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The Main Event II: February 3, 1989
February 18, 2010, 11:50 am
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The Main Event II: February 3, 1989

   After the massive success of the original Main Event last year, headlined by the Hulk Hogan v. Andre the Giant controversy, WWF decided to do a second one. Tonight’s episode is headlined by the Mega Powers v. The Twin Towers. At the first PPV Royal Rumble Hulk Hogan eliminated Randy Savage causing friction between the Mega Powers. Miss Elizabeth had to come down to the ring and calm things down, and Savage finally left, still irate. Randy Savage started to believe that Hulk Hogan had eyes for Elizabeth, while Hulk kept claiming the relationship was business only. Slowly the pot started to simmer, as the Mega Powers were becoming unstable, would tonight be the boiling point? Let’s find out.

   We open the show with highlights from Summerslam, Hulk Hogan being beaten down by Big Boss Man, and the Twin Towers attacking all three members of the Mega Powers. From there we get our vintage opening video, also tonight the might Hercules will face off against the man who tried to buy him, Ted DiBiase. Vince McMahon welcomes us to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and introduces Jesse Ventura. Vince calls this match the biggest match in the history of the WWF.

  1. The Twin Towers v. Mega Powers. I can’t believe during the Twin Towers interview Mene Gene compared the attacks to terrorism, that was just creepy. Speaking of creepy we get a video showing the friendship of the Mega Powers before the match. During the Mega Powers interview Hulk mentions his love of Elizabeth, and Savage just glares at him, is like the love of a sister. Savage always had the best reactions, a true legend and needs to be in the Hall of Fame. Big Boss Man & Randy Savage go to start, but Boss Man wants Hogan and calls him in the ring. Hogan starts to come in, and Savage tries to stop him, but leaves the ring and lets Hulk start. Boss Man rakes the face and Hulk comes back with a series of right hands, then nails Slick and Akeem, then atomic drops Boss Man over the top ropes. The Mega Powers celebrate while the Towers regroup outside the ring. Boss Man slides back in and nails Hulk with a knee, and hammers the back of Hogan. Boss Man tries to ram Hulk in the buckle, but Hulk blocks and sends Boss Man into the buckle multiple times, then the opposite side. Hulk shoots Boss Man in and goes for a haymaker, but Boss Man bails out and Savage catches Boss Man on the floor. The Twin Towers have to regroups outside again, and Boss Man gets back in the ring and tags in Akeem. Jesse mentions Hulk not tagging and hogging the glory, Akeem charges in and Hulk sidesteps him, allowing Savage to nails Akeem. Hulk with a lariat and tags in Macho Man, who comes in off the top and hammers Akeem, and follows with a back elbow. Akeem sent into the boot of Hulk who’s tagged back in and comes off the second rope with an axe handle. Akeem finally able to fight back and tags in Boss Man. Boss Man catches Hulk with a huge clothesline and quickly follows with a piledriver on the Hulkster, but doesn’t cover him and instead tags in Akeem. Akeem pounds on Hulk and tags Boss Man back in, and Boss Man gets dumped over the top rope by Hogan, but Boss Man pulls Hulk out and tries to ram him into the post, but Hulk counters. Hulk tosses Boss Man in and Slick grabs Hulk’s ankle, but Savage stomps Slick and Hulk gets in. Hulk comes off the ropes and Boss Man catches him with the spinebuster for a near fall. Boss Man tags in Akeem, as Jesse claims that should’ve been a three count, Akeem continues to hammer Hulk and tags Boss Man back in. Akeem holds Hulk and Boss Man comes off the ropes, but Hogan moves and Boss Man nails Akeem, allowing Hulk to tag Savage. Savage quickly fires on Akeem, who the legal man again, but while the ref is busy Slick nails Savage with the Billy club and Boss Man back in. Boss Man taunts the Macho Man and stomps him before tagging Akeem, and they hit a double elbow. Akeem whips Savage over the top rope