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Monday Night RAW – On the Road to Wrestlemania


   Tonight begins the true road to Wrestlemania, as we have no more PPVs between now and the big day. Last night at the Elimination Chamber PPV we crowned new champions, as John Cena survived the RAW Chamber and won the title, only to fall to Vince McMahon’s new henchman Batista. Meanwhile on the Smackdown show, Chris Jericho scored a pin on the Undertaker to win the title, but not without controversy. When it got down to the final two, Undertaker was ready to finish off Chris Jericho when Shawn Michaels appeared from under the steel structure. Shawn nailed the Deadman with Sweet Chin Music and stood over him as Chris Jericho scored the victory. It was not a great night for the Undertaker, as earlier in the night on his way to the ring his pyro went off at the ring time and lit him on fire. Also last night Kane fell to the undefeated Scotsman, Drew McIntyre and The Miz defeated long time rival MVP, thanks to the Big Show. The Diva title tournament was once again pushed to the back burner for the sake of a storyline, as Vickie Guerrero came out and postponed the RAW match, even though she’s on Smackdown. Vickie made the match a tag match between Maryse & Gail Kim facing Smackdown’s Michelle McCool & Layla, which was won by Smackdown when Maryse turned on Gail. Great way to get McCool on PPV when she’s not scheduled, must be nice to have that much ‘stroke’. I don’t understand the Vickie part, so if she shows up she gets to make match for RAW too, or just the divas. That’s a loophole big enough to drive a Big Daddy V through. People complained that I was critical of the Batista/Cena match, well it was technically a match, so it should be given a rating. I never said Cena and Batista have been at it too long, they’ve been on top too long. It’s time for some new blood to rise to the top and get a shot. I’d rather have seen Kofi and Morrison win the chamber matches last night, would’ve been new and fresh. Everyone predicted that Jericho was going to win, so they should’ve swerved us and had JoMo get the victory. Then at Wrestlemania we could have JoMo v. Jericho and Edge v. Kofi, I’d love to see that as the main events. I just want to see someone new with the title instead of the same group of guys, but someone who they get behind and push, that is. Not like what they did to Sheamus, did he even win a match via pin while champion? He was pushed to the back in favor of storyline advancement for others, and his title reign became a joke, like Jericho’s when he was the unified champ back in 01. I enjoyed the PPV last night, even though the end was very predictable the matches were great and I’m happy that HHH didn’t leave with the title. Tonight on RAW we have our special guest host Jewel and Ty Murray, and also Edge will pick the champion (Jericho) he will face at Wrestliemania (Jericho). Should be an interesting show.

    We open RAW with the recap of John Cena and Batista from last night, and Michael Cole welcomes us to Indianapolis,Indiana. Tonight Shawn Michaels is here, as they show him in the ring last night with Undertaker, but is the Undertaker here tonight. My guess is yes he is, hopefully in a fireproof suit tonight. We see a bull riding machine, gee who didn’t see that coming raise your hand. Ok, Jake Roberts put your hand down, you didn’t see it because you were blinded by arrogance, wait wrong year. So tonight the divas get to ride a bull, well maybe we’ll see a nip slip at least.

  1. Justin Roberts introduces the new World Champion, Batista, wait no it’s Chris Jericho. Technically isn’t Jericho the Smackdown Champion, I know he’s tag champ, but why is he introduced as World Champ on RAW? Jericho says I’m going to Wrestlemania and says ever since being attacked by Mike Tyson he said he’d never return to RAW but he changed his mind. Jericho says he beat five of the top superstars on Smackdown, wait when did R-Truth become a top superstar, did I miss something? Jericho says as a result he is the World Champion and he’s going to Wrestlemania, which brings out Edge. As Jericho looks up the ramp Edge comes through the crowd and spears Jericho. Edge grabs the mic and says to Jericho that  Jericho’s going to Wrestlemania, and he’s going to face him. So Edge v. Chris Jericho for Wrestlemania, well that should be the best match of the night, pure Canadian Violence. As Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talk about the Edge/Jericho storyline out comes John Cena.
  2. John Cena grabs the microphone and says add him to the list with Bret Hart as people Vince McMahon screwed. Cena says he should be celebrating winning the chamber but instead he is mad as hell thanks to Vince. Cena says after winning he found out he had another match, with Batista and says that’s how Vince does business. Cena says he can do business like that and says he gets a rematch with Batista and wants it now, this brings out Vince. Vince says the keyword is business, and he’s all about business and he made a deal with Batista. Vince says he didn’t want to soil his hands on Bret Hart and told Dave to help him and he’d help Dave, and says Bret is up in Calgary with his ankle up and thanks. Vince says the deal was if Batista wanted a title match anytime, anyplace he can have it and it’s all on Cena as we go back to last week when Cena told Dave you want some come get some. Cena says he hired a mercenary and he wants the title back tonight, and Vince says he won’t defend till Wrestlemania and Sheamus has rematch clause as well. Vince asks who deserves the match with Batista for Wrestlemania, Cena or Sheamus and the crowd chants Cena. Vince says he will make a business deal tonight, if Cena wins tonight he faces Batista but if he loses Sheamus gets the match at Wrestlemania. Cena asks who’s he facing, he’ll take the match. Vince tells him it’s Batista he will face tonight, and Vince leaves with a big smirk. Who thinks Cena’s going to lose, seriously, a Wrestlemania without Cena is like a Superbowl without a football!

