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Royal Rumble 2010: The Rated-R Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble 2010 – January 31, 2010

It’s hard to believe it’s been 22 years since the original Royal Rumble, which was from Hamilton, Ontario and aired on the USA Network not PPV. The Royal Rumble has always been my favorite PPV of the year, even over Wrestlemania, as anything can happen and we usual get some really good moments. Past winners of the Royal Rumble have included Big John Studd, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and many more. The Royal Rumble used to be anyone can win match, but that was changed in 1993 when it became the winner goes to Wrestlemania. This was supposed to make the match more exciting, but personally that kind of ruined it for me. The reason is simple, before anyone could win; now it’s basically a core group of 5 or 6 that have a chance, and everyone else is basically fodder. The Rumble is not without its history though, as we’ve seen some amazing moments including the title win of Ric Flair, the debut of Giant Gonzales, and the returns of both Triple H and John Cena. Tonight at the Royal Rumble we have not only the 30 man classic, but four big title matches. Mickie James, the hottest diva ever, challenges the fire buzzard for the Women’s title. After months of torment from the buzzard and her little friend, tonight Mickie goes for redemption. The big man, Ezekiel Jackson challenges Captain Charisma Christian, for the ECW title. Can the massive Jackson topple the long reigning king of the land of extreme, or will Zeke fall from grace? Sheamus has run roughshod over the entire RAW roster since coming from ECW in October, and scored a huge win over John Cena for the title. Tonight Sheamus faces his toughest challenge, in the viper Randy Orton, in a rare battle between the two most hated men on RAW. Finally Undertaker faces the human mosquito, Rey Mysterio. Will Rey give the Undertaker malaria, or can the Dead Man squash Mysterio? All this tonight, live from Atlanta, GA! Let’s start the 2010 Royal Rumble!
We open the show with a nice video package showing tonight starts the road to Wrestlemania. The video asks who will be the one, is that foreshadowing that number one will one? We get the quick recaps of Randy/Sheamus and Undertaker/Rey. Way to show no respect for the ECW and Women’s title. We see some of the eliminations for last year, as the video asking again who will be the one. Michael Cole welcomes us to the 23rd Royal Rumble, from Atlanta, GA and sends it to Savannah. That’s the match I assumed would be the opener.

1. Christian v. Ezekiel Jackson. I knew this would be the opening match, as neither World title would be an opener and you can’t start with the woman. I assume next is the RAW title, then Women’s, then Smackdown and finally the Rumble. Michael Cole introduces us to the announce team tonight which includes himself (damn), Jerry Lawler (damn again) and Matt Stryker. Well one out of three, but then again who else do they have? All this goes on, while Christian is introduced, and instead of showing the champ we see the announcers. As I said, no respect for ECW whatsoever. Ezekiel Jackson comes out with William Regal; did I say how nice Savannah looks? Just saying is all. The Mad Hatter from Blackpool? OK, that was a different description for Bill Regal. After his accidental nudity a while back, I call him Wee Willie Winkle! Just saying is all. The bell rings and they lock up, and Zeke overpowers Christian, with ease. Cole is going over the stats of Jackson, as they make him sound like Andre. Jackson lunges, and Christian with a go behind, Jackson breaks the grip and slides behind Christian then slams him down hard. Christian slaps Jackson, not a smart move, as Jackson dives for him and Christian slides out. The race is on, and Christian slides back in, and now Christian catches Jackson coming in. Christian nails a baseball slide stunning the big man, than a nice corner dive and follows up sending Jackson back in. Christian off the ropes, and Jackson misses two clotheslines, but Jackson finally catches him and slams Christian. Jackson now unloads on Captain Charisma, as Jackson has slowed the match down, which works for Jackson. Jackson whips Christian in the corner twice, but Christian tries the Killswitch, but Jackson overpowers him, and lift Christian. Christian slides down, and sends Jackson on the ropes, where Christian chokes Jackson. Christian climbs the ropes, and Jackson sweeps his feet out, Christian slides out, and Regal grabs him. The ref catches Regal and ejects him from ringside, well now Jackson can win on his own. Jackson sends Christian headfirst into the stairs, and sends him back in for the cover and gets a near