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TNA Impact – February 19, 2010


TNA Impact – February 19, 2010

   After a very strong PPV showing Sunday night, that brings us to tonight’s episode of Impact. The Pope, D’Angelo Dinero scored an impressive trio of victories to become the number contender. Meanwhile AJ Styles was able to beat Samoa Joe, when referee Eric Bischoff was distracted by Ric Flair while Joe had the champ pinned. A great PPV from TNA, but was missing the knockouts, hopefully we get some great knockout action tonight.

   We open the show with Eric Bischoff coming out of his limo talking on a cell phone. Eric says if anyone can get inside, it’s whoever he’s talking to. Eric tells the person if he can’t make it back, he has it under control. Eric hangs up and says let the games begin, as we get the recap of the PPV. Sadly this includes the highlights of Jimmy Hart helping the Nasty Boys beat Team 3D. We also have Dixie Carter’s announcement of TNA moving to Monday Night on March 8, which i really hope is a good thing. From there we go to our opening video, I think it’s funny that Kong and Jeff Hardy are both in the video.

  1. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero comes down the aisle, and starts by saying is it him or are we having a party in Orlando, Florida. He says it can’t be because the Pope arrived, but it’s because the Pope is pimping! Pope says at Against all Odds he overcame every obstacle and stands tonight as the number one contender for the World Title. Pope says the only thing standing between him and the biggest bling, is AJ Styles and Dick Flair (his words not mine). Pope calls Ric Flair a dick and says he hopes they hear him loud and clear. Pope says they will never be as charismatic as he is, as the crowd is behind him so much. This man is the best on the mic in both companies, and I hope he can win the title. Pope says he will enter the ring at the PPV and leave the new world champion. This brings out AJ Styles, Dick Flair and four local strippers. Flair asks Dinero if he can read or write, as he asks Pope to read the label of his suit. Flair says his name is Ric Flair and it has been and always will be, as he tells Dinero when he was six he prayed to be just like Flair. Flair says he was bling before the was bling, and says he is exhausted as he’s been with AJ and the girls since last Sunday. The girls are all over AJ, bet his wife loves that. Flair calls AJ the TNA World Champion, and the greatest athlete alive. Pope says he knows what the marquee says, but he will reiterate what he said. Pope tells Flair his name may be Ric, but he’s still a dick, and calls AJ a piece of crap. Flair says there is a failure to communicate and calls Dinero a street thug who should know that AJ has more money in his suit, then Dinero’s parents have in green stamps. Pope says the ladies have been riding the Starlight Express all night long, prompting AJ to grab the mic. AJ says he’s the champ and Pope’s a nobody going nowhere. Pope says he is everywhere and the pops AJ. Pope pounds AJ in the corner and nails Flair as well, but the numbers take over and they double team the Pope. Flair nails a low blow on Pope and holds him for AJ, as they destroy the Pope. AJ mounts and punches Dinero, as he screams he’s the champ while Flair grabs a chair. Flair sets the chair on the ankle of Dinero an stomps it, as Taz screams they’re going to break his ankle. AJ puts the figure four on Pope, why is no one saving Pope? We go to commercial, and when we come back we get the recap for those watching with ADD. Mike and Taz recap the big TNA move and send it to the ring for out opening match.
