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ECW on SyFy – The End of ECW
February 17, 2010, 10:01 am
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ECW on SyFy – February 16, 2010

   Tonight marks the death of the WWE’s version of ECW, although the real ECW died nine years ago. Vince McMahon felt compelled to create his own version of ECW and at one time even went so far as to make himself the World Champion. ECW has seen a lot of good and a lot of bad over the years, but personally I always thought ECW was the place to see good wrestling, and it’s sad to see it go. It’s replacement looks like a Tough Enough wannabe, and I won’t be covering that. I might watch the debut, but it really doesn’t seem like a good replacement. I wonder how many ECW stars will be let go over the next little while, and which ones will show up in TNA. Over the years in ECW we’ve had the Boogeyman, The Zombie, Big Daddy V, Sheamus, Zack Ryder, Bobby Lashley, Sabu, Rob Van Dam, and many others come through the doors. Some were successful, some were flops and some blew their opportunity. Tonight on the final ECW we have the tag champions defend the titles as Miz and Big Show face off with Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu. In our main event, Captain Charisma, Christian defends the ECW title against the massive Ezekiel Jackson in a extreme rules match. Those should both be good matches, and this should be a great show, so let’s get to it.

   We open with a video that says after 20 years ECW closes forever, which is not even close to correct, but let’s not even get into that. From there they highlight the feud between Christian and Ezekiel and then to the opening video for the final time. Josh Matthews & Byron Saxton welcome us to the final episode of ECW and hype up next week’s debut of NXT, and tonight we will meet the cast.

  1. Miz & Big Show v. Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu. Savannah, looking hot in a fiery red dress, introduces the combatants for our opening match. Miz has more gold then anyone could ever expected him to have way back when he debuted, but he’s gotten so much better over the years. I hated him when he debuted, now I want a Miz shirt. Goldust starts out with Miz, and Goldust  gets shoved to the corner where Miz shoves him and Goldust shoves back. Goldust with a side headlock, shot into the ropes and takes Miz down with a shoulderblock. Goldust with an inverted atomic drop and tags Yoshi, they do a nice double team elbow/back breaker. Yoshi hits a pair of cross bodies, but a third gets him tossed to the apron. Miz takes his eyes off Yoshi, who rolls him up, then tags Goldust who comes in with a big lariat and Miz bails to the floor. Goldust follows, and this allows Miz to make the blind tag. Goldust pops Miz, as Show stalks him from behind and headbutts Goldust down as we go to commercial. We come back and Miz with a rear chinlock on Goldust who breaks out of the hold, but now in an ankle lock. Goldust kicks him off and both men make a tag. Yoshi with the quick kicks on Show who nails one chop knocking Tatsu down. Show with a big chop on the ropes then walks right over Tatsu. Big Show with a gigantic headbutt then punches Yoshi in the ribs before tagging in the Miz. Miz chokes Tatsu on the ropes and now into a mounted rear chinlock, as Yoshi fights out but forced back to the wrong corner. Show comes in and tosses Miz into Yoshi then snapmares him over before applying a side chinlock. Show with another headbutt and tags Miz back in, as Yoshi is playing the part of Ricky Morton tonight. Miz stands over Yoshi, but his cockiness costs him as Yoshi nails a big kick and starts to open up on Miz, then nails a nice Roaring Elbow, shades of Masato Tanaka, former ECW champion. Yoshi crawls for the tag, and makes it, as Goldust comes in and takes down Miz with multiple clotheslines, then the seated uppercut into the inverted atomic drop. Goldust with a bulldog then the powerslam, he covers Miz but Show starts to come in. Yoshi cuts him off, however Yoshi tossed out of the ring and Show with a right hand on Goldust. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the victory. 7.25/5 a really good tag match, but the ending was never in doubt. Yoshi and Goldust make a great tag team, and I hope they keep them together. If they do they’ll probably be the next ones to feud with the Hart Dynasty. Byron & Josh go over NXT and introduce the mentors and their rookies for the show. We have Chris Jericho with Wade Barrett and Matt Hardy with Justin Gabriel. The other six will be announced later as we go to Tiffany. Tiffany says as one era comes to a close, she hypes up the new show as Zack & Rosa enter the scene. Zack asks why Ezekiel has the final match of ECW, and says he should be in the final match. Tiffany says no, because he lost to Christian already, and Rosa gets in her face yelling at her in Spanish. She says she doesn’t care what language she asks in the answer is no. Zack says he tries to ask nicely and this match is extreme rules and he will make his prescience felt. We now get more mentors and rookies, as MVP is with Skip Sheffield.

  2. Abraham Washington Show as Tony introduces Abe who has his set in the ring tonight. I hope he gets to stay on as he’s just funny. Abe welcomes everyone to his show and calls himself the most entertaining man in sports entertainment. Abe gets the city name wrong, as Tony continues his vintage laugh, and Abe says tonight is the final episode of ECW. You don’t say. Abe says there is a silver lining as he will be a free agent in the WWE and says he’s rich and RAW and Smackdown will have to open the wallet to get him. Abe then begins the hype machine for NXT, and now onto his final guest as he says he told Vince he wanted the biggest star in the company and Vince said for him he’d do anything. Abe climbs on his couch and introduces his final guest on ECW, the biggest name in WWE, Abraham Washington. Abe starts to interview himself and out comes the Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin, as Tony dances to his music! Abe tells Shelton he’s the final guest not him, Shelton tells him to check his tone and says he heard him but this show is unwatchable even when there is a guest. Shelton tells Abe that with this being the last night of ECW everyone is a free agent and with that in mind Shelton says he will take his experience, but gets cut off as out comes Vance Archer. Abe gets between them, and Vance tells him to relax and he came out to tell Shelton he better not be on the same show as him or he will have no future. Suddenly out comes Caylen Croft and Trent Barreta, Trent calls this whole thing boring and says no one cares what show they wind up one as the important thing is where the 2010 Slammy Award winners will wind up, and out comes Vladimir Kozlov. Nice way to get everyone on the show, I would’ve preferred a battle royal, but this is actually funny. The crowd actually pops for Kozlov, as he says stuff that is unintelligible, but the crowd still cheers him. Kozlov gets in the face of Archer who shoves him. Kozlov fires back and destroys Archer, Barreta and Croft with help from Benjamin. Vladimir and Shelton shake hands and pose for the crowd as we see more of the pairings for NXT, Carlito is with Michael Tarver and Miz is with Daniel Bryan (who was known as Bryan Danielson). After an elimination chamber promo we see more of the mentors and rookies, as Christian is with Heath Slater.

