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WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #15 – March 12, 1988

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #15 – March 12, 1988

Welcome back to another episode of SNME, tonight’s episode takes place only 15 days before Wrestlemania IV. After the most controversial match in WWF history took place last month, from the Main Event. When Andre the Giant scored the pinfall on Hulk Hogan, who clearly had his shoulders up, and then handed the title to Ted DiBiase, Jack Tunney had no choice but to step in. The investigation revealed that it was not plastic surgery, as Hulk Hogan had cried, but instead the referees were twin brothers, Earl and Dave Hebner. Ted DiBiase paid off Earl, and Dave beaten by Virgil, and the plan was set in motion. However President Tunney had other plans, he declared that he could not overturn the decision, so Hulk was no longer champion. He also ruled that Ted DiBiase was not champion, because Andre could not just hand over the title, but Andre did officially surrender the title, thus making him not champion either. Therefore there would be no current WWF Champion, and a tournament was announced for Wrestlemania IV from Atlantic City, New Jersey. This tournament would then crown the undisputed World Champion. But before we get to Atlantic City, we have to go through Nashville, Tennessee tonight for Saturday Night’s Main Event.

We open with the classic mini interviews, and first is the Macho Man who says tonight who says there is no room in the Danger Zone for Ted DiBiase’s money. Ted says Macho has taken one too many guitars to the head, as he’s brought class to the WWF. Ted promises what he brings to the ring is worth its weight in gold. Brutus says tonight will be a sheer delight. Slick says he has an Olympic update, tonight Ken Patera will do what all American Olympians do best, lose. Bobby Heenan with Harley Race says Hulk will be on his hands and knees showing respect to King Harley Race, Race says Hulk will bow or break. Hulk says he will never bow or break, and will crown the King. That takes us to our opening video.

Vince welcomes the viewers to Music City, and introduces Jesse Ventura, as Vince says he’s from the south. Jesse says Vince has the IQ, and checks his neck and says it is red! Vince ignores Jesse, and mentions The Main Event, where Jesse smiles and says Hulk Hogan lost. They then go over tonight’s lineup and show highlights of The Main Event. Jesse calls it doctored footage, and says it doesn’t even look like the same building. Vince is almost in tears showing the Hulkster losing, and Jesse says we don’t use instant replay. Jesse claims Hulk brought in the second ref, and caused the controversy, Vince sounding like he’s gonna pop Jesse. Vince sends it to Gene, with Greg Valentine and Jimmy Hart. Jimmy says Brutus is no match for the Hammer, and Greg carried Brutus as the Dream Team. Greg says he will tenderize the meathead, with his Hammer. Gene asks if Jimmy is scared Brutus may get his hair, and Jimmy flips and they leave, as Gene sends it back to Vince and Jesse. Jesse says he knows style and Greg has it, as we go back to Gene with Brutus. Brutus says they cut a little snippy, and says he can cut it in the ring. Brutus tells Gene not to get in lather, because when it comes to wrestling he has the edge.