  2. Daffney v. Tara. I have to say it, Daffney is hot! I liked her when she was in WCW, and still think she’s smoking hot. This is a non-title match, as it’s nice to see the knockouts. Daffney has the best ring entrance in the business, love the rolling splits! Mike Tenay mentions a former TNA Champion returns tonight on TNA, wonder who that is, hope it’s not Raven again. Every time Raven returns he ruins his legacy a little more. The bell rings and we get a lock and they wind up in the ropes. Daffney goes for the cheapshot, but Tara ducks and hammers Daffney. Tara gets Daffney on her shoulders and hits the spinning backbreaker for a near fall. Tara winds up the arm, but Daffney with a knee then shoots her in, but reversed. Daffney ducks under the clothesline but gets hit with a backdrop, as Tara rips her shirt off! Tara charges in the corner, but Daffney hits a spinkick on Tara. Daffney pulls her down by the hair and hits a trio of hair snapmares, then a kick to the ample chest of Tara. Daffney kicks Tara to the floor, and laughs manically then follows. Tara starts to fight back, and Daffney hits her with a toolbox drawing the DQ. 6/10 was a great match for what we got, but too short and the disqualification ending was not the way I wanted to end. I would’ve liked to have seen Daffney score a cheap win, using the ropes or a distraction from someone. Hopefully this leads to a good feud, as I’d love to see more of Zombie Hot! Daffney drags Tara by the hair and whips her into the barricade. Daffney continues to pound Tara down by the announce area, Tara throws a piece of barricade on Tara then hammers her with a chair repeatedly. Dr. Stevie comes out and gets the chair away from her and carries her away from Tara. The medics check on Tara, who’s out cold as we go backstage to Mick Foley going to Eric’s office. Eric says he wants to talk about the PPV, and Mick apologizes and Eric says he did the best he could do. Eric says to show his appreciation he wants to help make a new outfit for Foley. Foley says he thought they addressed the fashion area, and Eric says we want to step it up a notch and have a Mick makeover today. Eric tells Mick let’s work together and it’s all on ATM Eric, and Mick agrees to it, as Mick leaves to go shopping. I bet while he’s gone Eric unmasks Abyss. Eric laughs as Mick leaves and grabs his phone, and calls someone and orders Abyss in his office as we go to commercial. We come back and see leather Nash arriving at the Impact Zone.
  3. Orlando Jordan v. Samoa Joe. Orlando comes out with a guy and girl, oh no, don’t tell me they’re going to do this angle. If Joe jobs to Orlando his career is as dead as a doornail. we hear Joe’s music, but he’s not coming out, we see him backstage with Eric Bischoff who dares Joe to impress him. Orlando is doomed as Joe comes out with a purpose. Joe catches Jordan charging in and hammers the hell out of him. Joe whips him in the corner and hits the elbow, followed by an enziguiri as Orlando tries to fight back. Orlando off the ropes misses a clothesline but hits the leg lariat for a two count. Joe looks toward the backstage area, then chops Jordan down and comes off the ropes, but Orlando catches him with a spinebuster. Orlando chokes Joe on the ropes, then hits a spinning neckbreaker, followed by a pair of elbows. Orlando with a kneedrop to the chest, and Joe powers out, as Jordan goes to the rear chinlock. Joe fights out and shoots Jordan in and nails a pair of clotheslines, then a whip in followed by the backdrop. Orlando pulls himself up in the corner and Joe nails a knee to the chin, then sets him on the top rope and hammers Jordan with rights and lefts. Joe shoves the ref and swings at Jordan but misses,and Orlando hits a backstabber for the win? 3/10 was basically a squash, and then Jordan hits one move for the win. What the hell was that? Why job Joe to Jordan, seriously, that was the dumbest move ever. Taz calls that an upset, that’s putting it mildly. We see Abyss backstage, as he asks JB what is going on, JB has no idea, and Abyss goes to the office. Eric says he warned Abyss and gave him fair warning and told him what he’d do and he will do it. Eric says he told Abyss to use the bat and Abyss says he didn’t want to do it. Abyss says he used the tacks though, and Eric says he didn’t tell his to use the tack he told him to use the bat. Eric says now it’s your mask, as Mick is gone shopping and Hulk has other business, so he gets to take care of business. Abyss begs Eric to let him keep the mask, Eric says he’s a new level of ugly and it will be revealed tonight. Eric says security will not let him leave the building, and Abyss runs away. Christy, with lots of cleavage, is now with Eric, who says Nash has a lot to say and wants to talk to Hall and Waltman in the ring tonight. Eric calls them spineless slugs and hopes they can get in tonight so Nash can say what he needs to say face to face. We now see Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff approaches him holding the barbed wire bat.  Jeff asks what he’s doing with the bat, Eric says it’s not what he’s doing with it but what Jeff will do. Eric tells Jeff to use it in his match with Abyss and tells Jeff not to disappoint him.