  3. Maryse v. Gail Kim. Well, what do you know, we’re finally going to have the finals of the tournament, about damn time. Been looking forward to this match, I think Gail is just an amazing athlete, as we get some hot Canadian Diva Violence tonight! Gail with a quick go behind and rolls up Maryse for a one count, and quickly hammers Maryse. Maryse whips her in the corner, but Gail moves and pops Maryse then a nice clothesline gets two. Gail kicks Maryse and an uppercut sends Maryse in the corner, Gail shoots her to the other corner and hits the crossbody, then tries to toss her into the buckle, but reversed. Maryse flips her in but Gail lands on her feet and goes for Eat Defeat, but Maryse holds the ropes and kicks Gail for a two. Maryse goes for French Kiss but Gail rolls her up for a near fall. Gail shoots her in the corner and charges, but Maryse moves and Gail springs up and goes for a crossbody, but Maryse moves and Gail crashes and burns. Maryse holding her shoulder, as the ref checks on her and the both divas are down and hurt. Maryse grabs Gail and Gail rolls her up for the near fall again. Gail in the corner as Maryse comes in and eats an elbow, and Gail up top. Gail goes for a victory roll, but Maryse drops her on the top rope and hits the French Kiss for the win. 6.5/10 a good divas match, as Maryse really held her own in there with the impressive Gail. Rather Gail had won, but I like Maryse too so it’s all good. So Maryse v. Michelle or Mickie at Wrestlemania to unite the titles maybe? Maryse holds the Diva title over her head for the second time as she still holds her shoulder and neck. We go backstage to the Bella Twins, Eve and Kelly with Ty Murray and Jewel. Jewel is on crutches as she hurt her ankle from riding a mechanical bull. In comes Jillian and Alicia, as Jillian says she is a famous singer too, Jillian looks great as usual, as she starts singing Jewel’s hit “You Were Meant For Me” and Jewel shows her how to sing it. Jillian says this isn’t the Grammy Awards this is Raw and if she doesn’t show her respect she’ll send her back to living in her car. Jewel responds with a big slap to the face of Jillian and the girls laugh at Jillian. We go to Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes, as Cody says he told him Ted would turn on Orton last, as Ted nailed Orton with a lead pipe and pinned him last night. Cody says Ted talked about headlining Wrestlemania, and Randy says if anyone is at fault for last night it’s himself. Orton says he taught them way to well, but hasn’t been the best leader. Orton says that’s why he asked for a six man tag tonight to show Legacy is on the same page. Orton says for Cody to tell Ted that he’s sorry. Orton leaves and Ted walks in and asks Cody how it went, Cody says it went well, too well. Ted asks if he’s sticking to the plan and Cody says absolutely. I still say it’s going to be either a triple threat with Legacy, or DiBiase v. Orton with Cody as the ref.

