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Saturday Night’s Main Event #19 – January 7, 1989


Saturday Night’s Main Event #19 – January 7, 1989

   Another SNME and another year, as we enter the final year of the eighties. We slowly begin to head toward Wrestlemania V, which emanated once again from Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey. But first we have tonight’s episode of SNME, as Randy Savage is still the World Heavyweight Champion, as is Ultimate Warrior and Demolition the IC and Tag champs respectively. At the last SNME, IC Champion Ultimate Warrior destroyed Mr. Fuji’s latest find, Super Ninja to retain his title, Randy Savage went to a double DQ with Andre the Giant, Hercules destroyed Virgil, Jim Duggan crushed Boris Zhukov and Rougeaus dismantled the Young Stallions one on of the worst SNMEs of the series. All the matches were very one sided and boring, let’s hope tonight’s episode is better as we head to Tampa, Florida.

   We start with the vintage mini interviews from Ultimate Warrior, Honky Tonk Man & Jimmy Hart, Brutus Beefcake, Akeem & Slick and Hulk Hogan then it’s on to the opening video. Vince McMahon welcomes us to SNME and wishes the crowd Happy New Year then introduces Jesse Ventura. Vince and Jesse go over the card for tonight as Jesse is confident in the Honky Tonk Man regaining his IC title, and we have a haircut match tonight between Brutus Beefcake and Outlaw Ron Bass.

  1. Outlaw Ron Bass v. Brutus Beefcake. Ron Bass is responsible for Brutus Beefcake being pulled from Summerslam, as we see highlights from their feud. Brutus attacked Beefcake, saving a jobber, and cutting up Bass’ whip and cowboy hat. Bass went for payback attacking Brutus during a jobber match and raked the spurs across the head of Brutus Beefcake. Bass sneak attacks the Barber as he enter the ring and starts to choke him with the whip, Brutus fights his way free and now he has the whip. Ron Bass bails out of the ring as Brutus snaps the whip, the ref gets the whip and we finally get a lock up. Brutus whips in Bass and nails the high knee as Bass falls to the floor. Brutus catches Bass coming in three times as the ref tries to get Beefcake back to allow Bass to come in. Bass finally gets back in the ring and another lock up, which degenerates into a slugfest, which Brutus gets the advantage. Brutus mounts Bass and hammers the head of the Outlaw, as Jesse screams that the ref needs to pull Brutus back. Brutus rams Bass’ head into the turnbuckle, and then mounts the ropes, but Bass catches him in a reverse atomic drop, as Bass now has an advantage and follows with a gutbuster. Bass sets Brutus on the top rope horizontally and punts him in the stomach, sending Beefcake to the floor. Brutus crawls back in, and Bass whips him in and nails a low elbow. Bass was greatly underrated in the WWF, as he never really got a push or a storyline, other then this one. Bass nails a knee to the abdomen and hammers Brutus in the corner, as Jesse salivates at the thought of a bald Brutus, saying he could look like the illegitimate son of Mene Gene. Bass nails a big piledriver on Brutus, but doesn’t want the pin. Bass says he wants to knock him out first and slams Brutus on the top rope throat first then covers him, but pulls him up. Bass clotheslines the Barber and covers him for a near fall, Bass thinks he won the match. The ref telling Bass it was only two, Bass goes for a lariat but Brutus ducks and locks in the sleeperhold. Bass drops down and the ref checks the arm, and Bass is out cold. 3.5/5 a fun match, as I said Bass was vastly underrated, much like Shelton Benjamin is currently, and the crowd was electric for this match. Brutus grabs the scissors and poses over Bass, and starts the haircut. Nice product placement of Brutus’ towel being used during the haircut. Brutus gives the sign for the shaving of the head, and gets the electric clippers. Hope these are better then the ones used on Raven in TNA! Brutus shaves the head, as Jesse says Bass has to be a relative of Mene Gene as he says there is a resemblance. Vince compares him to Daddy Warbucks as Brutus finishes the job and the crowd is going nuts. Brutus wakes up the Outlaw and quickly leaves the ring. Bass slowly comes to and sees his hair all over the ring and chases after Brutus as the fans chant “Baldy”.

