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TNA Impact – February 25, 2010


   Coming off last week’s strong PPV, TNA delivered an odd mix of good and bad last week on Impact. We had three very good matches last week, and finally got to see a different knockout. I’m a huge of Angelina and the Beautiful People, as you can see in my banner for the site, but others needed some TV time and it was nice to see Daffney. Daffney gets more TV time tonight as she faces ODB and that should be another good match. We also saw the return of Kaz, dropping the Suicide gimmick, and having a great eight man X division match. But I still don’t understand the jobbing of Joe to Orlando last week, and then he was abducted later in the show. Hopefully we get some kind of explanation about that. Last week’s main event was one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time, as it barely went two minutes. Which was a shame considering you had two of the best in TNA in the ring, a major letdown. Let’s hope tonight they can pull of a good show, but we do have another Nasty Boy/Team 3D match, so let’s hope that is quick.

   We open the show with Abyss and Jeremy Borash backstage, along with a few other guys we don’t see on TV enough. Abyss is recounting the tale of Hulk Hogan handing him his Hall of Fame ring last week. Is this going to turn him into Super Abyss, maybe he can wear a cape. With the release of  Hurricane yesterday maybe TNA can bring him in as the Tsunami. Sounds like a TNA idea to me. From there we get the recap of Abyss and Eric Bischoff from last week and Hulk making the save. Cue the opening music, have I said I’m happy to see Daffney in the opening video? Mike Tenay and Taz announce that tonight Abyss faces Desmond Wolfe, should be good, and Rob Terry v. Ken Anderson, I smell a train wreck!

  1. AJ Styles and Dick Flair make their way to the ring, as Taz updates us on The Pope’s condition after the attack last week. Taz says Pope has partially torn ligaments in his ankle. AJ starts out by saying last week Pope came out to his home and tried to make it his temple. AJ says Pope tried to put himself on a pedestal and be a champion of the people, AJ calls that cute and says Pope wants to be the golden boy. AJ says Pope will not win the belt and wants to be a man but he is the man. Ric Flair behind AJ just keeps going Whoo, as AJ says Pope won’t be walking for a long time. Flair says last week something happened that has him going crazy, as he says Hulk gave his HOF ring to Abyss. This is going to be the setup for Abyss/AJ for the Monday Night Show in March? Flair says Hulk was never Ric Flair and never will be and calls out “The Abyss” who comes out to Hulk Hogan’s Theme from WCW, isn’t that owned by WWE now? Abyss coming out to American Made just seems weird for some reason, as he gets in Flair’s face. Flair asks what is he doing coming out to that music, and calls Abyss pathetic. Flair says when he looks at Abyss he wants to puke and puts his finger in Abyss’ face and tells him he is not a Hall of Fame wrestler and makes him sick. F;air tells Abyss all he is good for is shining AJ’s boots and calls him a clown, does that mean he’s coming out to Doink’s music next week? Abyss tells Flair he’s right, he couldn’t shine the shoes because he’s not a shoe shine boy but he’d be more then happy to remove AJ’s boots and stick them up Flair’s ass. Flair gets in Abyss’ face and asks him if he knows who he’s talking to, AJ pulls him back and tells Abyss to shut up and calls him a piece of crap. AJ says the people came to see the World Champion and calls Abyss a disgrace and tells him he’s an ugly six foot eight disgrace. Flair tells him to take the ring off and put it on AJ’s finger now, and Abyss points at AJ like Hulk does. Hulk comes down the aisle to defend his protégé, and asks AJ what he knows about having a good name. Hulk says in this ring there are a couple of guys who will go down in history, and asks AJ if he wants to be the weakest champ of all time. Flair gets in Hulk’s face and says he knew this would happen sooner then later and came to TNA because everything Hulk touches turns to gold. Hulk tells Flair to back his ass up as Flair asks what is he doing giving his HOF ring to Abyss? Flair tosses the mic down and removes his jacket, as does Styles, Hulk looks at Abyss and nods as they toss down their microphones. AJ & Flair quickly bail out of the ring and head up the ramp, as Flair tells Hulk he bought some time tonight and before the night is over the ring will be on AJ’s finger. So is Flair going to propose to AJ tonight, are we going to relive Billy and Chuck? AJ Flair?