  4. Doug Williams, Alex Shelly, Chris Sabin & Brian Kendrick v. Amazing Red, Max & Jeremy (Generation Me) & Kazarian!!! This should be a great match, lots of talent in this one. Wow, nice to see Kaz back, I hope this means the Suicide character has been put to rest for good. Williams catches Kaz from behind and shoots him in the corner, but Kaz jumps over him and Kendrick tagged in. Kaz backdrops Kendrick and tags in Generation Me. They double team Kendrick, who quickly tags in Shelly. Shelly rolls up Max, and Max back up as Shelly with an armbar and tags Sabin in. Machine Guns hit the double team for a near fall, Sabin whips him to the far corner, but Max gets a boot up, Sabin catches the boot though. Max flips out of the back suplex and tags in Red. Red leaps over Sabin and goes for the sunset flip, Sabin rolls through and goes for the kick, but Red moves and rolls Sabin, but Sabin up. Sabin misses a clothesline, and Red hits a tornado DDT and Shelly saves the match, but Red distracted gives Sabin a chance to level Red and tag in Doug. Doug hammers Red and whips him in the corner and follows with a big knee. Doug with a snap suplex then climbs the ropes but Red catches him with the enziguiri on the top. Doug tumbles to the mat and Red makes the tag to Kaz, who clotheslines Doug, Kaz with a spin kick followed by the dropkick, then floats over to a neckbreaker. Kaz goes for the pin, but Kendrick breaks it up, and we have chaos ensuing. Everyone is flying everywhere as the Guns double team Kaz, who avoids it and Red hits the double dropkick on the Guns. Kaz nails Kendrick and springboards into the DDT on Williams for the win. 8.5/10 crazy chaotic match that was impossible to keep up on. Love these matches, and can’t wait for Destination X. We now see Abyss trying to escape the building, and the ref catches him and tells him he has a match next.
  5. Abyss v. Jeff Jarrett. Abyss’ facial expression is priceless when Jeff is introduced, as he comes out without his music, but with the bat. The bell rings and Abyss keeps looking at the bat, as Jeff with a side headlock shoots Abyss in and he comes back with a shoulderblock. Someone ran by and grabbed the bat, as Abyss clotheslines Jeff down, as the announcers don’t acknowledge that saying Jeff just looked at the bat in the corner, which is not there anymore. What the hell is going on? Abyss sends Jeff to the corner and misses a punch, Abyss tosses Jeff to the corner, but Jeff goes to jump over but Abyss stops. Abyss goes for Shock Treatment, but Jeff slides down and hits an enziguiri. Abyss lands on the ropes as I await the 619, wait wrong guy, Jeff hits the running robe choke then struts. Jeff goes back to Abyss and hits the dropkick as we see the bat back, but in a different corner now? Abyss hits the inverted atomic drop, but runs into a boot then a punch. Jeff clotheslines Abyss over the top rope, and Jeff follows. Jeff rams Abyss into the barricade and grabs a chair. Jeff goes to slam Abyss into the chair, but blocked and Jeff eats the chair. Abyss picks up the chair and goes back in the ring, as Jeff is still outside Abyss wedges the chair between the ropes in the corner. Abyss goes back outside and tosses Jeff back in and follows. Abyss hammers Jeff then tosses him to the corner with the chair, but Jeff blocks and tries to do it, but Abyss blocks. Both men connect with a clothesline and both men are down, as Eric appears at the top of the ramp. Jeff looks up and sees Eric as we go to commercial, we come back as Abyss hits a side slam on Jeff for a near fall. Jeff pulls himself up in the corner and Abyss charges in but Jeff gets the feet up and climbs the ropes. Abyss catches him and chokeslams Jarrett for a near fall, as Eric looks on. Abyss misses the elbow drop and now Jeff with a series of right hands as he shoot Abyss in. Abyss misses the clothesline and hits the Stroke then hits a second one into the chair. Jeff looks at Eric who tells him to do it, and Jeff picks up the bat, as Eric smiles. Jeff tells Abyss to get up, and Abyss cowers in the corner. Eric tells Jeff “Do it damn it” and Jeff tosses the bat out of the ring, Eric has a mic. Eric says he knew he couldn’t trust Jeff to get the job done and calls out someone. Jeff meanwhile goes for a sunset flip as Homicide, Raven, Tomko, Rhino and Desmond Wolfe storm the ring. 4/10 was a good match at the start, but once Eric came out it all fell apart. The five guys hammer Jeff then turn their attention on Abyss, as the crowd chants Foley. They hold Abyss as Eric comes in the ring and Eric says he told him what he’d do. Eric grabs the mask and out comes Hulk Hogan! Abyss’ face is priceless just then, as Eric tells the guys to step back. Hulk gets in the ring and grabs the mic, Hulk says he has this one. Hulk stands over Abyss and tells him to get his ass to the office, and Abyss gets up and runs backstage as Hogan follows.