  2. Akeem v. Hulk Hogan. Akeem comes out to the ring with Slick and tag team partner Big Boss Man, while Hulk Hogan comes out with Miss Elizabeth. Randy Savage stays backstage to watch the match with Mene Gene on the monitor. Before the match we get the Mountain Dew Slam of the Night, which is Demolition’s finishing move. We go back to the ring as Akeem tries to catch Hulk from behind but Hulk moves and tosses Slick into Akeem for a near fall. Hulk hammers Akeem and stuffs the headband in his mouth. Hulk slides outside and pummels Big Boss Man then tosses Slick at Boss Man, then quickly back in and hammers Akeem. Hulk goes for the slam, but Akeem blocks and begins to pound the Hulkster. Akeem whips Hogan in the corner, but misses the charge and Hulk rams Akeem into the turnbuckles. Hulk chops Akeem and comes of the ropes with a lariat, then clotheslines Boss Man who was on the apron. Elizabeth cheers on Hogan, who cranks the arm of Akeem, but Akeem pulls Hulk down by the hair and works the arm. Hulk fires back on Akeem though, and nails a big elbow to the head taking the big man down. Hulk shoots Akeem into the Big Boss Man and continues pummeling the head of Akeem, then does Akeem’s dance. Hulk whips Akeem in the corner and charges in, but Akeem pulls the ref in front crushing the ref. Big Boss Man jumps in and they double team Hogan with the nightstick, as Savage watches on. The Twin Towers continue to dominate Hogan as Akeem nails a big splash, then Boss Man nails one, and now Akeem again, as Elizabeth leaves ringside. The Twin Towers continue to splash Hogan as Elizabeth searches for the Macho Man as we go to commercial. We come back as Akeem is climbing the ropes as the ref starts to stir, Elizabeth finds Savage and tries to get him to come back but he won’t go. Elizabeth leaves and heads back, as Akeem pounds on Hogan. Hulk begins to Hulk Up now, as he fires multiple right hands and a big lariat. Hogan pops Boss Man and Slick, then another right hand for Akeem as Savage continues to watch, Hulk atomic drops Slick into Akeem and goes back in the ring. Hulk nails the big boot on Akeem and then slams the big man down and goes for the legdrop but Boss Man cracks Hogan with the nightstick. 2.25/5 not a good match, but watchable, most of the story centered on Savage not saving Hogan, continuing the tension between them. After the match the Twin Towers continue to double team Hogan, as Elizabeth gets in the ring now. Slick points at Elizabeth and Boss Man grabs her arm and starts to handcuff her, finally drawing out the Macho Man who charges the ring with a chair. Randy clears the ring and holds the Twin Towers at bay while Elizabeth checks on Hogan. Savage drops the chair and goes after Elizabeth now as he yanks her away from Hogan and starts to yell at her. Elizabeth goes to help Hogan to the back, as Savage continues to question Elizabeth.

  3. Ultimate Warrior v. Honky Tonk Man. I never saw the appeal of Ultimate Warrior, even as a kid. They built him up like WCW did with Goldberg with a series of quick short matches where he just dominated, which worked well though. Warrior’s promos were always the weirdest things, even back in the 80’s. Warrior chases Honky outside the ring and clubs him early, as Honky starts to head to the dressing room Warrior presses Honky overhead and tosses him in the ring. Warrior slides in and Honky rushes at him, but he leapfrogs Honky and hits a big boot then rams Honky and Hart’s heads together. Warrior continues to destroy  Honky Tonk Man, as he hammers HTM in the corner now. Warrior whips him in the opposite corner and hits a shoulder block to the mid section then whips him again but misses the Stinger plash. Jimmy distracts the ref as Honky uses the megaphone on the stomach of Warrior while the boos rain down. Honky kicks and stomps Warrior down then distracts the ref so Jimmy can choke Warrior. Honky drives the knee into the back of Warrior and pounds him in the corner. Warrior starts to power back up and slams Honky buts misses the elbow drop. Honky tries to ram the head in the buckle, but Warrior blocks and rams Honky in the corner repeatedly. Warrior winds up and clotheslines Honky down. Warrior goes for the big splash but Honky gets the knees up and covers Warrior, but Warrior presses Honky off him. Honky goes for a clothesline but misses and Warrior hits a flying shoulderblock for the win. 2/5 typical Warrior match as he dominated about ninety percent of the match and basically destroyed Honky Tonk Man. I liked Honky, he was so entertaining and played his character so over the top, much like Jillian Hall does currently.

