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WWE Elimination Chamber – February 21, 2010


   Tonight the road to Wrestlemania becomes a little clearer as we have the final PPV before Wrestlemania 26. Tonight is the first PPV named Elimination Chamber, as WWE has gone just a little crazy with the renaming of PPVs. I liked the No Way Out personally, but guess it could be worse. This should be an interesting PPV as only four matches were announced, the two Chambers, the finals of the Diva tournament and Kane v. Drew McIntyre. I assume they’re going to add a match or two during the show, much like they did with MVP/Miz at the Royal Rumble last month. Supposedly they are going to start with a chamber match, which is interesting, if they do pull JoMo out and put Shawn in the Smackdown one, that won’t be the opening match. If they leave the match alone, then that’s the opening match, as I can’t see Truth, JoMo and Punk getting a main event shot. I still say Triple H wins the RAW Chamber, and Shawn wins the Smackdown Chamber, but if Shawn is not in it, then it will be Jericho. Of course if Shawn does win, where does that leave Edge? I can’t see Edge/HHH at Wrestlemania, although that would be interesting, I don’t think they’ve had a one on one match. Well, whatever happens this should be a fun show, I hope, so let’s get to it.

  1. John Cena v. Ted DiBiase v. Randy Orton v. Triple H v. Kofi Kingston v. Sheamus. Well, we’re starting with the Elimination Chamber for the RAW title. I’m guessing this means Shawn Michaels is going to find a way into the Smackdown Chamber. I figured Kofi Kingston would be the guy starting, but I expected him with Orton actually, either way Sheamus will be the first out. I love it, Kofi comes out and looks behind him as he comes to the ring, nice continuity. Last year he was attacked on his way to the Chamber, so that was really cool they did that. Wow, the intros took the first fifteen minutes of the PPV, that’s what you call a time killer. Sheamus goes for the kick, but Kingston avoids and quickly starts out on Sheamus. Sheamus misses the clothesline and Kingston with a perfect dropkick for a near fall. Kingston works the arm of the Champ and continues the kicks at the same time. Sheamus gets a foot in and then drops the knee across the back of the head. Sheamus begins to work over Kingston in the corner, but Kofi fights back with the right hands. Kofi shot in, and catches Sheamus with a kick, but comes at him again and Sheamus with a back elbow. Sheamus hits a shoulderblock and stands over Kingston now, as the crowd boos. Sheamus charges again, but Kingston blocks. Sheamus arm drags Kingston to the outside, but Kingston lands on his feet nails the back kick and a nice springboard cross body gets a near fall for Kingston. Sheamus whips Kingston in the corner, but Kingston gets a boot up and tries to roll the champ up, but Sheamus drops a fist. The Champ pounds on Kingston and gets a one count, as the other watch from their pods. Kofi crawls to the steel flooring outside the ring, and Sheamus follows. Kofi gets a kick in, but Sheamus shoves him into Triple H’s pod. Kofi crawls back to the ring and Sheamus nails the chokeslam backbreaker for a near fall, as the crowd pops loudly for Kingston’s kickout. The first chamber opens and out comes Triple H, who has a big smile on his face. Triple H has been in six of ten chambers, as HHH enters the ring and gets in the face of Sheamus. Triple H opens up on Sheamus, but Sheamus gets a knee in and whips in the game. Reversed and Triple H gets a knee lift then drops the knee, Sheamus pulls himself up in the corner and Triple H nails a corner clothesline and stops Sheamus down. Triple H with a short arm clothesline, shades of Jake Roberts, gets a two, as HHH whips Sheamus over the top rope. HHH goes to ram Sheamus into the cage, but Sheamus blocks and tries himself, but HHH blocks and clotheslines Sheamus back in the ring. HHH whips Sheamus in  the corner but eats a big boot. Sheamus goes for the Celtic Cross, but Triple H slides down his back and nails a DDT for a near fall. Kofi comes back in from the top and hits a cross body on Sheamus, then opens up on both men. Kofi whips HHH into Sheamus in the corner, and HHH tumbles to the floor, Kofi does the mount and punk on Sheamus. Kofi hits the flying forearm and then a boom drop on Triple H over the top to the steel floor. As Kofi gets up Sheamus catches him with a clothesline and gets a near fall on Kingston. Sheamus pounds on Kofi and Triple H as our next man joins the battle and it’s the Viper. Randy Orton explodes on everyone, as the crowd erupts for Orton. Orton’s going to be the next Steve Austin, this crowd is insane for him! Orton hammers all