  2. Nasty Boys v. Team 3D. This is a table match, and I hope this is quick. Glad we start with this, then we can forget about it. Seriously the Nasty Boys were never good in their prime, let alone now 15 years later. We start quickly on the ramp as all four men brawl around the Impact Zone. Sags and D-Von in the ring, as Sags tosses D-Von in the corner and hits an avalanche. D-Von catches him coming in for a second one and nails a clothesline as both men brawl to the outside as Knobs and Bubba in the ring. Knobs hits a back elbow and shoots Bubba in the corner, but Bubba hits an elbow then a flying shoulderblock. Bubba hammers on Knobs as Sags comes in and gets slammed down. Bubba signals for the What’s Up move, hey guys 2001 called they want their move back! Bubba yells to D-Von to get the table and D-Von obliges as he sends the table in. They set up the table, but turn around into a pair of clotheslines from the Nasty Boys. Nasty Boys go to toss D-Von into the table, but Bubba moves the table then climbs the ropes. Jimmy Hart grabs him ankle, allowing Sags to slam Bubba down. Suddenly we see Jesse Neal make his way down the ramp and he grabs the helmet from Jimmy and tosses it to D-Von. D-Von clobbers Sags and they hit 3D through the table on Sags for the win. 5/10 it was better then the PPV match, and they kept it short at least. We go backstage to Mick Foley with Eric Bischoff, as Foley asks if it was all a setup last week getting him out of the building. Eric says he doesn’t understand his paranoia, Foley says having Eric around causes paranoia. Eric says to focus on the end result as Abyss has Hulk-a-mania in the palm of his hand. Foley asks if he’s taking credit for it, and he says he is, if he had not gone after Abyss, Hogan would never have saved him. Eric tells Hulk to let it go, everything is fine and Foley needs to live up to his end of the bargain and wants to know where the suit is. Foley says it’s back at the hotel and Eric tells he lived up to his end and Foley leaves to get the suit.
  3. ODB v. Daffney. Here’s the match I’ve been waiting for, been a while since we’ve seen the former champ, ODB. We see the recap of last week when Daffney destroyed Tara with a steel chair. Daffney has one of the hottest ring entrances ever, just saying is all. Daffney charges ODB but she moves and slaps Daffney’s ass, is it bad to be jealous of ODB? Daffney chops the ample chest of Daffney and tosses her into the opposite corner, and another chop. Daffney tossed again to the corner, as we get the mini interview with Tara. ODB laying a beating on Daffney in the corner, but misses the charge as Daffney nails a back elbow then takes out the knee of ODB. Daffney starts to work over the knee, as Tara says she’ll be ready for a rematch with Daffney. I hope this leads to a title reign for Daffney, she deserves it. Daffney continues to work the knee as she rams it into the steel post repeatedly. Daffney pulls out a piece of the steel stairs and hammers the knee of ODB drawing a DQ. 5/10 ok, it wasn’t much of a match, but I’m biased towards Daffney. so there, at least I’ll admit it! Daffney continues to hammer the knee with a broom know, as Dr. Stevie pulls her back, while she screams loudly. We go backstage to Borash with Matt Morgan and Hernandez, Hernandez says they’ve talked over the match from the PPV and it’s in the past. Morgan says he saw an opportunity and he grabbed it, Hernandez says literally. Matt says he didn’t do anything Hernandez wouldn’t have done, and it’s ancient history now. Matt continues by saying they are focused on defending their tag titles against anyone, anytime, anyplace. Hernandez says that’s who we are and what we do. We now see Hall & Pac outside the ring searching through a dumpster, maybe their looking for their long lost talent!