  4. Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne & Yoshi Tatsu v. Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase & Randy Orton.  Guess Yoshi & Goldust are longer a team, damn I liked them as a team. Lawler says Triple H and Sheamus are both out with injuries from last night’s chamber, I still think HHH will interject himself in the HBK/Undertaker match. We start with Yoshi & Ted, as Ted pounds Tatsu and goes for a slam but Tatsu slides down and hits a series of kicks and reverses the arm drag into a pair of his own into the armbar. Evan tagged in and a nice double team on DiBiase, and Evan gets caught in a vertical suplex from Ted who tags in Rhodes. Cody takes too long and Bourne fires a quick series of kicks and gets a one. Evan gets Rhodes in the corner and hits the shoulder, then tosses him in the corner, but Cody catches him with an elbow. Cody goes for a DDT, reversed into a clothesline and Evan climbs the ropes. Cody catches him up top and hits an Alabama Slam, shades of Hardcore Holly, his old tag team partner. That was kind of cool actually that he used his old partner’s finisher as we go to commercial. We come back and DiBiase getting kicked by Ted, but Ted catches him with a clothesline and gets a two count. Ted picks up Bourne who hits a kick and then the double knee to the face and both men are down. Kofi tagged in and springboards in with a clothesline, then a nice dropkick. Kingston with the diving lariat and goes for the Boom Drop, but Orton pulls Kofi down while Cody has the ref distracted. Orton gets the tag and slams Kingston down three times and looks over at his team. Kofi gets a kick in, but Orton with the uppercut then drops a big knee after glaring at Yoshi. Orton with the rear chinlock, and Kofi fights his way out, but Orton hammers him and drops the vintage backbreaker. Legacy are whispering in the corner as Orton stalks Kofi, then Cody tags himself in. Orton catches him coming in and nails the DDT on Rhodes. Orton leaves the ring and Ted spins him around and asks what he’s doing. Orton hits the RKO on DiBiase on the floor as Legacy is no more, as Tatsu tagged in. Yoshi hits a spinkick and tags in Bourne. Bourne hits Air Bourne for the win. 7/10 a good match, even with the storyline killing the end. Glad to see Yoshi on RAW, hope this is the start of good things for him, as he is impressive to watch. Orton stands at the top of the ramp and glares at Cody and Ted, as we go to a recap of the Shawn Michaels/Undertaker feud as they use a poor version of Kate Bush’s classic Running Up That Hill.

  5. Shawn Michaels comes out in his cowboy best. Maybe he’s going to ride the bull later? Can we stop calling him Heartbreak Kid, he’s over 40 now people, how bout the Heartbreak Cowboy, they can even spell it with a K if they want to keep the HBK name. No, maybe not. Shawn puts his hat on the ringpost and says he is not going to take a lot of time, that’s good we have a diva rodeo still. Shawn says he did what he needed to do and he understands what he did is not popular but he’s willing to live with it. Shawn says he heard the rumors of Undertaker being there, and every action has a reaction and he’s counting on a reaction. That’s the cue for the gong of the Undertaker, as Lawler says ask and you shall receive. Through the mist and lightening comes the Undertaker. Is it just me or does he look more and more like Darkseid for the old Superfriends cartoons? Just saying is all. Shawn watches as Undertaker enter the ring in classic Undertaker slow motion. Undertaker looks like he had an accident with a mustard bottle, as he’s got yellow stuff all over his face, what is up with that? Undertaker tells Shawn you wanted his attention he has it, and Shawn says last year people said they had the greatest match in Wrestlemania history, not me. That honor still goes to Steamboat/Savage. Shawn says he wrestled a near perfect match and made one mistake and it cost him everything and he says that is something he cannot live with. Shawn says he asked and begged for a rematch, but Undertaker refused and ignored him, which left him not choice but to cost him the World title. Shawn says he knows Undertaker is angry with him and can’t wait to get his hands on him and that’s ok. Shawn tells Undertaker he wants his revenge then face him at Wrestlemania and gets his revenge. Undertaker says you’re on and he accepts, Shawn had better not be the one to end the streak. Shawn starts to leave and Undertaker says on one condition, Shawn turns around and comes back to Undertaker. Undertakers says this year Shawn has to put up something as well, his soul, this year won’t be enough, if Shawn wins he ends the streak but if Undertaker win Shawn’s career is over. Shit, that sucks, I have a horrid feeling the streak is going to end and that’s going to be the worst moment in Wrestlemania history. Undertaker says streak v. career at Wrestlemania, and Shawn says Undertaker doesn’t get it, if he can’t beat him he has no career. Am I the only person not interested in seeing this match again? I’d rather see Shawn face John Morrison or Miz. Shawn says you’re on as we fade to black for commercial. We see Christian backstage as he has signed to be on RAW and will be in the qualifier match for Money In The Bank, glad that they’re still doing one this year.