three men down and drops a knee on HHH, then one for Sheamus. Orton tosses Sheamus out of the ring, then goes after HHH, but then heads out after Sheamus. Orton rams Sheamus into the chamber wall repeatedly, and the crowd is exploding. Orton now feeds HHH the chamber walls, then gets in the face of Cena, still in his pod, as he chokes Sheamus. Orton pummels the Game, but Kofi off the top rope takes out all three men, Kofi goes for a springboard back in but Orton hits a dropkick on Kingston and gets a near fall. Orton slowly stalks Kingston and stomps Kofi, as Triple H comes in and nails Orton from behind. Orton whips HHH in, but reversed and eats the knee, however he catches HHH coming off the ropes with a powerslam. Orton readies for the RKO, as Triple H slowly gets up, Orton goes for the RKO, but countered and Kofi misses Trouble in Paradise. Triple H goes for the Pedigree but Orton backdrops him to the steel then tosses Kofi out there with him. Orton goes after Sheamus, but Sheamus tosses Orton headfirst into the steel post, as the countdown begins. DiBiase enters the match and goes after Sheamus and Kofi, then clotheslines the Game and drops a series of fists. Ted looks over at Orton, and stands over him and extends the hand to Orton. Ted pulls Orton up, and they go after the Game and double team him in the corner. DiBiase will screw over Orton before we’re done I bet, as they go after Sheamus now. Orton whips Sheamus into the steel post, as DiBiase chokes out Kingston. The go after Kingston on the steel, and Orton pulls the chains apart and stuff Kingston’s head in between the chains. DiBiase with a Boston Crab on Kingston, while Orton kicks him in the ribs. That was just brutal looking, as Orton goes after the Game, and Ted helps him out as they once again double team HHH. Orton holds Hunter while Ted kicks him in the ribs, then they toss him out to the steel. Ted & Randy rams Triple H’s head into the chamber walls repeatedly. Orton now readies for the rope DDT, but Ted stops him and they turn him around so Orton can DDT him on the steel, and Orton hits it. Ted and Randy stand in front of Cena’s chamber, as we’re a minute late for the door opening. Cena fights out of the chamber and takes apart both men. Cena hits two shoulders on Orton then the belly to back suplex. Cena nails the fist drop on Orton, as Ted gets in and Cena hits the throwback. Cena climbs the ropes and drops the leg on DiBiase. Cena goes for the FU and sends Ted’s feet into Orton, and Ted grabs the rope, so Cena tosses him to the steel. Orton catches Cena and tosses him to the steel on the other side, as all six men are in the ring. Cena whips Orton into the chamber walls, and locks the STF on DiBiase and Orton makes the save. Orton with the backbreaker on Cena and readies for the RKO, as we see Cody run down the ramp with a lead pipe, he tosses into Ted. Orton goes for RKO, counted into the FU. DiBiase hits Orton with the pipe then hits Cena with it, Ted covers Orton  and Ted is eliminated at 24 minutes! Cody is in shock, as Orton is out of the match. Kingston still has head stuck in the chamber walls, guess he’s having a nice nap. Orton leaves the chamber, as Ted smiles at him! Sheamus finally pulls Kofi out and they roll in the ring. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise eliminating Ted at 25 minutes and turns into the pump kick. Sheamus nails the Celtic Cross on Kingston to eliminate him at 26 minutes. That’s three gone in three minutes! I’m surprised Sheamus is still there, but I think it’s going to be HH winning still. Sheamus hits a knee lift on Cena, but Cena goes for the FU and Sheamus fight out and nails the chokeslam backbreaker. Sheamus powerslams Cena for a two count, as Triple H enjoys his nap. Sheamus slams Cena into the corner and ties him to the tree of woe. The Champ pounds Cena in the corner, then sets him on the top rope and goes for the Celtic Cross, but Triple H with a low blow on Sheamus saves Cena. Triple H with a Pedigree eliminates Sheamus at 28 minutes, and that ends the Irish Experiment. Cena and Triple H the final two, and both men are still down. Both men struggle to get up, and Cena springs into the STF on Triple H. HHH struggles to make the ropes, as he fights the hold, Cena cranks back harder. Triple H taps out and Cena wins at 30 minutes! 8/10 a great match, but the eliminations came so quick as everyone is out within seven minutes. Can’t believe Cena has the damn title again, I don’t understand that one, as I thought he was facing Batista at Wrestlemania. As the Chamber rises out comes Mr. McMahon with a microphone. Vince congratulates Cena and tells him he’s going to Wrestlemania, as long as he can defend his title right now against Batista!
