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TNA Against All Odds: Skip one match and you have a great show!

TNA Against All Odds 2010 – February 14, 2010

Finally got my copy of Against All Odds, so let’s hope the show is as good as I expect of it. Tonight we have the tournament to decide the number one contender, AJ v. Samoa Joe for the World title and the Nasty Boys v. Team 3D to decide who’s the most overrated tag team ever. Well, the tournament and the world title match look good, less said about the Nasty/3D the better, hopefully it’s short and painless. Of course the knockouts seem to have been forgotten tonight, which really sucks, plus no X division title match either, but with a tournament concept it kind of limits the matches. Supposedly the next PPV is supposed to be an all X Division show, let’s see if they really go through with it. I’m trying a new program for tonight’s recap. I usually use Word to type it in and then cut and paste to the page, but I’m going to try and use the Windows Live Writer today and see how that goes, so with that said, let’s get to the PPV.

We open the PPV with Ric Flair barging in the building and Christy Hemme trying to calm Ric down. Flair’s angry about Eric Bischoff being the guest referee for the main event, and Flair threatens to get a hold of Eric tonight. Flair says he’s a God around here and tells Christy if she sees Eric tell him Flair’s looking for him. From there we go to our opening video, which are always so nicely done. Each guy in the tournament says they will be the next world heavyweight champion, and then we get the recap of Joe and AJ Styles feud. We start the PPV with the quarterfinals of the tournament.

  1. Desmond Wolfe v D’Angelo Dinero. Desmond comes out with Chelsea, who’s wearing a very large diamond necklace, bet that gets used as a weapon. This should be a great match as both these guys are simply amazing athletes. At least we got to see So Cal Val for a brief second, miss seeing her on TV, as Dinero does the Bret Hart sunglasses bit. The bell rings and Dinero quickly goes for an armbar, but Desmond counters and D’Angelo counters back but gets caught in the ropes. Desmond with a nice submission move, but Dinero rolls out and locks the same hold on Wolfe. Wolfe stomps the foot and goes back to the original hold, but backed in the corner and D’Angelo flips him out. Wolfe nails the European Uppercut, but takes too long following up and now Dinero with the flip, flop and fly then whips Wolfe in. Dinero nails the flying forearm, but gets tossed to the floor, he lands on his feet. Desmond catches him on the apron coming in and snaps the ropes on his face, then goes for the Tower but counter, so he takes out the legs. Desmond with a hard corner whip, ramming D’Angelo into the buckle shoulder first, as he starts the work on the arm. Dinero fires back, but Wolfe catches him in snap DDT for a near fall, then goes to work on the neck, but Dinero counters and goes for a slam. Desmond rolls through and keeps the hold on the neck, but Dinero finally flips out. Dinero fires back finally on Wolfe and quickly hammers him down then nails the inverted atomic drop followed by the flying shoulderblock. Dinero hits the Coronation, and comes back in off the top with a cross body for a near fall. Dinero goes to pick him up, but gets slung into the buckle, however he climbs the ropes. Desmond catches him and goes for the Tower of London but Dinero counters, Desmond comes back with a Mongolian chop followed by the superplex for another near fall. Desmond readies for the lariat, but Dinero avoids and rolls him for the near fall. Wolfe comes back with the hammerlock drop down, then sets him in the corner and goes for the charge. But Pope moves. Now Pope charges in the corner and catches Desmond feet and nails the neckbreaker on Wolfe. Wolfe pulls himself up in the corner and Pope nails the D’Angelo Dinero Express for the win. 7.75/10 a great opening match, but with the tournament format it had to be kept short, so was only about nine minutes. Still a great match and very nice start to the PPV. Pope will face the winner of the Morgan/Hernandez match. We see Flair storming into Eric’s office and says he has a problem, Flair asks what makes him think he can be ref. Flair says he is the wrestling God and Eric has to go through him. Eric says he feels he is being threatened because his boy is in a match with Joe and a ref that can’t be bought. Flair says he doesn’t have to buy a ref as AJ is the greatest. Eric says he will call it right down the middle and tells Ric to keep his distance and dismisses Ric. Now over to Jeremy Borash, who’s with the tag champions Matt Morgan and Hernandez who will face off tonight. Hernandez says luck of the draw they face each other and will make the most of the opportunity. Morgan says they’re the champs and no one will beat them, but tonight how could they not jump at this chance. Matt says for bragging rights they want to see who the better man is, and they shake hands.
