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Saturday Night’s Main Event #20 – March 11, 1989


   While I wait for my copy of last night’s Elimination Chamber PPV, let’s continue our journey through the Saturday Night’s Main Events. Tonight’s episode comes to us from Hershey, PA and is about three weeks before Wrestlemania V, the Mega Powers explode. Last month on the Main Event, Randy Savage attacked partner and friend Hulk Hogan and accused him of having eyes for Elizabeth. Hulk was knocked silly with the World title and left laying by the Macho Man, and stormed the backstage area looking for him. At Wrestlemania the Mega Powers will face off for the World Title and Miss Elizabeth! But before we get to Wrestlemania we have to go through SNME 20!

   We open the show with a recap of the turmoil of the Mega Powers, Tonight on SNME, Elizabeth must choose between the Macho Man or the Hulkster, who’s corner will she be in at Wrestlemania V? No mini interviews as this takes priority and we go to the opening video. Vince McMahon welcomes us to Hershey, Pennsylvania and introduces a moderately dressed Jesse Ventura. Jesse says he’s here to cover wrestling and that means Bad News Brown, Ted DiBiase with his Million Dollar Title. Also tonight Brooklyn Brawler, Brain Busters and Rick Rude are all in action, as he keeps cutting off Vince and then sends it to Mene Gene.

