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TNA Impact – January 28, 2010

TNA Impact – January 28, 2010

Coming off the heels of last week’s horrible episode of TNA Impact, I’m really hoping for something good here. Now they’re moving to Monday Nights starting in March, I hope this isn’t a huge mistake from TNA, but I guess we have to wait and see. Last week on Impact we ended with a Orlando Screwjob, as Kurt “The Hitman” Angle was screwed over by “Heartbreak Kid” AJ Styles, while Hulk Hogan played the part of Mr. McMahon. Tonight we get the fallout from the stupidest idea to come from Hogan since trying to make Brooke a music star. Just saying is all.

We start with the recap of Mick Foley destroying TNA, no not like Hogan is doing, and Eric coming out bloody and firing Foley, plus the AJ/Angle match from last week. This week’s episode is called “Screwed”, let’s just hope the payoff for last week makes it worthwhile. Mike Tenay and Tazz welcome us to the Impact Zone, and tonight Qualifying Matches for a tournament tonight.

1. Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan come out to the knockoff nWo music. We see some of the planted signs, including one in favor of the four sided ring. Hulk says the Impact Zone is wide open, that sounded dirty, as Hulk says he wants Foley out there right now, and Foley makes his way to the ring. So he was fired last week, but he’s still there, as Tazz asks the same question, and we’re both confused. Hulk says he wants to nip things in the bud, and work out the situation between Eric and Foley. Eric says he took care of it as he fired Foley last week, and Hogan says he’s never worked with Foley and sees a lot of good things, but the closer he gets to him things need to be dialed in. Eric says Foley could’ve put him in the hospital, and Foley says last week he wanted to hit Eric, and should have, but did not touch Eric. Eric screams at Foley that he’s lying and that Foley attacked him. Foley says if he attacked Eric they would’ve carried him out on a plank. Hulk says it’s not that he doesn’t believe Eric, but things need to be made sense of, as we get the music a little soon, which cuts of Hogan. Whoops, someone is getting fired. We come back from commercial, and Jarrett is backstage with Bubba Sponge as Jarrett says he can trust him. Christy Hemme is standing by Ken Anderson, who corrects her and says it’s Mr. Anderson. Anderson says it sucks because he has to introduce himself, and doesn’t have a match and has to book himself. Anderson issues a challenge to anyone in TNA for a match tonight. Anderson says he hopes its Abyss, but it doesn’t matter because he is the only name people will remember. Now over to Tazz & Tenay as they announce the TNA 8 Card Stud Tournament.

2. Desmond Wolfe v. Sean Morley. Desmond comes out with the same girl from the PPV; Tazz says her name is Chelsea. Can we get a new gimmick for Morley, please? I may be his only fan, but still, he needs to change the gimmick. The winner of the tournament will be number one contender to the title, and this is a qualifier. Sean with a hammerlock, reversed and Morley grabs the ropes. Desmond kicks the ropes, and sends Sean back, the works him over in the corner. The ref pulls Desmond back and the distraction costs Desmond, as Sean comes in with a pair of clotheslines, then the pulling kneelift. Desmond comes back with the flying hammerlock takedown, and starts to work over the arm of Morley, as we see Chelsea watching her man. She’s hot! Just saying is all. Morley able to roll out of the hammerlock, and nails Desmond with a kick and an uppercut. Morley goes for a powerbomb, but countered into the hammerlock takedown. Morley in the corner, and Desmond runs in and gets caught, as Morley opens up on Wolfe. Sean with a neckbreaker, and then tosses Desmond in the corner but now gets caught. However he catches Wolfe with the full nelson bomb, and climbs the ropes, but Wolfe catches him. Desmond hits the Tower of London for three, and advances to the tournament. 3.5/5 a good TV match, could’ve used more time, but was good for what it was. We go backstage to Jeff Jarrett going to see Eric and Hogan. Jeff apologizes for two weeks ago, and says maybe he’s seeing things different. Jeff says he wants to repair and rebuild the trust, as Hogan asks if he can be trusted, and Jeff says yes. Jeff says he is willing to start at the bottom, but needs time, and Hulk says they need help. Eric says he has an idea, as Ken Anderson has an open challenge and asks Jeff to do the match tonight. Jeff says he hasn’t wrestled in seven months, Hogan says this is best for TNA. Jeff asks if this is really what they want, and Hulk says yes, so Jeff agrees and leaves to get ready. Once again we get the recap of the AJ/Angle match, which I wish they’d stop talking about. From there we go to AJ, Flair and some blonde with big boobs. AJ ready to leave with the girl, and Flair says he needs a friend, and she says she has someone for him, as they get ready to leave. She says she needs to make a call; gee maybe they can bring in Mae Young for some senior loving. Just saying is all. I better not give them ideas though.

