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The Week in Review – February 8 – 12, 2010

The Week in Review – February 8 – 12, 2010

While I wait to watch last night’s PPV, let’s get our Week in Review complete.
Best Match of the Week

1. Oriental Gold v. Trent & Caylen from ECW 4/5
2. Shelton Benjamin v. Vance Archer from ECW 4/5
3. Doug Williams v. Amazing Red from Impact 4/5
4. The Beautiful People v. Tara & Angelina Love from Impact 4/5

Worst Match of the Week

1. Gail Kim v. Jillian Hall from RAW DUD
2. Ezekiel Jackson v. Perry Wallace from ECW DUD
3. Michelle McCool & Layla v. Mickie James from Smackdown DUD

This week’s best show goes to Superstars which had three great matches that all came in at 3.5/5, ECW would’ve won if not for the squash match. Speaking of which, I can expect a DUD from a squash but not from two of the best divas in the WWE, Gail & Jillian. Maybe if they had more than a minute for a match, but since Vince seems hell bent on not using the women that’ll never happen.

Monday Night RAW averaged a 1.75/5 for five matches in two hours. The one match, divas, was under a minute and the main event never even started. The best match was the RAW champ v. ECW champ as Sheamus really needed a win, now if only someone from the main event scene would lay down for him he could be a proven champ. Instead he’s just the pasty white Rey Mysterio champion at this point.

ECW on SyFy averaged 2.5/5 for three matches in an hour. The first and last matches were great, but the squash brought the rating down. That’s not a bad thing though, as squash matches still have their place in the business.

WWE Superstars averaged 3.5/5 for three matches in an hour. All three matches were very good, as usual, of course none of the guys involved will get elevated for their hard work, but at least they try.

TNA Impact averaged 3.25/5 for five matches in two hours. All but one of the matches was good, but the Morgan/Suicide match was basically a squash. The women proved that they can do a good match when given time, something Vince McMahon needs to learn. Once again I’ll ask, where the hell is my Taylor Wilde gone, I need a Wilde fix.

Friday Night Smackdown averaged 2.5/5 for five matches in two hours. Not a great episode but watchable, better then RAW. Other then the idiotic Batista crap and the horrible women’s match which proves that neither Layla nor McCool deserve to be anywhere near a wrestling ring. Once again Punk jobs, as he’s been doing since the Rumble, thanks for the depush Shawn.

Here’s the Shelton/Archer match from ECW

And the Knockout’s match


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