1. Brutus Beefcake v. Greg Valentine. Brutus quickly chases Greg and Jimmy out of the ring with his hedge clippers. The bell rings, and the ref takes the shears, and Brutus pulls out a little pair of scissors. Jesse says he should cut this Hebner’s hair so we can tell him from Hulk’s ref. Greg in the ring, and Brutus gets kneed in the guy. Valentine with a series of forearms, and whips Brutus in but misses the clothesline. Brutus nails a high knee and follows with a slam, then whips Greg in and hits the big boot as Greg falls face first to the mat. Greg gets up and Brutus back on him, and nails a pair of atomic drops, and then a running elbow to the head. Brutus with a jackknife pin, and we get one of the worst camera shots ever, right between Brutus’s legs. Jesse says that is more of Brutus then he needed to see. Brutus whips Greg in the corner and mounts the man, and opens up with the right hands, Greg begs off now. The ref gets between them, and Greg gets the cheap shot in, and now Valentine drops the hammers on Beefcake. Greg climbs the ropes and nails the diving elbow to the top of the head, then drops another big forearm. Greg with a figure four, but Brutus grabs the ropes and the hold needs to be broken. Valentine continues to work on the knee of Beefcake, and gets in the face of the ref, as suddenly Honky makes his way to the ring and grabs the mic. Honky mocks Brutus, as they are scheduled to face off at Wrestlemania IV, and the ref tries to get Honky to go to the back, as we go to commercial. We come back and Greg tosses Brutus back in the ring, and goes back to pounding his former tag team partner. Valentine with a scoop slams, and signals for the figure four, but first drops a head to the midsection of Beefcake. Greg right back on the leg of Brutus Beefcake, while Jesse says he’d like to do that to Vince, Vince responds Jesse just wants to see him in Brutus’s tights. Greg goes for the figure four, and we get a moon over Nashville, as Brutus pulls Greg’s shorts down. Brutus kicks Greg face first into the corner, and charges in with a back elbow. We get a slugfest, and Brutus has the advantage, and signals for the sleeper now. Brutus locks in the sleeperhold, as Jimmy Hart is having a coronary, they tumble to the floor. Jimmy tries to wake up Greg, and Brutus nails Greg twice and tosses him in, and as Brutus tries to get in Jimmy nails him. Brutus chases Jimmy, but the Hammer catches Brutus, and nails the belly to back for the win. 3.75/5 actually a good match, but Greg was always reliable for pulling good matches out of people. Both men were down, but Brutus had his shoulder up, as Greg and Jimmy celebrate. The ref declares that Brutus Beefcake won, as we see the replay and Brutus had his shoulder up and Greg’s was down. Brutus grabs his scissors, and cuts a lock of Valentine’s hair, and as Greg tries to get in the ring, Brutus grabs the big shears. Greg bails out, as does Jimmy, as we go back to Gene with Harley Race and Bobby Heenan. Gene blames Heenan for Hulk losing the title, and Heenan says he’s happy that happened, as Andre humbled the Hulkster. Bobby says tonight Hulk Hogan will be on his hands and knees showing respect to the King of the WWF, and tells the viewers they can bow to Race as well. Race says that it’s been proven that Hulk is mortal and will bow to the King, as Heenan says Hulk will not just bow and kneel, but kiss the feet of Harley Race, as they head to the ring. Jesse asks if Vince will bow, and Vince says he won’t and neither will the Hulkster, as he says Hulk’s wrestling skills are better than Race’s. On what planet? Gene is with Hulk now, and Hulk says Hulk-a-mania will never die, and the wheels are turning. Hulk says he will get the title back, and calls Heenan a smart man, but he only bows to one man. Hulk says when he gets done with Race; all the Weasel’s men will not be able to put the King back together again.

2. Hulk Hogan v. Harley Race. This is the first SNME where Hulk is not the champion, as he quickly goes after Heenan and chases him to the back, as we go to commercial. Harley catches Hulk coming in the ring, but no effect, and Race nails a series of headbutts on Hogan as his music is still playing. The headbutts did nothing, and he hammers the King, and knocks Race to the mat and rips his shirt off. Hulk clotheslines Race down twice, and the third one sends Race over the top on the timekeepers table. Hulk follows and rams Race into the ring apron and picks up the King and rams his shoulder into the ringpost. Heenan has returned, and Hulk goes after him again, but this time Race catches Hulk from behind. Race goes for a piledriver on the floor, but Hulk counters with a backdrop, as Vince says this is a different Hogan, as he atomic drops Race. Jesse says the ref can’t count to ten, as they’ve been on the floor a long time. Hulk slams Race on the floor, and tosses King back in the ring and follows. Hulkster continues to pound on Race, as Jesse says even he never broke rules this bad, as Hulk has been relentless tonight. Hulk whips Harley in and clotheslines him down, then picks him up and chokes Race in the corner. Heenan grabs the leg of Hogan, and Hulk pulls Bobby up, but the distraction again costs Hulk as Race nails him. Race drops the headbutt, then a huge kneedrop to the head of Hogan. Race with a nice belly to belly Suplex, and drops another knee, and the crowd is booing loudly. Race with a piledriver and Hulk’s in trouble now, as Heenan is holding his throat. Race tosses Hulk out and follows; Race puts Hogan on the table and sets the table. Race climbs to the ring apron, and drops down, but Hulk moves, and Race lands on the table. Race slowly gets up and rolls Hulk back in, and continuing the offense. Harley drops another headbutt on Hulk and gets a near fall, as Hulk begins the Hulking Up! Hulk kicks Race, nails three right hands, whips him the corner, hits a corner clothesline, a regular clothesline, drops the leg and wins. 3.75/5 just a crazy brawl, but a great brawl nonetheless. When Race went through the table he legitimately was injured, and that caused Harley’s retirement. After the match Heenan jumps Hogan, and it does nothing, Heenan quickly bails out of the ring. Didn’t know he could move like that, as we see the replay of Race going through the table. We go to Ted DiBiase, who says Hulk is not the same without the title, and promises to take care of things at Wrestlemania. Gene asks Ted about the surprise he has, and Ted says don’t worry about it, as he says he’s the man who destroyed Hulk-a-mania. Ted says nothing is more macho then a man with money, as they head down the aisle.

