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WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #13 – November 28, 1987

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #13 – November 28, 1987

It’s time for another classic SNME, and tonight’s episode comes from Seattle, Washington. The home of Greg Valentine, grunge rock and Dark Angel! Tonight’s episode comes to us only forty eight hours after the original Survivor Series. This is back when that was a huge thing, and not another PPV. This was the first non-Wrestlemania PPV from the WWF and featured only four matches, but those four matches included 50 of the biggest names in the WWF. We had Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Jim Duggan, Brutus Beefcake & Jake Roberts v. Honky Tonk Man, Ron Bass, Hercules, Danny Davis & Harley Race, Hart Foundation, Islanders, New Dream Team, Demolition & Bolsheviks v. Strike Force, British Bulldogs, Young Stallions, Killer Bees & Rougeaus. The main event brought Hulk and Andre face to face one more time, but time with teams of five. Hulk Hogan’s team included Paul Orndorff, Don Muraco, Ken Patera & Bam-Bam Bigelow, while Andre’s team included King Kong Bundy, One Man Gang, Rick Rude, and Butch Reed. Is it sad I can type the participants of three of the matches from memory alone? There was also a five on five women’s match, which was won by the Jumping Bomb Angels. The single titles have not changed as Hulk Hogan, Honky and Sherri Martel still hold the World, IC and Women’s titles respectively. However we have new tag team champions, the team of Tito Santana and Rick Martel, collectively known as Strike Force beat the Hart Foundation on October 27th for the titles. Rick Martel was previously teaming with Tom Zenk who left the company, and Tito saved Martel from a three on one attack from the Islanders, Haku & Tama, and Bobby Heenan. Now before we begin some history to bring us up to speed. Randy Savage did the face turn while feuding with Honky and we had the formation of the Megapowers last month. Jim Duggan has been feuding with Harley Race, which started with an altercation in the aisle, leading to Duggan stealing the crown and cape. Race sneak attacked Duggan to get the cape and crown back. New tag team Demolition was sold to Mr. Fuji from Johnny V who wanted to focus on Valentine & Bravo, while Slick teamed Nikolai Volkoff with newcomer Boris Zhukov. Nikolai’s former partner Iron Sheik had been fired due to personal demons, which he was caught with. Don Muraco made his face turn saving the legendary Billy Graham from an attack at the hands of Slick, One Man Gang and Butch Reed. The attack ended Graham’s career, and pulled him from Hogan’s team, and Graham endorsed Muraco to take his spot. The battle for Bam-Bam was one of the most entertaining parts of the summer of 1987, as each manager claimed to have him locked up. In the end it looked like Slick won the services, however the night of Bigelow’s debut, he introduced his new manager, Sir Oliver Humperdink, who also managed Paul Orndorff. Once again, it’s sad this is all from memory. Anyways that brings us to tonight, so let’s get this show underway.

We open right into our opening video, as my copy seems to be clipped a little, which has lots of footage of the Megapower formation from last month. Vince McMahon introduces Jesse Ventura, glad to see Jesse back, as he calls Vince a turkey in a tuxedo. Vince announces the main event is King Kong Bundy v. Hulk Hogan for the world title, and Bam-Bam Bigelow faces Hercules. We see footage of Danny Davis nailing George Steele with the timekeeper’s bell from last month, and go to Gene with Steele. George has a LJN figure of Ms. Elizabeth, and keeps drooling on it. Gene tries to explain that George has a match with Danny Davis, but George is preoccupied by the Elizabeth doll. Jesse is with Danny Davis, as Jesse says George should be banned. Danny agrees; boy is Davis short compared to Jesse, as Davis says he rang his bell once and will do it again.

