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Friday Night Smackdown: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no wait…it’s just Punk jobbing again!
February 14, 2010, 10:02 am
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Friday Night Smackdown – February 12, 2010

Last week on Smackdown we learned who the five were that will enter the Elimination Chamber and face the Undertaker. Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, CM Punk, Chris Jericho and John Morrison made it past the qualifiers and will be in the better of the two Chamber matches. At least this match has four workers who can carry the two cripples, as opposed to the RAW Chamber, which basically has one guy who has to carry a paper champion, one who’s not ready yet and three who’ve had too many title shots. Anyways, tonight on Smackdown the Undertaker will face Chris Jericho in what should be a good match. Remember when it was the first match between them, about a month ago? That first encounter should’ve been saved for a PPV with a nice slow build, but of course WWE doesn’t do things that way. It’s all a matter of build, push and ends a feud within four weeks, which really makes it hard to get behind anyone. When they do the long feuds they do it poorly, Hornswoggle v. Chavo, we’re looking at you.

1. Rey Mysterio v CM Punk. So Smackdown is doing what RAW is doing this week, by having each member of the chamber face off. Interesting, but shows how limited they are in ideas as both shows do the same idea. Punk towers over the little man, and shoves him away, then gets in his face and Rey slaps him. Punk charges and Rey catches him in the corner, jumps over and nails a dropkick into a victory roll for a near fall. Rey with a series of kicks, and then works over the knee of Punk who makes the ropes. Punk powers Rey down, but Rey uses his speed to spring back up and rolls up Punk again, then back to the legs of Punk. Oh boy, Batista is cutting a promo tonight, feel the excitement. Punk nails an enziguri on Mysterio, and then locks in a head scissor on Rey. Rey able to fight out, but Punk with a spin kick, followed by a snapmare/kick to back combo for a near fall. Rey back up and tries to fight but Punk tosses him to the floor but he lands on his head. Punk chases after and Rey runs back in and goes for a dive, but Punk move, however Rey holds the ropes. The Straight Edge Society tries to regroup as we go to commercial. We come back as Punk nails a shoulderblock on Rey, then a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Punk whips Rey in, but gets caught and kicked to the ropes, Punk sends Rey to the apron, but Rey flips Punk out. Rey follows with the seated senton off the ring apron to the floor. Luke comers around and the distraction costs Rey, as Punk drops Rey on the barricade with a belly to back Suplex. Punk rolls Rey in and follows with a springboard drop for a near fall, but Rey shows his resilience. Rey rolls to the apron near the post, and Punk dropkicks him into the post sending Rey to the floor. Punk follows out and nails Rey with a short arm clothesline then rolls him back in for another near fall. Punk ties up the legs of Mysterio and locks in a bow and arrow submission on Mysterio, but Rey won’t tap. Rey flips out into a cover, Punk lifts him for a belly to back Suplex countered to a pin attempt. Punk nails a backbreaker on Mysterio and drops a pair of forearms on the back of Rey. CM Punk with a double arm submission, but Rey again fights out. What the Hell, stay down a little bastard. Punk runs in and Rey with a drop toe hold sends Punk into the buckle. Rey climbs the ropes, but Punk wisely sweeps the leg and that tie up Rey in the ropes. CM Punk charges in the corner for a baseball slide, but Rey pulls himself up and Punk crotches himself on the post. Rey off the top with a seated senton, then a springboard cross body for a near fall. So after all that beating Rey is perfectly fine now, way to sell the back injury you mini version of HHH. Rey off the ropes and Punk nail a headbutt to the stomach and rolls up Rey who rolls through. Rey nails a side kick for a near fall as the Society looks on in shock. Rey whips Punk in the opposite corner, but countered, however he gets a boot up. Rey runs off the ropes and Punk catches him in a nice powerslam for another near fall. Both men slowly getting up, as Rey is pulling himself up in the corner. CM Punk nails the knee to the head and goes for the bulldog but Rey pushes him off and nails a low dropkick, sending Punk where else? But of course, in perfect position for the 619. Rey goes for the 619 but Serena jumps on the apron and Mysterio puts the breaks on, as the ref is with Serena, Luke jumps on the apron. Rey nails Luke and Punk gets nailed with a drop toe hold and lands on the ropes again. Seriously, they make that move looks so predetermined it ruins the match. Why do they always land perfectly, with arms down and everything? Rey goes for 619, but Punk moves and goes for the GTS, but Rey counters and rolls Punk up for the win. 3.5/5 was a good match, but Rey’s matches have to be so choreographed so he can hit his few spots it ruins the match, and why does he have to win anyway? So let’s see now, Punk got pinned by Triple H, pinned by Shawn Michaels, beat Batista when he walked out and now pinned by Rey Mysterio. Yeah, it looks like the CM Punk burial is going along just the way Michaels wants way to ruin the best thing going on Smackdown and WWE as a whole at this point. Luke Gallows runs in after the bell and levels Rey with a clothesline and follows with a big backbreaker. Punk tells Gallows something, and Gallows crushes Rey in the corner with an Avalanche then picks him back up and nails a short arm clothesline. Serena nails a kick to the ribs of Mysterio and Punk yells that they can save him, as he lifts Rey back up. Luke grabs a hold of Rey and places him on the shoulders of Punk who nails the GTS. Now they need to rip the mask off Rey and maybe he’ll disappear finally, would be nice. I used to be a huge fan of Rey, but now his matches are just a series of setting up for the 619 and that’s it. He’s not original or exciting like he was in ECW or WCW. Now we get a pretty cool little vignette of Drew McIntyre, oh it’s his new music, cool.

