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Friday Night Smackdown: A Special Bait and Switch Edition
January 29, 2010, 5:56 pm
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Friday Night Smackdown – January 29, 2010

Since I haven’t found a copy of last night’s Impact yet, guess I’m watching Smackdown first. So far the WWE has impressed this week with three good shows; let’s see if the momentum can continue on the road to the Royal Rumble, with this being the last stop. Tonight we have D-X facing the Straight Edge Society for the tag titles, which I hope they win, and John Morrison battling the IC Champion, Drew McIntyre. These should both be good matches, and I’m looking forward to both. Never thought I’d be looking forward to a D-X or a Festus match, but there it is. Let’s get to tonight’s Smackdown.

1. D-X v. CM Punk & Luke Gallows. D-X starts to do their opening spiel, but they are interrupted by, of all people, Rey Mysterio Jr? Rey has a microphone of his own, and tells Shawn he respects him, but feels Shawn has no respect for him. Rey says Shawn keeps saying he’s winning the Rumble and will face Undertaker, and says Shawn has the whole thing figured out that Undertaker is going to beat Rey, Shawn gets right up to Rey and says yeah that’s it, Hunter gets in Rey’s face and says Hornswoggle isn’t with them tonight. Rey says he has a joke for them, as he’s going to do what neither of them did, and that’s beat Undertaker. Shawn says what happens if Rey doesn’t make it to the Rumble, and Rey responds they can take care of it right here in this ring. This brings out the Straight Edge Society, CM Punk, Luke Gallows and Serena. Punk has a microphone as well, and tells Rey he must be high on something, as he watched RAW and heard what Shawn; well he needs to watch Smackdown more. Triple H looks either confused or constipated, not sure which one. Punk says he will lead the crusade tonight and win the title, Triple H says he has been watching Smackdown and is happy Punk is straight, as he says no one cares about Punk. Punk tells Triple H he knows nothing about Straight Edge, and Triple H says he doesn’t get it, but at least he doesn’t like he’s been on a crack binge with Amy Winehouse. Triple H tells Punk to shave and showers as someone stinks, Punk says comedy hour is over, and out comes Teddy Long now. Teddy says everyone to hold on, and thinks will not go down like this as things may change. Teddy says Punk and Gallows will not get their title match tonight, BULLSHIT! Teddy says tonight on Smackdown Rey Mysterio will face Shawn Michaels tonight, what a load of garbage, complete bait and switch. This pisses me off, as Long announces tonight Punk will face Triple H. Great so any momentum Punk has built up, they’re going to kill. Nice, what’s the matter Hunter was Punk getting to popular, so now you have to squash him? I’m really pissed off about this, they announce the match, and then change it so Hunter can kill Punk’s character. I wish that son of a bitch would get a crippling injury and disappear forever, and take Shawn ‘I lost my smile’, Batista ‘the need to be neutered animal’ and Undertaker ‘super gimp’ with you too, ok? I need a break before I continue, or this recap is going to be really negative, and I don’t want D-X to sour what should be a great match between Drew and John tonight.

2. Triple H v. CM Punk. OK, I’m back now, and hopefully this match won’t suck, I hope. Triple H with a side headlock to take him over and Punk with an Irish whip him in, but HHH back with a shoulder block, than a clothesline. Triple H back to the side headlock, as Punk tries to use the legs to reverse, but it doesn’t work. CM Punk fights out and gets HHH in the corner, but HHH fights back. Punk with a leg sweep and hammers the back, then whips him in, but gets caught as HHH goes for a pedigree, Punk rolls out. HHH pulls him in by the hair, and looks over at Gallows, which gives Punk a chance. Punk with a springboard clothesline as we go to commercial, we come back and Punk with a snapmare then kicks the back of HHH. CM Punk with a head scissors, as Serena and Gallows look on. I wish Stryker would stop kissing Hunter’s ass, I’m losing respect for him, as he calls HHH the father of the industry. Not even close, if Hunter wasn’t with Stephanie he’d never have made it this far. CM Punk is working over HHH in the corner, and goes for a Suplex, but the Game counters. I’d love to see Punk shave HHH’s head, which would be hilarious. Hunter gets up, and goes for Punk, but Punk fires off a huge kick for a near fall. Punk goes back to the head scissors, as we get a look at Luke & Serena cheering on their savior. The ref forces the break, as CM Punk is in the ropes, Triple H pulls himself up in the corner, and Punk runs into a boot. HHH hits the spinebuster, and both men are down now. Punk first man up, but Triple H with a series of right hands, then hits the face breaker. Punk getting hammered in the corner, as the ref pulls Triple H back. Triple H does a crotch chop, and punches Punk to get a near fall. Punk nailed with a high knee, as Stryker yells at Grisham to stop talking about HHH. Punk counters the pedigree, and hits the knee lift and goes for the bulldog, countered to a knee breaker. Triple H with a figure four on Punk, as no one mentions the name Ric Flair, wonder why! Triple H is using the ropes, and Serena gets the refs attention, allowing Luke to nail the Game. Punk with a spin kick and goes for the GTS, but Triple H counters and goes for the Pedigree. Serena comes in to break the Pedigree, and causes the DQ. 3/5 was ok, but could’ve been a lot better. Triple H controlled way too much of the match, CM Punk should’ve been the one controlling it. Punk is the future of the business, and needed the victory more than HHH. HHH tosses Serena down and nails Punk, Luke comes in to save Serena, and stomps HHH down. C’mon guys, get him down and shave him head, that would be the greatest moment in Smackdown history. Punk holds Triple H and hammers him, as Luke grabs the razor!!! Damn Shawn Michaels, saved Triple H, and Triple H springs back up and they knock Gallows out. Punk turns around and sees D-X, and he hides behind Serena, and slides out of the ring. Serena alone in the ring with D-X, and Shawn goes to kick her and she bails out. Way to be a role model for kids Shawn, threaten to kick a woman. Just saying is all. Well, I’m counting on JoMo/Drew to put on a match of the year.