  6. Christian v. Carlito. Well, this might be a good match if given enough time. I like Carlito and would love to see him get a good push, of course same with Christian, so I’m torn here. A quick lock up and Carlito goes for a punch misses and gets slapped down. Carlito to the apron and Christian follows, Christian hits a DDT on the apron and rolls him in for a near fall. Carlito gets Christian in the corner and hammer him, as Christian tries to come back but Carltio stays on him and shoots him in. Christian hits a forearm and charges in the corner, but eats a back elbow but he catches Carlito in a flapjack, then chokes Carlito on the ropes. Christian hits a missile dropkick for two, and goes to climb the ropes but changes his mind and goes after Carlito on the apron. Carlito goes for a sunset flip, but Christian backdrops him and climbs the ropes and crashes and burns. Carlito hits a running knee and goes for a clothesline but countered into a reverse DDT for a near fall for Captain Charisma. Christian goes for the Killswitch but Carlito counters and tosses him in the corner, Carlito comes in and Christian hits a back elbow. Christian springs to the second rope but Carlito sweeps the legs and hits a nice spinning neckbreaker for a very near fall. Carlito readies for the Backstabber, but  Christian goes for the Killswitch and Carlito pushes off and goes for a springboard move. Christian catches him and goes for the Killswitch but Carlito counters. Christian tosses Carlito into the ring post and hits the Killswitch for the win. 7.25/10 a good match, but a little short. The end was great with all the counters, very impressive. Christian first man in the MITB match at Wrestlemania.

  7. Diva Bull Riding. The guest hosts, Jewel and Ty Murray are introduced. Jewel looks so hot tonight in that little yellow dress. Just saying is all. Jewel says she’s been having a blast hanging out with the guys in the back and says it’s time to bring out some girls. Ty says people are going to really like the bull riding contest here, how much double sided tape was used for this? Eve Torres comes out first, and lasts the full eight seconds. Kelly Kelly gets her turn next and I love the pigtails, and lasts the whole time as well. Nikki and Brie Bella come out next, and the ride together, and last the whole time, which is more then eight seconds. Suddenly we’re interrupted by ShowMiz, maybe Show wants to ride. Miz says really, that’s what this show has devolved to, what next a yodeling competition. Jewel yodels, as Miz says the show revolves around the tag champs and Show says anyone can do it. Ty bets Show can’t do it as good as the girls and Show says he’s the world’s largest athlete. Ty says he means Show riding the bull not the other way around and tells him nothing between them but fear and atmosphere. Show says he’ll some the divas, as he heads down there and hands the titles to the divas, who want take them, he calls them rude. Show stretches and gets on the bull, Ty says this’ll be a clinic. Show has a hard time getting it up and finally gets on, and the bull kicks him off as everyone laughs. Miz says that wasn’t fair, the bull was going faster then when the divas were doing it. Ty makes fun of Miz and says a fair has a Ferris wheel and cotton candy. Miz tells Show not to let them get in his head and tells him to go, while Show says the bull is taunting him. Show screams at the mechanical bull and goes to hit it and falls over in the process. Jewel calls it stuffed animal cruelty, as they laugh. Miz says it was just another guest host activity ending in disappointment, like the Colts in the Superbowl, and they start to leave. Ty says you guys are not going anywhere, but they will defend the title against the team that cleaned the floor with them last week.

