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WWE Superstars – February 18, 2010
February 19, 2010, 10:41 am
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WWE Superstars – February 18, 2010

   Well, with the death of ECW on Tuesday that leaves Superstars as the place to see good wrestling. Tonight should be a good show with what looks like two matches I’m looking forward to, Gail/Katie Lea and Carlito & Chavo/Primo & Evan. The third match will probably not be as good, as we have the overrated Rey Mysterio v. the underrated Mike Knox. Personally I think Knox should injure Rey, pulling him out of the chamber Sunday and putting Mike in, but that won’t happen. Rey has been such a boring wrestler for the last few years, as most of his matches are the same bland formula. I wish we had the Rey of old, when he was in ECW/WCW, but the knee problems have killed that. Maybe it’s time to hang up the mask and call it a career? Well, let’s get to the matches and see what happens tonight, on WWE Superstars!

  1. Evan Bourne & Primo v. Chavo Guerrero & Carlito. Here’s four of the best young talents in the WWE, and midcard is best they’ll ever get, which is sad. I really thought Evan was going get a big push when he came over from ECW, but nothing came of it. Evan and Sideshow Carlito start out, and a lock up with Carlito over powering Bourne, but Bourne fires back with kicks and quick cover gets one. Bourne whips Carlito in, Carlito moves and Bourne springs to the second rope and hits an armdrag. Carlito gets a knee in and tags in Chavo who pounds down Bourne and rams him in the buckle. Chavo with a snapmare, and Bourne tries to bridge back up, as Chavo tries to keep him down, Bourne springs up and hits a hurricanrana, then leapfrogs Chavo, who tries the same, but Bourne takes his legs out. Bourne almost makes the tag but Chavo catches him and nails a belly to back for a two count, as Chavo goes for the tag, Bourne catches him with the kicks and makes the tag. Primo springs in and takes down Chavo and nails a nice dropkick. Primo twists the arm, but Chavo gets a knee in and shot in the ropes. Chavo grabs the ropes and backdrops Primo to the floor, and Primo nails Chavo and kicks Carlito. Primo goes for a springboard and Carlito pushes him off, giving Chavo a chance to make the tag. Carlito starts to hammer his brother now, then stands over him, but Primo starts to fire back. Primo whips Carlito in, and Carlito comes back with a springboard moonsault and lands on his feet. Primo does the same and takes down his brother. Primo off the ropes and Carlito tosses him over the top as we go to commercial. We come back and Chavo with a rear chinlock on Primo, Primo tries to fight out and Chavo with a drop toe hold followed by a senton drop for a near fall. Chavo misses a swinging punch and Primo hits a side Russian legsweep. Primo almost makes the tag and Chavo nails Bourne then hits the Gory Bomb and covers, but Bourne breaks the pin attempt. Chavo tosses Primo in the corner and pounds him, then distracts the ref so Carlito can choke Primo, then tags in Carlito. Carlito with a rear chinlock, as Primo tries to fight out, and Primo tags out the legs, but misses a legdrop and both men are down. Both men make a tag, and Bourne quickly nails a hurricanrana on Chavo then the double knee. Bourne takes out Carlito and hits a huge kick on Chavo, but Carlito breaks the pin attempt. Primo comes in and hits the backstabber on Carlito, as Chavo goes for the Gory Bomb, but Bourne rolls through and connects with a knee to the chin of Carlito. Bourne climbs the ropes and hits Air Bourne for the victory! 8.25/10 a very fast paced exciting matchup, and a great opener for Superstars. Wish Bourne would get a chance to move up in the company, but they probably figure he’s too small.
  2. Gail Kim v. Katie Lea Burchill. Gail faces Maryse on Sunday for the Divas title in the forgotten tournament. Nice to see Katie get a match tonight, and with new music, but what happened to Paul? Katie looks hot tonight, as she’s another one I think is very underrated. The top divas in the WWE in my opinion would be Mickie, Gail, Beth, Jillian, Katie & Natalya, picture an Elimination Chamber to unify the two titles with these six, that would be better then the two coming on Sunday. Anyways to the match, as Gail and Katie lock up and Katie twists the arm, but Gail fights out and snapmares Katie. Katie rolled up, then an armdrag into an armbar as Gail slows her down, but Katie with a headscissors. Gail rolls her up again, then gets whipped in the corner, but Katie misses the corner charge. Gail headbutt to the stomach and leaps over Katie. Gail charges in and Katie moves, as Gail hits her shoulder on the post, and Katie rolls her up for two. Katie stomps the arm of Kim and applies a wristlock as she works the shoulder, Kim tries to fight out. Katie with a nice shoulderbreaker for a near