1. Danny Davis v. George Steele. George jumps Davis as the bell rings and starts to gnaw his head, then rams him in the buckle. George with a lift choke and throws Davis down, and Davis bails out of the ring. The Animal scares the ref out of the ring, and Steele distracted by the crowd, as Davis attacks from behind. Davis’ punches do nothing to George, but one punch from George sends Davis to the floor again. Davis argues with the ref, and Steele decides to have a snack, but Davis from behind, and Steele catches him. Davis bails again, and sneaks back in, but George with a leg sweep. Holy crap, I’m stunned, that’s the first move I’ve ever seen him do, as Davis bails and Steele chases. Steele grabs a chair and tries to bring it in the ring, but the ref stops him. The distraction costs Steele, as Davis reaches in his tights and nails Steele with something. Jesse says he’s brushing Steele’s teeth!! Davis continues to use the foreign object, and keeps it hidden from the referee, as he pounds the Animal in the corner. Animal finally catches Davis in a flying hammerlock, and Davis kicked the ref as the bell rings. .5/5 not a good match, but somewhat funny to watch. Amazed to see Steele do a real move which saved it from DUD. Animal wins by DQ, and chases Davis out of the ring and now has a nice post dinner meal. Davis back in and hammers Steele from behind, and Steele shrugs it off and throws stuffing at him. Steele chases Davis to the back as we go to a recap of Honky Tonk Man v. Randy Savage from last month. Gene is with the Hart Foundation and Jimmy Hart. Jimmy promises to finish what they started, as Gene calls Elizabeth a defenseless woman, Jimmy responds she’s the daughter of the devil and they did what they had to do. Gene asks about hitting Savage with a guitar, to which Jimmy says Savage should be glad Honky doesn’t play the piano, as they head down the aisle. Elizabeth and Randy are now with Gene, as he asks how Elizabeth is, and she responds she is fine. Savage says he’s not fine, and won’t rest till he gets those cowards. Randy says vengeance is his, as Gene reminds Savage how devious Bret Hart is, as Savage sends Elizabeth down the aisle.

2. Randy Savage v. Bret Hart. Vince once again ogling Elizabeth as she comes down the aisle, she starts to open the ropes, and Savage stops her and tells her to stay on the floor. Savage in the ring confronts Bret, as Neidhart and Jimmy stalk Elizabeth and Savage has to save her. After the commercial we see Brian Bosworth walking around ringside, he was a big name football guy back in the 80’s. The bell rings and Savage chases the Hart Foundation and Jimmy around the ring. Savage catches Bret with an elbow, and tosses Bret into the ringpost, before sliding back in the ring. Neidhart and Jimmy help Bret up, as he holds his shoulder, and slowly back in the ring. Savage quickly opens up on Bret, and chokes him in the corner, then whips him to the opposite corner, but misses the blind charge. Bret now unloads on Macho Man in the corner, as Jimmy yells at Savage with the megaphone. Bret pulls Savage out of the corner, and hits a snapmare than an elbow drop. Jesse calls Bret a mechanic in the ring, as he whips Savage in, but Randy comes back with a kneelift. Bret rolls to the apron, and Savage tries to grab him, but the ref pulls Savage back. Savage nails Bret from behind sending him into the barricade, as Jimmy and Neidhart check on him. Neidhart and Jimmy Hart on the apron, and Savage ram their heads together and climb the ropes. Savage dives to the floor, but Bret nails him with the megaphone and rolls in. As the ref is distracted, Neidhart with a boot to the ribs of Savage and throws him in. This is Bret’s first major singles match on TV, and glad he gets one of the best at the time. Bret ties Savage in the tree of woe, and stomps Savage, as the ref pulls him back. Bret nails a vicious piledriver on Savage and gets a near fall; Jesse says he’s amazed by Savage’s resilience. Bret picks up Savage and nails an elbow, as Elizabeth looks on worried, Bret whips Savage in but misses the charge. Savage grabs Bret by the hair, and whips him into the ringpost, which he hits shoulder first. Jesse says Bret’s shoulder must be hamburger after that, which just sounded weird, but funny. Randy picks up Bret, and Bret hits a back elbow, and nails a backbreaker, but misses the diving elbow. Savage does the vintage throat drop across the ropes, which no one could do like Savage, always loved that move as a kid. Savage then chokes Bret in the corner, as the ref tries to pull him, Savage pushes the ref away. Randy charges at Bret, but Bret backdrops Savage to the floor, and Randy grabs his ankle. Randy unable to get up, as Elizabeth looks on in horror. With Savage down, the Hart Foundation circle Elizabeth and the ref gets in the middle, as we go to commercial. We come back as Savage is pulling himself in the ring, as Bret wants his hand raised. The ref checking on Savage, who refuses to quit, as he pulls himself up and Bret charges in and works over the ankle. The ref tries to pull Bret off, and Bret rolls outside and rams Savage’s ankle into the ringpost. Bret back in the ring, and continues to work over the ankle, Savage kicks Bret off, sending him shoulder first into the steel. Savage slingshots Bret backwards and covers for a near fall, as both men are injured now, but Bret quickly back to the ankle. Jimmy Hart pounding on the apron, cheering Bret on, as Savage slides to the apron, but Bret slings him back in and goes back to the ankle. Savage rakes the eyes of Bret, and slides back to the apron. Bret slams Savage back in, but Savage rolls Bret up on the way down for the victory. 4.5/5 simply a great match, probably one of the best matches from SNME. Bret Hart was really showing that he had the skills, and in a few years would be the man. What a match, as Neidhart and Jimmy jump Savage after the bell, Savage kicks Neidhart to the floor. Bret holds Savage up, as Jimmy charges in with the megaphone, but Savage ducks and Bret gets knocked down. Randy has the megaphone, and the Hart Foundation bail, as Elizabeth runs in to check on her man. Jesse calls it a gutsy performance, but that may have ended his career, as we see the Seattle Seahawks at ringside. Savage tries to leave ringside, but collapses due to the injury, as we go to Gene with Bundy & Heenan. Heenan cuts off Gene and tells him to shut up, and calls him a little runt. Heenan says Bundy will be the new champion, as Hulk-a-mania will die, and Bundy-mania will begin. Gene reminds Heenan that Hulk has the Hulkamaniacs, but Heenan says he has a huge surprise. Well, last month’s surprise was Andre, so I assume that is tonight’s too. King Kong Bundy and Bobby Heenan head to the ring and Heenan has the microphone. Heenan introduces Bundy’s cornerman, Andre the Giant. We go back to Gene with Hulk Hogan; Hulk’s bandana is shredded at the bottom covering his eyes, what the hell is that about? Hulk points out his enlarged veins, which just sounds wrong on too many freaking levels. What next, showing off the needle marks? Just saying is all. Hulk says the odds are not against him, but against the Heenan family.