  1. Matt Morgan v. Hernandez. Matt is such a talented wrestler, it’s amazing that WWE had no idea what to do with him. Just shows their creative people are not very good at their job. It’s a battle of basketball, Morgan, versus football, Hernandez, and should be good. They lock up and Morgan overpowers Hernandez in the corner, and a clean break. Another lock up and now Hernandez gets Matt in the corner and another clean break. Matt with a side headlock and Hernandez pushes him in, but Matt back with a shoulderblock. Off the ropes again and this time Hernandez nails a pounce taking Matt down. Hernandez whips him in, but gets caught with his head down and Matt goes for the Carbon Footprint but Hernandez avoids. Hernandez goes for the Border Toss, but pushed into the corner and Matt with the rapid fire reverse elbows. Matt charges in the corner and Hernandez gets the boot up and flips to the top. Hernandez with a cross body, but Matt flubs up and accidentally drops him. Hernandez comes off the ropes and Matt hits a discus punch for a near fall. Matt nails Hernandez with an Avalanche, and follows with a second one then into the side slam for another near fall. Hernandez tries to fight back up, but eats another back elbow from Morgan who stalks his tag partner. Matt chokes Hernandez on the ropes and then nails the big leg across the back of Hernandez on the ropes. Morgan drops a big leg and gets another close fall, as Hernandez is hurting now. This has been very slow paced, but actually not bad. Morgan with a pair of short arm clotheslines ala Jake Roberts and gets another near fall, as Matt yells at him to stay down. Morgan with a side headlock, and Hernandez fight out, but Matt clubs him. Matt with a corner whip, reversed and Hernandez tossed to the apron. Hernandez comes in with a slingshot shoulderblock and both men are down as the ref begins the count. Both men up at the same time and Matt misses the clothesline and Hernandez hits a pair then the Stinger Splash in the corner and powers Matt down for a near fall of his own. Matt whips Hernandez in and nails a delayed vertical Suplex, which looks amazing as he holds him up for about 15 seconds, that was power. Matt rolls to the ramp, and Hernandez dives over the ropes and levels his partner on the ramp. Hernandez is on the ground holding his shoulder as we see the replay, the ref starts to count Hernandez out and the ref stops him, and Matt holds the ropes open for Hernandez. Matt then tosses him in the corner and covers him holding the tights for the win. 7/10 a pretty good big man match actually, as both guys kept it pretty quick paced. Lasted about ten minutes, same as the previous match, which as I said is expected in a tournament, Matt hands the title to Hernandez who pushes Matt away and walks away from his partner. So later tonight is D’Angelo Dinero v. Matt Morgan in a battle of WWE stars that WWE had no idea what to do with. We get the recap of the AJ heel turn and the Orlando Screwjob. We go to Christy Hemme with Kurt Angle, who cuts her off and says he has something to say. Kurt apologizes to Hulk Hogan and says Hulk proved him wrong on Thursday night and says he will never doubt Hulk. Christy asks if he was able to prepare for the match, and he says he can do two things at once and will mow through this tournament and be number one contender again. Kurt says he will introduce Anderson to TNA by beating his ass in the middle of the ring.