2. Drew McIntyre v Kane. Drew’s new song sound like it’s the Tea Party, but it’s probably just another WWE band. Way to bring out a new song after bringing out the new CD. Drew has a microphone and says when he was told he’d have a match tonight, he said he didn’t care who his opponent is, he champ and he’s undefeated. Great that’s going to bring out Kane. Hey, I was right! Kane comes out and Drew says he has nothing to prove and he dropped Kane last week, and says if he wants a match its next week not tonight. The bell rings and Kane kicks Drew sending him to the floor, Kane quickly follows and tosses Drew back in. Kane hammers Drew who tries to fight back but gets nailed with a big clothesline. Kane climbs the ropes and Drew smartly slides out of the ring as we go to commercial. We come back and Drew has an armbar on The Big Red Monster, Kane fights his way out and hammers Drew to the corner. Drew catches Kane coming in and nails a nice lariat for a pin attempt, but that gets him nothing. Drew drives an elbow to the top of the head of Kane, and then attempts a corner whip which gets reversed. Drew rushes out of the corner and Kane catches him, then tosses him in and nails a corner clothesline, but the second one is blocked. Drew rushes him again and Kane hits the side slam for a near fall. Kane climbs the ropes and connects with the big lariat then readies for the chokeslam. Drew breaks the chokeslam and goes for the Future Shock, but Kane reverses into the chokeslam, but Drew breaks the hold. Kane clothesline Drew and both men tumble to the floor, as the ref starts the count. Both men slug it out on the floor, and Kane is hammering Drew down as the ref counts both men out. 3/5 was an ok match for a Kane match, but the draw sucked as that means we’re going to get a rematch from this. Kane tosses Drew in, but gets caught coming in as Drew gets the big boot in on Kane. Drew quickly grabs his IC title and slides back in, he goes to nail Kane with the title but gets caught and chokeslammed by Kane. Kane picks up the IC title and drops it on Drew then does his arm and pyro thing as he leaves Drew lay out. We go backstage to see Mickie James, who looks unbelievably freaking hot this week, as horseface and Layla come in. Is this shit ever gonna end, seriously, like go the hell away horseface. The only reason you even have a job is because you’re Undertaker chew toy, otherwise your skank ass would be gone so fast. Mickie says it’s over between them, and horseface calls it her title. Mickie says it has her name and she beat her in 15 seconds. Horseface picks up a plate of cottage cheese and Mickie slaps it out of her hand and it lands on Vickie. Mickie quickly leaves and horseface kisses Guerrero’s ass. Have I said I hate McCool, she just disgusts me and has no business being around ever.

