drew, he’s to talented to drop the ball on him. We see Miz walking backstage as we go to commercial.
  5. Miz comes down the aisle and says as one half of the tag champs he can go anywhere he wants and can defend the titles against anyone, yet they don’t have a match for Wrestlemania. Miz says they need challengers and on behalf of Big Show he asks Teddy to find them challengers, it’s going to be Khali & Hardy I bet. God help us, Khali and Show in the same ring, could the world handle that much suck in one match? Miz does his catchphrase and out comes Teddy, who says he’ll take that under advisement, but without Show there is no tag match tonight so instead we’ll have singles match tonight. Teddy asks if Miz needs to hide behind Show, and Miz says he’s not afraid of anyone, it’s got to be Khali now, they’re making it look obvious. Teddy says since he’s not afraid he has the perfect opponent for him, he’s going to face Edge. OK, I was wrong, this will be a much better match. Another MITB qualifier tonight, wow they’re pushing them out quickly.
  6. CM Punk v. Shelton Benjamin. How many MITB’s has Shelton been in and how many has he won? I don’t know who I’d rather see in the match, the king of spots or the two time winner. Although I think this will be the year the winner doesn’t win the title, it needs to happen inevitably. Grisham says Shelton has been in 4 out of 5 MITB matches, more then anyone else. They lock up and Punk gets him in the corner and hammers Shelton down. The ref tries to pull him back and Punk goes back to Shelton, then shoots him in, but reversed and Shelton gets a couple kicks in, sending Punk to the floor. Punk catches Shelton trying to pull him in and hits a springboard clothesline then hammers the head of Benjamin. Shelton pulls himself up in the corner, and Punk sends him chest first to the opposite corner. Punk with a side headlock as he tries to slow down Benjamin, who fights his way out, but Punk able to nail a neckbreaker for a two count. Punk with a headscissor on Benjamin, as he tries to make Benjamin tap out, but Shelton rolls over and lifts up Punk on his shoulders. Punk slides down and hammers Shelton, but Shelton with a go behind and a quick German suplex gets a two. We have a slugfest now, as Shelton shoots him in and nails a pair of chops. Punk sends him in the corner, but he springs to the second rope and nails Punk with a clothesline, but misses the Stinger Splash. Punk hits the kick to the side of the head for a near fall, as Benjamin is hurting pulls himself up in the corner. Punk hits the knee, but Benjamin avoids the bulldog as Luke gets on the apron. The distraction costs Benjamin as Punk gets him on his shoulders for GTS, but Rey pulls Luke down. Punk distracted and Shelton quickly hits Pay Dirt for the win. 6.25/10 not a bad match, but could’ve been a lot better. So we have Shelton, Christian, Ziggler and Kane so far in the MITB, interesting.
  7. Edge v. Miz. They start with a lock up, and Edge pushes Miz back. Another lockup, and Edge sent to the corner by Miz, who misses a punch then hides from Edge in the corner. A third lockup and Edge with a go behind takedown on Miz, who fights him way to his feet and Edge nails a nice bridging suplex for a one count. Edge with a side headlock and Miz shoots him in, but Edge comes back with a shoulderblock. Been a slow start for the match so far. Edge back to the side headlock, and Miz gets a knee in then hammers Edge sending him to the floor. Miz goes for the baseball slide and Edge slides in, Miz slides back in and Edge slides back out. Miz comes back out and Edge tosses him into the barricade then throws him in the ring. Edge gets Miz in the corner and sends him to the opposite corner and charges in, Miz gets a foot up and Edge slides out of the ring. Edge pulls Miz’s foot out and the pops Miz from the apron, but Miz gets a knee in again and tosses Edge to the steel post as we go to commercial. We come back and Miz is working over the Rated R Superstar, Miz cranks the neck of Edge, who fights his way out, but Miz pulls him down by the hair. Miz hits a running kick to the head of Edge for a near fall. Miz chokes Edge on the ropes and drives a knee to the back. Miz hammers Edge in the corner and follows up with the corner clothesline as only Miz can do, that move needs a cool name. Miz climbs the ropes and dives down, but Edge catches him and flapjacks Miz. Miz up first and hammers Edge, but Edge able to get a side Russian legsweep, as we see Daniel Bryan watching the match backstage. Both men slow to get up, and Edge gets a pair of right in and catches Miz with a big boot. Edge with a pair of clotheslines, and gets shot in, but jumps over Miz and hits a reverse DDT for two. Edge picks up Miz and goes for the DDT, but reversed into the reverse DDT of Miz for a near fall. Miz stalks Edge and readies for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Edge slides out and nails the Impaler on Miz. Edge with the best facial expressions in wrestling, as he readies for the spear. Edge hits a huge spear on Miz to score the win. 7.25/10 a good match, but there was no doubt Edge was going to win.

Match Recap:

  • Dolph Ziggler beat John Morrison & Truth 9.5/10
  • Michelle McCool beat Mickie James 2/10
  • Kane pinned Drew McIntyre 6/10
  • Shelton Benjamin beat CM Punk 6.25/10
  • Edge pinned Miz 7.25/10

All in all this was a good episode tonight. Four really good matches, with one being an early match of the year for me. Other then the crap with McCool I enjoyed this week’s episode, and we have four of eight names for the MITB match. I expect Bourne to wind up in the match as well. Still think it’s going to be ShowMiz v. Khali & Hardy at Wrestlemania, who else is there, unless they add in Hart Dynasty for a triple threat?


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