  4. Beer Money in the ring, as Roode says two years ago they decided to form this tag team and one that day they made a promise to be the best. Roode says he and James built a reputation that can be summed up in one word, pride, and they wanted to be the best and now they are. I agree, but how many tag teams are there anyway? Storm says they don’t want a war of words with Bischoff or Hogan, but they’ve been there since the beginning when the veterans didn’t want to come in. Storm continues by saying they’ve made this company lots of money but for some reason the new regime wants Beer Money on the sidelines and that don’t set well with them. Storm says Roode needs to make money and he needs to buy beer, and they’ve seen the highs and lows and right now TNA is at it’s highest point. Storm says to get to the next level TNA needs some Beer Money, and if they don’t, sorry about your damn luck. This brings out one half of the tag champs, Hernandez, who says they don’t have to prove anything as he knows their reputation and how good they are. Hernandez says just like BMI they want to be the best and he’s going to go to Hulk’s office and ask for a title shot for Destination X, for Beer Money. Roode says the answer is yes, and Hernandez says may the best team win. We go to Jeremy with Nash and Young, as JB says it complicates matters to make the ring with Hall & Pac not under contract. Nash says they don’t need a ring or ref to do what they need to do, Young says they don’t want a match they want TV time. Young says it would be TNA’s highest rated segment, doubt it, as he says they will send Hall & Pac packing. Nash says he did what he could and they jumped him, but he can live with the physical pain, but the emotional pain is too much. We now see Jarrett heading into Eric’s office now, as he says last week because he didn’t want to play by his rules he send his six dogs after him. Jarrett says it will take a hell of a lot more to run him out of his company, and he’s fought for everything he’s got. Eric apologizes and Jeff says don’t give him that crap and he’s worked to hard for this. Eric says it’s been tough on both of them and it’s hard for him to adjust to things. Eric says it took a lot of stones to stand up to him and Jeff did the right thing and he respects that. Eric asks Jeff to meet him in the ring and he will give him the opportunity he deserves and asks Jeff to trust him. Eric says he needs Jeff to trust him so they can build a bridge and do the right thing. Jeff says he’ll see him out there.
  5. Eric Bischoff comes to the ring after the commercial and thanks the crowd for the warm reception, as they boo him, he tells the crowd he loves hem. Eric says one of the things he prides himself on is he is man enough to admit his mistakes, Eric calls Jeff Jarrett to the ring, and asks for his music to play this time, and out comes Jeff with his pyro too! Eric says the situation between them has been tough, but he can put it behind him and he asks for something from his office to be brought down. The barbed wire baseball bat is brought to the ring, and Eric holds it and says it may have been wrong to ask Jeff to use it. Eric says Jeff did the right thing not using it on Abyss last week, but the problem is he didn’t do the right thing by him. Eric throws the bat down and says that’s the problem between them as Jeff doesn’t want to do what he’s told. Eric says since he didn’t want to use the bat, he can head back to catering, as he pulls out a spatula and tells Jeff to go flip some burgers. Eric then puts a hairnet on Jarrett, and asks him if he as anything to say, as he could just quit and make it easy. Eric says he didn’t think so, happy flipping and leaves the ring. We go backstage to the tag champs, as Morgan is mad at Hernandez about challenging Beer Money without him. Hernandez asks him what the problem is, Matt says he assumed they’d start with Generation Me or the Machine Guns, he said what he said because it sounded good. Matt says they need to be on the same page and Hernandez says he’s right but he doesn’t want to shy away from anyone. Hernandez apologizes and they leave.
