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Saturday Night’s Main Event #21 – May 27, 1989


Tonight’s SNME comes to us about six weeks after Wrestlemania V, where the Mega Powers exploded. The fallout from the biggest PPV of they year happens tonight from Des Moines, Iowa. First let’s recap Wrestlemania V, which took place in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the second year in a row. Hulk Hogan overcame former tag team partner Randy Savage to regain the WWF World title for the second time, at the team that was a big deal. Only Bruno Sammartino had won the title twice, since Backlund’s loss & second reign was never recognized by WWF at this point. Also at Wrestlemania we crowned a new IC champion, as Rick Rude scored a controversial pin over the Ultimate Warrior, thanks to Bobby Heenan holding Warrior’s ankle. After the match Warrior destroyed Heenan, who still had a match with Red Rooster coming up. Rooster crushed Bobby in 32 seconds, but was attacked by Brooklyn Brawler in a feud that basically went nowhere. Strike Force broke up at Wrestlemania, when Tito Santana accidentally nailed Rick Martel with the flying forearm during the match. This prompted Martel to walk away and leave Santana alone with Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson, and Santana got beaten. We also had the Wrestlemania debuts of Mr. Perfect, Powers of Pain, Owen Hart as the Blue Blazer, Shawn Michaels, and Bad New Brown. The tag team Champions, Demolition, were able to retain their gold beating former manager Mr. Fuji and his new protégés The Powers of Pain in a handicap match, as the Demolition celebrated one full year as champions. Finally we had a huge return at Wrestlemania, as Rowdy Roddy Piper returned after a two year absence. The Hot Rod hosted his classic Piper’s Pit with guests Brother Love and talk show host Morton Downey Junior. Piper did what he does best by humiliating both guests as he stripped Brother Love and sprayed Morton with a fire extinguisher. That brings us to tonight, as we have my favorite Hulk Hogan match as he faces Big Boss Man in the steel cage, so let’s get to it.

   We open with the Hulk Hogan in the cage, this is the 24/7 feed so the F has been blanked out. Hulk calls himself Judge Hogan, and we get out opening music, which is left normal thankfully. Vince welcomes us to Des Moines, Iowa and introduces Jesse Ventura as they go over tonight’s matches. Jesse mentions that Hulk has a big motion picture debut coming up, which was No Holds Barred. We see footage of Rick Rude beating Ultimate Warrior from Wrestlemania V.