  2. John Cena v. Batista. I guess this is a match right now?  Batista heads down the ramp and enters the ring. Cena pulls himself up on the ropes and Batista stalks him. Stupid Michael Cole says Cena went through a 45 minute Chamber match, it was thirty minutes and he only entered at the 21 minute mark, so he only wrestled 9 minutes, you jackass. The bell rings, and Cena nails Batista, which staggers him, but Batista comes back with the spear and the Batista Bomb for the win at 33 seconds to win the title. DUD well, that was stupid, so now Batista, who’s on Smackdown, has the RAW title. That made no sense to me at all, I hope they know where they are going with this, as Batista holds the title at the top of the ramp. That kind of rendered the Chamber match as useless, didn’t it? I love how they keep talking about all the punishment Cena took during the Chamber match, he was in there for nine minutes people, seriously. Cena leaves the ring, and looks dejectedly at the Wrestlemania banner as the kids chant Cena. We get a Wrestlemania promo now, then  the recap of the Bret Hart/Vince McMahon storyline. Is this RAW or a PPV? We don’t need a recap on the PPV, as Lawler says we have seen the last of Bret Hart.
  3. Drew McIntyre v. Kane. I like Drew’s new music, very cool sounding, I hope he doesn’t lose to Kane tonight. Drew makes a slow walk to the ring, which King compares to turtles and molasses. Kane quickly runs at Drew who ducks and hammers Kane, but Kane catches him coming off the ropes. Kane tossing Drew in the corner and nails him, then the snapmare/dropkick combo gets two. Kane with a side headlock takeover, as Drew tries to fight out and shoots Kane in. Kane comes back with the shoulderblock, then the headlock takeover again as he grounds the quicker man. Drew fights him way back up and sends Kane in the ropes. Drew goes for an armdrag, but Kane counters with a nice move for a near fall. Kane misses the corner charge and Drew hammers him in the corner. Drew comes off the ropes but Kane catches him with a lariat and goes back on the offense. Kane misses the elbow, and now Drew focuses on the knee of the Big Red Machine. Drew charges in the corner, but Kane flips him over and he lands on the apron. Drew drops Kane’s arm on the ropes and now opens up on him in the corner. Drew hits a jumping arm breaker on Kane and gets a one count, and quickly moves to an armbar, as King mocks the armbar. Drew transitions into a top wristlock, as Lawler continues to mock the offense of Drew. Kane shoves Drew over the top rope, and Drew slowly gets back in the ring. Kane whips him in, but gets caught with his head, as Drew nails a hammerlock drop the goes back to the armbar. Drew works the arm while driving the knee in the head of Kane, as Kane slowly fights his way out. Kane able to whip Drew in, but Drew comes back with a big boot and goes for the Future Shock,but Kane backdrops out and hits a big boot of his own. Kane pounds Drew in the corner, and tosses him in the opposite corner and nails a corner clothesline, but the second one blocked. Drew off the second rope and Kane hits a big uppercut for a near fall. Kane hits a side slam and gets another near fall. Kane climbs the ropes and hits the diving lariat, and signals for the chokeslam. Kane goes for the chokeslam, and Drew slides out to the apron. Kane rams Drew’s head into the steel post and kicks him to the floor. Kane tosses Drew into the steps as the ref counts, Kane tosses Drew back in. Drew begs off, and Kane will have none of it as Kane continues the offense. Drew runs up the ramp, and Kane comes after him. Kane rams Drew into the barricade and hits the headbutt. Kane tosses Drew back in at seven, and follows. Kane goes for the chokeslam, but Drew in the ropes and Drew hits the thumb to the eye. Drew nails the Future Shock and scores the win at 10 minutes. 6/10 one of Kane’s better matches and glad that Drew kept the title. Not a great match, but could’ve been worse. Backstage we see Gail Kim walking, and Maryse catches up to her. Maryse starts talking in French to Gail, and says in English it means she’s looking forward to tonight’s match as she mocks Smackdown. Gail starts talking in French and says she knows what Maryse has been saying and tonight she will beat her and enjoy it, then walks away.