3. King Kong Bundy v. Hulk Hogan. I admit, I liked the idea of Bundy-mania, and I would’ve loved to have had a shirt that said that! Hulk circles Bundy, as Jesse complains about Joey Marella being the ref for Hulk’s matches, as they get face to face. Hulk with a side headlock, and Bundy shoves him in the ropes. Hulk with a shoulderblock, and Hogan goes down, and looks shocked. Hulk off the ropes again, and hits a high knee, than goes for a slam, but Bundy falls on him for a near fall. Bundy works over the back of Hogan, as Andre is looking on with a stoic look on his face. Hulk rolls outside, and gets caught coming back in as Bundy continues to hammer the Hulkster, than a huge slam, but misses the splash. Hulk with three right hands, and whips Bundy in and hits a lariat. Hulk drops three elbows, and covers Bundy, but Bundy kicks out, and Hogan responds with a series of right hands. Bundy whipped in, and catches Hulk, and drops a huge knee across the champion. Bundy moves into a rear headlock, as Jesse explains the usage of the hold, that’s something the other announcers need to learn. The only good announcer right now is Matt Stryker, the rest never explain things like this. Bundy cranks the pressure on Hogan, as the ref check the arm, another thing they don’t do anymore. Hulk starts to fight back, and nails Bundy three times, and whips him in and hits the big boot. Hogan goes for the big leg drop, and Andre grabs Hogan’s leg, causing the bell to ring. Bundy charges Hogan and Hogan sidestep him, sending Bundy to the floor. Hulk calling Andre out, and Andre removes his coat. We get the announcement that Andre is to leave ringside, or the match is over. So we’re continuing the match, glad to see that actually. Heenan is begging with Andre, telling him it’s Bundy’s match and to please leave. Andre reluctantly leaves the ringside area, as he palms a camera on the way by, which was funny. Jesse says the only thing he feels bad about is Vince isn’t the cameraman. Andre finally leaves, as we go to commercial. We come back, and the match has resumed and Bundy gets back in the ring. They lock up, and Bundy rakes the eyes, and works over the back. Bundy whips Hogan to the corner, but Hogan reverses and hits a corner clothesline, than rams Bundy into each turnbuckle around the ring as the crowd goes nuts. Hulk starts to chop the big man, and whips him in, than nails a nice high knee. Hulk misses the elbow drop, and now Bundy is back in charge of the match. Hulk whipped in the corner, and just crumples to the mat, as Bundy walks right over the Hulkster. King Kong Bundy picks him up, and locks in a bearhug, as Jesse explains the effects of the hold. Jesse says Hulk can’t pull hair to get out of it, as Bundy is hairless, including no eyebrows! Bundy continues to squeeze, and Hulk fights out, but gets caught with a back elbow. Hogan whipped in, and Bundy readies for the Avalanche, and hits it hard in the corner and Hogan down again. Bundy follows up with a huge splash to the back for a near fall, and Hogan Hulks Up!!! Hulk with three right hands, slams the big man and Bundy slides out of the ring. Hulk goes to grab Bundy, and Bundy pulls him out. They both slug it out on the floor as the ref continues the count. Hulk throws Bundy in at seven, and Heenan grabs the ankle of the Hulkster as the ref counts Hogan out. 3.5/5 surprisingly a great match, and at the time a shocking result. Heenan celebrates at ringside, and Hogan cheapshots Bundy sending him to the floor, then grabs Heenan by the hair. Hogan lifts Heenan by the throat and drops him, than does it again, as Bundy is out on the floor. Hulk lifts Heenan again and throws him down, and finally Bundy is able to pull his manager out of the ring. Jesse says first time in history Hogan has been beaten, and responds by beating up frail Bobby Heenan. Hulk lifts the title as Vince says as far as he’s concerned Hogan won, to which Jesse responds who care what Vince thinks! Jesse always got the best shots in on Vince; I’m surprised Vince let him get away with that. Gene is with Hercules, who’s going alone as Heenan is now injured. Hercules says everyone calls the Heenan family henchman and assassins, but when Hogan does things it’s ok. Hercules promises to squeeze Bigelow’s head and make his eyes pop out, as he heads to the ring. Gene is now with Bam-Bam Bigelow and Oliver Humperdink, Bigelow says when he finishes with Herc he’ll have one link left in his chain. Humperdink makes fun of Heenan, and they head down the aisle.