3. Daniels v. Hernandez. This is another qualifier for the tournament, and should be interesting as it’s skill v. power. Daniels jumps Hernandez before the bell and works him over in the corner, as he stomps and kicks Hernandez. Daniels tries to whip him in, but Hernandez counters and nails a kneelift. Hernandez with a nice delayed vertical Suplex, shades of Davey Boy Smith, very impressive. Daniels tries for a sunset flip, and Hernandez just lifts him by the throat and tosses him across the ring. Daniels goes to the eyes, and hits a quick enziguri for a near fall. Daniels with a chinlock, and hammers Supermex at the same time. Hernandez tries to power out, but Daniels with a STO followed by the springboard moonsault for a near fall. Daniels goes for Angel Wings, but Hernandez powers out, Daniels knees Hernandez out of the ring. Daniels tries to nail Hernandez coming in, but gets nailed hard, and now Hernandez with a Stinger Splash in the corner. Hernandez tossed across the ring, but misses the second Stinger Splash. Daniels with a forearm, but gets caught coming in, and Hernandez pulls himself to the top, but Daniels with a palm thrust. Daniels goes for a superplex, but Hernandez shoves him off. Hernandez with a big splash, but misses, and Daniels rolls him up with his feet on the ropes, Hernandez still kicks out. Daniels comes off the ropes, and Hernandez just takes him down with a shoulderblock, and then nails a gutwrench slam for the win. 3.5/5 a good TV match, but as usual felt rushed. Wonder if Daniels is ever get pushed again with Hogan there? Damn, we see the Nasty Boys and Team 3D coming to the ring.

4. Mike Tenay in the ring announces the first ever meeting of the Nasty Boys v. Team 3D. Wow, that may be the black hole of wrestling, as nothing could possible suck more than that match will. This will make the Bushwackers v. Sheik & Volkoff match from Heroes of Wrestling look good. Just saying is all. It’s said only a couple years ago Knobbs was walking with the aid of a cane on Hogan Knows Best. Man, how pregnant does D-Von look nowadays; seriously, he’s looking like Kamala now. This has all the makings of a major disaster on PPV. Bubba asks where the Hell the Nasty Boys have been for 10 years, as security holds back Team 3D. Sags calls Bubba fat boy, well he has a point there. Now D-Von calling someone a fat ass is kind of ironic, considering what a butterball he has become. D-Von of course mentions ECW, as he always does, and says they won titles in ECW, WWE, All Japan and New Japan and competing for the TNA tag titles. Knobbs mentions the Road Warriors, Steiners, Hart Foundation, Harlem Heat as teams they beat, and now Team 3D are on the chopping block. Knobbs is getting redder and redder the more he talks, he may have a stroke. Bubba calls Sags Skank, which was funny, and then calls Knobbs a big blonde moron, as Team 3D leaves. I smell negative stars coming. As we to Christy with Lacey, Madison & Velvet. Wow, too much hotness in one shot, DAMN! Lacey plays the Kelly Bundy character so perfectly. Bobby Lashley is now in Eric’s office, and Eric says that Hulk has agreed with Eric that it took guts for Lashley to apologize. Eric then fires Lashley, and security drags him out. If that were legit Eric would be my hero now!

