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ECW on SyFy: ECW is about to die…
February 3, 2010, 10:08 am
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ECW on SyFy – February 2, 2010

Tonight on ECW, Vincent Kennedy McMahon has a very important announcement, what could Mr. McMahon have to say. On Sunday night at the Royal Rumble, Captain Charisma Christian held back the challenge of the massive Ezekiel Jackson, where does Christian go from here? Who will step up as the next challenger for the ECW Title? Will there still be an ECW Title after tonight? We have all this and more tonight on ECW.

1. We open with Savannah who introduces Tony Atlas. Tony in turn introduces the Abraham Washington Show with special guest Christian. Maybe Washington is the next challenger for the title, well they could do worse? Don’t understand the hatred for Washington; he could be the next Piper. He has the charisma and speaking ability, no idea about his wrestling ability, but he could surprise us. Abraham says he hasn’t been here for a few weeks, but that is because NBC is trying to give him a job, replacing Conan. He asks Tony if he knows why he turned down the job, Tony says because he’s not that good. Abraham yells at Tony and says he turned it down because he loves the WWE audience and they owe him forty million for turning the job down. Abraham says he’s loyal what more do they expect, Tony says maybe he could try to be funny. Abraham says what would be funny would be Tony not having a future, he then introduces Christian. I still say Jackson should’ve won the title, they built him up for six weeks for nothing, I just don’t understand Vinnie’s thinking sometimes. Abraham congratulates Christian on his victory and announces that he is longest reigning current champion, that doesn’t say much these days. When he surpasses Hulk Hogan’s reign I’ll be impressed, suddenly out comes Rosa Mendes, who looks amazing, and Zack Ryder. Ryder says he wants to talk about real news, and they show Hurricane’s mug shot!!! Zack says he’s a great role model, and yells out “Stand back; there’s a criminal coming through.” That was funny actually, I like Zack. Zack says he is the heart and soul of ECW, and Christian says he did something Zack would never do, make it on TMZ. Christian says maybe he’s jealous because Hurricane gets recognized, Zack says he was in the Rumble. Christian says he blinked and missed it, Zack asks if Christian has a problem with Helms disgracing ECW. Christian says everyone makes mistakes, even Tiffany made a mistake by giving Abe a talk show, and he made a mistake by coming on Abe’s show. Christian makes fun of Zack’s hair, and calls Rosa Mendes, Tila Tequila. Zack shoves Christian, and Christian shoves back, Tony jumps in between them as Abe closes the show.

2. Shelton Benjamin v. Vance Archer. Wow a match, it’s only an hour show people, and we just spent 10 minutes plus however much they spend on McMahon later. The bell rings and Shelton charges but gets caught, however he gets Archer in the corner and opens up on him. Archer bails out, and Shelton dives over the top onto Vance, that looked amazing, why is Shelton not a World Champion? Someone tell me, please. Shelton gets caught coming in the ring, and Archer starts to stop him, Shelton whips Archer in and Archer back with a sleeper. Shelton counters out with a belly to back Suplex, and gets shoulderblocked out of the ring. Shelton dives, but Archer moves and Shelton hits the barricade as we go to commercial. We come back and Archer has an armbar on the Gold Standard, the whips him chest first to the buckle. Archer stomps on Benjamin, and follows with a vertical Suplex. Why was Archer not in the Rumble, same with Regal, Knox, Haas, or Hart Dynasty? Shelton gets caught in a sideslam, and Archer gets the near fall. Archer drops a knee and locks the armbar on Shelton again. Shelton kicks Archer off, and pulls himself up in the corner. Archer whips him in the opposite corner, but misses the charge in and lands knee first, so Shelton nails the knee of Archer. Shelton hits a pair of clothesline and into a leglock now as he works over the knee of the big man. Shelton goes for the Stinger Splash, but Archer hits him with an elbow, and goes for the reverse DDT, but countered into a neckbreaker for a near fall. Shelton whipped in the corner, and jumps over Archer, he tries to roll Shelton up, but Archer grabs the ropes. They slug it out in the corner, and Archer pulls the legs out and uses the ropes for leverage to get the win. 3/5 a good TV match, they give it enough time to build up and a cheap finish means the feud will continue. Archer impresses me each week, can see him being a main eventer one day.

