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WWE Superstars: Six Man Chaos

WWE Superstars – February 4, 2010

With the recent announcement that ECW would be coming to end soon, that begs the question of how many guys will get called up and how gets released? I hate to say it but there are some guys I can see being released including Paul & Katie Burchill, Slam Master J, Jimmy Yang among others. Instead of getting rid of the young talent, why not put some of the older guys out of the active roster? Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Undertaker, Kane and Batista can all be moved to seasonal, where they only wrestle once in a while but not for the title. This would keep some of the young guys, and give new stars a chance to shine. Just saying is all. Anyways, tonight is Superstars, and I have no idea what matches were taped. Maybe we’ll finally see the finals of the Diva tournament, but I doubt it. They’ve probably forgotten about it. Let’s get to the show.

1. Kelly & Eve Torres v. Katie Lea Burchill & Alicia Fox. Well, nice to see Katie Lea get a match, she’s so talented and so underutilized. Eva and Alicia start out, and Alicia with a side headlock takes down Eve, who fights back up and whips Alicia in. Alicia comes back with a shoulderblock, but Eve catches her with a dropkick and Alicia rolls to her corner and makes the tag. Katie with a go behind, countered to an arm bar, and Kelly tagged in and they double team Katie. Katie overpowers Kelly and drives her in her corner, but Kelly fights her way out and armdrags Burchill down. Kelly makes the tag and Eve off the top with a sunset flip for a near fall. Eve whipped in, and she catches Katie with her head down, and then kicks her. Eve with the somersault senton for a near fall. Eve caught running in the corner, but still able to nail a Samoan drop on Katie. Eve climbs the ropes, and Alicia shakes the ropes. Eve goes after her, and Katie shoves Eve over the top, and while she distracts the ref Alicia gets a cheapshot in. Katie rolls Eve in, and starts to work over the knee, then tags in Alicia Fox. Alicia with a nice single leg crab on Eve, who’s struggling to make the ropes, and Alicia pulls her back then stomps the head, but gets kicks to the ropes. Eve catches Alicia with a monkey flip and tags in Kelly who comes in with a pair of clotheslines. Kelly with the spinning headscissor, into the handspring elbow in the corner for the cover, but Katie breaks the pin. Katie and Eve knocked out of the ring, and Kelly off the top with a cross body and Alicia rolls through and scores the upset! 3.5/5 not a bad women’s match, very surprisingly good. Would’ve liked to see Katie score the pin, but a win is a win.

2. Evan Bourne v. Carlito. Oh boy, a battle of the jobbers, no idea who could win this as neither guy gets a real chance. Carlito quickly overpowers the smaller man, and whips Bourne in, but Bourne with a series of kicks. Evan runs in the corner, and Carlito moves, but Evan springs to the second rope and armdrags Carlito down. Carlito whips Evan in and hits a nice dropkick and gets a near fall, Carlito stands over Bourne and slams him down hard. Carlito drops an elbow and another near fall, as Carlito goes to a rear chinlock. Nothing like two jobbers doing a rest hold, smell the excitement! Evan fights back and hits a headscissor, and then a low dropkick sends Carlito to the outside. Bourne dives down to Carlito, but Carlito moves, however Evan lands on his feet and nails Carlito with a knee to the face. Evan rolls Carlito in and goes up top, but Carlito rolls out of the ring as we go to commercial. We come back and Evan hits a flying forearm on Carlito and whips him in, but reversed and Carlito nails a big boot. Sideshow Carlito hammers Evan in the corner and the ref pulls him back, Carlito comes back and hotshots Evan on the bottom rope. Carlito gets a near fall, and goes for a double arm submission, Evan fights out but Carlito comes back with a spinning neckbreaker for a near fall. Carlito with a modified crossface now, nice to see two guys with no chance of promotion working their ass off. Evan finally fires back with the kicks, but Carlito hits a springboard back elbow, as Carlito continues to keep Bourne down. Carlito is getting frustrated as you can hear him yell at the ref, what else he needs to do. Carlito goes for a belly to back, but Bourne counters into a pin attempt, and follows that up with the double knee to the face, Evan goes for a kick, but Carlito rolls him up for another near fall. Carlito hits a running knee, but on the second one he gets rolled up again. Carlito quickly comes back with a spinebuster for another near fall, as Evan shows his perseverance as he keeps kicking out. Evan now on the ring apron, as Carlito picks him up and goes for a Suplex, but Evan hits a big kick and Bourne quickly to the top. Carlito knocks him off and the crowd boos loudly, as Carlito climbs the ropes, but Bourne fights out and powerbombs Carlito from the top, and quickly hits Air Bourne on Carlito for the win. 4/5 a great match, why these two are not competing for titles is beyond me. Carlito is one of the most talented, and Bourne is just amazing. Sad all that work, and all they’ll get is the usual midcard shuffle.

