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WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #18 – November 26, 1988

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #18 – November 26, 1988

Here we go with another classic episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event. Tonight’s episode comes only 48 hours after the second annual Survivor Series. Coming out of the Survivor Series we had the double turn of Demolition and the Powers of Pain, as Mr. Fuji turned on his team, Demolition and joined with the formerly face team of the Powers of Pain. Demolition had held the titles since Wrestlemania IV and Fuji believed they were getting weak so he left to go to the Powers of Pain, who would basically do nothing and be split up by next year, while the Demolition would hold the titles for almost another year. Also tension was teased between Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage after a victory over the team of Akeem and Big Boss Man, when Hulk hugged Elizabeth. Also going in the WWF at this time was the face turn of Hercules, who was sold to Ted DiBiase as a slave by Bobby Heenan. Herc did not like this and decided he would take out his anger on Heenan and DiBiase. With that, let’s head to the Arco arena in Sacramento, California and see what the WWF has in store tonight.

We open with the classic mini interviews, which I am no longer going to transcribe as it just takes too damn long. I’ll only cover the important parts of an interview, and not the whole thing. We get promos from The Ultimate Warrior, Bobby Heenan & Andre the Giant, Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth. Savage calls Andre the Giant the most horrifying athlete of any generation! Ted DiBiase sends Virgil to face his property, as he calls Hercules, and reclaim what he paid for. Hulk Hogan talks about being set up by Brother Love, and will talk to Love tonight. Brother Love was a great gimmick that ran for an amazingly long time, and was Undertaker’s first manager. We go to our opening video, and then to Vince McMahon who welcomes us to Sacramento, California. Vince introduces Jesse Ventura, who says they’re in California and he gets top billing. They send it to Gene with Mr. Fuji and his newest man, Super Ninja. No masked man ever gets a push, seriously, even as a kid I knew this was going to be a squash. Super Ninja was portrayed by Rip Oliver, who was a big deal in the Portland area and this was one of his few appearances in the WWF. Gene interviews Ultimate Warrior; can anyone actually understand this nut? Even back then I thought he was crazy, but he sure could rock a mullet!

1. Super Ninja v Ultimate Warrior. So we have a Ninja from Oregon, well that’s better than a Ninja from Puerto Rico, Kwang/Savio Vega we’re looking at you! Jesse calls Warrior the Ultimate Maniac, as he does the vintage rope shake. The same thing that Batista does nowadays. Ninja jumps Warrior and chops him before the bell, the goes for a kick and Warrior grabs the leg. Another kick and Warrior flips him on his head, Ninja off the ropes and Warrior with leapfrog, and nails Ninja with a big boot sending him to the floor. Mr. Fuji yells “What’s going on”? Warrior follows outside and press slams him back in, then rams him into the buckle. Warrior nails him with a back elbow. I love it, Vince talks about doing a pose down with Jesse, which would’ve been money. Warrior press slams Ninja and follows with the big splash for the easy win. DUD was just a squash, even Jesse says it’s a good thing he wore a mask. We now get highlights of Hercules being sold to Ted DiBiase, and Herc’s facial expression when he finds out he’s the slave is priceless. Jesse interviews Ted DiBiase, who’s looking dapper in a green suit, and Virgil. Poor Virgil, the man was a non-stop running gag in the business. The Virgil name was a rib on Dusty Rhodes, and then he went to WCW and became Vince then Shane, both ribs on the McMahons, after that he became Curly Joe. Poor guy, it’s amazing he never pulled a Renegade.

2. Hercules v Virgil. Ted and Virgil double team Herc before the bell, but Herc comes back with the double clotheslines, and then sends DiBiase out with a series of lefts. Herc then backdrops Virgil down hard and clotheslines him to the floor. Herc follows, and DiBiase runs, Herc chases and Virgil tries to catch him. Herc avoids the clothesline and destroys Virgil, then drops a big elbow. Ted gets on the apron and distracts Hercules, and Virgil tries to hammer Herc, but no effect as Herc continues the offense. DiBiase is beside himself outside the ring, as Herc nails a big clothesline and then a second one, as DiBiase is losing it outside the ring. Hercules continues to hammer the bodyguard, and whips him in and nails another big clothesline, as Virgil is being dominated like Sean Waltman by Chyna. Hercules nails Virgil with the running powerslam for the easy victory. DUD another squash match, as Virgil got no offense much like Ninja. Hercules dumps Virgil on top of DiBiase and swings the chain over his head. Ted DiBiase chastises Virgil the whole way up the ramp. We now see highlights from the last SNME as Jake gives Andre a heart attack. Gene is with Andre and Heenan, and Gene mentions Andre’s phobia and Andre almost pummels Gene, but Heenan holds him back.