  6. Brutus Magnus & Rob Terry v. Beer Money Inc. We see Rob winning the Global title, which means about as much as the old WWF European Title. What, due to budget cuts they’ve lost the beer scooter? What ever happened to Chris “Braden Walker” Harris anyway? Just wondering? Storm and Magnus start, as Magnus shot in and comes back with a shoulderblock. Storm off the ropes and Magnus goes for a leapfrog but Storm stops and punches Magnus. Storm tosses to the corner, catches Magnus with a boot but Terry with a clothesline takes Storm down. Terry tagged in powerslams Storm and Brutus wants back in, and Terry tags him in. Brutus covers and gets a two, then tags Rob back in. Rob whips Storm in the corner and hits an avalanche, then Magnus tags himself in. Magnus goes for a slam, but Storms slides down hits a jawbreaker and tags in Roode. Roode hits a flying forearm, then a clothesline. Roode with a spinebuster and Terry comes in, only to get double teamed by Beer Money. Beer Money send Terry out and Roode tosses Storm on top of Rob. Roode shoves Magnus into an enziguiri from Storm, then they hit a DWI on Brutus for the win. 7.25/10 actually better then expected, as Rob was only in breifly and the right team won. Terry has the mic and Brutus takes it from him, Brutus tells Rob he can’t do anything right. Brutus calls him a disgrace to the British Invasion, Rob turns away and Brutus spins him around and says he is the superior. Magnus slaps Terry and takes the title from him and says it’s his now and tells him to get out. Terry clotheslines Magnus down and takes his back, as the crowd actually cheers Rob. Could they actually turn Terry face? We go to Abyss in Hulk’s office, as he paces back and forth worried. Hulk storms in and says he’s done with the crap, as Eric comes in and Hulk tells him to get out. Hulk says he’s tired of watching Abyss be afraid of his shadow and it’s done now. Hulk  says Superman has a cape, Popeye has spinach and asks if he is a monster. Abyss says he is, and Hulk says he’s a bigger monster and tells him he will never cower or back up again. Hulk pulls out his Hall of Fame ring and says this is his life and the only thing that never left him and the only thing that loved him. Hulk says he is so crippled he can barely get out of bed, so why does he place to wrestle again? Hulk tells Abyss to put his hand out, and Abyss does as Hulk gives him the ring and says he is giving him the power to make him strong and protect him. Hulk says Abyss will be ten times the man, the wrestler and stronger then Hulk ever was. Hulk calls Abyss the god of men and will be greater then anything in history. Abyss says he will not let Hulk down as he puts the ring on. Abyss lets loose a primal scream.