  4. Maryse v. Gail Kim. We finally get the finals of the forgotten Diva’s title tournament. Has there been a tournament that’s gotten worse treatment then this one? Well, maybe Brawl for All, but this has been treated so poorly no wonder no one respect the butterfly belt. Supposedly they’re going to merge the two title at Wrestlemania, seems like something involving both brands will take place as they’ve been knocking Smackdown Divas lately. Matt Stryker makes a really bad Chinese food joke as the ref holds the title high. Suddenly we hear screeching, and it’s Vickie, ah crap as she interrupts the match. This show is falling apart faster then wet bread at this point. Vickie says the RAW divas have been mocking the Smackdown diva, and she calls herself a diva, as Matt gags. The crowd chants “you suck” loudly, as Vickie says she has power and is postponing the match and turning it to a tag match, as Maryse and Gail will team to face the the Smackdown dominant divas, Michelle and Layla. For God’s sakes, does horseface need to show up on everything, seriously. And why is she the dominant diva when Mickie has the title? This makes no sense, but what else is new. So the big tournament finals are once again bumped, just squash the butterfly belt then, no one cares about, least of all WWE. Gail and Layla start out, and Gail’s going to have a sore back from having to carry these three tonight. Gail takes down Layla with a pair of arm drags and  into an armbar. Layla fights off, and Gail hammers her, then shoots her in. Layla with a nice rollup, then kicks Gail before tossing her in the corner. Gail moves and kicks Layla then rolls her up. Gail whips Layla in the corner, and hits the cross body. While the ref is busy with Maryse, horseface hits a kick knocking Gail to the floor. Double dropkick from team Smackdown, as Maryse laughs at Gail. Horseface rolls her in and covers for a near fall, then a rear chinlock, as she channels her inner Sid. Gail tries to fight out and horseface continues to pound on her. Gail whipped in and comes back with a clothesline, and both women are down. Gail crawls to her corner and Maryse pulls her arm back then smacks Gail back into a kick from horseface. Horseface hits the Styles Clash, poorly at that, and scores the win at just under the four minute mark. DUD a utterly useless, crappy match. I would’ve rather seen the finals of the tournament, as was advertised but horseface had to interject herself into this as well. Whatever, next match please. Maryse rolls in and gets in Gail’s face and yells at her. Gail tries to fight back, but Maryse nails the French Kiss. I’m surprised Vince didn’t come out and start the match now. Cole says they will meet at some point for the title. We now get an NXT promo, then an interview with Miz. Miz says he is the first superstar to hold both the US and unified tag titles and he will teach his protégée how to be a superstar. He makes fun of Daniel Bryan and calls him the internet darling, and says he better listen to him if he wants to be a star. MVP suddenly appears and says for the first time he agrees with him, personality is important, as he mentions his win over ShowMiz last week and will face Miz for the US title tonight. Again, how many times do we have to see this match?
  5. William Regal makes his way to the ring, as they announce Regal to be part of NXT. Regal does his hype for NXT, they’re really pushing this NXT thing aren’t they? Regal says being a man of wealth and knowledge has been chosen as a pro and of all the pro he has the most experience and tenure, as the crowd does the stupid “What” chant. Regal says he demands respect and is the model of professionalism and everyone can learn from him, as we now get an appearance by Edge. Regal asks Edge what he wants, and calls him sunshine. Edge laughs and calls him Lord Snugglesworth! Edge says it’ like watching paint dry and he wanted to come out and tell the crowd something they may want to hear. Edge says he won the Royal Rumble and will main event Wrestlemania, and can choose the champ he wants. Edge says he will make his decision tomorrow live on RAW, but tonight he’s here for something else. Edge spears Regal, gets up and shrugs his shoulders as he leaves the ring.