  1. Ken Anderson v Kurt Angle. Well, whoever wins this I hope doesn’t win the tournament. Anderson hasn’t earned it yet and Angle’s had his share for now, I hope Dinero wins, would love to see him get a shot at the top. Anderson has a mic and introduces himself as the winner of this match, and the next one, and the next one after that. They circle and Ken with a quick kick to the thigh, but goes for another and Angle sweeps it and go for the ankle lock and Anderson slides out. They circle again and Angle takes him down with a side headlock and starts the wear down on Anderson. Anderson whips Angle in and Angle comes back with the shoulderblock and back to the side headlock as he continues controlling Anderson who fights his way out. Anderson chokes Angle on the ropes and whips him in, but reversed and Angle hits a backdrop, then the snap Suplex, shades of Dynamite Kid. Angle rams Anderson’s head into the turnbuckle, then the mount and punch in the corner as the fans count along. Angle with the corner whip, but misses the charge and rams shoulder first to the steel post. Anderson grabs Angle’s dog tags and starts grinding it in his head and rips Angle wide open. Anderson pounds the open wound and hammers Angle in the corner now, as Angle is down in the corner. Angle starts to fire back but misses a lariat and Anderson hits the DDT for a near fall. Anderson with a rear chinlock now, as we see the bloody dog tag outside the ring. As Anderson squeezes the head of Angle you can see the blood pissing out, that’s disgusting but works great. Angle fights his way out and takes Anderson down with a pair of clotheslines, but gets caught in the corner with a big boot. Angle catches Anderson coming out of the corner with a belly to belly Suplex for a near fall, then an exploding clothesline out of the corner for another two count. Angle lifts his up and nails the rolling triple German Suplexes and now goes for the Angle Slam but Anderson counters and nails the rolling slam for a near fall. Anderson goes to the corner and tries to remove the turnbuckle pad, but can’t get it done and so the ref goes to check it and he removes the other one. Anderson goes to ram Angle into the steel but Angle blocks and hits the Angle Slam for a near fall, which was impressive. Angle pulls the straps down and locks in the ankle lock, but Anderson able to kick him off. Anderson pulls himself up in the corner and Angle charges in but Anderson moves and Angle hits headfirst into the steel. Anderson with the Mic Check for the upset victory! 8.5/10 an amazing match and a very surprising win. Went about twelve minutes and was a very impressive match. Anderson comes back in the ring with Angle’s dog tags and drops it on his chest, then spits in the face of the Olympic Gold Medalist. We go back to Eric again, this time with Abyss and Foley, as he says he has a responsibility to them both but also to deliver the best product on PPV. Eric says to do that he has to make sure there are no shenanigans or games and do it like it may be the last match they’ll ever have. Eric warns if there are any games Abyss’ mask will come off, and Mick says we will do it and be fine. Mick asks how they know they can trust Eric, and he says he will make the match no disqualification and hands the barbed wire baseball bat to Foley. Eric says he wants to see them beat the Hell out of each other and use the bat or the mask comes off. Mick promises the bat will be used and Abyss keeps saying he can’t hurt Mick.
  1. Abyss v. Mick Foley. The winner of this match will face Ken Anderson in the semifinals, and I assume it will be Abyss that wins. Mick’s looking old with all the grey in his beard. They lock up and Abyss with a side headlock, but Mick pushes him in the ropes and Abyss comes back with the shoulderblock. Foley goes for the bat and Abyss hammers Mick and tosses the bat away. Abyss with an Avalanche and looks at the bat, as the crowd chants “Use the bat”. Abyss picks it up, but then drops it down and Mick slaps Abyss across the face. Abyss backs in the corner and Mick slaps him again and now Abyss fires back and knocks Foley to the floor. Abyss follows and we get a slugfest on the floor, and Abyss rammed into the barricade. Mick slams a chair across the back of Abyss and then rams Abyss’ head into the stairs as Foley continues to yell at Abyss to use the bat. Mick rolls him in and grabs the bat, Mick charges in and Abyss gets a boot up. Abyss chokes Mick on the ropes and kicks the bat away again, then whips Foley in. Foley comes back with the spinning neckbreaker and continues to hammer Abyss in the corner. Foley hits the corner knee to the face of Abyss, and then picks up Abyss’ bag of tacks. Mick dumps the tacks in the middle of the ring and hammers Abyss trying to knock him into the tacks. Mick runs at Abyss, who sets up for the chokeslam and changes direction not to drive Mick on the tacks. Abyss refuses to use the bat, and instead pulls out the sock and goes for the mandible claw. Foley counters and hits the double arm DDT and then takes down the ref and steals his sock. Mick puts the sock on and goes for the claw, but Abyss counters with the chokeslam position, but Mick fights out. Mick has the claw on Abyss who’s going down fast and the ref checks the arm. Mick releases the hold to prevent the submission, and Abyss crawls to the corner as Mick grabs the bat. Mick runs at Abyss who hits the Black Hole Slam into the tacks for the win. 5/10 not a good match, but the stupid stipulations kind of made it difficult to be good. Abyss helps Mick up and starts to remove the tacks from Mick’s back, as Abyss will face Anderson in the other match of the semi-finals. We go to Christy Hemme with the Nasty Boys, God help us. Knobbs says they know why they’re there, and they are friends with Hogan but tonight they want to show the tag teams what they are about. Sags say the Nasty Boys are not bottom feeders they start at the top, and if they can’t beat Team 3D then why is there. Knobbs says Team 3D is going to Nastyville, as we get the recap of this horrible feud.