5. Lacey Von Erich, Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky v. Awesome Kong, Hamada & Tara. So, wonder what happens to the tag titles now that Kong is gone? What a huge loss for TNA, but it’s their stupidity. Wonder if they’ll just move someone else to be Hamada’s partner, and pretend she never existed? Wow, Madison looks amazingly hot tonight! Hamada and Rayne start, and Rayne makes fun of Kong, and Hamada opens up with kicks and headbutts on her. Hamada with an arm twist, and elbows the arm, then twists again. Hamada does Undertaker’s Old School, but much cooler looking. Rayne with a kick to the gut of Hamada and tags in Velvet. Velvet works the arm and tags in clumsy Smurf; I mean Lacey who twists the arm and tags Madison back in as they work on the arm. Hamada rolls through and tags Tara, who pounds on Rayne and slams her, then walks her over before doing the standing moonsault which always looks cool. Tara whipped in by Rayne, and Lacey kicks her in the back, allowing Madison to hit a clothesline for a near fall. Velvet tagged in, and chokes Tara, then distracts the ref, as Madison chokes Tara. Tazz makes a porn movie joke, as both girls are down. Madison tagged in and Kong comes in and lays out both Rayne and Von Erich. Hamada tagged in, and kicks Madison, then Lacey, and an ezigiri on Velvet. Tara slams Lacey, and Hamada hits the moonsault, but the ref distracted, and Madison hits Hamada with the Ugly Stick, as Kong chases Velvet out of the ringside area. Madison covers Hamada for the victory, 3.5/5 not a bad match, considering Clumsy was in the match. I like Hamada, she’s always impressive and those kicks looked stiff. Lacey and Madison celebrate, as Tara argues with the ref. Madison nails Tara from behind with the Ugly Stick and start stomping her, and out comes Angelina. Angelina takes out Madison and Lacey, and throws the Ugly Stick out of the ring as we go backstage to Hulk Hogan and Earl Hebner. Hulk asks why Hebner rang the bell, and Hebner claims Angle tapped. Hogan says he didn’t tap, it was a lucky reversal, and something is wrong. Hulk of course brings up Montreal, and asks why he did what he did. Earl says he screwed Bret, same way he screwed Angle, because he got a big check from Flair. Hogan says that’s unacceptable and tells him he’s suspended and to get out of his sight. Now over to AJ & Flair as the girls come in, well, nice as Flair is in awe of the babes. Flair picks one, and AJ takes three for himself. From here we go to Foley and Sponge, as Sponge says it doesn’t look good for Foley. Foley says after this meeting he and Eric will come out with a better understanding, Bubba asks what if it doesn’t and Foley says he has enough to live without the business.

6. Kurt Angle comes down the ramp now. I thought he quit, if he doesn’t work there how come he’s allowed to walk into the ring? Just asking, as this makes no sense, which means Russo must’ve wrote it. Angle says the match at Genesis was the greatest match of his life and he’s confused and disappointed and pissed off. Angle says they shook hands to determine who was the greatest wrestler in the world, and was a match that AJ could’ve told his grandkids about. Angle says AJ disappointed him, the boys in the back and the fans, as he continues and says AJ went from a hero to a punk ass bitch in one night. Angle then brings up the Screwjob and says he didn’t see that coming, and tells AJ that Flair is using him. Angle says he has a qualifying match and when he wins the tournament, he will face AJ and beat him this time. As Angle gets ready to leave, we get Hulk’s music, and here comes Hogan. Hulk says Angle accused him of something he didn’t do, and he got to the bottom of it. Hulk tells Angle he’s the leader of TNA and functions on a business level, and says Angle spitting on him was unacceptable. Hulk says if he ever does that again he will be unemployed, Angle responds by apologizing for what he did. Angle says Hulk came to TNA and is leading TNA and everything that happens in the ring Hulk is accountable for. Angle puts out the hand, and Hogan shakes his hand. Suddenly Sean Waltman and Scott Hall jump Angle from behind, and they work over the bad neck of Angle as we go to commercial. After commercial we see security pushing Hall and Waltman out of the ring, as Hall says see you next week.

7. Brian Kendrick, Motor City Machine Guns v. Generation Me & Amazing Red. Wow, six of the best young talents in one match. Kendrick jumps Red before the bell, and stomps Red down. Red in the corner and Brian misses the charge and Red with a dropkick to the back. Guns in the ring, go for a double team, but miss and Generation Me in and they take out the Guns. We just had a flurry of moves, as it’s impossible to keep up. Guns double team Jeremy for a near fall, and Jeremy tags in Red, who takes down Sabin with a Hurricanrana, then a kick. Red goes for the Canadian Destroyer, but Shelly breaks it up, and a double team on Red, as Kendrick tags himself in. Kendrick with a running boot, and scores the pin. 3.75/5 that was chaotic and a spotfest, but a hell of a lot of fun to watch. I missed most of the moves as they were snapping things off at a frantic pace. Kendrick and the Guns leave, and out come the British Invasion. They triple team Amazing Red, and then Rob was about to cash in the briefcase, but Magnus tells him to give it to Williams as we go to commercial.