to the floor where Miss Elizabeth is, Savage slowly crawls back in and Akeem tosses Savage out again. This time Miss Elizabeth breaks Savage’s fall with her body, as Savage landed right on top of her. Hulk quickly comes over to check on Savage and Elizabeth, and Savage slowly gets up. Savage turns around to see Hulk over Elizabeth and you can see the anger in Savage, but Akeem pulls Savage back in. Hulk scoops up Elizabeth and carries her to the back, leaving Macho Man alone with both Twin Towers. Savage is taking care of both men as Hulk heads up the aisle, Savage looks on giving the Towers a chance to nails Savage. Boss Man tosses Savage back in the ring as we see Elizabeth on the stretcher, as Hogan is almost in tears. Hulk showing his immense acting ability as prays over Elizabeth, why’s the doctor look like Jim Mitchell from TNA? Hulk keeps saying she’s not breathing as we go to commercial.  We come back and Akeem is hammering on Savage, who’s all alone in the match now, as Hulk is still with Elizabeth. We go back to Hulk and Elizabeth, as she comes too as Hulk continues to overact. Elizabeth tells Hulk to get back to the ring and help Randy, and Hulk obliges. Meanwhile the Twin Towers have been having their way with the World Champion, and Hulk charges down the aisle and waits for the tag. Boss Man nails Savage and tags in Akeem who continues the offense, as Jesse says if the Powers lose it’s Elizabeth’s fault. The Twin Towers continue to pound Savage and make frequent tags. Akeem, in a classic moment, goes to come off the ropes and falls out of the ring, not a clue what the hell happened there, as one minute he’s in the ring, next he’s not. Boss Man misses a big splash, and Savage quickly climbs the ropes and nails the double ax handle then tosses Boss Man out. Akeem comes in and Savage tosses him out as well. Hulk reaches for the tag, and Savage grabs his hand and slaps the Hulkster then leaves the ring. Boss Man hammers Hogan and pulls him in the ring, then tags Akeem in. Randy Savage heads up the ramp, leaving Hulk alone in the ring and the Towers double team Hogan. Towers miss the double Avalanche and Hulk knocks them both down, as Hulk looks down at Savage who returned, just to grab his title and leave. Akeem catches Hogan and shoots him in the corner and follows with the Avalanche followed by the 747 splash for a near fall, Hulk begins to Hulk Up. Hulk with three right hands, a whip in and big boot, then a punch to Boss Man, followed by the leg drop on Akeem for the win. 4/5 a great match, with a great storyline and hilarious overselling from the Hulkster with Elizabeth. After the match Boss Man clubs Hogan and grabs the cuffs, he puts one end on himself and goes to handcuff Hogan to the ropes, but Hogan cuffs Slick to the Boss Man and rams their heads together. Hulk quickly heads down the aisle to find Savage and Elizabeth. We see Hogan yelling for Macho Man as he stalks the backstage area, while Savage is yelling at Elizabeth saying he’s number one. Savage says if not for Hogan, Elizabeth wouldn’t be on the stretcher. Hulk finds the room and gets in Savage’s face. Savage says Hulk has jealous eyes and has carried Hogan. Savage says he’s in the backseat, and says Hulk never asked for a title shot because he can’t beat him. Hulk says he’s wrong, Savage says what’s wrong is Hulk’s lust for Elizabeth and he can’t look at him. Hulk turns to Elizabeth and asks her to talk some sense into Savage, which gives Savage the chance to nail Hogan with the World Title. Savage quickly jumps on Hogan and starts to hammer the Hulkster’s head. Elizabeth gets off the stretcher as Savage picks up the title and says Hulk wants to feel the madness. Elizabeth covers Hogan and Savage tells her get out of the way, as Brutus Beefcake accidentally comes in too soon,  Savage says he’ll splatter her on him, and he tosses Elizabeth across the room. Vince screaming someone stop that idiot, as Savage rears back with the title, and Brutus grabs the title, Savage nails him, allowing the backstage guys to cover Hogan. Savage starts tossing people, and Beefcake screams someone get Savage out of here.