fall. Zeke stomps the champion, and tries to twist his head off now. The crowd solidly behind Christian, but Jackson lifts him with one hand and slams Christian down hard. That looked impressive; this guys a freak of nature. Jackson with a delayed vertical Suplex, and just drives Christian down hard. Christian in the ropes, and Jackson refuses to let up as continues his domination. Christian catches Jackson with a kick, and goes for the sunset flip, but Jackson just lifts and nails Christian with a two handed chokeslam for another near fall. Stryker describes a peep as a yellow marshmallow bird!!! Stryker is the best. Christian finally fires off a few shots on Jackson, but one clothesline to the back of the head takes Christian down again. Zeke with a double arm submission and Christian tries to fight out, as Jackson yells he’s got him. Jackson sets Christian on the top rope, and goes for a superplex, but Christian fights him off and nails a diving forearm, on the big man. Jackson misses a charge in the corner, and Christian with a missile dropkick, as Christian is starting to get some offense, and goes for Killswitch, but Jackson powers out. Jackson goes for a slam, but Christian slides down into a sloppy reverse DDT, and Christian back up top. Christian misses the diving headbutt and Jackson with a huge lariat for a near fall. Jackson is holding his head, wonder if he got hurt from the botched DDT? Jackson readies for the urunage, but Christian fights out and attempts Killswitch, but Jackson counters into a backbreaker for another near fall. Jackson sets Christian in the corner, but misses the charge and Christian nails the spring kick then a tornado DDT for a near fall. Stryker mentions the last time the ECW title changed hands in Atlanta, Vince McMahon won the belt. Yeah, that was a prestigious moment for title belt. Jackson slow to get up, but bulldozes over Christian, for a near fall. Zeke showing signs of frustration, as he picks up Christian, but Christian slides over to Killswitch, countered by Zeke who goes for a belly to back, countered to a sleeper. Zeke just pulls Christian on his shoulder, and slams him into the buckle twice, but on the third try Christian slides down. Christian nails the Killswitch quickly, and rolls the big man over and covers for the surprise win! 3.75/5 a very good match, Zeke continues to amaze, he gets better every week. Very surprised with the win, so where do they go from here? Christian has beaten basically everyone in ECW, so unless the bring someone new, who’s left? And where do they go with big Zeke, I really thought he was going to win and Christian would move to Smackdown. We go backstage to Tiffany and Teddy Long, as Cryme Tyme come in, and say there is two of them and only one can be in the Rumble. Teddy says do what they did last year and flip a coin, Shad says just give us one of the other spots. They said the coerced someone to give up their slot, and in comes Khali. JTG says give up you spot and you can kiss Tiffany, Runjin runs in and interprets, and says Khali says no way. Khali does a great Urkel impression, which was funny. Now we get an American Idol reference, as Miz comes in. Miz says in five year no one will remember what they did, but says no one will forget him winning the Rumble. Teddy says not only will Miz wrestle in the Rumble, but will defend against MVP tonight. We now see Randy Orton in the locker room as Cody comes in, and says he understands what Orton said on RAW. Cody says they knew Randy can beat Sheamus and win the title, and says he will be there for Cody. Randy says thanks, and Cody still standing there, so he asks Cody what’s up. Cody says he can’t say the same for Ted, as Cody says Ted is getting a big head from his movie coming out. Cody stirs the pot by saying Ted talks about winning the Rumble and beating Orton at Wrestlemania, the seeds of Wrestlemania are planted!

2. Miz v. MVP. This was just announced by Teddy Long minutes ago, as Stryker say this isn’t fair and I agree. Although I’m glad we get to see Miz twice, never thought I’d say that. Hated this guy when he debuted, but he’s grown on me. Sadly MVP has gone the opposite way, as I liked him when he debuted, but ever since he turned face he’s gotten as lame and boring as Cena. Maybe one is injured, and needs to be pulled from the Rumble and this is how they explain it? Miz kicks MVP and starts to unload on MVP, but MVP rams Miz in the corner, and MVP uses his speed to avoid Miz. MVP with a quick series of kneelifts, then a nice float over snap Suplex for a quick pin attempt. Miz catches MVP running in, but then gets caught running into a backdrop. Miz tries to bail and almost moons Atlanta, as MVP pulls him back in and nails a belly to back Suplex, and Miz bails. MVP follows and