fall, the goes back to the shoulder. Katie tosses Gail shoulder first into the buckle, then back to working over the shoulder. Gail tries to fight back and Katie pulls her down by the hair. Katie goes for a slam, but Kim fights back and nails a pair of clotheslines, and what a nice pair. Katie tosses her in the corner, and Gail springs up to the second rope and hits a nice crossbody for a near fall. Katie pulls herself up in the corner and Gail hits a midsection crossbody, sliding through the ropes to the apron. Gail up the ropes and hits a perfect missile dropkick for a near fall. Gail goes for her finisher, but Katie blocks and hits a enzuigiri to the shoulder of Kim. Katie pulls Gail up and whips her in the corner, but misses the corner charge again and Kim quickly hits the Eat Defeat for the victory. 8.5/10 a great match between two of the best divas on RAW. After the match Maryse comes out on the top of the ramp and applauds Gail’s win.
  3. Mike Knox v. Rey Mysterio. A quick lockup and Knox overpowers Rey to the corner, and we get a clean break. Knox quickly pounds Rey down and stomps Rey, as Grisham hopes Rey doesn’t have a fear of beards. Grisham and Knox are far and away the best announce duo in the company, much better then Lawler & Cole, or Lawler & JR. Knox hits an avalanche on Rey and covers for a two. Rey pulls himself up in the corner and catches Knox coming in, but Knox catches Rey off the ropes with a huge clothesline. Knox drops the leg, but only gets a two. Knox whips Rey in and misses a clothesline, but Rey nails a spinning takedown, but Knox comes back with the big boot. The kids chant 619, you know Rey’s only move anymore, as Knox stalks Mysterio who winds up on the apron. Rey goes for a springboard, but Knox catches him and nails the backbreaker. Knox drives the knee in the back of Mysterio and pulls the arms back, but Rey kicks his  way out, but runs into the clothesline of Knox which draws a two count. Knox whips Rey in the corner and gets caught running in twice, Rey takes Knox down in the ropes and goes for 619, but Knox slides out. Rey kicks Knox on the floor and goes for the seated senton on the floor, but Knox catches him and drives him into the post as we go to commercial. We come back and Knox is back to the submission hold, pulling both arms back while driving the knee in the back. Rey again kicks his way out, and Knox whips Rey in the corner hard, then lifts him into the Torture Rack, shade of Lex Luger. Knox hoists Rey over his head and nails a backbreaker, which should’ve been the end, but Rey kicks out. Knox quickly do a horizontal bearhug, and Rey tries to fight his way out. Knox applies a crossface, then back to the double arm/knee submission. Rey again kicks his way out, is that the only thing Rey does anymore? Rey off the ropes, slides under Knox, but Knox kicks Rey. Knox charges at Rey and Rey pulls the ropes down, sending Knox to the floor. Rey climbs the ropes and hits the seated senton on the floor, and both men are down as the ref counts. Rey gets Knox in and hits the springboard legdrop for a near fall. Rey hammers Knox, and Knox shoves him into the ropes. Knox hits the Flying Bear, which should end it, but no Rey kicks out. Knox lifts up Rey and slams his down hard, then goes for the big kneedrop, but Rey moves and hits the drop toe hold, for 619 and the win. 6/10 all credit to Knox for carrying Rey to a good match. Rey has become a shell of what he once was, and should be ashamed of how bad he has tarnished his legacy. Knox was amazing as always in this match, and should’ve won. I love how all Rey’s opponents run into the drop toe hold and land perfectly for the 619. I hope Rey doesn’t win on Sunday, he was one of the worst champions ever, well right up till Sheamus won. If Knox had won the match after the Flying Bear I would’ve given it an eight, but the cookie cutter style ending ruined the match.

Match Recap:

  • Evan Bourne & Primo beat Carltio & Chavo Guerrero 8.25/10
  • Gail Kim pinned Katie Lea Burchill 8.5/10
  • Rey Mysterio beat Mike Knox 6/10

A very good episode, as usual for Superstars. This show always delivers good matches, and with ECW gone, makes this my favorite show to watch. The tag match was great and the diva match was simply awesome. Gail/Katie should’ve been the finals of the tournament, or Gail/Jillian. I still think the six I mentioned would make a phenomenal Elimination Chamber match, if given the proper time of course. I bet the diva match Sunday doesn’t even make ten minutes, I guess five to six minutes maximum. The less said about Mysterio the better, I’m just tired of his boring cookie cutter style offense. Knox deserves a nice push, even the US/IC title would be enough to make me happy. I know some people say I’m negative towards WWE, but only when it’s true. I give them credit for two great matches tonight.


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