  8. Miz & Big Show v. MVP & Mark Henry. This is a rematch from last week’s show, where MVP & Henry won. We see Miz’s rookie backstage watching the match. Mark Henry comes out with his shoulder taped up from last night when he went through the barricade. We’ve seen that before, I think it was Umaga that went through the barricade before. Miz & MVP start out, as MVP misses a clothesline but hits the second one and hammers Miz, then whips him in and catches him with a backdrop. MVP goes for the boot, and Miz holds the ropes and tags in Show. MVP quickly jumps Show as he comes in and hits a facebreaker, then goes for the corner boot, but Show hits a spear on MVP. Show sets MVP in the corner and hits a trio of chops, then the legdrop on MVP. Miz tagged in and Miz drives the knee in the back before applying a rear chinlock. MVP fights his way out, but Miz gets a knee in on MPV.  Miz comes off the ropes and MVP hits the big boot and both men are down. Both make the tag, and Henry hammers Show, then shoots him in the corner. Henry hits the corner clothesline and reinjures his arm. MVP comes in to check on him and the ref sends him back, allowing Miz to climb the ropes and dive on Mark. Henry catches him and nails the Worlds Strongest Slam but turns into the big right hand from Show, who scores the pin. 4/10 not a great match, very short and not good. Henry really hasn’t improved since his rookie year, fifteen years ago. We now get our third inductee for the Hall of Fame 2010, Wendi Richter! Holy shit, didn’t see that coming at all! That may be one of the most shocking inductions ever, until Bruno finally gets his chance. Wendi was the victim of the original Montreal Screwjob, as she asked for more money while champion. She then had a match with a masked women, who rolled her up and the ref counted three, even though she was up at one, and awarded the title to the masked woman. The masked woman was revealed as Moolah, and they set up Richter who was never seen in the WWF again, till now! That was almost twenty five years ago, Wendi was the original WWF Diva, and was part of the rock and wrestling connection with Cyndi Lauper. That was a very cool video for Wendi, her induction is going to be the best part of Wrestlemania for me! She’s being inducted by Roddy Piper, damn that is awesome!!! We now get an update on Bret Hart, who suffered a broken leg and ligament and tendon damage, as we get a replay of last week. Vince McMahon has a statement now, and says for the record he wants Bret to know he considered the match for Wrestlemania, and had nothing to do with the accident. Vince says he’s enjoyed the humility he’s suffered and wants him to come back next week and say goodbye. Vince says he will provide the ambulance, wheelchair and hydraulic lift to get him in the ring so can say a proper farewell. Next week we’re in Oklahoma and Cheech and Chong will be hosting, yeah, what the hell decade is Vince in? Next week Ted DiBiase faces Randy Orton and Bret will be here. Wonder if Jim Ross will be on the show at all?

  9. John Cena v. Batista. After the recap and intros we have seven minutes left, not much time for a main event. The bell rings and Cena charges Batista who hides in the corner. The ref keeps pulling Cena off of Batista, and while Cena’s distracted Batista kicks him in the yambag, as Taz would call it. Right in front of the ref, who calls for the bell. No rating as there was no match. I know this is for the storyline, but I hate when they don’t even do a main event match, after all the hype. Cena wins and will face Batista at Wrestlemania, as Batista stands over Cena and applauds. Batista then kicks Cena in his square head and stands over him. Batista proceeds to stomp and choke Cena in the corner, as no one comes out for the save. Batista leaves the ring, as Cena is crawling in the ring, Batista looks back and goes back in he ring and tosses Cena into the steel post. Cena tumbles to the floor and Batista follow him. Batista throws Cena into the barricade and then dismantles the stairs. Batista rams Cena back first into the steel post and heads up the ramp as the medics check on Cena. Batista turns around and head back after Cena again and grabs a chair now and slams it across the back of Cena. Cena looks as out of it as someone watching the Marine! Batista hits him again with the chair, as Cena tries to fight his way up and Batista again levels him with the chair. Batista tells him to stay down, but Cena tries to get up again and again gets the chair. Batista heads up the ramp and stands at the top proud of what he did as we fade to black.

Match Recap:

  • Maryse pinned Gail Kim to win the Divas title 6.5/10
  • Yoshi Tatsu, Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston beat Legacy 7/10
  • Christian pinned Carlito to qualify for the MITB match 7.25/10
  • Miz & Big Show beat Mark Henry & MVP 4/10
  • John Cena beat Batista by DQ no rating

   The show was more storyline based tonight as the build to Wrestlemania begins. The first three matches were good, but the tag match no so much. The main event never even happened, as Batista kicked Cena right away and was more or less just to set up the match. Glad the Diva tournament finally ended at least, took too long to get to where it was obviously headed. Not a bad episode of RAW, as we got three good matches and three matches for Wrestlemania. Edge/Jericho should steal the show and be a great match and so far is the match I’m looking forward to most. Undertaker/Shawn streak v. career, I really hope Undertaker win, I don’t want to see the streak beaten. Cena/Batista I have no interest in the match at all, don’t like either guy and don’t care. Sorry, that’s my opinion and neither guy has ever impressed me, so combined equals a double load of who cares for me. Christian makes the MITB match, and rumors were of it being ten men this year, either way it should be a fun spotfest. Throw in Kofi, Morrison, Truth, Bourne, Tatsu, Ziggler, Ryder, Benjamin & Jackson and should be a good way to get the young talent on Wrestlemania. Well, tonight was a good start for the R2W, and maybe the build to ‘Mania will be better then I though, guess we’ll wait an see. Tonight’s RAW I’ll give a B- to, as it could’ve been better but was still enjoyable. That and seeing Jewel looking hot. as she always does, was great! Next week’s guest host is going to be really lame though, especially with the PG rating, how many dope jokes can they do?


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