goes after Miz; MVP slams Miz into the ring barricade and tosses him back in the ring. Miz tries to get away, but MVP grabs him, and Miz kicks MVP to the apron then nails him off sending him into the announcer table. Miz quickly follows and stomps MVP, then rams him back first to the ring, before throwing MVP back in. Miz continues to stop MVP, and drops a legdrop, something the Hulkster can’t do anymore! Miz sends MVP to the corner and opens up on him, as the ref pulls him back, Miz rushes in with that cool clothesline he does. Miz climbs the ropes, no good can come from this, but he actually connects with a double ax handle. This has been very good so far, as Miz with a rear chin lock, as Stryker talks about how much this time of year means to him. MVP finally fights back, but Miz with a quick knee and whips MVP in, but Miz gets caught and whipped in. MVP just tosses Miz up and down, then a pair of clotheslines followed by the face breaker. MVP drops the balling elbow on the Miz and readies for the Playmaker. Miz fights off but runs into a Yakuza kick for a near fall, and Miz smartly rolls to the ropes. MVP goes to grab Miz, but gets hung up on the ropes, and Miz runs in but MVP moves and MVP hits the Pounce for a near fall. That reminds me, what the Hell ever happened to Marcus Cor Von? Seriously, he was an awesome athlete, and I really expected big things from him and he dropped off the planet? MVP primed in the corner, as Miz slowly gets up, MVP runs in for the big boot, but Miz moves. Miz quickly goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but MVP with a nice counter into a roll up for a near fall. Miz runs into backslide for another near fall, then a jackknife for another near fall, and Miz jumps out of the ring. MVP quickly tosses Miz in, but gets caught coming in, as Stryker makes a Badstreet USA reference. Miz rolls up MVP and scores the surprise win! 3.75/5 a great match, as both guys just did some great counter moves, and the end was very Honky Tonk Man like, which is cool. After the match Miz gets in the face of MVP, and MVP nails the Playmaker after the fact. The crowd just turned on MVP as they are booing the hell out of him! Surprisingly the King agrees with Stryker about that being poor sportsmanship, as Cole tries to say it was OK. We see Big Show walking the hall and runs into Chris Jericho, as Show says Jericho is jealous of Show saying he and Miz have more chemistry and Miz is a better tag partner. Jericho says he’s not jealous, but feels sorry for Show, as he describes Miz and sounds like he’s describing himself. Jericho says Miz is using him, and Show say just like Jericho did, as Jericho says he made Show into a Giant Destroyer. Show say he was already a Giant, and Jericho says if it comes down to Show, Miz and Jericho, Show will show where his loyalty lies. Show laughs and says if it comes down to the three of them, he will throw them both out. Suddenly someone says if he doesn’t I will, and it’s the Truth, who says he will throw Jericho out of the Rumble. Jericho says he’ll have to go through Show, but Show’s gone, and Truth says Jericho’s going alone. Now we see Orton in a different hall, as he runs into Ted, who says whatever he needs he’s there. Orton asks where Cody is, and Ted says he doesn’t know and stirs the pot himself. Ted says Cody plans to win the Rumble and face Sheamus, and Orton says he doesn’t want either one helping him tonight. We get a promo for RAW, with William Shatner, and the return of Bret Hart tomorrow night!

3. Randy Orton v. Sheamus. Sheamus really needs a clean win to legitimize his title reign, as right now they’ve booked him worse than any champion in history. I’d love to see Sheamus win, and Kofi win the Rumble and make that our main event for Wrestlemania. But the odds of that happening are slim and none, I expect Orton to win the title here tonight. Sheamus poses in front of Orton, and Orton hasn’t blinked since coming out, and the crowd is behind Orton! They lock up, and Orton to a side headlock, whipped in, and they collide and no one moves, but Orton with a dropkick. Orton slides across the ring like a snake, which looked so cool! Another lockup, and in the ropes, as the ref tries to pull them apart. Sheamus pushes Orton back, and Orton with a kick and an uppercut, but Sheamus back with an Irish hammer, then a unique looking arm breaker on the knee! Orton to the floor and Sheamus follows and continues the offense on the floor, then slams the arm into the steps. Nice idea from Sheamus, if you work the arm he can’t do RKO, as Cole says the same thing. Back in the ring, and Sheamus back on the arm now, as Sheamus goes for the shoulderbreaker, Orton slides down and clips the knee of Sheamus. Orton stomps the knee now, as Sheamus tries to roll out, Orton