  1. Brutus Beefcake v. Rick Rude. This should be a very good match, as Beefcake was at his best at this time, while Rude was always great. Vince mentions that Bobby Heenan is busy tonight with three big matches, and Jesse says only one man can handle three matches in one night. The bell rings and the ref tries to get the hedge clippers from Brutus Beefcake, and Brutus puts them in his bag in the corner. Brutus shakes his ass in the face of Rick Rude before they lock up, and Rude has Warrior painted on his tights! Brutus unloads with some rights and shoots him him, and follows with a back drop and Rude is crawling to the corner. Beefcake doesn’t let up, as he mounts and punches the Ravishing One in the corner and Rude is dazed. Rude misses a punch and Brutus locks in the sleeper, Rude tries to get to the corner and Brutus shoves him off. Brutus rams Rude in the corner and again mount and punch in the corner, but Rude powers out with the reverse atomic drop. Rude stalks Beefcake now and a big left hand then whipped in the ropes, right into a knee from Rude. Rude continues to hammer the Barber, as Rude stays on the offense and nails a nice snap suplex, shades of Dynamite Kid. That gets Rude a two count, and Rude goes to a reverse chin lock to wear down Brutus. Brutus fights his way up, but a yank of the hair takes Brutus back down and we see Andre the Giant coming to ringside, as Brutus nails a jawbreaker. Brutus spies Andre in the corner, and catches Rude with a reverse atomic drop and whips him in the corner. Rude catches Brutus coming in and tosses Brutus to the floor, where Andre sits on him then starts to choke Brutus. Suddenly Jake Roberts makes his way down to save Brutus, but Rude catches Jake from behind and tosses him in as the bell rings. 3.75/5 what we say was good, but a non-decisive finish cost it some points to me. If it had an ending I would’ve gone 4.25/5, but was still good. After the match Andre and Rude double team Jake in the ring, but Brutus able to get back in. Brutus and Rude slug it out, while Andre chokes Jake, Brutus clotheslines Rude out of the ring and goes for Andre. One headbutt from Andre takes Brutus down and now Andre starts to choke Brutus on the ropes, suddenly Big John Studd comes down the aisle! Been a long time since we seen Studd on SNME, as Andre tosses Brutus out and Studd and Andre come face to face, but Jake tosses Damien in the ring. Andre quickly, well quickly for him, bails out of the ring and the Heenan Family head down the aisle. Brutus, Jake and Studd celebrate in the ring, Studd return was short lived, as he won the first Rumble, then refs the match between Jake and Andre at Wrestlemania V and then was gone.
  2. Hulk Hogan v. Bad News Brown. Bad News Brown was claiming that Elizabeth was doing favors to keep the title on Savage, which led to a brief Savage/Brown feud. The matches took place after Savage’s heel turn and Brown actually was cheered at some of the shows. The street fight between Savage and Brown from Hamilton was a great match, and is on one of the Coliseum Video releases. Bad News was greatly underused while in WWE, he should’ve got a better push. Hulk comes out with Miss Elizabeth, as later tonight she will make her decision for Wrestlemania V. Jesse says looking at them coming to the ring together it looks like she made her decision, as he calls them the happy couple. Bad News gets a cheap shot in while the ref was checking Hogan, and Bad News quickly beats down the former champion. Brown chokes Hogan on the ropes, and follows with a nice uppercut, but misses the elbow drops and Hulk springs up. Hulk with a pair of rights and a running right sends Brown to the floor. Hulk follows and continues the offense on the floor, then slides back in. Brown yells at the crowd to shut up and is distracted as Hulk brings him in the hard way, slinging him over the top. Hulk shoots Brown in, but reversed and Hulk back with a shoulderblock, then nails a lariat and follows with a pair of elbows. Hulk whips him in again and nails the big boot, but doesn’t go for the legdrop, instead rams Brown in the buckle, but no effect. Brown comes back with a headbutt, and once again hammers Hulk and whips him in the corner but gets caught with a big boot and an atomic drop sends Brown out. Hulk follows again, and Brown tries to ram Hogan into the barricade but reversed as they slug it out on the floor. Brown rams Hogan into the steel post, but misses the right hand and hits the post. Brown grabs a chair, but Hulk blocks and takes the chair away and goes back in. Brown rams the chair into his own head, then looks under the ring and can’t find anything, so he tells Hulk to wait there and head backstage. Brown is returns with a shovel as we go to commercial, we come back and Hulk takes the shovel away and tosses Brown back in. Hulk hammers Brown in the corner and tosses him in the opposite corner, but Brown comes out with a big clothesline. Brown pounds Hogan down, he reminds we a lot of Ezekiel Jackson with the way he wrestles and looks, very power based. Brown continues with a big headbutt followed by a big slam and a legdrop gets two. Brown with a kick to the stomach sends Hulk to the floor, and Brown follow and rams Hulk into the apron then goes after Elizabeth. Hulk makes the save and goes to ram Brown into the post, but reversed and Hulk hits shoulder first. Both men back in the ring and Brown with a nice side Russian legsweep with a cover, but Hulk gets a foot outside the ropes. Brown continues the beating on Hogan, and then asks for the microphone. Brown tells the crowd to look at their hero, and says it’s Ghetto Blaster time. Brown goes for the Ghetto Blaster but Hulk moves and begins to Hulk Up, as it’s over for Brown now. Brown misses a clothesline and Hulk hits a knee then the big legdrop for the win. 4.25/5 a great brawl and awesome to watch. Brown was an amazing specimen who was poorly used in the WWF. Sad he’s been there a year, and this was his first SNME appearance. Brown’s biggest feud was with Jake Roberts, as Jake brought Damien and Brown brought sewer rats! After the match Hulk takes Elizabeth from behind, no not like that, and puts her on his shoulder.