8. Amazing Red v. Doug Williams. This is an impromptu match for the X-Title, as Williams cashed in the briefcase. Red hits a tornado DDT for a near fall, and climbs the ropes, but Williams catches him. Williams with a rolling German Suplex to win the title. No rating, as this was just under a minute long. Rob Terry looks on and is pretty angry, as Williams and Magnus celebrate. We go to Eric’s office, with Mick Foley. Foley says he admires Eric’s gumption and asks who did it last week. Eric says they need to work it out and the past is the past, but Foley wants to talk about the past. Foley talks about his son dropping a log at Chuck E Cheese, and says one guy went in to clean it, and Foley would rather be that guy than work for Bischoff. Eric says he’s sorry to hear that, as two people close to him want him there, Abyss and Jeremy Borash. Eric says if Foley leaves he will fire both of them, and have a nice day. Eric leaves and heads to AJ’s dressing room. Eric opens the door, and AJ & Flair are partying with the girls. Eric says they are stuck with Flair however this is the Hogan/Bischoff regime, and they think they have thirty days off, but they don’t. Everyone in TNA needs to be ready 24/7 and they should cancel their travel plans.

9. Ken Anderson v. Jeff Jarrett. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen JJ in the ring; hope he doesn’t have a lot of ring rust. They quickly lock up, and jockey for position. We get a clean break, almost as Anderson charges in, but Jeff avoids it and hammers Ken in the corner. Anderson pulls himself up, and puts a headlock on Jarrett, who reverses it and gets whipped in. JJ hits a trio of shoulderblocks, sending Anderson to the corner, as Ken slow to get up now. The crowd heavily behind Jarrett, as Ken gets a quick shot in and now starts to hammer the back of JJ and rams him in the turnbuckle. Anderson whips Jarrett in, but countered and Jarrett with a pair of armdrags, then a nice dropkick. JJ clotheslines Anderson over the top and does the vintage JJ strut as we go to commercial. We come back as Anderson tosses Jarrett into the ringpost, and gets right in JJ’s face and hammers Jarrett. Anderson slams Jarrett’s arm into the steps, and rolls in to break the count, and rolls back out to throw Jeff in. Anderson with a hammerlock into a slam, and gets a near fall. Anderson back to the shoulder and arm, as he cranks back on it. Jarrett fights out, and tosses Anderson in the corner, but Anderson gets a boot up and nails a vicious flying arm bar on Jarrett for a near fall. Anderson is pounding the daylights out of Jarrett. Anderson whips Jarrett in, but misses two clotheslines, however he is able to get Jarrett in a top wristlock, as Tazz describes the effects of the match. Nicely done Tazz, I like when they describe moves like that. Jarrett fights off Anderson, and comes off the ropes, but Anderson with a shoulderblock for a near fall. Anderson climbs the ropes, and goes for the Kenton Bomb, but JJ avoids contact and Jarrett’s Up! Jarrett a series of shots, and comes off the ropes, but Anderson goes for the Mic Check. Jarrett counters and goes for the Stroke. Anderson counters with a low blow for the victory. 3.75/5 a very good main event, considering JJ’s been out for months. That was a very impressive match, much better than last weeks. We see Eric watching backstage, as he says this is great. Anderson announces himself the winner, as JJ slowly gets up outside the ring. Anderson jumps down on top of Jarrett, and starts to hammer Jarrett on the floor. Anderson rolls JJ in the ring and waits for Jeff to get up. Anderson mocks Jarrett and nails the Mic Check on Jarrett. Eric backstage says it’s going to be a long hard climb to the top for Jeff as we fade to black.

Match recap:

1. Desmond Wolfe pins Shawn Morley 3.5/5
2. Hernandez beat Daniels 3.5/5
3. The Beautiful People beat Awesome Kong, Hamada & Tara 3.5/5
4. Brian Kendrick and MCMG beat Generation Me & Amazing Red 3.75/5
5. Doug Williams pinned Amazing Red No Rating
6. Ken Anderson beat Jeff Jarrett 3.75/5

Surprisingly after last week’s debacle, this was a very good show. The matches were all enjoyable and well done, and the tournament might be fun, if they do it right. I hope this isn’t Kong’s last show, but for it seems to be, which sucks. Not happy Williams won the X title, but hopefully it’s a short run. All in all a very impressive show tonight.


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