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The Week in Review – February 1 – 5, 2010

The Week in Review – February 1 – 5, 2010
Ok, no time for pretty intros today, let’s get to the meat of this recap.
Best Matches of the Week
1. D’Angelo Dinero v. AJ Styles from Impact 4/5
2. Angelina Love v. Tara from Impact 4/5
3. Six Man Tag Match from Superstars 4/5
4. Evan Bourne v. Carlito from Superstars 4/5
Worst Matches of the Week
1. Kevin Nash v. Mick Foley from Impact DUD
2. Mickie James & Beth Phoenix v. Michelle McCool & Layla from Smackdown 1/5
3. R-Truth v. Mike Knox from Smackdown 1/5
Best show of the week was Superstars, which had 3 very good matches. Katie & Alicia make a very impressive tag team, and the other two matches were really good.
Monday Night RAW averaged 2.25/5 for five matches in two hours. About the average for RAW, as the only good parts were Edge and Bret, otherwise just a waste of time?
ECW on SyFy averaged 3/5 for three matches in an hour. It’s going to be sad to see the good show going to be gone very soon. We had three very good matches, but just a little too much yapping.
WWE Superstars averaged 3.75/5 for three matches in an hour. This was another great episode, with three impressive matches.
TNA Impact averaged 2.75 for seven matches in two hours. Well, they tried, I’ll give them that. However Nash, Foley, Jesse Neal, etc don’t belong on TV. At least not in the ring, hopefully we never see Flair in the ring, but I expect we will. By summer I can picture Hulk v. Flair for the TNA title.
Friday Night Smackdown averaged 2/5 for six matches in two hours. An OK show, for what it was, at least they’re chamber match looks better than RAWs. If only they could’ve kept Mysterio out.
All in all, an average week of TV, but the Rumble was good. Ah well, on to RAW.


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