  4. Tito Santana v. Red Rooster. This is the match where Bobby Heenan is wearing a microphone which just makes this match that much funnier. They lock up and Rooster sweeps the foot, but Tito kicks him off. Rooster gets Tito in the corner and pops him, but turns and poses and Tito nails him as Bobby screams at Rooster. Tito whips Rooster in, and a series of leapfrogs from Tito ends in a dropkick from Santana. Heenan stops to talk to George Steinbrenner as Rooster has the advantage and stomps Santana, then nails a nice jawbreaker. Heenan yells at him to stay on Santana and don’t get disqualified. Tito suddenly starts to fire back and pulls the legs out of Rooster. Hey, the ref is Bill Alphonso!! I just noticed that, that’s hilarious! Rooster goes for a sunset flip, but Tito punches him and breaks the hold. Santana opens up on Rooster and rams his head in the buckle. Santana shoots him in and a double ax handle to the midsection, then rings his bell. Heenan getting irate as Santana backdrops Rooster then goes for the figure four but Rooster stops it. Heenan pulls Rooster out and screams at him, then shoves him and says you’re not embarrassing me. Rooster shoves Heenan back as Heenan says you don’t know who I am as we go to commercial. We come back as Santana suplexes Rooster back in and gets a near fall. Santana gets a pair of knees in, but Rooster blocks the backdrop and punches Tito then drops the knee. Rooster catches Tito with a side slam for a near fall, as Heenan yells at him, can’t you do anything. Rooster goes for a suplex, but Tito rolls him up for a near fall, then a backslide gets another near fall. Heenan having a coronary at ringside, as Rooster catches Tito coming in the corner. Rooster nails a nice sit down piledriver and scores a near fall, while Heenan paces outside. Rooster nails a stungun on Tito and goes for the Scorpion Deathlock but Tito blocks it. Rooster misses a clothesline and Tito clotheslines Rooster out of the ring, Heenan tosses him back in. Rooster screams at Heenan as Tito rolls him up for the win. 3.5/5 actually a great match,and the Heenan stuff made it even better. Heenan in the ring screams at Rooster and says he won’t make a fool of him. Rooster says he doesn’t need Heenan, Bobby slaps him and says maybe you need that, Heenan turns his back on Rooster and when he turns around Rooster unloads on him in the corner. Rooster lays a beating on the Brain, who’s finally able to bail out of the ring. Red Rooster stands proud in the ring as the fans chant Rooster.

  5. Koko B. Ware v. Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig. This was Hennig’s SNME debut, and he was one of my favorites. We come back from commercial as Perfect is pounding on Koko in the corner. Perfect whipped in the corner and Koko with a dropkick sending Curt to the outside. Curt slowly gets back in the ring a lockup sends Koko to the corner where he opens up on Koko. Perfect sets Koko in the corner and chops him, but the corner whip reversed and Koko with an armdrag. Perfect with a side headlock, shot into the ropes and Koko hits a perfect dropkick. Curt comes back with a knee to the abs then hammers the back of Koko, but makes the mistake of ramming Koko in the buckle. Koko no sells and rams Perfect in, Perfect responds with a chop then a beautiful standing dropkick sends Koko outside. Koko catches Perfect as he comes in and nails a double chop on Perfect then whips him in the corner but misses the charge and lands crotch first in the corner. Perfect quickly hits a Perfect-Plex for the win. 1.5/5 basically just a squash match, but Koko got enough offense in not to be a complete cakewalk.

Match Recap:

  • Brutus Beefcake beat Ron Bass in 7:40 3.5/5
  • Hulk Hogan beat Akeem by DQ in 8:00 2.25/5
  • Ultimate Warrior pinned Honky Tonk Man in 5:07 2/5
  • Tito Santana pinned Red Rooster in 7:27 3.5/5
  • Mr. Perfect squashed Koko B. Ware in 3:10 1.5/5

A better show then the previous show, two good matches, two ok matches and one squash. The Tito/Rooster match was a lot better then expected and very competitive, while Koko/Perfect was not a complete squash but gave Koko a couple shining moments. The Brutus/Bass match was one of my favorites back then, and it was still great today. As I said Bass was so underrated, and deserved a shot at the IC title, even breifly.  Our next show is the second Main Event show, which features the Mega Powers v. The Twin Towers, should be a great match.

And here’s tonight’s matches







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