  1. Rick Rude v. King Duggan. I forgot about this, Hacksaw Jim Duggan beat King Haku to win the crown a couple weeks ago. He was coroneted in the ring and announced as King Duggan. Hacksaw comes out proudly wearing the cape and crown and carried out ala the other Kings. We have a lockup and they wind up in the ropes, Rude with a cheap shot and shoots in Duggan. Reversed and Rude tries for a sunset flip but Duggan punches him and clotheslines him over the top. Duggan suplexes Rude back in and gets a near fall, Duggan follows up with a series of clotheslines as Heenan looks on worried. Duggan with a big slam and drops the knee to the chest of Rude for a near fall, but a sloppy cover. Rude gets a headbutt to the midsection and a corner whip reversed, but Rude catches Duggan coming in. Rude climbs the ropes and nails the flying forearm and then swivels his hips over Duggan. Rude has the IC title painted on his tights, and gets caught posing as Duggan nails a reverse atomic drop, and a series of rights. Duggan with a piledriver and takes too long to cover, as Rude gets a foot on the ropes. Suddenly the former King comes to ringside, and Duggan goes out to confront him. The ref sends Haku backstage as we go to commercial. We come back and Duggan gets caught coming in as Rude hammers him and nails a perfect dropkick then drops the forearm across Duggan’s face. Rude gets Duggan in the corner and continues the offense, as he drops a knee and then gets a two count. Rude gets an odd looking rear chinlock on Duggan, who fights out and comes off the ropes, but Rude gets a knee lift on Duggan. Rude climbs the ropes and drops the fist then kisses the camera. Rick rams Duggan’s head into the turnbuckle and Duggan no sells, as Rude continues to hammer Duggan shakes it off. Duggan fires on Rude and hits a backdrop and readies for the clothesline. Duggan hits it, but sends the Ravishing One to the floor, and Rude doesn’t make it back in. 7.25/10 not a bad match, considering it was a Duggan match. Jesse laughs as he says Duggan may have won the match but didn’t won the title since it was a count out.
  2. Jim Neidhart v. Randy Savage. Oh boy, a Jim Neidhart match, this can’t be good. Randy Savage has his new manager with him tonight, Sensational Sherri, the former Women’s champion. The bell rings and Savage bails quickly, then comes back in and we get a lockup, They wind up in the ropes, and Sherri grabs Neidhart’s ankle, and Savage hits a knee then goes for a sunset flip, but Anvil sits down for a two count. Anvil rams Savage in the buckle and shoots him in, then locks in the bearhug. Savage breaks the hold and then hits a knee to the back of Anvil sending him into the corner, then follows with a clothesline. Sherri chokes Anvil while Savage has the ref, and then Savage continues the choke, and then back to Sherri. Jesse says Macho will be deadlier then ever now, as he got rid of the albatross around his neck. Savage hits the double ax handle for a two, then goes for a slam, but Anvil falls on him for two. Savage quickly goes back on the offense on the Anvil, but Neidhart hits a flying shoulderblock on Macho Man. Anvil  with a another pair of shoulderblocks, then shoots Savage in, but misses a clothesline, however he hits the second one for a near fall. Anvil with a nice dropkick sends Savage to the floor, and Sherri tries to help him up. Neidhart comes out and chases Sherri off, as Savage comes from behind but Neidhart dropkicks him and rolls him in. Neidhart hits a powerslam and gets a near fall, then hammers Savage who’s tied up in the ropes. Sherri able to get Savage out of the ropes and the Anvil charges but Savage moves, sending Neidhart to the floor.  Savage climbs the ropes and drops a double ax handle on Neidhart sending him into the rail then rolls Anvil in. Savage comes in via the top and hits the flying elbow smash for the win! 7.25/10 actually a lot better then I expected out this match, very impressive.
  3. Hulk Hogan v. Big Boss Man. Slick and Big Boss Man get in the cage, and Slick says he has a surprise for the Hulkster. Slick introduces Zeus, who was Hogan’s rival in his new movie, No Holds Barred. Zeus comes down the aisle and stands at the top of the steps leading to the ring as we get the preview of No Holds Barred. Hulk comes down the aisle now, and Zeus is standing in front of the cage door, Hulk distracted by Boss Man in the ring and Zeus hammers Hogan outside the cage. Zeus shows his entire moveset as he nails Hogan with forearms as we go to commercial. We come back and Hulk is still down outside the ring, and Boss Man kicks the door open and grabs Hogan and hurls him into the ring. The bell rings and Boss Man rips off Hogan’s shirt then chokes him with it. Boss Man with a headbutt on the champion and hammers him in the corner, as Boss shoots him in the corner. Hulk reverses and nails a clothesline, then punches Boss Man before tossing him in the cage, but Boss Man blocks. Hulk rakes his eyes and whips him the corner again and nails the big boot. Hulk starts to climb out of the cage, but Boss Man nails him in the kidneys. Boss Man pounds Hogan down to the mat, then scoops him up and slams Hogan. Boss Man with a big splash on the Hulkster and points to the door. Boss Man starts to leave, and Hulk lunges for the ankle. Hulk punches Boss Man, then shoots him in, but reversed and Boss Man nails the spinebuster on Hogan. Boss Man starts to climb the cage and Hulk reaches through the cage to stop Boss Man who almost made it out. They’re fighting on the top of the cage, and Hulk nails a massive superplex from the top of the cage. Both men are not moving after that amazing move, and the ref comes in the ring. Dave Hebner starts to count as both men are still down. Hulk suddenly springs up at eight and crawls for the door, Boss Man just barely able to stop the Hulkster. Hulk rakes the eyes of Boss Man and whips him in, but