pulls him back in. Someone yells out “Kick him in the head, Orton”, that was good! Orton continues to twist the leg of the champion, as Sheamus tries to kick Orton off him. Sheamus pulls himself up on the ropes, and rams Orton shoulder first to the ringpost, and does it again. As Orton tries to come out, Sheamus drives a shoulder into Orton, as both guys have injured limbs now! Sheamus runs in, and Orton gets the knee up, and goes back to the knee of the Celtic Warrior! Orton slides out and rams the knee into the ring apron, then into the ring post as Orton is relentless. Sheamus falls out of the ring, as Randy slides back in to break the count. Orton goes out to throw Sheamus in, as the Randy chants get louder! Orton stands over Sheamus now, and kicks him in the ribs. Sheamus fights back, and nails a flying hammerlock takedown and goes to a vicious looking armbar. Sheamus yanks the arm, and drives a knee in the head of Orton at the same time, Orton slowly fights his way up, but Sheamus keeps readjusting and keeps the hold on. Orton finally breaks free, and both men are slugging it out, and Orton kicks Sheamus and whips him in, but countered into a vile backbreaker on the viper for a near fall. Sheamus lifts Orton into the Celtic Cross, but Orton fights out and nails the knee and kicks Sheamus in the head sending the Champion to the floor. Sheamus slowly pulls himself up, and Orton springs into the rope assisted DDT, I love that move, as we get a near fall, but Sheamus was able to grab the rope! Randy stands over the Champion now, as Sheamus slowly tries to get up, Orton readies for the punt. Sheamus wisely rolls out, and the crowd boos, as Orton follows and continues the offense, but gets tosses into the ringpost twice! Sheamus tosses Orton in, and suddenly Cody Rhodes jumps Sheamus from behind, as the ref and Sheamus are distracted, Sheamus turns around into the RKO, as the bell rings. 3.75/5 was shaping up to be a great match, but that was a crappy ending. Sheamus title reign is becoming a worse joke then Booker T or Chris Jericho’s. The referee is with the announcer, who says the winner by DQ is Sheamus. Well, that sucked what a cop-out finish that was. Rhodes on the apron apologizing to Orton, who has a vicious look, as Rhodes makes a big mistake coming in the ring. The crowd is chanting RKO, and Orton just pops Cody and yells he screwed everything up, as Ted slides in the ring and pulls Orton off. Orton nails DiBiase as well now, and starts to scream at both of them, and stomps them. Sheamus is up behind Orton, and Orton turns around into the pumpkick! Sheamus grabs his title and leaves the ring, still the paper champion, as Cody and Ted leave the ring, while Orton is still out in the ring. We now get the recap of horseface and Mickie James.
4. Mickie James v. Michelle McCool. Mickie had better win this match, and end this feud, seriously after all the crap Mickie has been put through. Great horseface has the microphone; she has the worst voice ever, worse than Vickie Guerrero even. Horseface claims Mickie is nowhere to be found tonight, as she does her usual lame ass fat jokes. Out comes Layla in the fat suit again; suddenly out comes Mickie who just lays out Layla. I hope she breaks that fire buzzard in two, and hopefully gets rid of that overrated Diva Search failure for good. Mickie goes after Layla, after the bell, and Michelle charges in and nails Layla with a big boot accidentally. Mickie kicks horseface and nails the DDT for the win!!!! DUD didn’t even make a full minute, but I don’t give a damn! Mickie has the title that she deserves, and looks great with it! Mickie nails Layla with a chick kick, knocking her on top of horseface, as we see Maria, Bella Twins, Gail, Kelly, and Eve bring out a cake. Maria hands the cake to Mickie, as the others hold horseface and Layla, and they ram the cake into horseface, that made the whole PPV for me. So happy to see Mickie regain the title, which was great! Hope we never see the fire buzzard again. After the replay we see the girls laughing at horseface, who’s in the ring crying! We now get a promo for the new Elimination Chamber PPV, and then see Rey getting ready for his title shot. This is going to be a bad match.