  6. The Miz v. MVP. This is match 25366 between these two, or it just feels that way. Why not make this a tag match for the belts? Miz gets in the face of MVP, who slaps him, then clubs Miz. MVP hammers Miz in the corner and stomps him relentlessly. MVP tosses Miz into the buckle and nails a series of knees. MVP with a slam then the big knee gets a one count. Miz gets an elbow in and charges, but MVP just tosses him overhead and Miz rolls to the floor. MVP follows and rams him in the barricade, then tosses Miz in. MVP distracted by Big Show, as Miz goes for the baseball slide, and MVP moves and tosses him back in for a near fall. MVP off the ropes and Miz hits a back elbow and follows up with a kick to the ribs as Big Show cheers his tag partner on. Miz shoots MVP in, but misses the clothesline and MVP comes back with a big flying forearm, then a mount/punch combo. MVP with an armbar right in front of Show, as Miz fights his way out, and whips MVP in the corner. MVP tries to jump over and Miz catches him and drives MVP down hard for a near fall. Miz hammers MVP in the face and then chokes him on the ropes. Miz drops a running leg across the back of MVP, while he’s on the ropes and gets another near fall. Miz goes to a rear chinlock, while the announcers talk about NXT, nice treatment of the match. Miz stomps MVP, but MVP kicks him off and rolls Miz up for a two count. Miz quickly comes back with a running kick to the face. Miz casually covers and MVP rolls him up for another near fall, as Miz is getting frustrated. Miz kicks at MVP who suddenly explodes with a big clothesline, sending Miz to the corner, Miz whips MVP to the corner and hits a clothesline of his own. Miz with a modified camel clutch now as MVP fights his way up, and has Miz on his shoulders. MVP with an electric chair with a bridge for a near fall, very cool looking. Both men slow to get up, as MVP blocks a punch and gets a few of his own in, but Miz kick the knee and nails a snap DDT for a near fall. Miz with another submission move, but MVP fights out, however Miz comes back with kick to the gut. Miz chokes MVP on the ropes and follows with a running boot to the face. Show gets in the face of MVP taunting him, as Miz hits that cool corner clothesline, I love that! Miz climbs the ropes, but MVP shakes the ropes and Miz is now a soprano. MVP hammers Miz on the top rope and climbs up, as he readies for a superplex. Miz fights back and headbutts MVP to the mat, and MVP readies himself on the top. MVP springs up and hits the top rope belly to belly, someone’s been watching Kurt Angle tapes, as MVP gets a near fall. Miz is bleeding now, someone stop the match, as Lawler talks about Harley Race’s headbutts. MVP hits a flapjack on the US champ and pair of elbows, then the knee to the face. Miz is down and MVP with the balling elbow drop and covers, but Miz gets a foot on the rope. MVP with the ref, as Show pulls out Miz. MVP kicks Show and Henry rams Show headfirst into the post. Henry goes to run at Show, but Show moves and Henry crashes through the barricade. Miz and MVP in the ring, as MVP misses the corner kick, and while Miz has the ref, Show hits the knockout punch for the win at 13 minutes. 7.25/10 a very good match, as Miz gets better every week,. The doctor checks on Miz as Show celebrates with Miz’s US title. That was a good match, but I assume the feud isn’t over yet, as we’ll probably have a tag match on RAW unless they build it to Wrestlemania.
