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ECW on SyFy – February 9, 2010
February 10, 2010, 10:11 am
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ECW on SyFy – February 9, 2010

As Vince McMahon’s bastardized version of ECW draws it last breath, we continue along. Last night on RAW we saw ECW champion Christian challenge Sheamus, and announce that after ECW closes everyone becomes a free agent. What this means for some of the lesser utilized stars are unknown, but I have a feeling we are going to see some cuts very soon. The latest rumor about the ECW replacement is that is going to be a Tough Enough like show, which would suck. I enjoy ECW because of the fact there are no egos, unlike RAW or Smackdown. No one on ECW is trying to hold someone down; there are no Shawn Michaels, HHH, Batista, Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, etc. There is just pure untapped talent along with some talented unused veterans, Regal, Christian & Benjamin. ECW is always been the place for the new stars to shine and rebuild those who’ve fallen. If not for ECW Goldust would’ve probably been released a long time ago, but his teaming with Yoshi Tatsu has done two things. One, it has revitalized his career and two; it has helped establish Tatsu as the future. This is something that is not done often enough on the big two. Rey Mysterio has been holding Dolph Ziggler down for the last six month, as he was supposed to win the title from Rey back at Summerslam and Rey refused. I blame Shawn Michaels fully for the fact that CM Punk did not win the tag titles last night, Shawn has said he doesn’t approve of Punk’s gimmick. Too many people have too much power, the only person who should make the decision of who wins and losses, is Vincent Kennedy McMahon, not Dave Batista, not that bastard son in law Triple H, not Mr. “I lost my smile but found God” Shawn Michaels. Anyway, I’m getting off on a rant here, and I don’t want to sound like Dennis Miller, but ECW was my favorite of the three, and it sucks that it’s going to be gone and the talent will get swallowed into RAW and Smackdown and then be forgotten. Just look at Jack Swagger, why is he not in the Elimination Chamber? The man could be the next Kurt Angle, but instead will probably be the next Charlie Haas, and don’t get me started on Charlie Haas. I digress, let’s just get to ECW.

We open with the ECW roster backstage awaiting the GM, and Tiffany comes in. Tiffany says that in two weeks ECW will go off the air. Then she channels the spirit of Diamond Dallas Page, as she says it’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. She says everyone will be a free agent and can go anywhere they want, and she says it was an honor to be the GM of ECW. Tiffany asks if everyone knows what they are to do tonight, and everyone says yes. She tells them to seize the day and have fun, then puts on Mardi Gras beads and grabs a drink. Tiffany starts to leave, and Zack and Rosa stop her and ask where she is going, and she says she’s going to party, wonder if any more nudes will come from that, and steals his line.

1. Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu v. Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft. Savannah looking hot as always, just saying is all. As I said, Yoshi has made Goldust entertaining again, and Goldust has given credibility to Yoshi, making them a very impressive team. The winner of this match will face ShowMiz next week here on ECW, so I assume the team of the Oriental Gold will win, but won’t win the tag titles. Goldy and Trent start out, and Goldy with an arm bar, but Trent fires back. Goldy whips him in and nails an armdrag, then tags in Tatsu, who nails a double chop on Trent. Yoshi with an armbar and Trent whips him in, Yoshi with a cartwheel but gets schoolboyed. Yoshi reverses, then back to the armbar, but gets caught in the wrong corner and Croft tagged in. Croft works over Tatsu now, and tries for the pin twice, but nothing comes of it, so he tags in Trent again. Trent nails a back elbow on Tatsu and goes to a rear chinlock, the whips him in the corner. Tatsu catches Trent and tosses him in the buckle and tags in Goldy. Goldy nails the dropping uppercut, then a nice kneelift as Goldy fires up the crowd. Goldy with an Irish Whip, but Trent holds the riopes and slides out of the ring. Goldy follows, and as Trent comes in he tags Croft, Goldy follows in but doesn’t know the tag was made. Croft nails Goldy from behind in the knee as we go to commercial. We come back as Trent is tagged in and they work over the knee of the Golden One. Croft back in, and hammers Goldy in the corner, then tries to whip him in the reverse corner, but Goldust’s knee gives out. While the ref is with Croft, Trent drops the knee on the apron, as they continue the offense and Trent back in for a near fall. Trent with a leg lock of some sort, which looks pretty cool actually, but Goldust fights out. Barreta with a dragon screw leg whip, and tags in Croft who continues to try and injure the knee. Goldust desperately tries to fight back, but Trent tagged back in, and they continue to dominate the former IC champion. Croft back in, as the crowd chants for Goldust, Croft holds the leg as Trent comes in and kicks Goldy in the head. Trent with a leglock on Goldust again, but Goldust kicks him off into Trent’s corner. Goldust lunges for the tag, but Trent catches him, however Goldust goes for the inverted atomic drop, but Trent counters. Trent pops Yoshi off the apron, and runs at Goldust who backdrops him. Goldust makes the corner, but no Yoshi, he turns around as Trent runs at him and powerslams him down. Both men make the tag, as Yoshi quickly fires on Caylen. Yoshi with those buzzsaw kicks sends Croft to the corner, then the rolling move into the side kick for a near fall. Yoshi climbs the ropes and hits the top rope spinning wheel kick for a near fall, as Trent breaks the pin. Goldust bulldogs Trent, and both men roll out. Yoshi reverses the rollup and nails the big kick for the win. 4/5 a great tag team match. Next week Oriental Gold faces ShowMiz for the tag titles on the final episode of ECW. We see Croft outside the ring bleeding profusely after the big kick.

