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WWE Superstars: The Bella Twins have a good match, no seriously they did!
January 29, 2010, 11:51 am
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WWE Superstars – January 28, 2010

So far it’s been a pretty good week, with a not bad episode of RAW, and a great episode of ECW. Let’s hope we can continue this trend with WWE Superstars this week. The only match I know for sure is the Bella Twins v. Jillian Hall and Katie Lea Burchill. I hope team Jillian wins, but I’m not anticipating that happening as the WWE seems hell bent on forcing the Bella’s down our throat. There’s a joke there, but I’m not going to say it. Anyways let’s get this show started.

1. Bella Twins v. Jillian Hall & Katie Lea Burchill. The Bella’s are hot, but really nor good in the ring. They need to stick to being escorts, and try not to wrestle. Just saying is all. Is there anyone who just looks like they have more fun than Jillian Hall, she just seems so happy all the time. Brie and Katie start us out, and Katie quickly goes behind, and Brie counters to an arm bar, and tags in Nikki. They double team Katie, but Nikki caught in the wrong corner as Jillian tagged in. The announcers just don’t care, as they’re talking about the Rumble. Jillian rams Nikki in the mat and whips her in the corner, but misses the charge and Nikki off the top with a nice cross body. Brie tagged in and they double team Jillian. Brie climbs the ropes, but Katie distracts Brie, and Jillian has the advantage, as Michael Cole talks about seeing Brie’s tattoo. Isn’t he married; I think his wife would be a little pissed about that. Katie now in, with a chicken wing on Brie, but Brie fights out and come off the ropes. Katie catches her in a spinning backbreaker for a near fall, Katie whips Brie in, and now she misses the blind charge, as Nikki tagged in and hits a flying forearm and a pair of dropkicks. Nikki nails Jillian and does a monkey flip on Katie then a snapmare for a near fall. Katie fires back with a series of forearms, but gets caught as Nikki with a nice victory roll, and Brie keeps Jillian at bay for the victory. 3/5 surprisingly not a bad match, maybe there is hope for the Bella twins. I’m very impressed, as they did a few impressive moves, including the victory roll.

2. Chavo v. Primo v. Chris Masters. Winner gets a chance to lose in the Royal Rumble. Well, let’s be honest none of these three have a snowballs chance in Hell of winning Sunday, Well, Masters has Eve with him, so I assume he’s going to win. Let’s see how much time Lawler spends ogling Eve at ringside. Primo takes down Chavo, but Masters clotheslines Primo and then overpowers the smaller men. Masters press slams Chavo, and Primo takes out the knees, allowing a near fall on Masters. Masters down, and the two talented wrestlers go at it. Chavo with a dropkick for a near fall, and picks up Primo, but Masters with a double clothesline nails both men. Chavo hammers Masters in the corner, as Primo rolls out. Chavo poses and gets tossed in the corner, as Cole calls Masters a veteran? Masters with a powerslam, and goes for the cover, but Primo saves the match. Primo with a nice headscissor take down, than a springboard cross body, but gets caught in the Masterlock. Chavo dives at Masters, who tosses Primo aside and puts the Masterlock on Chavo. Primo knees Masters to the floor and now goes after Chavo who ducks, and Primo lands on Masters on the floor. Chavo climbs the ropes, and dives on both men as we go to commercial. We come back and Chavo with a hammerlock on Primo in the ring, while Masters is sucking air outside the ring, where he belongs. Primo fights his way out, and comes off the ropes, only to get taken down again. Chavo with a senton drop for a near fall, and Chavo catches Masters coming in, but the lack of focus allows Primo to hit a dropkick on Chavo. Chavo and Primo going toe to toe in the ring now, as Primo whipped in comes back with a flying elbow, than a dropkick. Primo catches Masters coming in and gets a near fall, as Eve cheers on Masters. Primo goes to whip Masters in, but reversed, however Primo catches Masters and slingshots him down. Primo springboards into a boot from Chavo, and Chavo goes for three amigos, but Primo rolls Chavo up on the third one. Primo with a go behind, reversed, and Masters suddenly with a Masterlock on Chavo, and backdrops Primo out. Chavo counters the Masterlock, but Masters overpower Chavo and locking it back in and Chavo submits. 3.25/5 again a surprisingly good match, as Chavo and Primo did most of the work. Would’ve liked to see Chavo win, but that’s never happening, as Vince likes the muscleheads.