3. Mickie James v Layla. Well, better Layla then horseface as the bell rings. Layla gets a knee in, and Mickie snapmares her down then nails the low dropkick as we suddenly hear Vickie’s shrill voice. Vickie says to stop the match, and says the match has been changed to a handicap match, oh for Christ sakes, seriously, anything to keep horseface on camera. She’s officially now to be called Triple H with a vagina, as everything has to be about her. Mickie catches the horse coming in the ring, but they double team her. She catches them and rams horseface in the mat and then hammers Layla, then covers horseface for a near fall. Mickie taking out both of them, but gets tossed into horseface who nails a spinning backbreaker for a near fall. Horseface whips Layla at Mickie, but she tosses Layla to the floor, but turns into a kick for horseface. After one kick she nails the Styles Clash for the win. DUD another waste of Mickie’s time and talent. I hope her music career skyrockets so she can get the hell out of this place. They have no idea what to do with her, and just waste her with horseface. I bet she gets the belt back before Wrestlemania.

4. Batista comes to the ring, and Josh asks him about the Batista Bomb on the ring steps and walking out of the match with CM Punk. Batista grabs the microphone, looks at Josh who wisely leaves the ring, and then sits on the top turnbuckle. Well, speak you shaved ape, or have the steroids shriveled your tongue like they do to testicles? Batista then leaves the ring and walks around the ring, as this is just dragging on. Batista stops in front of someone with a Cena shirt on, but does nothing and gets back in the ring. This is like watching paint dry; as he starts to speak he drops the microphone and leaves. Well that was a colossal waste of time. As he gets to the top of the ramp he removes the sunglasses and heads back to the ring. Batista grabs the mic and drops it again; his hands must be slippery from playing with the divas! Just saying is all. He then leaves, and this time for good.

5. Teddy Long comes out now as it’s his turn to walk around with a microphone now. Teddy says last week Batista refused to compete with CM Punk, tonight he refused to give an explanation, and since Batista doesn’t want to talk maybe he’ll compete. Teddy announces Batista vs. Edge next week on Smackdown. I bet he walks out again, they did this same thing with Jeff Jarrett, where he didn’t wrestle for a while after returning.

6. Matt Hardy & The Great Khali v Hart Dynasty. Matt wishes the crowd a happy Valentine’s Day and says Khali is the Punjabi Playboy and has a great Valentine’s Day, but this year he’s going to have a great Valentine’s Day. Matt introduces his Valentine, Maria, who comes out looking hot and I think was the hottest diva ever to do Playboy. The poor Dynasty, from a feud with Cryme Tyme that went on forever to this. Not sure if that’s a step up or not. Khali and Smith start, and Smith quickly bails and tags in Kidd. Khali brings in Kidd the hard way, and then tags in Hardy. Matt hammers Kidd and hits a corner clothesline, but gets distracted by Smith and Kidd gets a cheap shot in and tags Smith in. Smith with a nice delayed vertical Suplex for a near fall. Smith rams Hardy’s head in the buckle then tags in Kidd, as Maria cheers her man on. Kidd with a rear chinlock, while the announcers focus on Bret Hart and Vince McMahon. Kidd gets caught in the Side Effect and goes for Twist of Fate, but gets whipped to the ropes where Natalya grabs the leg. Maria takes expectation to this and attacks Natalya, wait didn’t we already do this with Natalya and Eve, great now they’re copying idea from three months ago. Maria mounts Natalya, and that’s all I can say about that, as Matt, Khali and Smith are distracted and Kidd rolls up Matt, but Matt counters for the win? 2/5 way too short and the ending looked flubbed badly. So next week will probably be a six person match I bet.

7. John Morrison v R-Truth. This should be a great match, but with only 20 minutes left and we still have an Undertaker match, I doubt this gets enough time. Hell, Undertaker’s entrance takes five minutes as it is. They shake hands before the match, which is rare, as John with a side headlock, but whipped in and comes back with a shoulderblock. John off the ropes and Truth leapfrogs, and then John rolls over him but comes down hard and holds his ankle. John is in pain as he removes his boot and the match ends. No rating, as the match lasted 10 seconds before John’s injury. Truth comes over to check on John as the medic comes out to help as well. Truth helps John backstage, as we go to commercial.

