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Friday Night Smackdown – February 19, 2010


   With three days till Elimination Chamber, I hate that name for a PPV, we have one final show to go. Tonight on Smackdown our main event is Batista v. Edge, in Edge’s first match back since the Achilles Tendon injury. Should be an interesting match. Not sure what else was taped for the show, so let’s see what we get.

  1. Chris Jericho comes down for our opening interview, and starts by saying he’s made a career out of doing what the audience cannot do, accomplishing the impossible. He brings up beating Rock and Austin in one night, beating Shawn Michaels in a ladder match, and last Friday beating the Undertaker, as we see the replay. Jericho repeats that he beat the Undertaker and proved the dead man is only a man, and this Sunday he vows to win the World Title for the sixth time. Jericho says average people curl up and hide when facing adversity, but he deals in reality and Sunday he will come out of the Chamber, Chris never finishes the thought as Edge comes out, with a kick ass cool new shirt, I must find that! Edge tells Jericho that it’s refreshing to hear he knows what it means to beat Undertaker, since he’s done it. Jericho says of course he did it, because he’s the best at what he does, while Edge says the clip didn’t show what led to Chris winning, and we see Edge’s spear on Undertaker. Edge says he didn’t do that to help him, but because Undertaker kicked him in the face and tells Jericho he wouldn’t have won if Edge had not speared Undertaker. Jericho says he will win the Chamber and tells Edge to stay away from him, because bad things happen when Edge is around him. Edge says the more he hears him talk the more he wants to knock the smile of Jericho’s face and hopes he wins so he can do it. Edge says don’t be concerned about the future worry about now, as the lights flicker and Jericho is distracted allowing Edge to hit the spear.
  2. Kane v. Dolph Ziggler. Dolph has beaten Kane twice, but Kane gets an title shot against Drew McIntyre, how the hell does that work? Kane goes after Dolph who uses his speed, but Kane still catches and backdrops him. Kane rams Dolph’s head into the buckle, then hammers him. Kane hits the snapmare/dropkick combo for a two count. Kane now chokes Ziggler on the ropes and then picks Dolph up only to punch him down. Kane slams Dolph and drops the elbow for a near fall. Kane whips Dolph in the corner but misses the corner charge, and now Dolph opens up on the Big Red Machine. The ref pulls Dolph back, and Kane gets the uppercut in. Kane shoots Dolph in, but gets caught with his head down. Dolph comes off the ropes, but Kane follows and clotheslines Dolph out of the ring as we go to commercial. We come back and Dolph has an armbar on Kane and cranks the arm of Kane, who powers out with a sidewalk slam. Kane whips Dolph in and follows with the corner clothesline followed by a big boot. Kane climbs the ropes, and suddenly we get an appearance from the IC Champ, Drew McIntyre, which distracts Kane who misses the diving lariat. Dolph locks in the sleeper quickly and Kane drops to his knees, but powers back up and makes the ropes. Dolph breaks the hold and quickly goes back to it, but Kane throws him off and hits the chokeslam for the win. 4/10 almost a squash match, but Dolph go some offense in, not great but watchable. Drew quickly slides in the ring and goes for the Future Shock but Kane backdrops Drew out of the ring. They announce that the final ECW Champion, Ezekiel Jackson, will be coming to Smackdown. Let’s hope they keep pushing Zeke too.
  3. Cryme Tyme v. Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft. Ugh, not these two idiots, Cryme Tyme, I hate these two so much, makes me miss the Bushwhackers. Glad to see Croft and Barreta on Smackdown, very cool! JTG and Caylen start out, and Croft with a knee lift takes JTG down and whips him in, JTG slides out and takes out Trent’s leg, then quickly back in and JTG with a quick flying forearm. JTG slams Croft and hits a jumping neck snap for a one count. JTG hammers Croft in the corner, but corner whip reversed, however he catches Croft with the boot. Trent distracts JTG and Croft shoves him to the floor and tags in Trent. Trent quickly jumps on JTG and hammers him outside the ring, then tosses him in. JTG tries to fight back but whipped in the Dudebuster’s corner, Trent hits the big elbow and tags in Croft. Trent tosses him into Croft’s dropkick for a near fall. Croft tags Trent in and slams JTG, Trent hits a springboard elbow for a two. Trent locks on a rear chinlock, but JTG elbows his way out and tries for the tag, but Trent pulls him down by the hair. Croft tagged back in, as Shad has yet to be in there and that’s a good thing. Another quick tag, as they work over JTG, Trent sets JTG on the top rope but JTG fights him off and dives for the tag but Trent stops him. JTG rolls to the corner and tags in Shad, who throws the Dudebusters around the ring, Shad with a powerslam on Trent, but Croft breaks the pin. JTG misses a clothesline and falls to the floor, but Shad clotheslines Croft over the top. Meanwhile Trent hits the missile dropkick and goes for a tornado DDT but countered to a STO by Shad for the win. 5/10 the Dudebusters were awesome and should’ve won as they did all the work and Cryme Tyme just annoy me.