  6. Brian Kendrick v. Kazarian. The winner gets the title shot at Destination X, should be a good match. Kendrick with an armbar but Kaz reverses and we have dueling chants already! Kendrick fights out and back to the armbar, but Kaz flips out and nails the springboard legdrop. Kendrick pulls himself into the corner, as Kaz hits the corner dropkick, which looked awesome, followed by a nip up. A second corner charge misses and Kendrick hits an enziguiri and then a neckbreaker gets a two count, as the crowd gets louder.  Another match minimized as we get a recap of Joe’s abduction from last week, way to make the match look unimportant! Kendrick gets caught on the top rope as Kaz kicks him in the head then a running boot while Kendrick still on the top rope. Kaz climbs up the ropes and nails the Flux Capacitor for the win, that is a freaking awesome move. 5/10 way too short a match, these two could’ve had a good fifteen to twenty minute match, but got shortchanged. Very disappointed by that, was expecting gold and got pewter! way too much TV time wasted on Eric, Jarrett, Nash, Young, Hall and Pac. Speaking of which we now get the exciting footage of Nash and Young taping their wrists! Wow, that was the greatest moment in TV history! Now to JB with Abyss, who says anyone who wants the ring can come and try. Abyss says along with power comes great responsibility as Hulk saw something in him and the ring has given him powers he never thought he had. Abyss says now he’s not the lord but he’s the monster of the ring! We see Rob Terry warming up for his match, and Brutus spins him around and says he carried him for almost a year and will learn not to bite the hand that fed him. Brutus says the minute he put his hands on him they’re finished and now he will answer to him as he pokes him. Terry grabs his finger and says thanks for the warning, now piss off.
  7. Rob Terry v. Ken Anderson. This might be worse then the Nasty Boys match earlier. Anderson comes out and grabs his microphone from the sky and says we’re looking at the next Global Champion. It’s such a prestigious title, like the European or Diva title in WWE! Anderson says he’s supposed to feel sorry for spitting on the medal, as he pulls a medal out of his shirt. Suddenly we see Angle rise from under the ramp with a chair. Angle stands quietly behind Anderson as he continues to mock Angle’s medals. Anderson says his medal came from a widow too, but she was Vietnamese. Wait, is he doing the Vietnam war, what the hell decade is Anderson in? That war ended in the 70s, way to keep up with the news Ken! Angle slams the chair across the back of Anderson, which knocks him out cold, well I’ve head of a glass jaw, but a glass back? Angle motions to Terry to come over to him, as Angle puts his medal on. Angle tells Terry he’s all yours and Terry lifts him up, as Anderson’s feet hit the camera! Terry carries his carcass back to the ring and throws it in as the bell rings. Terry lifts up Anderson again and hits a powerslam for the win. DUD not a match, basically storyline, much like Cena/Batista on RAW. We now see Jarrett flipping burgers, wait, didn’t they do this same shit with Eric Bischoff on RAW or was it Nitro? We get a cool little video of the knockout, that was the best part of the show, I did about 200 caps from that little segment. Nice seeing Sarita, Taylor and Val since we never see them on TV. When was the last time we saw Taylor or Sarita, or Hamada for that matter?
  8. Eric Young & Kevin Nash v. Scott Hall & X-Pac. This takes place in the parking lot, and has no ref, basically just a brawl. Hall and Nash head outside and Pac is waiting for them, Young goes right at him why is a trash can on a table. Suddenly we head Nash scream, as Young and Pac are fighting, we see Nash on the ground holding his knee while Hall has a pipe. Is it a setup, as we never actually saw Hall hit him with the pipe? Hall tosses the pipe and now they double team Young, as Hall tells him to mind his own business. Hall chops Young and then slaps him, Pac follows with a spinkick and grabs spray paint. Pac sprays 4 Life on Young’s back and they leave, as Pac crotch chops at Nash. We see Jeff cutting onions know, maybe next week he can be in a dunk tank, or taking care of Dixie’s dog? From there we see Eric on his cell, as he says we won’t use guest hosts on the show every week, nice jab at WWE’s worst idea since the XFL. Hell, if the XFL has survived maybe TNA could’ve started their own football company too, the AFL, Action Football League? TFL, Total Football League? Eric calls guest hosts the dumbest idea he’s ever heard as Foley comes in the office wearing a trench coat. He opens the coat to reveal his new suit, I expected him to be in his wrestling gear actually. Foley already stained the suit as he spilled mustard on it after seeing Jeff flip burgers. Eric says he’s found a etiquette coach for Foley and believes in him. Foley says he will meet him halfway and says he’ll do it, as he’s off to etiquette school. This sounds dumber then a Katie Vick storyline!
