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WWE Superstars – February 25, 2010
February 26, 2010, 2:00 pm
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   Before I get to tonight’s Superstars I just want to touch on the newest WWE show, NXT. I didn’t expect much from the show, to be honest, and was pleasantly surprised. It was actually a very good show and had a couple good matches and one squash. We can see in the first episode who’s the breakout stars will be, the one who won his match in seconds and Daniel Bryan. I expect we’re going to build to Bryan v. Miz at Summerslam, but doubt Bryan wins. Michael Cole attacking the internet was the first time he was actually entertaining and glad to see Matt Stryker and Savannah. All in all this was very good first outing, and maybe it will be a good replacement for ECW. Guess we’ll wait and see what the next couple episodes bring. For now, let’s get to Superstars, which looks like it should be a good show.

  1. Jack Swagger & William Regal v. Santino & Chris Masters. Swagger/Regal look like an interesting tag team, and Santino’s always fun to watch. Santino & Regal start out, and Regal with a quick arm, Santino rolls out into the full nelson. Regal flips Santino over and locks in the side headlock, Regal shoots him in and Santino with a cartwheel, and then the splits to avoid the clothesline. Santino arm drags Regal, who tags in Swagger who hammers Santino. Santino shot in and comes back with the back elbow and readies the cobra. Swagger catches Santino from behind and tags in Regal, who stomps Santino. Regal with an armbar, Santino tries to reverse but Regal continues to hammer Santino and tosses him out of the ring. Santino tries to get in but eats a knee from Regal, who then tags in Swagger. Swagger snapmares Santino in, and opens up on him. Swagger with a corner clothesline and goes for the Vader Bomb but Santino moves. Santino rolls to the corner and tags in Masters who unloads on Swagger and applies the Masterlock, Swagger with a standing switch but Masters with two clotheslines and a Stinger Splash followed by a powerslam. Masters nails Regal and locks in the Masterlock, but Regal comes in and Masters nails him. Santino takes out Regal and they brawl outside, but Swagger clips the knees of Masters and hits the gut wrench powerbomb for the win. 6.75/5 not a bad tag match, at least they kept Masters involvement to a minimum.
  2. Zack Ryder v. Primo. Nice to see Rosa, who looks hot in purple tonight. She’s great as long as she doesn’t wrestle. A quick lockup, into a side headlock from Zack and then shoves Primo in the ropes. Primo with a drop toe hold and slaps the back of Zack’s head. Primo hammers Zack but gets shot in. Primo comes back with a shoulderblock and then a dropkick. Primo rams Zack in the corner and opens up on him. Primo with a big slam and climbs the ropes, as Rosa screams at Zack, who pulls Primo down hard. Zack with a hot shot on the bottom rope to score a two count. Zack with a rear chinlock, as Lawler and Cole talk about Ryder’s outfit. Primo tries to fight out and Zack hammers him and nails the Rough Ryder for another near fall. Zack fired up now and hammers Primo before going back to the headlock. Someone slap Cole & Lawler, please, they’re acting like idiots tonight. Zack whips Primo in the corner and charges in, but gets an elbow as Primo follows with a tornado DDT. Primo with a nice flying forearm and a pair of dropkicks has the Long Island star in trouble. Zack tosses Primo to the apron, and Rosa screams at him, which distracts Primo as he misses the springboard splash. Zack quickly hits the Zack Attack for the victory! 6.5/10 a good fast paced match, both guys are great stars but Primo didn’t stand much chance of winning.
  3. Great Khali, Matt Hardy & Maria v. The Hart Dynasty. This is a rematch from last week’s episode of Smackdown, which was a good match. Matt & Kidd open up the match, as Kidd with a go behind, but Matt with an armbar into a headlock takeover. Kidd flips out and screams at Matt, that was funny. Kidd kicks and punches Matt then chokes him on the ropes. Kidd with a spinkick, then comes off the ropes, but Matt sweeps the legs and drops an elbow. Matt hits a back elbow and drops the fist as Natalya screams at Kidd to get up. Matt with an armbar, but Kidd goes to shoot him in and reversed. Matt pushes him to the apron and nails Kidd to the floor as we go to commercial. We come back and Matt with a flapjack on Kidd for a two count. Matt twists the arm and tags in the Great Khali. Kid runs back and tags in Smith, who kicks Khali and comes off the ropes. Khali with one clothesline takes Smith down and then chops him in the corner. Khali shoots Smith in and hits the big boot and then the big chop! Smith rolls to the corner and tags Natalya, who runs across the ring and nails Maria knocking her off the apron then throws her in. Natalya goes for the sideslam, but countered to a headscissor takedown. Maria kicks Natalya, but shot in the corner, she gets the boots up and Natalya pulls her off the ropes hard. Natalya mocks Khali’s dancing and then stomps Maria in the gut. Natalya pulls Maria’s arms back, as Maria fights out of it, but Natalya pulls her down by her hair. Natalya slams Maria then walks over her, and slaps Khali in the face. Khali grabs her arm and Smith boots Khali down.While the ref is busy with Smith, Kidd runs in and goes to slam Maria but she slides down his back. Maria slaps the taste out of Kidd’s mouth and then runs under Natalya’s legs and tags in Hardy. Matt clotheslines Kidd twice and slams him down. Kidd in the corner, and Matt pulls him out the hard way, as we see Matt’s protégé matching backstage. Matt goes for Twist of Fate, but Natalya grabs his hair, prompting Maria to bulldog her down and they tumble out. This allows Kid to get a kick in and tag in Smith, who runs into a Side Effect, Matt goes for Twist of Fate, but Smith pushes him off and tags in Kidd. They hit the Hart Attack for the victory! 7.5/10 a great match and lots of fun to watch. Great way to end the show.

Match Recap:

  • Jack Swagger & William Regal beat Santino & Chris Masters 6.5/10
  • Zack Ryder pinned Primo 6.5/10
  • Hart Dynasty beat Great Khali, Matt Hardy & Maria 7.5/10

Overall not a bad show, not the best episode but still not bad. I like the team of Swagger and Regal, I think Regal has been greatly misused for a long time. Regal makes a great partner for the young Swagger, as they can do a teacher/student style team which could lead to Swagger becoming a great star one day. But the writers will probably lose interest in the idea well before anything comes of it.


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