  7. Rey Mysterio v. John Morrison v. Chris Jericho v. Undertaker v. CM Punk v. R-Truth. I’m surprised, I thought Shawn would find a way into the match, glad he didn’t. CM Punk has a microphone and says he hope the symbolism isn’t lost on the superstars in the chamber. Punk calls them all prisoners of addiction, yeah he’s going to be first out, as he continues by saying it’s not him locked in with them, it’s them locked in with him. Punk says not to think of him beating them as failure, but him saving them and setting them free as he gets in Rey’s face. As he continues to talk out comes R-Truth, I like Truth but I hate his music so much. Punk and Truth start out, and a quick lock up as Truth goes to a side headlock. Punk shoots him in and Truth comes back with a shoulder block, but then comes off the ropes as Punk nails him with a nice kick. Punk with a belly to back suplex gets a one count, and Punk goes back to pounding on Truth then whips him in the corner. Truth jumps over Punk and nails the dropkick for a two count. Truth clotheslines Punk to the steel floor, but Punk catches him coming out. Punk goes for a piledriver, but Truth counters and slingshots Punk into the chamber cage, then into Rey’s chamber door. Truth climbs the rope and dives onto CM Punk, and both men are down. Truth tosses Punk hard into the chamber wall again and again, as Punk falls back in the ring. Truth comes in and nails the Stroke, as he channels his inner Jeff Jarrett. Truth misses the Axe Kick, and Punk goes for the GTS, but Truth slides down. Truth misses the flying forearm and eats a kick, then gets a GTS. Punk eliminates Truth at the 3:45 mark and Punk has a microphone. Punk tells Undertaker to pray his door opens last, because when he comes out he’s going to make him tap out again. Punk points at Morrison and tells him his decadent lifestyle will get him nowhere. Punk tells the crowd at home to place their hands on the screen and feel Punk flow through as the countdown clock begins. Our third man in the match is Rey Mysterio, oh goody. Rey springboards into Punk with a Senton and hits a crossbody for two. Punk rolls up Rey, but Rey rolls through and nails a kick for two. Rey whips Punk in the corner, but reversed, and Rey gets his feet up. Rey with a drop toe hold and goes for 619, but Punk catches him with a powerslam for two. Punk goes for GTS, but Rey Hurricanranas out and gets a near fall. Rey kicks Punk who winds up next to the chamber door. Rey climbs up Punk, and Punk catches him and swings Rey into the chamber wall and John Morrison’s door. Punk pulls Rey in the middle and covers for two, Rey pulls himself up in the corner, and Punk hits the knee then tosses Rey headfirst into his chamber and covers for the near fall, as Rey kicks out again. That should’ve been the end of Rey. Punk sets Rey on the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Rey fight off and sends Punk down. Rey climbs to the top of his pod, but Punk follows him and gets him on his shoulders. Rey fights off as they fight on the top rope, and Rey hits a hurricanrana from the top to the steel floor. Punk rolls in and Rey hits a springboard splash to eliminate punk at 10 minutes. What a load of shit that was, that killed that match, as Jericho comes in. Rey monkey flips Jericho, but Jericho hits a clothesline. Jericho shoots him in and presses Rey then lets him fall, as Jericho stands over Mysterio. Jericho goes for the lionsault but Rey moves and Jericho lands on his feet. Rey with a drop toe hold and 619, but Jericho to the outside and Rey spring to the cage. Jericho pulls Rey’s feet out and Rey splatters on the steel. Jericho whips Rey hard into the Chamber walls then kicks him in the ring, Jericho springboards on top for two, and continues the offense on Rey. Jericho stands on Rey’s back while he’s on the ropes, then taunts the Undertaker who just glares at him. Jericho goes back to Rey who kicks Chris, but Jericho just hammers him. Jericho with a snapmare, then a submission hold on Rey, as Undertaker paces in his pod. Rey tries to fight out, and Jericho shoots him in, but Rey comes back with an Asai Moonsault for a near fall. Rey suddenly locks in a dragon sleeper on Jericho, who powers his way into the corner to break the hold, then locks in the Walls of Jericho, as we’re passed the time for the next guy and the clock comes up. John Morrison comes in and saves Mysterio, as he hammers Jericho, then shoots him in. Morrison hits a dropkick then tosses Jericho to the steel. JoMo whips in Rey, but gets caught with his head down. JoMo hits a nice kick on Rey sending him to the steel as well, as Jericho slowly gets back in the ring. Jericho sent in, and catches Morrison’s leg for a roll up. Jericho sets JoMo in the corner and shoots him in the opposite, but Morrison gets a foot up. John on the top and Rey kicks him down, then charges at Jericho, but Jericho backdrops Rey to the steel. Someone in the crowd yells at Jericho to leave him alone, as Jericho lifts up Rey and JoMo dives on both. Morrison