  3. Christian v. Ezekiel Jackson. Christian comes out with the Tommy Dreamer special, a shopping cart of plunder. Christian has the microphone and says one year ago this week he debuted in ECW and most people said he should’ve made a bigger impact and ECW was a demotion. Christian says he’s been in the business over fifteen years and ECW feels like home and ECW gave him the ball and he ran with it. ECW let him reconnect with Tommy Dreamer, Christian continues, and let him mentor Yoshi Tatsu and he got to do most of it as ECW champion. Christian says he is the longest reigning current champion in the WWE and will fight for all the ECW originals and all the young superstars in the back. Christian says he will be proud to be the final ECW Champion as we go to commercial. We come back and get another mentor and rookie combo as CM Punk is with Darren Young. The challenger comes out and Savannah introduces to combatants for the final ECW match. They quickly lock up and Zeke shoves Christian across the ring and stands over him. Another lockup and Zeke nails Christian then whips him in but misses a pair of clothesline and Christian slaps Zeke then sends him to the floor. Zeke pulls Christian out hammers him and tosses him back in, then tosses the weapons in. Christian catches Zeke on the apron and tries to knock him off, but the punches don’t work, however the Kendo Stick does. Regal tries to get Zeke back on, suddenly out comes Zack Ryder who hammer Christian  the  goes to hit him with a trash can, but Christian blocks and flapjacks him on the can. Christian tosses Zack over the top and Rosa comes in and gets in the face of Christian. Rosa slaps Christian in the face, and suddenly Tiffany charges down the ramp and spears Rosa down. Tiffany tosses Rosa out of the ring and stands over her, as we go to commercial. We come back as Zeke is hammering the champion and whips him in the corner, but gets an elbow charging in. Christian climbs the ropes, but Zeke shoves him down to the floor and quickly follows. Zeke tosses Christian into the barricade and slams Christian’s head into the stairs. Zeke misses hitting Christian with the trash can and Christian dropkicks the can into the face of the challenger. Christian goes at Zeke put gets tossed into the steel steps, Zeke empties the buggy and tries to run over Christian but he moves, Christian opens up on Zeke and charges him, but Zeke side steps him and Christian runs into the buggy. Zeke slides him in and covers for a near fall. Zeke whips Christian in the corner and runs in with the can lid but Christian moves and he hits the buckle. Christian hits the bouncy kick and follows with a cross body for a near fall. Christian picks up a trash can, but Jackson runs him over and leaves the ring. Jackson pulls out a table as the crowd erupts. Christian with a baseball slide into the table takes out Regal and Jackson, as Christian puts the table in the ring. Christian tosses Zeke back in as well and covers for a near fall, but Jackson comes back and slams Christian on the table, Zeke sets Christian on the top rope and turns his attention to the table, which he sets up. Jackson goes for a superplex, but Christian fights him off and goes for a tornado DDT. Jackson tosses him off and Christian grabs a Kendo Stick and hammers Jackson then chases Regal, Christian limping and slides back in and continues to pound Jackson with the Kendo Stick, the follows with the flying forearm. Christian readies for the Killswitch but Regal attacks from behind, and now Regal goes for the Knee Trembler, but Christian moves and hits the Killswitch on Regal. Christian turns around, right into the uranage from Jackson through the table and Jackson scores the win. 8.5/10 great match and a surprising finish! Jackson wins the ECW title in a hard fought match, what a great way to end ECW. Jackson stands proud with his ECW title as Regal holds his hand high, and now Byron and Josh continue to hype NXT and announce the final mentor and rookie pairing, R-Truth and David Otunga. ECW’s final image is Ezekiel Jackson holding the world title proudly, as we say goodbye ECW, hopefully for the final time.

Match Recap:

  • Miz & Big Show beat Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu 7.25/5
  • Ezekiel Jackson beat Christian 8.5/10

This was a great show and a great way to end my favorite of the three brands. I like Jackson and I think he could be a huge star someday, and this was a great start. The tag match was excellent, although I don’t think anyone expected to see Oriental Gold win the titles, but I do hope they keep the team. Looking forward to seeing where everyone winds up after this, hope we don’t lose any of the young talent. Next week marks the debut of NXT, which saves me one less show to recap. My only complaint about tonight was they should’ve had some way to get the previous WWE ECW champions on the show. They could’ve had John Morrison, Kane, Mark Henry Matt Hardy face Jack Swagger, CM Punk, Chavo Guerrero & Big Show. The only former champions missing from the active roster would be Lashley and RVD. Sad to see ECW gone, but hopefully Superstars can keep the great matches alive.


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