3. Andre the Giant v Randy Savage. Savage quickly goes at Andre, but gets put in the corner and Andre hammers him. Savage tries to fight back, but one chop sends Savage to the mat. Andre hooks the Macho Man and puts him back in the corner and follows up with shoulders to the midsection, then crushes Savage in the corner. Andre tries to lean back, but Savage with the knees to the back and a double ax handle, but Andre catches him with a chop again, and grabs Savage again. Andre choking Savage with the strap from his tights while Heenan distracts the referee, Savage tries to fight back but Andre overpowers him. Andre with a double arm hold pulls back on Savage, who’s trying to break free. Andre punches Savage, and Savage gets Andre in the corner but gets hit with a big knee. Andre chokes Randy on the ropes, as Savage is getting destroyed here. Way to build up your credibility for the champion, as Andre is killing him. Andre hooks the arms again, but Savage with a jawbreaker and now hammers the Giant in the corner. Andre just spins Savage around and starts to choke him in the corner, as Savage again tries to fight back. Savage rams Andre’s head into the buckle and hits the double ax handle, as he finally has the Giant down; suddenly Jake Roberts’ appears at ringside! Andre once again overpowers Randy while Jake hides Damien under the ring. Andre gets distracted by Roberts and Savage goes out to confront Savage and tells him to leave as we go to commercial. We come back and Savage catches Andre from behind, but Andre fires back, while Heenan looks for Damien. Savage kicking Andre in the corner, but one chop sends Savage down. Andre distracted and Savage keeps trying to attack, but one hit from Andre keeps knocking him down. Heenan meanwhile is destroying the ringside area looking for Damien, while Andre pummels the Champion. Savage slides out and goes after Heenan, who almost found Damien. Andre catches Savage coming back in and chops him in, as Heenan finds Damien and starts up the aisle, but Roberts catches him. Heenan rolls in the ring and Savage catches him and throws Heenan into Andre, sending Andre into the ropes, in vintage Andre as he’s tangled in the ropes now, as the bell rings. 2/5 basically just Andre choking and chopping, and a search for Damien, not a good match at all. Probably one of Savage’s worst matches. Savage whips Heenan up and over the turnbuckle to the floor, and then invites Jake into the ring. Jake unleashes Damien, as Heenan finally able to free the Giant who runs, as best as he can, up the aisle. I do like Jake’s leather jacket though, but what a crappy match.

4. Hacksaw Jim Duggan v Boris Zhukov. Good God, cover your eyes, this is going to be horrible. Boris attempts to sing the Russian anthem and is interrupted by Duggan. This has been a really bad SNME so far. Boris doesn’t even have a manager anymore, as he’s such a jobber now. Both men start out slugging it out and Duggan with an atomic drop followed by a pair of clotheslines sending Boris to the floor. Boris slides back in, and they lock up, Boris opens up on Duggan and nails a knee lift then drops an elbow. Boris hammers Duggan but no effect. Duggan with a clothesline and misses the elbow drops. Boris rams Duggan in the buckle and hammers Duggan in the corner, then whips him in the far corner. Duggan comes back with a lariat, then whips him in and slams Boris down. Hacksaw with the three point stance clothesline for the three count. 1/5 boring, and a very bad brawl. Man, this has sucked seven layers of crap tonight. We now see highlights of Slick and Big Boss Man attacking Hulk Hogan on the Brother Love show from last month.

5. Brother Love Show with Hulk Hogan. Brother Love calls his guest a tremendous asset to the WWF and a real American, as he brings out Brother Slick. Hulk is backstage with Gene, and says he’s going to show him what Love is all about, as Slick jives his way to the ring. Brother Love then says he will bring out a man who know nothing about love, but learned about control, Hulk Hogan. Brother Love says he is in control tonight and is not afraid of Hulk, as he asks him how it felt when the Boss Man whipped him. As Hulk answers Love pulls the mic away and says it must’ve felt real good, as he asks Slick what he thinks. Slick calls Hulk a criminal who won’t lose control tonight, as Brother Love reminds him what happened last time. Brother Love asks him what went through him mind while Boss Man beat him, and pulls the mic away again. Slick says what went through his mind is what’s going through his mind now; Boss Man can beat him black and blue. Hulk finally pulls the mic away from Brother Love and tells him to shut up, and says if he gets out of control he’ll send him to the school of hard knocks. Hulk asks Slick what he would do if one of the Hulk-a-maniacs would beat him. Hulk says each Hulk-a-maniac would get in line to beat him up. Hulk makes fun of Brother Love’s rings on his fingers and calls them as phony as he is. Brother Love is livid as Hulk has taken over the show, and Brother Love grabs the mic back and says he’s losing control. Brother Love says it will only take one phone call to get him under control again. Hulk grabs Slick and heaves him over the top rope, and Brother Love nails Hulk from behind. Brother Love backs off, as Hulk stalks him, grabs Brother Love and slams him down hard in the middle of the ring. Hulk pulls handcuffs out of his kneepads and cuffs Love to the ropes. Brother Love is helpless on the ropes and Hulk clotheslines him out of the ring as Vince is enjoying this. This has been the best part of the show.

6. Rougeau Brothers v Young Stallions. Powers and Jacques lock up, and Jacques with a side headlock into a shoulderblock. Jacques off the ropes leaps over Powers and hits a nice dropkick. Powers with a side headlock, but Jacques fights him into the corner and whips him to the opposite corner, reversed, and now Powers on top hammers him. Jimmy Hart distracts Powers, and Jacques tags in Raymond. Ray with a backbreaker on Powers, and works over the back before tagging in Jacques. Jacques nails a flying back elbow for a near fall. Powers reverses a corner whip, but Jacques springs to the second rope and misses a dive as both men are down. Roma tagged in and clothesline Ray down, then powerslams Jacques. Roma drops a fist on Jacques and clotheslines Ray. Roma hits a missile dropkick on Ray for a near fall, but Jacques breaks the pin. The ref busy with Powers and the Rougeaus hit the double team move for the win. 2/5 basically a squash, but some of the moves were cool, and the Rougeaus had an impressive finisher.

Match Recap

1. Ultimate Warrior squashed Super Ninja in 2:11 DUD
2. Hercules crushed Virgil in 3:20 DUD
3. Randy Savage & Andre the Giant went to a double DQ in 8:51 2/5
4. Jim Duggan destroyed Boris Zhukov in 2:27 1/5
5. Rougeaus humiliated Young Stallions in 3:05 2/5

Easily the worst SNME of the bunch, as none of the matches were any good at all. The whole show was just a write off, and best to avoid. Less than twenty minutes of matches in the whole show, but the matches felt long because they were so bad. Let’s hope the next show is better.





Brother Love w/ Hogan


Bonus Feature: Survivor Series 1988 Promo

Survivor Series Main Event


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