  1. Nasty Boys v Team 3D. If I wasn’t recapping this show I’d skip this match, this is going to be horrible. Nasty Boys are about 15 years past their prime and the Dudley’s about 5 years past their prime, either way they’re all past their prime. Let this be short, please. We start quickly as the Nasty Boys hammer 3D down early, as Knobbs and D-Von in one corner and Sags and Bubba in the other. Nasties pound 3D, but 3D start to come back now as Knobbs falls to the floor and now a double team on Sags who bails out, Nasty Boys on the floor, can’t believe how big Knobbs looks, wait he only has one B in his name, since when? I swear it was always with two Bs in WWF and WCW. Sags and Bubba in the ring and lockup, as Sags with a knee lifts on Bubba, and then chokes him in the corner. Sags nails a corner clothesline on Bubba and tags in Knobs, guess I’ll spell it the way it is on his shirt, as he pummels Bubba and then tags Sags back in. Sags signals for the Pitstop, but Bubba counters and nails a belly to back Suplex followed by the legdrop. D-Von tagged in as they hit a double shoulderblock and call for 3D, but Knobs pulls Sags out, as the fans chant “We want tables”. If it wasn’t for the excitement of the crowd this match would be even worse than it is, as Sags pokes the eye of D-Von and tags in Knobbs. D-Von fights back and nails a shoulderblock on Knobs, then Sags pulls the ropes down and D-Von to the floor. Sags choke D-Von on the floor, as Bubba has the ref and Sags hits the clothesline on D-Von. Bubba clobbers Sags from behind and sends him to the barricade as D-Von back in. Knobs with a slam and the world’s slowest elbow drop, then tags in Sags, and a double back elbow. So far the most athletic has been Bubba, that’s a bad sign. D-Von almost makes the tag, but Sags holds him and Bubba has the ref as the Nasty Boy’s double team D-Von. Knobs in now and an abdominal stretch on D-Von, well that’s a new one. Sags tagged in and whip D-Von in the corner, then Knobs slung in to D-Von who moves and D-Von clotheslines Sags and all three are down. D-Von makes the tag, and Bubba in with a series of right hands, then slams both Nasty Boys, and then stacks them in the corner. Knobs forget what to do and start to leave the corner, but goes back in position for the Avalanche. Team 3D go for the What’s Up on Knobbs, and then hit 3D on Sags. The ref tries to get rid of D-Von and Knobs nails Bubba with a helmet tossed to him by Jimmy Hart? 2/10 well, could’ve been a lot worse I guess, but none of these four should be on PPV or even TV at this point. Jimmy Hart now helps the Nasty Boys to the back; I guess he’s managing the Nasties again. Its 1991 all over again, what next the return of Saba Simba? Maybe the Berzerker? Where’s Damien Demento? Save us Samoa Joe and AJ. We go backstage to Eric again, now with Joe who says tonight is important and that’s why he cashed in the case. Joe says the company needs a champion to believe in and Eric agrees and says he has no history with Joe or Styles but tons with Flair and doesn’t want to see Flair with the champ. He again says he will call it down the middle, I bet he screws Joe over. Joe says for Eric to take care of Flair and he’ll take care of AJ. Eric says take care of the Samoan temper and he’ll handle Flair, and then wishes him good luck.