3. John Morrison, Great Khali & Matt Hardy v. Hart Dynasty & Drew McIntyre. So, no ECW matches this week? Well, that’s pretty lame. One of these guys is nothing like the others, guess who. Matt and Kidd start out, as Stryker goes over the rules, Kidd with a go behind and Matt powers out into an armbar, but Kidd counters to one of his own. Matt fires a big clothesline and tags in Morrison, and a cool double team on Kidd. JoMo with a headlock gets powered to the corner, and Kidd stomps him down as the ref pulls Kidd back. Kidd tags in Drew, who continues the offense on his archrival. Drew whips John in, but gets caught with his head down, and John with a ground and pound on Drew and tags in the big man. Drew goes right at him and gets taken down; Kidd runs in and eats a big boot. Khali chops Drew in the corner, and the crowd pops for Khali? Khali with a sideslam, as he tags in Matt and they do a modified version of Demolition’s old finisher. Matt with a side headlock, as Drew whips him in and Kidd with a kick to the back of Hardy, giving Drew the chance to tag in Smith. Smith stomps Hardy in the corner, and nails a nice vertical Suplex on Matt as we go to commercial. We come back and Smith with a rear chinlock on Matt, who tries to fight out and Smith goes for a piledriver, but Matt counters to side leg sweep. Both men need a tag now, and Smith tags in Kidd as Matt tags in JoMo. Morrison with a clothesline, then the flying heel kick, as he readies for the Moonlight Drive, Drew starts to come in. The distraction costs John, as Kidd kicks him and goes for the Hurricanrana, but Morrison powers him down and whips Kidd in the corner, but reversed and lands on the head of Kidd. Kidd launches JoMo hard to the floor, and while Kidd has the ref distracted Natalya kicks John in the gut. Drew tagged in, and rams John in the ring apron then throws him in, Drew stomps the hand of John and drives him in his corner. Drew tags in Smith, who does a beautiful trio of belly to belly Suplex, which looked amazing. David gets a near fall, as John starts to fight back, but Smith goes for a slam, however John slides down and hits the overhead kick and tags in Hardy. Matt with a series of clotheslines and then the corner clothesline/bulldog combo for a near fall. Smith with a wild swing gets caught in a Side Effect, and Drew and Kidd run in and take out Khali. Now it’s three on one, as Smith lifts Hardy, and Kidd and Drew come off the ropes, but Khali pulls them both out. Khali punches Drew, as Smith grabs Khali, Khali pops him and Matt nails Twist of Fate. Khali tagged in and nails the Punjabi Plunge on Khali for the win, as JoMo holds Kidd and Drew outside. 4/5 a great tag match, can’t believe I’m saying that about a Khali match. This was impressive, as the five talents kicked ass, and Khali did what he does best, short bursts of power moves.

Match Recap

1. Katie Lea Burchill & Alicia Fox beat Kelly & Eve 3.5/5
2. Evan Bourne beat Carlito 4/5
3. Great Khali, John Morrison & Matt Hardy beat Hart Dynasty & Drew McIntyre 4/5

Overall this was a very good episode this week, as all three matches were very good. Just wonder what the Hell happened to ECW this week? No matches for the unloved brand? Of course what we got was very good, always happy to see Katie Lea. Why she hasn’t been given more of a chance is beyond me, of course same could be said for Paul.


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