8. Edge comes out for his time to talk now. Edge says he out to talk about the benefits of winning the Rumble, as the main one is going to face the champion at Rumble. He says the best does not have to compete in the Elimination Chamber, which he says is a combination of luck, skill and ability to absorb pain. Edge says he will face whoever survives and could face Randy Orton, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, who he calls the love child of Brutus Beefcake and Charlie Manson. Edge says he could face any of twelve guys at Wrestlemania, but there is one who stands out, as a select few have main event Wrestlemania but only one is undefeated. Edge says it’s out of his hands that he faces at Mania, but next week he faces Batista, as Chris Jericho’s music starts. Jericho says he finds it ironic that Edge never mentioned him as the potential opponent for Wrestlemania, but he understand he’s a bad luck charm for Edge. Jericho says he was there when Edge tore his Achilles Tendon and was there when he returned at Rumble, and says he doesn’t get injured, he wins titles and carries the company. Jericho calls himself the best in the world at what he does and he gives Edge advice to save some problems he should go for the winner of the RAW chamber match. Jericho says in nine days he will win the Smackdown Chamber and tells Edge to stay away from him or bad things will happen to him again. I hope this is the main event for Wrestlemania, Pure Canadian Violence, which would kick ass.

9. Chris Jericho v Undertaker. With ten minutes left, here comes the Deadman for the main event. Undertaker stalks Jericho quickly, and Chris bails out causing Taker to chase him, Chris slides in and Undertaker follows. Jericho tries to drop an elbow, but Taker moves and begins to hammer Jericho. Undertaker drops the leg across Jericho as he hangs out of the ring, as Edge is on commentary. Taker rams Jericho’s back in the barricade then tosses him back in the ring. Undertaker continues the offense as he works over the arm of Jericho and goes for Old School, but Jericho counters causing Undertaker to crotch himself. Jericho hammers Undertaker on the top rope and nails a superplex. Jericho kicks and stomps Undertaker as he finally has an advantage. Jericho with a rear chinlock on the Phenom, and Undertaker fights his way out. Now both men slug it out, and Jericho gets taken down, and then whipped in the corner. Undertaker charges in with a corner clothesline, then hits snake eyes/big boot combo. Undertaker drops the leg for a near fall, and now he readies for the chokeslam but Jericho bails out. Jericho gets in the face of Edge and Undertaker clubs him from behind, now Undertaker glares at Edge. Undertaker tosses Jericho at Edge and Edge gets in the face of the Deadman. Undertaker tosses Jericho in, and then nails the big boot on Edge. Jericho catches Taker coming in and DDTs him for a near fall. Jericho quickly rips the turnbuckle pad off, but turns into a chokeslam, but counters to a roll up. Undertaker pushes him off and he hits the steel hard and turns into the Last Ride. Undertaker turns around and gets speared by Edge who then storms up the ramp, and Undertaker sits up. Undertaker grabs Jericho, but Jericho hits the Codebreaker for the upset win! 3.5/5 a good match and the end was a shock, didn’t expect Jericho to pull that one off.

Match Recap:

1. Rey Mysterio beat CM Punk 3.5/5
2. Drew McIntyre and Kane went to a draw 3/5
3. Michelle and Layla beat Mickie DUD
4. Matt Hardy & Great Khali beat Hart Dynasty 2/5
5. Chris Jericho upset Undertaker 3.5/5

This was an ok episode, as three matches were good and one was Ok, one never got started and the other was a disaster. Why is CM Punk jobbing constantly, that’s no way to build up a stable? They’ve basically ruined Punk’s credibility and I am sick of seeing Mysterio win. Does Mysterio have pictures of Vince with a goat or something? I have a bad feeling that Kane is going to beat Drew for the IC title, either at or before Wrestlemania, which would suck. Drew is such a talent and Kane’s been next to useless for so long. The less said about Horseface the better, but I won’t be surprised to see her regain the title. Like I said I hope Mickie’s album is a success and then she can leave and focus on her music, at least she’d get a fair shake and not be picked on for her weight. The Hart Dynasty is quickly being destroyed as they seem to get no respect, I’d rather have seen Hart Dynasty represent Bret and Vince have Drew McIntyre and someone else for his team at Wrestlemania. Maybe even turn Morrison, which would make a hell of a match, Hart Dynasty v. McIntyre and Morrison. The main event was short, as usual but nice to Jericho get a pin over Undertaker.


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