3. Yoshi Tatsu v. Trent Barreta. We now go a battle between two of the young lions of ECW, should be good. Goldust and Croft are at ringside, as they lock up, and Tatsu whipped in, and Croft drops down then jumps over but eats a dropkick. Yoshi with an armbar, but Trent with a knee sending Yoshi out, but Yoshi back in and just about taking Trent’s head off with a kick as Trent got out of the way just in time. Trent gets a cheapshot over the ref, and then slaps Tatsu. Trent stomps Yoshi in the corner, Trent now goes to a rear chinlock. Tatsu tries to fight out, but Trent goes right back to the chinlock. Yoshi backs Trent in the corner, but gets caught running in, however he catches Trent with a backdrop. Yoshi now starts a flurry of kicks on Barreta, who falls in the corner. Yoshi runs in with the double knee, but Trent holds the ropes, but Yoshi rolls through and nails the kick for a near fall. Yoshi climbs the ropes and Trent catches him, Trent goes for the superplex, but Yoshi pushes him off. Trent comes back with the Hurricanrana and near fall. Trent argues with the ref, and turns into the vicious spinkick from Tatsu for the win. 3/5 a nice match, very impressive. Both guys are the future of this business, if used right.

4. Savannah introduces Mr. McMahon who comes out with his serious walk tonight. Guess they ran out off pickles for Vince. Vince stands at the top of the ramp, and announces that in 3 weeks time ECW will go off the air. Vince thanks everyone for their work, and wants to thank everyone in advance for bringing a new program at the same time. Vince says this will be the next evolution of WWE and TV history. That’s it? So now what?

5. We now go to Gregory Helms in the ring all dressed up. Greg introduces his guest, Ezekiel Jackson and William Regal. Way too much talking tonight, not the way ECW should be. Greg asks Zeke how he plans to get past the loss on Sunday; Regal says it’s been a trying week for Helms. Helms say it has and he will get past it and is here to do his job. Regal says that’s noble, but it’s going to get worse. Zeke clobbers him, and the double team Helms and Zeke nails the urunage on Gregory. Zeke picks him up and holds him for Regal to hit the knee trembler, and suddenly Christian comes out with a Kendo Stick for the save. A little late Christian should’ve come out sooner to save Helms. Was he too busy playing PSP or something?

6. Christian v. Zack Ryder. They lock up, and Ryder with a side headlock, and Christian pushes him to the ropes, and Zack comes back with a shoulderblock. Christian responds with one of his own, and Ryder bails to the corner. Zack catches Christian with a kick and starts to stomp and choke the champion. I bet Zeke and Regal get involved. Christian nails the spin heel kick, and Ryder to the ring apron. Christian charges at him, and Ryder drives a shoulder in and tries to Suplex Christian in. Christian fights off, and slides between his legs, pulling Zack down, then hits the baseball slide. Christian rolls Zack in and climbs the ropes, but Rosa distracts Christian, as Zack catches him and slingshots Christian in the ropes. Ryder goes back to pounding Christian and drops the leg, as Rosa cheers her man on. Ryder with a rear chinlock, as Christian fights his way out, but gets caught coming off the ropes as Zack nails a Rough Rider. The slug it out in the corner and Christian climbs the ropes, but Zack catches him and goes for the superplex. Christian shoves him off and hits a crossbody for a near fall. Zack whips Christian in, and Christian comes back with a forearm, but gets caught coming in and Zack off the second rope. Now Christian catches Zack and a flapjack sends Ryder on the ropes, Christian stands on Ryder’s back, and then slings himself over the ropes and slaps Ryder. Christian comes in from the top with a missile dropkick, as Rosa screams at her man. Christian goes for the springboard sunset, but Ryder counters and scores a near fall. Ryder tosses Christian in the corner but misses the charge and Christian with the bouncy kick and a diving forearm. Christian nails the Killswitch, but here comes Zeke and Regal. 3/5 not a bad match, but a finish would’ve been better, but this was what I expected. I think Zack is another guy that could be a huge start, he has the personality. As Christian goes for Regal, Zeke nails him and Regal hits the Knee Trembler. Zeke tosses Christian headfirst into the stairs, as we fade to black.

Match Recap

1. Vance Archer beat Shelton Benjamin 3/5
2. Yoshi Tatsu pinned Trent Barreta 3/5
3. Christian beats Zack Ryder by DQ 3/5

Overall not a bad show, but could’ve been better. A little too much talking for a one hour show and Mr. McMahon’s announcement really didn’t answer anything. The three matches were good, and really showcase the talent that is ECW and why ECW is the better of the three shows.


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