  9. Desmond Wolfe v. Abyss. Desmond charges at Abyss who shoves him to the corner, Desmond comes back and locks the arm and neck of the monster. Abyss backs him in the corner and goes for the avalanche, but Wolfe moves and drives him down. Desmond attempts to set Abyss on the top rope, but Abyss blocks so Wolfe hits the driving elbow and tries again. A second elbow doesn’t work as Abyss squashes him and goes for the chokeslam, but countered into the arm wringer snap and goes for the clothesline, but Abyss with a Black Hole Slam for the win. 5/10 hate to sound like a skipping record but way too short. As has been the case all night long. As Abyss celebrates his win we see Flair and Styles coming down the aisle. They get in the ring and Abyss hammers them both, but Desmond from behind with a chair hammers Abyss down. So Desmond is joining the new Horsemen? Abyss no sells the chair shots and goes after Desmond, but Flair chops the knee then a lowblow. They triple team Abyss in the corner, as Desmond has handcuff and cuffs him to the ropes, but here comes the Hulkster. Hulk gets in the ring and Flair turns around and gets a right hand, as Hogan hammers all three, but Flair gets a chop block on the Hulkster. Now they triple team Hogan, as Abyss is cuffed and can’t do anything. Flair chops the Hulkster as Wolfe holds him, and now AJ with a chop. Flair hammers the Hulkster as Abyss is trying to undo the cuffs. AJ cracks Hogan with the title belt, and Abyss is frantic now. Hogan busted wide open, as Flair continues to drive the right hands in the head of Hogan. Abyss snaps the cuffs now and charges at AJ, Flair and Wolfe who quickly bail out. Abyss helps Hogan to his feet and Hulk has a mic. Hulk says on March 8, the biggest night of TNA history, Flair is coming out of retirement as he’s booked a match. Flair starts screaming and Hulk gets his mic cut. Hulk says not only is Flair in the ring, but AJ is too in a tag match. They’re facing Abyss and his partner, as he gave Abyss the green light to drag them pillar to post. They scream at Hogan who’s going to be Abyss’ partner. Hulk says Abyss’ partner will be…Hulk Hogan! Mike Tenay yells out “Holy Shit” and says this is how you take over Monday Nights. It might not be a great match, but it’s going to pop a monster rating I bet.

Match Recap:

  • Team 3D beat Nasty Boys in a table match 5/10
  • ODB beat Daffney by DQ 5/10
  • Kazarian squashed Brian Kendrick 5/10
  • Rob Terry pinned Ken Anderson DUD
  • Abyss crushed Desmond Wolfe 5/10

I’d love to how how much the total time for matches was this week, from bell to bell. I bet it didn’t even make twenty minutes. That’s the problem with TNA, too much crap and not enough wrestling. They’ve got the roster to do some great fifteen to twenty minute matches, but instead we get five matches that were all short and not very good. The knockout match was brutally short, and Anderson/Terry wasn’t really a match. Very disappointing as TNA needs to focus on their talent that can wrestle, and less on the backstage shenanigans. Well, soon Monday nights will have three shows, RAW, Impact & Wrestlelicious and of the three, I’m actually more interested in Wrestlelicious. Which shows the sad state of RAW and Impact at this point. I’d like to think when the Monday move happens maybe TNA will focus on the in ring product more, but I doubt it.


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