  2. Hercules v. Ted DiBiase. Hercules comes out and does the vintage chain twirl over his head, as Vince and Jesse talk about the Mega Power explosion. Mene Gene promises to talk to Hogan after this match. Hercules quickly jumps DiBiase before the bell and snapmares him into the ring. Hercules with a atomic drop followed by a clothesline sending Ted to the floor. Hercules turns his attention to Virgil and pummels Virgil then tosses him out. Ted gets on the apron and Hercules slings him in and then press slams DiBiase over his head. Hercules stalks DiBiase and nails another atomic drop sending Ted to the floor again. Hercules rams Ted and Virgil’s heads together and pulls Ted back in by the hair, but Ted able to snapmare Hercules over the top. Ted rams Hercules’ head into the apron and a series of right hands before tossing Hercules back in. Ted shoots Hercules in and nails a clothesline, then the vintage fist drops for a near fall. Ted whips him in again and nails a knee to the midsection, then climbs the ropes. Ted drives the forearm to the head of Hercules and another near fall. Ted goes for a suplex, but Hercules blocks and then reverses the maneuver. Ted rakes the eyes and then rams his head into the buckle. Ted works over Hercules in the corner, then whips him in the opposite corner, but reversed. Hercules charges in and Ted gets the boot up and follows with a big slam. Ted goes to ram Hercules into the buckle, but blocked and Ted eats the buckle repeatedly. Ted whipped in and Hercules with a big powerslam and goes for a running clothesline, but Ted moves and Hercules hits the buckle. Ted chops Hercules in the corner, while Virgil ties Hercules chain to the other buckle. Ted goes to ram Hercules in, but Hercules reverses and Ted hits the chain, giving Hercules a near fall. Ted tosses into the chain again and lifts Ted in the backbreaker, but Virgil has the ref. Now the ref pulls the chain off the buckle and Virgil takes out the leg of Hercules. Hercules goes after Virgil giving Ted the chance to roll up Hercules for the win. 3.5/5 surprisingly a very good match. I forgot how good Hercules really was back then, and DiBiase was one of the best. Can’t wait to see him in the Hall of Fame at Wrestlemania, long overdue. After the match Hercules slams DiBiase down and grabs his chain, but Virgil pulls out Ted. Gene is now with Hogan, as Hulk has ice on his head, while Brutus stands beside him. Hulk grunts and groans in a very creepy way, as Doctor Mitchell stands back. Hulk gets off the stretcher and goes to find Savage as we go to commercial. It’s time for the Mountain Dew Slam of the Night, Jake Roberts and his DDT. Vince and Jesse give the closing comments, as Jesse says Savage doesn’t have to take a backseat to anyone. Vince asks Jesse about the lust for Elizabeth, and Jesse says he could see it in Hulk’s eyes, as we go backstage again. Hulk is tearing apart the backstage looking for Savage. Hulk kicks doors open and gets a hold of Jim Neidhart and throws him, then nails Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, as Jannetty back away quickly. Hulk Hulk continues his rampage as we fade to black.

Match Recap:

  • The Mega Powers beat The Twin Towers in 22:00 4/5
  • Ted DiBiase pinned Hercules in 7:12 3.5/5

A pretty impressive show as the long build up to the Mega Power explosion was amazing to see. That’s how you build up a feud or storyline, a slow simmer for almost a year then a huge explosion. Once again there was a pretty good undercard on this show, which would’ve been cool to see including, Andre the Giant beat Jake Roberts, Rougeau Brothers beat Hart Foundation with Brother Love referee <which is on one of the Coliseum Video DVDs>, Ultimate Warrior beat Greg Valentine, Demolition beat Powers of Pain, Brain Busters beat Rockers, Brutus Beefcake and Mr. Perfect went to a double DQ and Jim Duggan beat Dino Bravo. I wish we could’ve seen the Busters/Rockers match and Beefcake/Perfect, but this was a very good show for only an hour, 48 minutes without commercials.

Megapowers/Twin Towers


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