  1. D’Angelo Dinero v. Matt Morgan. This is our first match of the semi finals, and looking at it I assume the finals will be Anderson v. Morgan. I’d rather see it bee Morgan and Abyss, but I have a feeling Anderson will win. Morgan quickly overpowers Dinero sending him quickly to the corner, Dinero spring back up and another lockup. Dinero tossed to the corner again as Matt points out the size difference as they lock up again, but Dinero slides behind him and starts to kick the legs. Dinero with a quick series of punches and kicks, but the Irish whip countered and Matt tossed Dinero over the top rope to the floor. Matt follows and slams Dinero’s head into the side of the ring the chokes him on the barricade. Matt tosses Dinero into the ring and follows as D’Angelo fights back, but one knee lift sends Dinero down. Morgan sets Dinero in the corner and nails the rapid fire back elbows then the Avalanche/side slam drop combo. Matt getting cocky stands over Dinero, and then stands on Dinero. Matt chokes Dinero on the ropes, then drops a leg across the back of the neck of Dinero and gets a one count, which surprises Morgan. Matt with a bearhug in the middle of the ring, but the Pope fights out and hits a low dropkick. Pope off the ropes with a cross body block but Morgan catches him and nails the fall away slam for a near fall. Matt lifts up Dinero and goes for a slam, but countered to a nice tornado DDT from the Pope and both men are down. Pope up first and opens up on the Blueprint quickly as he hammers Morgan down hard then fires up the crowd. Pope slaps Morgan who comes back with a clothesline but misses and goes for the Coronation, but Matt comes back with a discus lariat for a near fall. Matt showing signs of frustration as he screams at the ref then hammer the Pope in the corner. Matt charges in for the Carbon Footprint in the corner, but Dinero moves and hits the D’Angelo Dinero Express for the win. 6/10 a good match, as Matt used his power and Dinero used his speed. Could’ve been better, but nothing to complain about, so who’s Eric with now? No, instead it’s JB with Ken Anderson as he talks about Anderson will face Abyss next. Anderson gets JB to repeat that he beat Kurt Angle, Anderson says he destroyed Angle and is now the guy everyone is looking at to lead the company to greatness. Anderson says he will win the title shot and win the title at Lockdown, as he screams his name in the face of JB; hope he had a breath mint before doing that.
  1. Ken Anderson v. Abyss. The winner faces D’Angelo Dinero, would like to see Abyss win, but doubt it. Dinero/Anderson may be good, but I really would like to see Dinero win, Dinero/AJ would be a great match. Abyss overpowers Anderson into the corner right away, and Anderson slides behind Abyss and hammers him. Abyss just absorbs the shots, and whips Anderson in, Abyss misses a pair of clotheslines and Anderson goes for a cross body, but Abyss doesn’t move. Anderson cheapshots Abyss and tries for a slam, but no dice and Abyss slam him with ease. Anderson comes off the ropes and Abyss gets a boot up and then clotheslines Anderson to the floor and Abyss follows. Abyss grabs Anderson and rams his head into the steps, and is proud with what he did. Abyss stalks Anderson and Anderson catches him with a knee then rolls in to break the count. Anderson goes to ram Abyss into the barricade but countered and Abyss rams Anderson in and rolls him in the ring. Anderson pulls himself up in the corner and Abyss goes for the Avalanche but Anderson catches him with an elbow then the low dropkick. Anderson now starts to rip the mask off Abyss, as Taz screws up and says now we don’t have to wait till Thursday. Abyss pushes him off, but Anderson comes back and clips the knee then starts to work over the knee of the Monster. Anderson hits a dropkick right to the knee of Abyss, who’s still in the corner, and Anderson charges in again. Abyss goes for the chokeslam, but Anderson fights off and comes off the ropes. Abyss