3. Ted DiBiase v. Randy Savage. After Savage comes to the ring, we see Ted’s surprise, Andre the Giant, who heads down the aisle as we go to commercial. We come back as the bell rings, and Savage goes after Virgil who was too close to Elizabeth, this gives Ted the chance to nails Savage from behind. Ted rolls him in, and opens up on Savage, as Jesse says there was a time Vince hated Macho Man. Ted whips Savage in and nails a spinning back elbow, as Andre looks on. Ted rams Savage’s head in the corner, and continues to work over Savage in the corner. Ted nails an elbow to the top of Savage’s head from the middle rope, and goes back to choking Savage. Savage winds up outside the ropes, and Andre gets a shot in, as DiBiase goes for the corner whip, but reversed. Savage with an elbow, then a high knee, a second one sends Ted to the floor. Savage quickly follows, and throws Ted back in, and climbs the ropes. Savage nails a double ax handle as Macho Madness gets louder. Ted goes for a kick, but Randy catches the foot and nails a clothesline. Savage with the vintage top rope clothesline, and another elbow to the head, as Ted falls outside. Jesse says his problem with Savage is he hides behind Elizabeth, to which Vince says he’s never seen that. So Vince forgets all the times he hid behind Elizabeth during the feud with George Steele? Savage gets caught by DiBiase, and now it’s Ted with Savage in the corner, but misses the corner charge, and Savage quickly drops an elbow for a near fall. Savage slams Ted down, but misses the kneedrop, and Ted quickly with a step over toe hold, but Savage kicks off and Ted launched to the floor. DiBiase pulls Savage to the floor, but Savage rams Ted into the ring, and Andre advances. As the ref is watching Andre, Virgil nails Savage but the ref catches him and ejects Virgil from ringside as we go to commercial. We come back as Savage has been rolled in the ring, and Ted climbs the ropes and nails a double ax handle. DiBiase drops a huge elbow and gets a near fall, now into a rear chinlock to wear down the Macho Man, as Jesse explains the move, Elizabeth looks on worried. Savage finally breaks the hold, and clotheslines Ted down and tosses DiBiase in the corner. Savage with a back body drop, and then whips Ted in. Savage drops down, and Ted runs into the ref, as Savage tosses Ted over the top and Savage climbs the ropes and drops the double ax handle to the floor. Suddenly Andre catches Savage from behind and headbutts Macho Man and tosses him into the ringpost. Elizabeth runs backstage, as Jesse says she left her man to get beaten. Andre continues to stomp Savage, as Hebner slowly gets up, Ted brings him over to count Savage. The referee counts Savage out and Ted wins. 3.75/5 a good match, but a bad ending. Andre rolls Savage back in, as Virgil returns and were going to have a three on one beatdown now, as Ted tosses the ref. Suddenly the Hulkster runs down the aisle with a chair, and Andre, Ted and Virgil bail as Elizabeth checks on Macho Man. Jesse Ventura is with Bobby Heenan and the Islanders, as Heenan is in a bee keepers outfit. Heenan says when they are done, there will be nothing left but bees wax.