5. Undertaker v. Rey Mysterio. Rey uses his speed to get Undertaker in the corner, but Undertaker heaves Rey over the top rope with ease. Rey slowly climbs the steps, and comes back in the ring, and catches Undertaker coming at him, but Rey gets caught trying a springboard as Undertaker punches Rey to the floor. Undertaker follows and hammers Rey’s back, and tosses Rey back in then does the boot to the head of Rey. Undertaker goes for the legdrop, but Rey moves, and Undertaker was ready for it and nails it on the second try. Undertaker comes back in, as Rey is in trouble early, Undertaker readies for the chokeslam. Rey counters into a headscissor, and goes for 619, countered to a tombstone, but Rey slides out. Undertaker misses the elbow drop, but catches Rey coming off the ropes with a big boot. Undertaker stalks Rey, who slides out, and Undertaker follows, and hits the big boot on Rey. Rey staggers back up, and eats a third big boot, and Rey slowly gets up, and Undertaker goes for the forth boot, but Rey moves and Undertaker hits the post. Rey baseball slides the knee of Undertaker into the post, Rey dives off the apron for the senton, but Undertaker catches him in a powerbomb position. Rey jumps to the apron and hits an Asai Moonsault on Undertaker, who’s bleeding from the mouth, quick call the doctor. Rey slides into the hand of Undertaker who throws Rey into the barricade hard and Undertaker tosses Rey in the ring, as Lawler mentions the blood of the Undertaker. Undertaker lifts Rey up by the arm and tosses him into the ropes, as Undertaker has blood all over his mouth area now. Rey is in the corner, and Undertaker starts to level him with the punches, then Undertaker whips Rey in and catches him in the sideslam for a near fall. Undertaker lifts up Rey by the mask, and Rey starts to fight back with a series of kicks, but one right hand from Undertaker knocks Rey to the mat. Undertaker picks up Rey, but Rey with a quick headbutt, and catches Undertaker coming in the corner, and nails a reverse DDT on the champion. Undertaker quickly sits up, and Rey nails a low drop kick, then a springboard legdrop for a near fall! Undertaker catches Rey off the ropes with a huge clothesline, and readies for the Last Ride. Rey goes up, but slides down Undertaker and sets up the 619. Rey hits the 619, and then a springboard dropkick, sets up a second 619, then goes for the West Coast Pop. Undertaker catches Rey and nails the Last Ride for the win! 3/5 better than expected, but seriously Rey had no chance in Hell of winning the watch. Still not a bad match and the double 619 was kind of cool to see. We now go to Shawn Michaels backstage, as Kane walks in and says Shawn obsession with Undertaker is unhealthy. Kane says he has faced Undertaker twice at Wrestlemania, and whatever vision Shawn has, in the end there is no light, only the darkness. Kane leaves as HHH comes in, and says that probably wasn’t a pep talk. Triple H wishes Shawn luck, and Shawn apologizes for stepping on HHH’s dream of winning. They shake hands, and Shawn pulls HHH back and says he and Undertaker is meant to be. HHH says he knows it us, and that’s why he knows Shawn will find another way.

6. 30 Man Royal Rumble. Drawing numbers one and two respectively are Dolph Ziggler & Evan Bourne. The both look up at the Wrestlemania banner, and the Rumble is off and running. Dolph gets caught by a Hurricanrana, then a mule kick. Dolph rams Bourne in the corner, and a dropkick almost eliminates Bourne but he holds the ropes. Ziggler whips Bourne in, but he comes back with the double knee. Bourne with another Hurricanrana, and both men almost out. As Bourne pulls himself up, Ziggler nails the Zig Zag and tosses Bourne, but Bourne lands on the apron and hits a big kick. Bourne follows with the Air Bourne as #3 comes out, CM Punk with Serena. Punk takes down Bourne with a series of clotheslines, but misses the kick, and lands near Ziggler. Bourne runs in and Punk moves, Bourne and Ziggler collide heads, Punk tosses both men out, Bourne first then Ziggler. Serena passes the mic to Punk, who starts his sermon, as the timer counts down, bringing out #4 JTG, as Punk says “It’s Clobbering Time”, channeling his inner Thing. JTG starts out quickly on Punk, and gets Punk in the corner, JTG runs at Punk and lands on the ropes. Punk casually lifts JTG up and over for his third elimination, and now back to your previously scheduled sermon, as the clock counts down. #5 comes out, and its The Great Khali, Punk’s a dead man now! Punk gets Khali his hand for the prayer and the hand quickly comes down on Punk’s head. Great Khali locks in the head vice on CM Punk as the timer runs out, and #6 comes out, Beth Phoenix! Seriously, Beth, that’s awesome. Beth charges down the aisle, and gets in the face of Khali, as she’s face to chest with the Giant. Khali scoops up Beth and drops her on the apron and tells her to leave, Beth responds with a kiss, and pulls Khali out!!! She then clotheslines CM Punk now, and lifts him on her shoulders, but he slides down and gets her up. Punk nails her with the GTS, and out comes #7 Zack Ryder, as Punk tosses out Phoenix. Punk has the microphone again, he says Zack has potential to join the Straight Edge, but then nails Ryder with the microphone. Punk with a short arm clothesline and tosses Ryder with