with a backdrop and fires himself up, then pummels Anderson. Abyss hits the Avalanche/side slam combo for a near fall. Abyss signals for the chokeslam, but Anderson ducks under and goes for the Mic Check but Abyss blocks and hits Shock Treatment for the near fall. Abyss goes after Anderson, who kicks him in the knee then climbs the ropes. Anderson waits for Abyss and goes for a move off the top, but caught in chokeslam position, Anderson grabs and twists the mask. Abyss can’t see and grabs the ref; this gives Anderson the chance to hit a low blow on Abyss then the Mic Check for the win. 5.5/10 not great but not bad, just sort of there. So our finals are set Ken Anderson v D’Angelo Dinero. We go to Christy Hemme with AJ Styles and Ric Flair. AJ says Christy came in the dressing room to be close to AJ, and says he’s beaten Joe before and will beat him again. AJ says no one is good enough to shine his boots, as he says he comes around once in a lifetime. Flair asks Christy how she feels, as he says they will walk the aisle and make history tonight. Flair apologizes for his anger with Christy earlier and says Eric will count one; two, three and AJ will walks down the aisle still champ and drive the ladies crazy. We get the recap of AJ’s heel turn again and Joe’s challenge.
  1. AJ Styles v. Samoa Joe. This is for the World Title and special referee is Eric Bischoff. Surprised the finals of the tournament will be the end, I expected this as the main event. So at Lockdown we either have AJ v. Pope, AJ v. Anderson, Joe v. Pope or Joe v. Anderson. I’m hoping for AJ v. Pope personally, but let’s see what horrors will come from the mind of Hulk Hogan. As Eric makes his way to the ring he is confronted by the Hulkster, who says he knows what Eric’s up to and tells him to end it now. Eric says he will and promises Hogan, and Hogan tells him no shenanigans tonight. Hulk says the talent has to believe in them and he has to call it down the middle. Eric says no worries he has it and tells Hulk he’ll see him later. Hulk leaves and Eric says damn it, then heads to the ring. AJ comes out in a vintage Ric Flair robe but with a hood added on. Eric takes a long time checking AJ and AJ tells him to check Joe so he does and rings the bell. They lock up and wind up in the corner and AJ goes for a cheapshot but Joe moves, so AJ bails out and says he’s too smart for Joe. AJ slowly gets back in the ring and gets a knee in then goes to a side headlock, and Joe tries to shove him off but AJ holds on, Joe tries again and sends AJ in and nails a shoulderblock, AJ tries again and Joe sends him back. AJ looks like he’s going again but punches Joe; Joe comes back with a huge shoulderblock then opens up on AJ in the corner. AJ whipped in the corner and Joe follows with the running elbow then the enziguri. Joe sets him in the corner and nails AJ with then sends him in the opposite corner and follows with a knee to the face for a one count. Joe starts to pull AJ up and AJ comes back with a jawbreaker, and then comes off the rope and Joe nails a big knee to the face. Joe sets him up and chops him down, then glares at Ric Flair, then turns back to AJ and hits a flurry of roundhouse kicks. AJ catches the third kick and does a dragon screw leg whip, and now AJ stomps the knee of Joe. AJ with a round kick to the spine of Joe and then right back to the knee, as he yells to Flair I’m beating him!AJ goes for the figure four but Joe kicks him off and sends him to the floor, Joe follows out with a huge suicide dive. That always looks so awesome, even better then Undertaker’s annual dive. Both men are down outside the ring, and Joe first one up rolls the champ in. AJ begs off and rolls back outside, Joe follows and AJ with a poke to the eye then rams him into the ringpost head first. AJ looking under the ring and rips the ring mats up, with a little help from Nature Boy. AJ sets Joe up for a Suplex on the floor, but Joe blocks and spins around and goes for his own, but AJ lands on his