4. Killer Bees v. Islanders. Heenan looks hilarious in the bee keeper mask, as Vince says he may get stung. We start quick as Brunzell slams Tama and drops the leg; Blair tagged in and rolls Tama but nothing. Blair winds the arm, and tags Brunzell in, as continues to work the arm. Brunzell whips in Tama, but misses the dropkick, and now Tama headbutts Brunzell. Meanwhile the announcers are talking about clothing, and suddenly Vince mentions seeing Jesse in high heels. Where the Hell did that come from? Haku hits a huge dropkick for a near fall, which was impressive considering how much he got, he rams Brunzell in the corner and tags in Tama. Brunzell with a reverse atomic drop, and Haku back in. Haku misses a clothesline, but they both nail each other with a clothesline, and both are down. Tama back in, as is Blair, who quickly opens up on Tama. Blair slams Tama, and then slams Haku, Tama goes for a slam, but Blair slides down and shoves Tama in. Blair rolls up Tama, and everyone is in, as the ref gets rid of Brunzell Haku clotheslines Blair down, and Tama covers for three. 3/5 not a bad match, but way too short. We go to Gene with Slick and One Man Gang, and Slick calls the US Olympic team a bunch of losers, and says Gene should know about losers as he mentions Gene’s son on the US Hockey team. Slick says who needs a team when you have a gang, the One Man Gang.

5. One Man Gang v. Ken Patera. This is your closing match, which is always a squash, and this shouldn’t be any different. Let’s see Gang is in the tournament, and Patera is not, so who do you think is winning here? Ken Patera gets caught with his pants down, as the Gang jumps him and chokes him with his tear away pants. Gang hammers Patera in the corner, but Ken starts to fight back now. Ken whips Gang in the corner, and catches him in a bearhug; Gang hammers his way out and continues to club Patera. Patera avoids the punch, and locks in a full nelson now, but Gang makes the ropes breaking the hold. Patera works the Gang in the corner, but Gang reverses and squashes Ken in the corner. Ken now spins Gang around, and drives the shoulder into the Gang. Patera punches the Gang in the corner, and whips Gang in, but Gang just runs him over with a clothesline and pins Ken for the win. 2/5 well, at least Ken got some offense in, but was still crushed. I always liked the Gang, even as Akeem he was fun to watch. After the match Gang continues to hammer on Patera, but Ken comes back and goes for a slam but Slick nails him with the cane. Slick and Gang bail out as we go to Gene with Hogan. Hulk is laughing about taking out Harley Race, as Gene says one down, one to go. Hulk says that was behavior of the stark raving Hulk-a-maniacs, and says the rulebook has been thrown out. Hulk tells Andre here he comes, as we go back to Vince and Jesse. Jesse says Hulk is a maniac who’s lost it; he says he’s mental and snapped. Vince says that may work in his favor, but Jesse says he doubts it and Andre will prevail. Vince closes the show, as we hear Real American, and see Hulk saving Savage from earlier.

Match Recap:

1. Brutus Beefcake pinned Greg Valentine in 9:00 3.75/5
2. Hulk Hogan pinned King Harley Race in 6:37 3.75/5
3. Ted DiBiase beat Randy Savage by countout in 11:39 3.75/5
4. Islanders beat the Killer Bees (This was a two out of three fall match, but only one shown) 3/5
5. One Man Gang squished Ken Patera in 3:00 2/5

This was quite a good show to build towards Wrestlemania IV, as they touched on the main parts. Honky and Brutus, Savage and Ted, Andre and Hogan, even a little bit of the Islanders and Bulldogs as Heenan was still carrying the leash. Of course Wrestlemania IV was a long drawn out tournament that just took to damn long to get to the main event, they should’ve skipped the first round as who expected Butch Reed, Dino Bravo or Jim Duggan to make it very far? The second round should’ve been Hulk/Andre, Ted/Bigelow, Savage/Valentine and Jake/Rude, that would’ve been a lot better.






Added Bonus: Wrestlemania Report


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