ease, as the crowd is behind CM Punk, and we see Beth being helped to the back. Punk is bleeding from his mouth, as he says whose next and he’s better then whoever it is. Well, that’ll just bring out the Game, as number #8 comes out, and I was right it’s the Game. CM Punk says it’s my time now, and indeed it is, as HHH gets in the ring and they get nose to nose. Could do that with HHH still in the aisle, just saying is all. Triple H hits the facebuster on Punk, as Serena screams for the savior. Punk nails the corner knee, but HHH avoids the bulldog and HHH hits a spinebuster as #9, Drew McIntyre comes out. Drew takes his time to come to the ring, as HHH is pounding Punk in the corner. Drew finally comes in, and HHH hits the vintage high knee, but Punk catches HHH in the GTS, but HHH grabs the leg and tosses out CM Punk. Drew nails a back elbow on HHH, as the refs are trying to get Punk to leave. Drew rams HHH in the corner, as #10 comes out and it’s Ted DiBiase, who charges in the ring and eats a big clothesline from the Game. Triple H charges at DiBiase, who catches him in a scoop slam, and now it’s a double team on HHH, as Ted & Drew work over HHH in the corner. I expect #11 to be John Morrison, since Drew’s in there, as DiBiase drops the fist repeatedly on HHH, as #11 comes out, and I was right. JoMo runs to the ring, and goes right at DiBiase, as Morrison hits a nice kick, then sweeps the legs out of Drew and pounds him. Drew whips him in and goes for the side slam, countered into the headscissor takedown, but Ted jumps JoMo from behind. The Game tries to pull himself up, as Ted attempts Dream Street on JoMo, but JoMo counters with a big kick, then nails Starship Pain on Drew, as #12 comes out. HHH nails JoMo, and out comes the Big Red Machine, and he comes in from the top rope and nails HHH with the flying lariat. Kane opens up on all four men in the ring, as Stryker calls Kane, Undertaker’s Baby Brother, that’s just funny. Kane with a double chokeslam on Morrison and Drew, then HHH eats a big boot. Kane lifts up DiBiase, but Drew nails Kane, but Kane comes back with the chokeslam on Drew. #13 comes out, and it’s the other half of Legacy, Cody Rhodes, who saves DiBiase from Kane. Legacy double teams Kane, and now Rhodes nails the Game and Drew, but JoMo catches him. JoMo back dropped to the apron, but springboards back in, unfortunately for John right into Cody’s dropkick. Legacy back on Kane, but The Game goes after Rhodes. Everyone pairs off as #14 comes out, MVP, but he gets attacked in the aisle by Miz. Miz nails MVP with the US title and leaves him lying in the aisle, as the refs come out to stop Miz. Drew and Kane slugging it out, as Cody and HHH going at it. JoMo hits the Flying Chuck on Drew, as Legacy almost have the Game out, we see MVP being helped to the back. Kane levels JoMo and then attacks Legacy, as #15 comes out, Carlito, yeah, good luck Carlito. Carlito dropkicks Triple H, nails Kane, and then back elbows both Legacy members. Drew whips Carlito in the corner where John is, and Carlito monkey flips JoMo out. Carlito nails a high knee on Carlito, then a backstabber for HHH, Drew and DiBiase, as #16 comes out. The Miz runs down the aisle, and nails Carlito with the Skull Crushing Finale then goes for Morrison. Suddenly MVP charges the ring, and clotheslines Miz over the top, but MVP goes with him and both are now out. Legacy almost has HHH out, while Drew is upside down from JoMo, but everyone still safe. HHH tosses Carlito, but he holds the ropes, and Triple stomps him, as the clock runs down again. #17 comes out, and it’s Matt Hardy!! Matt nails a Twist of Fate on Drew, and a Side Effect on Rhodes. Ted whips Matt in, Matt to the second rope, and Kane shoves him out, but the Triple H knocks out Kane, as we have two quick eliminations. Triple H nails everyone with a spinebuster, and stands over everyone. Game goes for Pedigree on Cody, but Drew from behind and now it’s four on one as #18 comes out. It’s Shawn Michaels, and Carlito charges at Shawn, and out comes Carlito. Cody tossed out and DiBiase joins Cody as Shawn turns his attention on Drew now. Shawn nails the flying forearm, and nips up, but JoMo goes for the Flying Chuck, but Shawn ducks and out goes Morrison. We’re down to D-X and Drew, and D-X are pummeling Drew, then they double team Drew over the top, and it’s down to D-X as #19 joins the battle, and it’s Cena. The crowd erupts, as the human pylon comes out, and we have the three main guys on RAW. Cena takes down both members of DX, lifts HHH for the side Suplex, and HHH’s feet nail Shawn, and Cena drops HHH on Shawn. Cena nails a cheesy looking double fistdrop, and then lifts Shawn on his shoulders. Triple H nails Cena, and hits the pedigree, but when he gets up, Shawn nails HHH with