feet. Joe with a back elbow, as AJ starts to run away, Joe stalks him slowly. Both men back in and AJ catches Joe coming in with a low dropkick. AJ with a rear chinlock and a knee in the back of Joe at the same time. Joe fights off, as we have dueling chants, AJ hits the best dropkick in the business! AJ puts Joe in the corner and chops Joe, which just fires up the Samoan who spins him around and chops him. AJ counters and chops Joe repeatedly now, then rams his head into the buckle. I thought Samoans were supposed to have hard heads? AJ sets him on the top rope and goes for the Hurricanrana, but Joe blocks and nails a diving knee to the face for a near fall! AJ struggles to get up, and Joe wails on him in the corner with the right hand and chops. AJ whipped in the corner and Joe misses the charge. AJ yells “I’ll kill you, you stupid Samoan” and runs in but Joe catches him in an urunage. Joe runs into AJ in the corner, but AJ gets the boots up and mounts and punches Joe. Eric pulls AJ off and while Eric is distracted Flair posts Joe’s knee. AJ chops the knee of Joe and starts to work over the knee of the challenger. AJ continues to work the knee of Joe as Flair tells him what to do. AJ with a bridging Indian Death lock, very freaking cool! Joe tries to fight out, and AJ releases then goes to the figure four leglock, and Joe is in the middle of the ring. Joe fights to roll the move over and Flair grabs the arm of AJ and pulls him back, but Eric catches him. Eric breaks the leglock and gets in the face of AJ. AJ pounds Joe on the ropes then charges at him, but Joe backdrops the champ over the top to the floor. AJ slowly gets in the ring and AJ misses a right hand and Joe fires back then follow with three lariats, but AJ with a throat chop and climb the ropes. Joe catches him coming off with a nice inverted atomic drop followed by the big boot and senton back splash for a near fall. Joe whips AJ in the corner and catches him coming out with a snap slam for another near fall, as Joe is getting frustrated with Bischoff. Joe puts Styles in the corner and hammers him, then whips him in the corner, countered. AJ charges in but Joe backdrops him to the apron. AJ springs back in with a crossbody, then a top mount and punches on Joe. AJ pulls Joe up, and Joe with the open hand chops, but gets caught coming in the corner. AJ comes off the ropes with a springboard DDT for a near fall and now AJ getting frustrated. AJ going for Styles Clash, but Joe counters out into the rear naked choke, but AJ almost makes the ropes. Joe kicks off the ropes with a back Suplex on the champion, which was brutal looking. AJ set up on the top, and Joe goes for the Muscle Buster, Flair grabs the leg. Eric goes after Flair as Joe has the cover and Flair holds Eric outside. Eric levels Ric Flair as Joe is screaming at Eric to get in the damn ring. Joe pushes Eric, who pushes him back. Joe puts Eric in the corner and turns around into the Pele kick followed by the Styles Clash for the win after a slow count. 9/10 great match, as always between these two. What a match that was, amazing. Flair has the mic and demands Eric raises AJ’s hand, and he does reluctantly. We go to Christy Hemme with Ken Anderson who’s facing D’Angelo Dinero. Anderson says he’ll make it short and sweet, and wishes Christy a happy Valentine’s Day, and tonight he wants to check things off his list. “Beat Kurt Angle, done, but Abyss to bed, done, send Pope back to Harlem, and check it off”. Ken says he is one win away from a title shot at the most important title in wrestling. He says “Pope will be excommunicated by Mister Ken….you know”. Jeremy is with Pope, who says Anderson has no status with him and has no respect for him. Pope says Ken has been sending checks he can’t cash and he’s going to bounce the check. Pope says interview over, and suddenly Waltman and Hall attack him, great so after all that this is how they’re finishing the tournament. Hall yells into the camera that Hogan better not turn his back.