  4. CM Punk & Luke Gallows v. R-Truth & John Morrison. Well, I bet CM Punk gets to job again. Seriously other then the stupid Batista thing two weeks ago has he won since the Rumble? I may be in the minority on this, but damn Serena’s hot, she’ll be hotter when the hair comes back, but still. Punk has the mic, and Mike Knox’s beard almost, and says he is a humble man but he is the greatest thing to ever happen. He has a point, he is the best part of Smackdown, next to Mickie James of course, as he says only the few can walk in his footsteps. Punk says those who choose to stand in his way he finds their lack of faith disturbing, and they sacrifice clarity for cheap thrills. Punk says he will crush the spirit of the five others in the Chamber Sunday, hell he’ll be the first one eliminated I bet. Punk says Straight Edge means he is better then each and every one of the people out there, just like he proved to Mysterio last week. Punk says he is fueled by a fire inside of him and Sunday he will be the four time Straight Edge champion and his crusade will burn bright. Punk says he will be the savior of the crowd after he wins the title, as we go to commercial. Morrison & Punk start out and I think we’ve seen this feud before, oh yeah ECW a couple years ago! Morrison quickly rides Punk down as they do some quick amateur style moves, very cool. Morrison gets the side headlock on Punk, who fights his way up and Morrison tags Truth in. They double team Punk, and Truth yells What’s Up, as he does a side headlock takeover on Punk. Punk fights out with a belly to back suplex and tags in Gallows. Luke slams Truth, but Truth slides behind and opens up on Luke. Luke misses a corner charge and Truth with a crossbody for a near fall, suddenly the pyro explode and everyone stops, as we go to commercial.  We come back and Punk  working over the back of Truth, then follows with a spinkick and a slam. Punk drives the knee in the back and tags in Gallows, who continues to work the back. Luke sends Truth in the corner and hammers him, then kicks JoMo off the apron, and hits the Avalanche on Truth for the near fall. Gallows with a suplex takes over Truth and gets another near fall. Truth tries to make the tag, but Gallows powers him in the corner and tags in Punk. Punk goes right back to working over the back of the Truth, but Truth gets a forearm in and tries to make the tag, but Punk hits a vicious kick. Punk tags in Luke, who drops a pair of elbows on Truth, then drives the knee in the back. Gallows rams Truth into the buckle and another big slam before tagging in Punk, who comes in with a springboard, but Truth catches him with a dropkick. Truth makes the tag, and Morrison unloads on Punk, then shoots him in and nails the spinning heel kick. The running knee from Morrison gets two, and a springboard kick for Gallows. Punk tries to charge in the corner, but Morrison moves and Punk hits the post. Morrison goes for a kick, and Punk moves this time causing Morrison to kick the steel post. Punk quickly goes right after the ankle, the same one he injured last week during the match with Truth. The ref checks on Morrison and orders the match finished, as he tells them to ring the bell. 7/10 a very good match, but the finish was not great. A good match like this needed a winner, Luke could’ve taken the fall, he’s not in the Chamber. Punk continues on the ankle, but Truth takes Punk down, however Gallows catches Truth from behind. Luke hits the Gallows Pole on Truth as Punk gets up, out comes Rey Mysterio to the rescue. Rey takes out Luke, but turns into a clothesline from Gallows. Punk hammers the face of Rey Mysterio and tells Gallows to take him out. Luke lifts up Rey and drives him across his knee, as Punk climbs the ropes and hits the knee across the face of Mysterio. Punk drags Rey to the middle of the ring and gets down on his knees over Mysterio. We go backstage to Teddy Long watching Vickie getting hit with a pie from Mickie James last week. Teddy laughs and turns into the scary face of Vickie Guerrero, She asks if that’s funny, and Teddy says no she doesn’t need anymore cottage cheese. Vickie says Shawn should’ve left a footprint on Teddy, as Mickie comes in and apologizes for last week. Mickie looks great in that top, wow! Vickie says horseface has invoked her rematch clause, and Mickie says that’s fine, and Vickie says there will be a special referee, her. Mickie leaves, and I bet that’s how they get the belt of Mickie. What a load of shit, I bet it’s going to be Maryse v. McCool at Mania for both belts, unless Gail pulls of an upset, but either way I can see horseface being the one to unite the titles. Good things she’s with Undertaker, or she’d be in Florida still training with Rosa, Tiffany and Savannah, sarcasm intended.