4. Bam-Bam Bigelow v. Hercules. I’m amazing Bigelow was never a bigger star; he had the look, the talent and the personality. Both men face to face and Herc poses so Bigelow shoves him back. They wind up in the corner, and we get a clean break, as Jesse says he surprised. Herc off the ropes with a shoulderblock, and no one moves. A second try almost knocks down Hercules, as he has to rethink his strategy. Herc with a knee to the midsection and hammers Bigelow, than whips him in the corner, but misses the charge. Bigelow now pounds on Hercules, but Herc whips him in. Hercules misses the clothesline, but hits the back elbow, sending Bigelow to the ropes. Hercules clotheslines Bigelow over the top rope, and falls to the floor. As he gets back in Hercules catches him and hammers the chest of Hercules, but Bigelow catches him and snapmares Hercules to the floor. Both men slug it out on the floor, as the ref counts, and Bigelow slams Hercules and the bell rings. The announcement is both men have been counted out; Bigelow grabs the mic from Finkel and says he didn’t come here for a draw. Bigelow says he wants to be a winner or a loser, and challenges Hercules to get back in the ring and continue the match. Hercules back in, and the ref orders the match restarted. Hercules in a football position charges at Bigelow, and neither man moves. They slowly circle each other, and Herc challenges Bigelow to a football position. Herc charges in, and Bigelow cartwheels out of the way, and takes Herc down than pounds him. Bigelow misses a dropkick, as Herc holds the ropes, and Herc follows up with a pair of huge elbow drops. Humperdink pounding on the ring apron, as Herc drops a knee to the face of Bigelow, but doesn’t cover him. Hercules climbs the ropes, never seen him do this, and dives at Bigelow. Bam-Bam catches Hercules and press slams Hercules down, and then hits the slingshot splash for the victory. 3.25/5 a good match, and glad they restarted it, because a draw would’ve really sucked. It looked like they had huge plans for Bigelow, I have no idea what the hell happened. That ends my copy, as it cuts off as Bigelow is leaving the ring. I remember that Bundy challenged Hogan for a rematch, and Hulk agreed, and that’s the main event for our next episode.

Match Recap.

1. George Steele beat Danny Davis by DQ .5/5
2. Randy Savage pinned Bret Hart 4.5/5
3. King Kong Bundy beat Hulk Hogan by countout 3.5/5
4. Bam-Bam Bigelow pinned Hercules 3.25/5

Other than the first match, this was a great show. The Savage/Bret match stole the show, and was amazing for the time. Only thing missing was a tag match, that makes this seem odd. Bam-Bam was phenomenal and a major missed opportunity for Vince McMahon. Bigelow could’ve been the next big thing, but they dropped the ball hard on that one. Our next episode will have the rematch between Hulk and Bundy, plus a two out of three fall tag title match. Those were common back then, but you don’t see that anymore. Then again how many real tag teams are there, and how many could pull that off nowadays. Hart Dynasty is pretty much the only good tag team right now, which is sad.





And for an added bonus here’s the match from Survivor Series 1987


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