3. Chris Jericho comes out in full suit and microphone, as Jericho’s one of the guys I’d like to see win the Rumble. Jericho glares at the crowd, and says it insulting to listen to Cena, HHH, etc spew propaganda about winning the Rumble. Jericho calls the crowd hypocrites and liars, just like the crowd. As he says he tells the truth, and will win the Rumble, not likely Y2J. However if he wins, maybe he can get drunk while celebrating and get arrested again. As Jericho calls himself the best in the world, suddenly out comes the Truth. I hate his intro music; it has to be the most irritating music ever made. Truth gets right in the face of Jericho and asks what’s up. Truth tells Jericho he’s right, he is the best at what he does. Jericho adjusts his suit, and gets a smug look, as Truth tells him he is the best, at being arrogant, loud mouth who runs his mouth all the time. Truth calls Jericho annoying, is Truth looking in a mirror? Truth says people hate to see him coming, but love to see him going, as Truth mocks Jericho for calling himself an honest man. Truth calls Jericho a liar, and hates to burst his bubble, as he call him Jack Sparrow, a little dated of a reference isn’t it? Maybe Vince just saw the Pirates of the Caribbean movies finally; maybe we’ll see the return of Paul Burchill as a pirate? Truth does his spiel, and Jericho goes to nail him, but Truth blocks and kicks Jericho out of the ring.

4. Matt Hardy v. David Hart Smith. Matt comes out with new best friend Great Khali. Someone advise Khali not to get in trouble with the law when Matt’s around, he’s quick to bail out. Just saying is all. This whole Jericho/Helms/Hardy story is a wealth of great jokes now, and the latest is that CM Punk is the one who bailed them out. I don’t know if that’s true but either way, they should have Jericho and Hurricane join the Straight Edge Society. Picture a bald Jericho, that would be awesome!! They’re always looking for ways to make Jericho look bad, this would do it. Anyways, to the match at hand, as Smith and Hardy lock up, and Smith overpowers Matt. They lock up again, and Matt with a go behind, but Smith counters to the side headlock takeover. Smith locks the arms of Hardy, and then wrings the arm, but Matt counters to a side headlock. Smith powers Matt to the corner, and goes for a cheapshot, but Matt blocks and fires back. Smith rolls out and Matt dives out after him, that looked cool, as Matt climbs the ropes, and Natalya gets in the middle, so Khali comes around the corner as we go to commercial. We come back and Smith with a hammerlock on Hardy, Matt works his way back up and fights out. Hardy with a series of clotheslines, but Smith catching the arm and drops Matt. Smith with a hammerlock slam, as he works the arm of Matt Hardy. Matt gets nailed with a big boot, and Smith picks up Matt and drapes him across the ropes. As Smith distracts the ref, Natalya slaps the taste out of Matt’s mouth. That was good, I love watching Natalya, and she’s great. Why these two are not tag champs is beyond me and Natalya should be Women’s champion. Smith gets caught running in the corner, as Matt gets the leg up and hits an elbow to the back of the head. Matt with a nice neckbreaker drop for a near fall, as Matt tosses Smith in the corner, and hits a bulldog for a near fall. Matt hits the Side Effect on Smith, but Smith still kicks out, as Kidd and Natalya look on worried. Matt climbs the ropes, and Natalya distracts Matt, which gets the attention of both Khali and the ref, as Kidd grabs the arm of Matt Hardy. Matt turns into the big boot of DH Smith for the victory. 3.75/5 a good match, between a young star and the talented veteran. Now if only Matt had a different tag partner. I like Khali but, don’t want to see him squish the Harts. As I type that Khali is in the ring squashing the Harts, as he chops Kidd and clotheslines Smith out and tosses Kidd on top. Now we get a little dancing from Khali & Runjin Singh. Khali checks on his tag partner and helps him up, than tosses him over the top rope. Picture it Khali wins the rumble and faces Undertaker at Wrestlemania, smell the excitement, no wait that’s my lunch burning.

Match Recap

1. Bella Twins beat Jillian & Katie Lea 3/5
2. Chris Masters beats Chavo Guerrero & Primo 3.25/5
3. DH Smith pinned Matt Hardy 3.75/5

Overall this was a surprisingly good episode of Superstars, considering I expect a bust from the tag match the triangle match. The Bella Twins are improving slowly, and I’m impressed by them this week. Maybe it’s just the fact that Jillian and Katie are two of the best divas in the WWE, next to Ms. Mickie James of course, but this was a very good match. Primo and Carlito were able to carry Masters to an enjoyable match as well. And you can’t go wrong with Matt Hardy and DH Smith, although I think Kidd is the better wrestler. A very impressive episode tonight and I hope Impact and Smackdown can be as good. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to follow me on twitter, nala310, to find out when the newest recaps are out. Smackdown and Impact recaps coming soon.


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