Sweet Chin Music eliminating the Game as Shelton Benjamin comes in at #20. Shelton takes it to both Cena and Shawn now, not that Shelton stands a chance. Shelton with a German Suplex on Cena, and follows with Paydirt on Shawn, as Shelton readies to nail Cena. Shelton goes for Paydirt, and Cena counters by tossing out Shelton now, as we’re back down to Cena and Shawn. I hate these quick eliminations, even though it makes it easier to type! #21 comes out, and it’s Yoshi Tatsu, Yoshi nails Cena with a series of kicks, and nails Shawn with a rolling move then a kick. Yoshi goes for the kick on Cena, but Cena avoids and eliminates Tatsu, thanks for coming out Yoshi. No one will stay long with these until we get Show, Jericho or Batista. Both men are down now, and Cena first man up hammers Shawn in the corner as #22 is none other than the Big Show! Show takes both men down with a headbutt, and whips Shawn in, then lifts Shawn and drops him on the apron, as Cena tries to help eliminate Show. Show lifts Shawn up, but Cena holds him up and goes for FU, but Shawn slides off and goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Cena moves and tosses Shawn to the apron. Show nails Cena, and goes for Shawn, but Shawn pulls himself up, so Show tosses Shawn across the ring. Show stands over Shawn and Cena now, as the clock runs down for our next man. #23 is Mark Henry, and we have the World’s Strongest Man and the World’s Largest Athlete in the ring, and they are face to face. Show shoves Mark, and Mark fires back, Mark goes for a slam, but Show slides out and nails Henry to the ground. Cena hits the flying shoulder and Henry with a headbutt, shoulder from Cena and a big slam for Henry. Cena catches Henry on his shoulders, but Henry shifts his weight and lands on Cena. Show with a spear on Henry as #24 comes out, and it’s the Masterpiece. Masters presses Shawn up and drops him. Masters goes for the Masterlock on Show, but Show just lifts Masters over his shoulder to the mat. Henry lifts Show, and both men are wobbling on the ropes, as #25 is R-Truth. R-Truth comes in, and eliminates both Show and Henry by catching them of balance. That was impressive! Truth now works over Cena and hits the ax kick, but Shawn chops Truth. Truth nails the Stroke on Cena, and yells “What’s Up! King says R-Truth could win the Rumble; yeah he has as much chance as Jack Swagger! Just saying is all. Truth has Shawn on the ropes, as #26 joins the battle, and it’s Jack Swagger! Swagger has the best look, as he runs to the ring, and hits the bouncy elbow on Cena and Shawn, then snap Suplexes Cena and one for Shawn too. Swagger picks up Truth and rams him in the corner, as he nails a nice Oklahoma Stampede, shades of the late great Dr. Death Steve Williams! That was a nice little tribute from Swagger! Shawn chops Swagger in the corner, and whips Swagger in, but gets caught with his head down. Swagger clotheslines Shawn to the apron, but Shawn able to get back in, as #27 comes out and it’s Kofi Kingston. Kofi is the man who should win this, as he enters from the top and nails Swagger. Kofi takes down Swagger and hits the Boom Drop, then runs at Swagger, but Swagger lifts up Kofi, but Kofi able to headscissor Swagger out! Shawn goes right at Kofi, but Kofi with a nice dropkick. Kofi catches Truth in the corner, but Truth tosses Kofi over, however Kofi lands on the apron and pulls Truth out with his legs. That looked really cool, actually, as Chris Jericho comes it at #29. Jericho opens up quickly on Shawn, Cena and Kofi, but focuses on Cena. Cena nails the FU on Jericho, nice he just came in and gets hit with Cena’s finisher. Shawn climbs the ropes and drops an elbow on Jericho, and readies for Sweet Chin Music. Kofi cuts off the band with a little Trouble in Paradise knocking Shawn down. Cena catches Kofi and eliminates Kingston, which really pisses me off. I hate Cena, seriously, why does he feel the need to be like D-X and bury people? Number 29 is coming out, and it’s EDGE!!! Holy Shit!! It’s freaking Edge!! This is now the greatest Rumble ever, as Tony Schiavonte would say! So happy to see the Rated R Superstar back, unlike Jericho who’s shocked. This places has erupted, probably the loudest they’ve been all night. Edge spears Jericho, Michaels and then Cena. Edge tosses Jericho with ease now, and then takes down Shawn. Cena catches Edge and goes for the FU, but countered into the Impaler!!! Edge stomps on Cena, as Shawn chops Edge from behind, and Edge lifts Shawn as #30 comes out. Batista runs to the ring and nails Edge with a Spinebuster, then clotheslines Cena and Shawn. Cena gets nailed with a spinebuster, but Batista turns into a spear from Edge, however Edge turns into a FU from Cena and everyone is down. Shawn chops Cena in the ropes, and