2. Ezekiel Jackson v. Perry Wallace. Who? Oh boy, a classic 80’s style squash match! Zeke quickly overpowers Perry sending him down. Zeke lifts him up, and Perry tries to fight back, which just angers Jackson. Zeke throws him in the corner and hammers him, then tosses Perry across the ring. Zeke nails the clothesline from Guyana then follows up with the urunage for the easy win. DUD just a squash match as the kid got no offense in. Zeke tosses him out like garbage after the match. Regal has the microphone and says he hopes the GM has not drunk too much yet and hears what he has to say. Regal says him being ejected at the Rumble shows that everyone is against them, as he mocks Tiffany’s legacy and says she set back management in the workplace by females twenty years. Regal continues by saying he’ll give her one more chance, as he asks for her to grant a rematch for Zeke for next week. Zeke tells Christian if he chooses to accept the challenge next week ECW and his title reign will come to an end. Zeke continues by saying as the final ECW champion that will be the beginning of his rise of dominance. Zeke says the end has come and it has awakened against you. After the RAW Recap, we go to Captain Charisma who responds to Zeke’s challenge. Christian calls Regal a rash that won’t go away, and says he accepts Zeke’s challenge but wants it to be big. Christian says he wants it Extreme Rules next week!!

3. Shelton Benjamin v. Vance Archer. This is a no countout and no disqualification match. Shelton has the mic and says he has something to say before the match. Shelton says when he came to ECW he wasn’t happy, as he says he is too good for ECW, but his first week Yoshi Tatsu kicked him in the head and beat him in ten seconds. He says that was his wakeup call, and every week the young stars backstage showed him they have the heart and passion and earn his respect. Shelton says he’s made friends, did things he never thought he’d do but will miss all the youngsters back there expect for Vance Archer. Shelton calls Vance a backstabber and tonight he will make his final ECW moment wiping the smile off Archer’s face and beating him like he’s never been beaten before. That was probably one of his best promos ever, very impressive. Shelton is such a talent, I’d love to see him with the World title one day. They quickly lock up, and Shelton with a side headlock, but Archer whips him in. Shelton comes back with a shoulderblock knocking Archer down. Another lockup, and Shelton with a go behind, riding Archer down and moves to a side headlock, and Archer whips him in and again gets taken down with a shoulderblock. Vance rolls out of the ring frustrated, and slowly gets back in the ring. A third lockup and Archer forces Shelton in the corner and opens up on him. Vance stomps on Shelton, but Shelton fires back and whips in the big man and nails a back elbow. Another whip I reversed, but Shelton comes back with a schoolboy into a single leg crab. Archer gets the ropes, but no DQ means the hold doesn’t need to be broken. Archer slides to the apron and Shelton breaks the hold. Archer nails Shelton and climbs the ropes, but Shelton catches him with a huge kick sending Archer to the floor as we go to break. We come back and Archer is getting plunder from under the ring, as he pulls out a Kendo Stick, while Shelton is down. Archer swings the stick, but Shelton blocks with a chair and nails Archer. Shelton winds up and swings, but misses and hits the stairs. He runs at Archer who catches him and drops him on the barricade and follows with a boot to Shelton’s head. Archer pounds the head of Benjamin now, and picks up Shelton to toss him back in the ring for a pin attempt, which gets two. The ref pulls Vance back, as Shelton is split wide open, and doctor slides in and kills the match dead. This is bullshit when they do this, seriously, screw the PG crap. No kid ever died seeing blood on their TV, or nudity either. Stupid networks and their rating systems, what a load of shit that is. The doc finishes, and Shelton suddenly a house of fire on Vance, setting him on the top rope but Archer nails a spinebuster off the top rope for a near fall. Vance pulls the turnbuckle off, he should’ve eaten the stuffing too, just saying is all. Vance sets up Shelton in the corner, and slides to the apron then pulls Shelton shoulder first into the exposed steel. Vance with an armbar and hammers the midsection of Benjamin at the same time. Shelton fights his way up, but gets whipped into the corner ala Bret Hart style, chest first. If someone did that to Jillian she’d explode! Vance goes to a reverse bear hug now, as he squeezes the Gold Standard. Shelton finally fights back, but gets whipped in the corner again. Shelton springs to the second rope and hits a flying forearm. Shelton with a pair of clotheslines, and follows with the spinning kick for a near fall. Vance begs off, and Shelton comes at him, but Archer with a headbutt to the gut. Archer goes for a slam but Shelton slides down the back and nails a nice German Suplex. Vance pulls himself up in the corner, and Shelton goes for the Stinger Splash, but Archer moves, and Shelton springs to the top rope. Shelton hits a Buff Blockbuster and follows with Paydirt for the win! 4/5 a great match, but the doctor crap kind of killed it a bit. If not for that I’d have gone 4.5.

Match Recap:

1. Oriental Gold beat Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft 4/5
2. Ezekiel Jackson destroyed Perry Wallace DUD
3. Shelton Benjamin pinned Vance Archer 4/5

This was a very good ECW, as always. Next week should be great with the tag titles and the ECW title on the line. I am really looking forward to that, but not too sure about the replacement show. I’ll give it a chance and see what it is.


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