hits a standing shooting star on Rey for a near fall, then whips him in, but Rey holds the ropes. Rey on the shoulders of John, sets up 619, but Jericho catches him in a backbreaker for a near fall. Rey holds Jericho and John hits the Flying Chuck, as Rey nails Morrison now. Rey sets John on the top rope and goes for the hurricanrana, but JoMo holds on and hits Starship Pain eliminating Mysterio at 20 minutes. JoMo with a European uppercut on Jericho, then a knee to the face, as Jericho crumples. Morrison distracted by Rey being helped out, and Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho, as the clock counts down. Undertaker enters at 21minutes and Jericho breaks the hold. Undertaker hammers Jericho on the corner and shoots him in the opposite corner and catches a corner clothesline. Undertaker nails Snake Eyes then the big boot, Undertaker clotheslines JoMo over the top then drops a leg on Jericho for a near fall. Undertaker goes for the double chokeslam, but they counter and double suplex Undertaker. They double clothesline Undertaker out and Jericho goes to kick Morrison who rolls him up for a near fall. Jericho rolls out and backdrops Morrison to the steel. Jericho gets back in the ring and goes after Undertaker, then slaps Undertaker. Undertaker springs up and Jericho runs inside a pod, but Undertaker rips the door open and beats the hell out of Jericho. Undertaker broke the door, that’s coming out of his pay. Undertaker goes after Morrison and crushes him in the corner twice. Undertaker hits Snake Eyes and goes for the big boot, but Morrison hits the Flying Chuck. Morrison goes for Starship Pain but Undertaker gets the knees up. Jericho starts to head back in the ring, but Undertaker sits up, so Jericho turns around and hides in the pod. Undertaker tosses JoMo over the top rope to the steel. Undertaker hammers JoMo against the steel then tosses him into the pod door that Jericho is hiding behind. Undertaker kicks Morrison in the gut and goes for the last ride, but Jericho drives Undertaker into the steel, while JoMo holds the cage wall. Jericho whips Undertaker into the glass, cracking it. John and Jericho back in the ring now, as JoMo hits the running knee for a near fall. John goes for the Flying Chuck, but Undertaker chokeslams him into the steel. Undertaker drags him back in the ring and covers JoMo for the elimination at 28 minutes. That leaves Chris Jericho and Undertaker, who pulls the straps down. Undertaker glares at Jericho, who’s trying to find somewhere to hide. Jericho gets in the ring, and Undertaker with a pair of right hands, and hammers Chris in the corner. Undertaker hits a big knee in the corner, but Jericho moves and Undertaker misses the second one. Jericho goes a superplex, as Undertaker tries to fight it off, but Jericho hits it and both men are down and hurt. Jericho makes the cover and gets a near fall, damn so close. Jericho drops a knee on Undertaker and then starts to hammer Undertaker. Jericho comes off the ropes but Undertaker catches him, and goes for the chokeslam. Jericho counters and gets the Walls of Jericho on the Deadman, but he fights out and locks in Hell’s Gate on Jericho. Jericho gets his feet on the ropes and breaks the hold. Undertaker sits up and brings Jericho in for the Tombstone, but Jericho slides out and hits the Codebreaker. Jericho slowly crawls over for the cover and gets a two count as Undertaker kicks out. Jericho screams at Undertaker to stay down and rams him in the corner and opens up on him. Jericho climbs up the ropes, but Undertaker hits the Last Ride, but can’t make the cover. Undertaker slowly gets up and gives the sign for the Tombstone. Suddenly the chamber breaks and Shawn Michaels goes from underneath and nails Undertaker with Sweet Chin Music. Jericho covers and scores the win and the title at 35 minutes. 8.5/10 great match with a great ending. Shawn stands over Undertaker as Jericho celebrates with his title.

Match Recap:

  • John Cena won the RAW Elimination Chamber at 30 minutes 8/10
  • Batista beat John Cena at 33 seconds DUD
  • Drew McIntyre pinned Kane at 10 minutes 6/10
  • Michelle McCool & Layla beat Gail Kim & Maryse in under 4 minutes DUD
  • Miz pinned MVP in 13 minutes 7.25/10
  • Chris Jericho won the Smackdown Elimination Chamber at 35 minutes 8.5/10

Overall not a bad PPV, but the divas match and Cena/Batista were really bad. Glad to see Jericho with the title, even if he is just holding it till Edge beats him at Wrestlemania. The two Chamber matches were great, and so was the Miz/MVP match. Very enjoyable PPV and raises some question for Mania. We know Shawn/Taker, Cena/Batista, Edge/Jericho are probably a lock, but where does HHH go? Orton/Cody/Ted in a triple threat? Gail/McCool for both belts looks possible as I assume horseface beats Mickie for the title on Smackdown. Maybe Miz & Show v. MVP & Henry? Punk/Rey was rumored. Guess we’ll get some answers tonight on RAW, hosted by the beautiful Jewel!


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