  3. Ted DiBiase v. Blue Blazer. Ted is debuting his Million Dollar Title, which was just an impressive looking title, and the Blazer is of course the late Owen Hart. Blazer making his SNME debut, I can’t believe hit’s been almost eleven years since Owen’s death. Blazer enters the ring with a back flip from the top rope, but Ted catches him with the clothesline. Ted hammers Blazer in the corner then shoots him, as the cape is still on his ankle. Ted slams Blazer and drops a series of elbows, then shoots him in, but gets caught with his head down and Blazer rolls him up. Ted kicks out and Blazer with a backslide, but that just angers Td who clotheslines Blazer back down and climbs the ropes, nailing Blazer with a double ax handle. Ted follows up with a vertical suplex then stands over the fallen Blazer. Ted picks him up and chops the chest and whips him in, but Blazer flips over Ted and dropkicks him to the floor. Blazer off the ropes and nails a suicide dive to the floor and hammers Ted on the floor. Ted misses a swing and Blazer with an atomic drop sends Ted into the post. Blazer tosses Ted in and enters from the top rope with a cross body for two. Ted begs off, but Blazer shoots him in and hits the back drop and a pair of dropkicks. Blazer continues to go at Ted, but gets caught coming off the ropes in a big powerslam for the finish. 3.75/5 a great match, but a little short. The end came out of nowhere, which was great and made the match. After to commercial we have an interview with Miss Elizabeth, who says she will be in a neutral corner at Wrestlemania. This brings out Savage who’s screaming at her that she will be in his corner and when the smoke clears he’ll still be the champion. Hulk comes out to rescue Elizabeth and calls her his manager and says he will take back his title. Hulk’s voice sounds funny, must’ve had a cold or something.
  4. The Rocker v. Brain Busters. Two of the best tag teams in the WWF at this point, and both teams SNME debuts tonight. Lots of debuts tonight, as WWF was revitalizing the roster at this point. Arn nails Shawn early sending him to the floor as Tully goes for the slingshot suplex, but Marty counters and Tully rolls him up, but Shawn off the top takes Tully down.  All four in the ring, and the Rockers clear the ring. Arn catches Shawn with a knee, but gets slammed from the top rope as we finally have a match now, and Shawn with a Boston Crab. Tully comes off the top, but Shawn catches him and we get more double team action as the Rockers dropkick the Busters out of the ring. Shawn suplexes Tully back in and hammers him in the corner, then tosses him out of the corner. Shawn with a nice flying headscissors, and Tully tags in AA. Shawn shoots him in, and Arn gets caught with a drop toe hold. Shawn off the ropes again, but runs into the boot of Arn and Tully tagged back in. Tully shoots Shawn in and drops down, as Bobby pulls the rope down sending Shawn to the floor. Heenan stops Michaels on the floor, and Jannetty comes to the rescue, and the ref sends Heenan back to the dressing room as we go to commercial. We come back and Marty brings Tully in the hard way and opens up on Blanchard. Marty goes for an atomic drop and Tully makes the blind tag. Arn clobbers Marty from behind and snap mares Marty down. Arn whips Marty into Tully’s knee then tags in Blanchard. Tully hammers Jannetty and whips him in, but Marty comes back with a sunset flip. Arm clobbers Shawn and while the ref is distracted the Busters double team Marty. Marty again goes for the sunset flip, but Arn able to tag Marty as he goes down. Tully and Marty with a nice sequence of moves, and Marty dives for the tag and just misses. Arn tagged in though and continues to hammer Jannetty then nails the patented spinebuster. Shawn makes the save and Arn slams Marty again and climbs the ropes. Arn goes for a Vader Bomb, but Marty gets the knees up. Both men make the tag, and Shawn explodes on both Busters now. The Busters go for a double team, but Shawn counters. We have chaos now as all four men are going at it and wind up outside the ring, as the brawl continues and the bell rings. 4/5 a great tag match, and this was a great, albeit short feud between these teams. I believe we have a rematch coming on a later episode between these teams, and it was better then this match. I can’t wait for that. We see the recap of the Red Rooster/Bobby Heenan feud and the debut of Brooklyn Brawler, aka Steve Lombardi. This was Steve’s biggest push in his career.
  5. The Red Rooster v. Brooklyn Brawler. Well, with four minutes left this should be a quick match. We come back from commercial and Brawler hammering Rooster then whips him, but Rooster puts the breaks on. Rooster with a dropkick and an armdrag. Rooster tossed into the ropes, and catches Brawler with his head down, Rooster rolls him up for the easy win. DUD at least it was quickly over. After the match Heenan starts to get in the ring, and Brawler clotheslines Rooster from behind. The double team the Rooster now, and he fights his way back up. Rooster tosses Brawler and Heenan dives over the top quickly and flees the ringside area. Mene Gene is backstage with Randy Savage, who’s furious and says he doesn’t need anybody. Vince and Jesse close the show as we see the rise and fall of the Mega Powers.

Match Recap

  • Brutus Beefcake beat Rick Rude by DQ in 5:45 4.25/5
  • Hulk Hogan pinned Bad News Brown in 9:44 4.25/5
  • Ted DiBiase beat Blue Blazer in 3:57 3.75/5
  • The Brain Busters & The Rockers went to a double count out in 9:00 4/5
  • Red Rooster crushed Brooklyn Brawler in 1:05 DUD

Other then the final match, which was short at least, this was one of the best SNME’s so far. Four great matches, and one of Hogan’s best in my opinion, the best comes on the next SNME. Lots of debuts, as Bad News Brown, Blue Blazer, Brain Busters and the Rockers all made their first SNME appearances tonight. A great show, and highly recommended.

Here’s tonight’s matches



Elizabeth Interview





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