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Week in Review – February 15 – 19 2010

After a great PPV from TNA last week, WWE had to build up their PPV this week. Is it just me or does it seem like there are way to many PPVs? Also this week TNA announced that they would be moving to Monday nights starting next month and finally ECW closed it’s door for the final time. Also this week I’ve started grading the matches out of ten instead of five, as it allows more of a difference between the matches. Well, at least that drops us down to four show a week instead of five.

Matches of the Week

  1. Ezekiel Jackson v. Christian from ECW 8.5/10
  2. Evan Bourne & Primo v. Carlito & Chavo Guerrero from Superstars 8.25/10
  3. Gail Kim v. Katie Lea Burchill from Superstars 8.5/10
  4. Kaz, Generation Me & Amazing Red v. Doug Williams, Motor City Machine Guns & Kendrick from Impact 8.5/10

Worst Matches of the Week

  1. Kurt Angle v. Daniels from Impact DUD

Show of the week goes to ECW for going out with a big with two great matches and a new ECW champion. Hopefully this is just the start for the push of Ezekiel.

Monday Night RAW averaged a 4.75/10 for 4 matches in two hours. Four matches in two hours is just bad, as the matches were not spectacular, or lengthy. Too much time was wasted on the Spring garbage and no focus was given to the divas even with the finals of the tournament this Sunday.

ECW on SyFy averaged a 8/10 for two matches in an hour. Both matches were great and a nice sendoff to the better of the brands. Sad to see ECW go, but hopefully the roster gets a chance on the other brands.

WWE Superstars averaged a 7.5/10 for three matches in an hour. Two matches were great and one was good. I’ve just had enough of Mysterio and hope he doesn’t win on Sunday. Gail and Katie showed how great they are in the ring, two of the best in the company.

TNA Impact averaged a 4.75/10 for six matches in two hours. Two more matches then RAW and the same rating! Three of the matches were bad, one was good and two were great. Not a good thing, and once again where the hell were my knockouts.

Friday Night Smackdown averaged 5/10 for five matches in two hours. Two bad matches, one ok, one good and one great match. Not explosive at all, but at least we kept horseface out of the ring for one week.

Not a great week, as the two best shows were the hour long ones, while Smackdown just passed, and RAW and Impact failed this week. My biggest complaint is the lack of respect for the divas/knockouts. They’re treated like an afterthought. I expect this in WWE, but TNA has dropped the ball big. After such a great show on New Year’s Eve they’ve basically done nothing with the ladies since then. I’ll be back tomorrow with the Elimination Chamber recap. Here’s my predictions:

WWE Championship Chamber: Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship Chamber: Chris Jericho (Although I think Punk will be first out and Shawn will be in there somehow to screw Taker)

Gail Kim over Maryse for the Diva’s title

Kane over Drew McIntyre


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