  7. Daniels v. Kurt Angle. Hey, Daniels still works here, you’d never know it. I wondered where Angle has been all night, as he has the coolest into ever. I love the little elevator lift, makes me miss the brood. Daniels jumps Angle and attacks him in the corner, the ref tries to pull Daniels back. Daniels keeps on Angle, but the ref finally gets him back, and now Angle opens up on Daniels, but one palm thrust takes Angle down. Daniels off the ropes, and Angle goes for the German, but Daniels counters. Daniels goes for the sunset flip and Angle grabs the ankle. Angle applies the ankle lock submission and Daniels taps? DUD what the hell was that, it didn’t even last two minutes. What a joke, they have no idea what to do with Daniels. Angle has the mic and tells Anderson he got beat on Sunday but the way Anderson won is a different story. Angle says that’s not what pissed him off, but what did is what he did with the dog tag. Angle explains the dog tags are for identification of soldiers, as the USA chant begins. Angle says this means so much to him, as he’s had a rough year and a half. Angle says he went through a bad divorce, got arrested and shamed his kids, as he starts to cry. The crowd chants Angle and he says he needed that, as he says he sat in a jail cell and didn’t know why. Angle says after posting bail, he had an appearance at an Army base in Texas and it changed his life. He says he met soldiers and family of soldiers who died and a soldier came up to him and said he believed in Kurt. Kurt says the solider gave him the tag and it has an inscription that says “Out of every 100 men, 10 shouldn’t be there, 80 are just targets and 9 are the real fighters and we are lucky to have all of them for they make the battle. The one is a warrior who will bring the others back.” Angle holds up the tag as the crowd cheers, this has been the best part of the show so far, Angle always cuts a great promo though. Angle says when Anderson sliced him open last Sunday he made the soldiers bleed and when the match was over Anderson then spit on the tag. Angle says Anderson didn’t spit on him, he spit on the soldiers and he spit on the US and for that Angle says he’s going to make Anderson suffer and bleed till all the blood is out of his body. Angle says when you go down that road there is no coming back and he tells Anderson he’ll see him in hell. This brings out Anderson as we go to commercial. We come back and Anderson has the mic, as he mocks Kurt Angle. Anderson says he’s amazed by Kurt’s ability to suck up to people, as he makes fun of Angle’s speech and calls the tag a hunk of garbage for carving up Angle. Anderson says he likes to make people bleed as Angle puts the tags back on, this is going to lead to a first blood match I bet. Anderson tells Angle to come on up and get some, and Angle obliges. Angle heads up the ramp and Anderson charges at him, Angle catches him. Anderson gets a knee in, then hammers the wound of Kurt Angle and uses the microphone to knock Angle down. Anderson gets in his face and says welcome to Total Non-Stop Anderson…Anderson. JB catches up with Joe as he leaves and asks him about the match, Joe just walks away, suddenly a white van almost runs over Joe. A bunch of masked guys jump out and grab Joe and drive off, as Tenay says what the hell was that?
  8. Kevin Nash & Eric Young come out for our main event interview. I have a feeling Young turns on Nash now. Nash starts out by saying he doesn’t remember where or when, but 17 or 18 years ago he picked Hall and Waltman as friends. Nash says he bought a black suit ten years ago because he knew he’d put one of them in the ground soon. Nash continues by saying he doesn’t know which is worse broken bones or broken hearts, but for three weeks Hall and Waltman found a way in this building. Nash says he’s done everything to keep them employed and he’s done, and tells them to find a way to the ring tonight. Nash says this business chews people up and spits them out, but he’s still standing. He says he’ll be waiting, he’s the big grey haired bastard in the middle of the ring. We see Waltman and Hall coming through the crowd, as Nash says nice to see they could make it. Hall and Waltman start to get in and Young goes after Waltman, while Hall is on the apron. Hall gets in the ring and Nash pops him one as security comes in to pull them apart. Nash fights off security and goes after Hall, as we see Hogan at the top of the ramp. Nash sees Hogan and stops and says next week it’s on as we fade to black.

Match Recap:

  • Tara beat Daffney by DQ 6/10
  • Orlando Jordan pinned Samoa Joe 3/10
  • Kaz, Generation Me & Amazing Red beat Doug Williams, Motor City Machine Guns & Kendrick 8.5/10
  • Abyss & Jeff Jarrett went to a no contest 4/10
  • Beer Money beat British Invasion 7.25/10
  • Kurt Angle crushed Daniels DUD

TNA’s new slogan should be “When we’re good we’re great, but when we’re bad we really suck”. The good stuff was awesome but the bad was almost horrible. The knockout match was good, but we need more knockouts. I hope when they go to Monday they make the Thursday show a knockout show, that would be nice but not likely. They have enough knockouts, Beautiful People, Daffney, Tara, ORB, Taylor Wilde, Sarita, etc. I don’t understand the jobbing of Joe or Daniels. Maybe they have something in mind for Joe, but Daniels just makes no sense at all. It looks like they’re teasing tension between Eric and Hogan involving Abyss, which might be good. Overall this was an alright episode, but I think Bischoff is getting way too much TV time, he’s in almost every segment. It’s overkill, and he needs to pick an angle and be in that one only.


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