gets caught with his head down as Boss Man clotheslines the Hulk. Slick tosses the handcuffs into the Boss Man, who chokes the champion with the cuffs. Boss Man goes to hammer Hulk with the cuffs, but Hulk blocks and punches Boss Man. Hogan tries to toss Boss Man into the cage, but countered and both men rammed in the cage., Boss Man tries to escape and Hulk rams Boss Man into the buckle then grabs the cuffs. Hulk wraps them around his fist and hammers Boss Man in the head and tosses them. Hulk points to the cage wall, and whips Boss Man into the wall repeatedly, then drops the big leg. Boss Man is split open, as Hulk begins to climb the cage and Slick nails Hebner and jumps in the cage. Slick grabs Hulk’s leg and Hulk kicks him off. Meanwhile Boss Man starts to climb and Hulk crotches him and then pummels Slick before cuffing Boss Man to the cage. Hulk starts to climb, while Boss Man tries to get out, and Slick tries to get cuffs unlocked. Hulk makes it out of the cage first and helps the ref up, to get his hand raised. 9/10 still one of the best Hogan matches and one of the best cage matches ever. Great match, and the superplex spot is still an amazing site. After the match Hulk rams Boss Man into the cage outside the ring and goes back in after Slick. Slick begs for mercy, as Hulk has the nightstick as well. Slick starts to climb out, but Hulk grabs him and pulls him down. Hulk tosses Slick into the steel cage and Boss Man pulls the body of Slick out as Hogan poses in the ring.
  4. Demolition v. Brain Busters. Damn, Demolition comes out to some crappy generic Guitar Hero music. That just kills the gimmick of Demolition, as their music was so cool back then. Smash and Tully Blanchard start out, and Smash overpowers Tully sending him across the ring and nails a big clothesline. Tully bails and as he comes in Smash gets the bearhug on him. Bobby distracts the ref and Arn comes in and they double team Smash, who’s able to fight off both. Ax tags in and shoots in Arn, then hits a back elbow followed by a big scoop slam. Arn rakes the eyes, but Ax whips him in the Demolition corner and hits a clothesline to the back of the head. Smash tagged in and applies a side headlock, but Arn shoots him and Tully gets a knee in on Smash. Arn with a nice suplex on Smash, who ne sells the move as Arn poses. Arn turns around into a slam, and now all four in the ring as we have chaos. Demolition clears the ring of the Busters who bail to converse with manager Bobby Heenan. Tully back in chops Arn, but no effect and Arn lays a pounding on Tully but gets caught charging in. Tully off the top but Ax catches him in the bearhug and drives him in the corner. Ax sends Tully to the floor and Smash slams him then tosses him back in. Ax clotheslines Blanchard over the top rope right into Heenan, who the tries to get in the ring. Busters get Bobby to leave the ringside area as we go to commercial. We come back and Tully comes in the hard way from Ax, who continues to beat Tully down. Ax tags Smash in who whips Tully in the corner and catches him coming in with a double choke. Arn comes in drawing in Ax, who ties up the ref allowing a double team on Smash. Tully tags Arn in, and now Arn has the offense on Smash and the Busters work over one half of the tag team champions. Arn hits a spinebuster for a near fall on Smash, then tags in Blanchard. Blanchard taunts Ax, causing the ref to hold him back, allowing a double team on Smash again. The Brain Busters continue to double team and outsmart the tag team champions, as Smash overpowers Arn, but the Busters outthink him. Arn hammers Smash in the corner, but Smash fires back and both men nail each other knocking each other down. Both men need to make a tag, as Heenan is screaming at Arn. Smash almost makes the corner, but Tully pulls Ax down stopping the tag, smartly done. Ax has had enough and all four in the ring again, as the ref tries to stop the chaos. Ax throws the ref aside and continues to hammer Tully, as Demolition got disqualified. 7.25/10 another great match, but would’ve been better with a clean finish. First loss for Demolition in over a year and a very good match.
  5. Jimmy Snuka v. Boris Zhukov. Well, this should be a squash. Snuka making his return after about four years, he came back at Wrestlemania. All he did was walk down the aisle before a match and then disappear, which basically summed up his return. The most notable thing Snuka did during his return was be the first victim of the Undertaker’s Wrestlemanis streak. Slick distracts Snuka and Boris gets a kick in and rams Snuka in the buckle, which does nothing. Snuka rams Boris in the buckle twice, and Snuka fires him in and hits the flying double ax handle of the ropes. Snuka with a backbreaker, then adjusts the kneepads. Snuka climbs the ropes and nails the Superfly Splash for the easy win. DUD just a quick squash to reintroduce the Superfly. Vince and Jesse close the show, as Vince asks Jesse if he enjoyed himself in Des Moines, and Jesse mockingly says sure. We close with Hulk posing in the ring from earlier in the night.

Match Recap:

  • King Duggan beat Rick Rude by count out in 7:15
  • Randy Savage pinned Jim Neidhart in 5:54
  • Hulk Hogan beat Big Boss Man in a cage match at 10:01
  • Brain Busters beat Demolition via disqualification at 9:15
  • Jimmy Snuka squashed Boris Zhukov in 1:11

Overall a great episode of SNME, I always loved the cage match and it held up even after over twenty years. The tag match was great as well as the opening two matches. Neidhart and Duggan actually had good matches. Of course having the two most talented guys in the company against them helped. It was nice to see Snuka back, even if his comeback was a nothing run. Our next SNME features the tag team title rematch, which should be great.

Here’s your matches for this episode:






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