  1. D’Angelo Dinero v Ken Anderson. Pope’s music plays and he doesn’t come out, I hope they don’t replace him with Jeff Hardy or something stupid. They stop Pope’s music and introduce Ken Anderson first. Anderson comes out and tells the ref ring the bell and count the man out. The referee starts the count; this is going to be so lame if this is how it ends. Suddenly we see D’Angelo make his way down the ramp and Anderson catches him with a clothesline then stomps him on the ramp. Ken runs back in the ring and back out to continue stomping Dinero. Anderson picks up Dinero and punches him back down, then breaks the count again as he continues pummeling the Pope. Anderson yells out “This is easy” and gets in Dinero’s face. Pope finally fires back with a slap and then a series of shots and a kick, as Pope is trying to come back. Pope in the ring, and Anderson runs out, Pope goes after him and Anderson gets a knee in. Anderson whips Pope into the stairs, then breaks the count again and continues to hammer Dinero as Flair and AJ watch from backstage. AJ and Anderson at Lockdown? Which one would be the good guy? Anderson rolls back in and tells the ref to count him out, as Pope gets on the apron only to be knocked off by Anderson. Pope on the ground holding his ribs as Anderson taunts Dinero from inside the ring. Dinero slowly climbs back up and catches Anderson with a shoulder to the gut, then finally fires on Anderson. Pope tries for a Suplex but doesn’t have the power and Anderson Suplexes him instead. Anderson covers but only gets two as the crowd is solidly behind The Pope. Anderson whips him in the corner hard, and Pope crumples, Anderson follows with a head butt then stomps the hand. Pope able to small package Anderson, but Anderson comes back with a clothesline followed by multiple elbows to the stomach of Pope. Anderson chokes Pope on the ropes, as Taz says don’t count out the Pope yet. Anderson laughs in the face of Pope and tries to ram him in the buckle, but Pope blocks and sends him in then a series of quick rights and left, but one punch from Anderson takes down the Pope. Anderson goes to a rear chinlock now, but Pope fights out and comes off the ropes. Anderson misses a pair of clothesline however he hits a knee to the chest of Pope for another near fall. Pope crawling on the mat and Anderson stomps both hands then hammers the head of Dinero as the crowd is behind Dinero. Anderson lifts up the Pope and hits a short arm clothesline for another two count, then goes back to the rear chinlock. Pope tries to come back again as he gets a series of right hands then a clothesline followed up with the inverted atomic drop. Dinero hits the flying shoulderblock and hits the Suplex into the rolling German Suplex, but Anderson fights out of the second one. Anderson off the ropes, but Pope hits an STO for a near fall. Anderson gets a knee to the midsection then whips him in the corner, but Pope avoids contact and nails Anderson in the corner. Pope hits the DDE and scores the near fall, damn that should’ve been the end. Pope goes to Anderson who nails him in the throat then hits the clothesline. Anderson asks for the microphone and says “Ladies and gentlemen you are one Mic Check away from the next number one contender”. He hits the Mic Check and covers Pope for the win, but no the Pope kicks out and Anderson cannot believe it. Anderson throwing a fit now, as Pope pulls himself up in the corner and hits the rolling slam then climbs the ropes. Anderson misses the Kenton Bomb, and Pope avoids the corner hit and nails the DDE for the victory!!!! 7.25/10 surprisingly a great match and the right guy won! Great way to end the show as Lockdown has AJ v. Dinero and that will be awesome!

Match Recap:

  • D’Angelo Dinero beat Desmond Wolfe 7.75/10
  • Matt Morgan beat Hernandez 7/10
  • Kurt Angle lost to Ken Anderson 8.5/10
  • Abyss beat Mick Foley 5/10
  • Nasty Boys beat Team 3D 2/10
  • D’Angelo Dinero pinned Matt Morgan 6/10
  • Ken Anderson beat Abyss 5.5/10
  • AJ Styles beat Samoa Joe 9/10
  • D’Angelo Dinero beat Ken Anderson 7.25/10

Overall a good PPV, with only one bad match which was the one I expected to be bad. Five matches were great and so happy to see D’Angelo Dinero get the biggest win of his career, would love to see him win the world title at Lockdown. After the PPV they showed the promo for Destination X and showed all X division and the return of Ultimate X, can’t wait.


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