  5. Great Khali, Matt Hardy & Maria v. Hart Dynasty & Natalya. If Maria pins Natalya we riot!I like Maria, but not as a wrestler, much like Kelly, Bellas and Rosa she’s best as a manager. She looks hot dancing though, somewhere there’s an empty strippers pole. Just saying is all. Nat and Maria start out, as Striker gets in a Col. DeBeers reference, that was great. They lock up and Nat takes Maria down with ease and stands over her. Natalya with a curb stomp on Maria, then a side headlock, as Maria tries to fight out. Maria sent in and catches Natalya with her head down. Maria hits the drop toe hold sending Nat into the ropes, and goes for 619, no just kidding, but that would’ve been cool to see Maria try and do that! Nat makes the tag to Kidd, and Maria needs to leave. Kidd catches Matt and nails him, but whip in reversed and Matt hits the tilt a whirl backbreaker, then rams Kidd in the corner. Matt hammers Kidd in the corner and then pulls him out hard. Kidd gets Matt in his corner and tags in Smith who quickly opens up on Matt and hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. Smith tags Kidd back in and a nice double team drop toe hold/dropkick combo and Smith back in. Smith with a delayed vertical suplex gets a near fall, and now Smith with a rear chinlock, as Maria bounces on the apron, which looks great! Just saying. Matt fights Smith off and hits a quick Side Effect and crawls to his corner. and Smith knees Matt to the floor and tagged Maria on the way down. Maria watching Matt on the floor as Nat pulls Maria in by the hair and hits the discus clothesline for the win. 6.25/10 at least the right team won, and it wasn’t a bad match, just Maria is not much of a wrestler, but she tries. Rather watch her in the ring then horseface that’s for sure. At least we didn’t have to see Khali in the ring, which made the match better. Hardy checks on Maria, who’s pissed off and leaves the ring alone. After the commercial we see Matt and Maria backstage as Matt tells her to calm down. Maria says she doesn’t want to talk about, she feels bad she lost for the team, and Matt tells her it doesn’t charge who she is. As he goes to embrace her out comes horseface and Layla. That woman has a voice like nails on a chalkboard seriously, she’s has a worse voice then Fran Drescher. McCool says they need to get a room and calls them both losers, as horseface says she’s been with everyone. Layla says Maria has cooties and they’re both losers. Maria pushes them both, and walks off. Matt gets in both their faces and calls them children and tells them to grow up, indeed. They are the two most irritating twits in TV history, someone push them off a cliff, please?
  6. Batista v. Edge. The bell ring and Batista keeps avoiding Edge as he hides in the ropes three times. Batista waves to Edge and leaves the ring and starts to head up the aisle. Edge stops the count and grabs a mic, Edge says maybe Batista doesn’t want to take part in a match, but his days of backing up from fights is over. Edge calls Batista spineless and tells him to get back in the ring, Batista turns around and adjusts his kneepads and begins to come to the ring. Batista gets back in the ring and they lock up, Edge gets kneed and Batista whips Edge in the corner but Edge hits a back elbow. Both men slug it out and Edge hits the spin kick and readies for the spear, but Batista bails out as we go to commercial. We come back and Batista catches Edge charging in the corner, as Stryker calls him the Altered Beast again, I hate that nickname. Batista tosses Edge shoulderfirst into the steel post. Batista leaves the ring and takes apart the steps then pulls Edge out. Batista readies for a Batista Bomb, but Edge reverses and Batista lands on the steps. Edge on the apron dives down on Batista with a lariat then tosses Batista back in the ring. Batista catches Edge coming in and goes for a shoulderblock, but Edge counters into the neckdrop for a near fall. Edge readies for the spear again, and Batista catches him in the spinebuster for a near fall. Batista does his Ultimate Warrior impersonation and goes for Batista Bomb countered into the Impaler for a near fall. Edge climbs the ropes and Batista knocks him off the top rope and readies for a spear of his own. Batista charges in but Edge hits the spear of his own as the lights go out. When they come on Undertaker has Edge by the throat and chokeslams him as Batista bails out. 3/10 what we got was good, but a crappy ending and a lot of stalling. Not great, but what can you expect from Batista? Undertaker stands over the fallen Edge and slowly leaves as Edge watches. Edge turns around right into the Codebreaker from Chris Jericho as Undertaker watches from the top of the ramp. Jericho points at Undertaker and makes the title motion, while Undertaker does the throat cut motion.

Match Recap:

  • Kane crushed Dolph Ziggler 4/10
  • Cryme Tyme beat The Dudebusters 5/10
  • CM Punk & Luke Gallows beat John Morrison & R-Truth 7/10
  • The Hart Dynasty & Natalya beat Great Khali, Matt Hardy & Maria 6.25/10
  • Batista & Edge went to a DDQ 3/10

Well, three good matches and two bad ones, not a great show but alright. If only we could get rid of horseface. I have a feeling the ‘ankle injury’ of John Morrison will take him out of the PPV and Shawn will wind up in the Chamber instead. If that happens I can almost see Shawn leaving with Smackdown title and HHH with the Raw title. I don’t want to see that, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Well, I hope the PPV is good tonight, guess we’ll wait and see.


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