whips Shawn in; Shawn comes back with the flying forearm. Shawn slams Cena and Batista, then climbs the ropes and drops the elbow on Cena. Shawn with an enziguri on Batista and another diving elbow, this time on Batista. Shawn readies the band, and hits Sweet Chin Music on Cena and Batista. Edge clothesline Shawn, and both men tumble to the apron. Shawn superkicks Edge sending him back in the ring and Batista clobbers Shawn from behind and Shawn has been eliminated. Shawn is having a major meltdown at ringside, as Stryker says everyone wanted to see Undertaker and Shawn at Wrestlemania, not everyone Matt. The ref is trying to get Shawn to leave, and Shawn is about to cry. Shawn refusing to leave tosses the ref into the announce table and slides back in. Another ref is yelling at Shawn to leave, and Shawn hits Sweet Chin Music on the ref now. Shawn drops to the mat in a sitting position, holding his head, as another ref comes in. Shawn is losing his mind quickly here, as he finally leaves ringside, as Batista smirks. Shawn screams as he heads to the back, and we’re down to three, Batista, Edge and John Cena. One of these is not like the other! Edge is the unlikely one in there, as I can see either Batista or Cena win, and face either Undertaker or Sheamus, respectively at Wrestlemania. Batista nails Cena and goes for the Batista Bomb, but Cena backdrops out and lifts up Batista for the FU. Batista slides down and nails Cena into the ropes, Batista charges into Cena, but Cena drops down and Batista tumbles to the floor. This leaves my favorite and least favorite, Edge and Cena, damn. I have a bad feeling about this for Edge. Edge readies to spear Cena, as Edge’s rocking on the ropes. Cena slowly pulls himself up, and Edge charges, but Cena moves and kicks Edge. Cena charges at Edge, and Edge sidesteps Cena and sends Cena out! Edge wins the Royal Rumble!!!!!!!! Holy shit, this just made the entire PPV for me! Ok, I’m marking out like a five year old but who cares! Edge beats all three superegos to win!! 4/5 not the best Rumble, which was 92’s, but the return and win of Edge makes up for it! What a great way to end the PPV! On this day, I see clearly, the great one goes to Wrestlemania!!! Edge soaks in the screams of the crowd as the pyro goes off for the 2010 Royal Rumble winner!

Match Recap

1. Christian pinned Ezekiel Jackson 3.75/5
2. Miz beat MVP 3.75/5
3. Sheamus beat Randy Orton by DQ 3.75/5
4. Mickie James destroyed Michelle “horseface” McCool DUD
5. Undertaker beat Rey Mysterio 3/5
6. EDGE won the Royal Rumble 4/5

A very impressive PPV, as even the worst match was good for its own reasons. I still don’t understand the Zeke/Christian match, as I don’t where they will go from here. Who’s left for Christian to face. Oh crap, I just had a horrible thought. Edge can face any champion, I have a bad feeling he’s going to go for the ECW title and face Christian! The Miz/MVP match was very good, and the Sheamus/Orton match was good till the end. Sheamus needs some clean wins soon, or he’s going to be the most forgotten champion since Stan Stasiak. The Women’s match was short, but I don’t care, as Mickie won and that is all that matters. Hopefully we never see McCool again. The Undertaker/Rey match was ok, but nothing spectacular. The Rumble itself was very good, but the quick eliminations were dumb, as was Beth in the Rumble, but as I said seeing Edge return and win made up for it. All in all a very good show.

Royal Rumble Entrants
1. Dolph Ziggler
2. Evan Bourne
3. CM Punk
4. JTG
5. The Great Khali
6. Beth Phoenix
7. Zack Ryder
8. Triple H
9. Drew McIntyre
10. Ted DiBiase
11. John Morrison
12. Kane
13. Cody Rhodes
14. MVP
15. Carlito
16. Miz
17. Matt Hardy
18. Shawn Michaels
19. John Cena
20. Shelton Benjamin
21. Yoshi Tatsu
22. Big Show
23. Mark Henry
24. Chris Masters
25. R-Truth
26. Jack Swagger
27. Kofi Kingston
28. Chris Jericho
29. EDGE
30. Batista

Royal Rumble Eliminations
1. Evan Bourne by CM Punk
2. Dolph Ziggler by CM Punk
3. JTG by CM Punk
4. Great Khali by Beth Phoenix
5. Beth Phoenix by CM Punk
6. Zack Ryder by CM Punk
7. CM Punk by Triple H
8. Miz by MVP
9. MVP went over with Miz
10. Matt Hardy by Kane
11. Kane by Triple H
12. Carlito by Shawn Michaels
13. Cody Rhodes by Shawn Michaels
14. Ted DiBiase by Shawn Michaels
15. John Morrison by Shawn Michaels
16. Drew McIntyre by D-X
17. Triple H by Shawn Michaels
18. Shelton Benjamin by John Cena
19. Yoshi Tatsu by John Cena
20. Chris Masters by Big Show
21. Mark Henry by R-Truth
22. Big Show by R-Truth
23. Jack Swagger by Kofi Kingston
24. R-Truth by Kofi Kingston
25. Kofi Kingston by John Cena
26. Chris Jericho by Edge
27. Shawn Michaels by Batista
28. Batista by John Cena
29. John Cena by EDGE!!!!!!!


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