3. Chris Jericho v. R-Truth. I like Truth, but I hate his intro so much. This should be a good match though, as both guys are talented. Jericho kicks Truth, and rams him in the corner. Jericho goes for a side headlock, and screams what’s up. Truth whips him in and Jericho back with a shoulderblock. Jericho off the ropes, and Truth over him, than an armdrag, followed by a clothesline over the top rope. Truth dives over the top rope, but Jericho side steps him and splatters on the floor as we go to commercial. We come back, and Jericho with a vicious kick to the rib of Truth. Jericho works over the ribs, as Truth fights his way back up, but Jericho right back with a slingshot Suplex for a near fall. Jericho with a rib breaker and the Truth is in pain on the mat. Jericho playing with him like a cat with a canary now, as he locks in the abdominal stretch. The announcers start talking about the Altered Beast, for no apparent reason, as Truth starts to come back. Have I said I hate the Altered Beast nickname, sounds so stupid? Truth with a sweet dropkick for a near fall, as we get a Flair mention!! Truth uses his speed to dazzle Jericho, but Jericho catches Truth into the Walls of Jericho, but Truth rolls him up. Jericho able to kick out, and Truth on the ropes, Jericho goes for the Codebreaker, but Truth holds the ropes and rolls up Jericho for the win. 3.5/5 a little too short, but still a good match. Very surprising win, as I didn’t think Truth stood much of a chance. We get an interview with Batista, and he looks like a dork in a sweater vest and hat, looks like he’s ready to go golfing. Then again he’s very Tiger Wood’s like, they both like to play lots of holes!!! Just saying is all!

4. John Morrison v. Drew McIntyre. I have high hopes for this match, as these are two of my favorites on Smackdown. This should be great as it’s for the IC title and no DQ. Morrison has the microphone, and says unlike Drew he wasn’t picked by the brass in the back. John says after Drew won the title he dropped the title and celebrated with Sheamus, as he says Drew doesn’t appreciate what he has. John says Drew doesn’t play by rules; well tonight there are no rules. John tells Drew if he wants to be champion he’s going to have to fight for it. The bell rings, and John with a quick kick, and hammers Drew in the ropes, and stays on him. Drew with a jawbreaker to try and make some space, but runs into a heel kick for a near fall. John clotheslines Drew out of the ring, and follows him out. As John comes around the ring, Drew nails him with a Kendo Stick, and tosses John in the ring. Drew stomps Morrison, and then shoves him in the corner and starts to pummel him. Drew pulls John out of the corner and nails a Jake Roberts like short-arm clothesline, then into an armbar/chinlock. John fights out, but gets whipped in the corner, and John goes to jump over Drew, but Drew stops and kicks John in the abs. John starts to fight back up, and uses the kicks and punches to knock the Scotsman out of the ring. Drew grabs the title and tries to run, and Morrison catches him and kicks him in the temple. John rolls him in, and Drew misses a belt shot, and Morrison goes after him, but gets caught. Drew with the mounted punches, and picks up the IC title, as we go to commercial. We come back and Drew has John in an armbar again, as John starts to fight out, Drew hammers him down. John able to toss Drew in the corner, and goes for the Flying Chuck, but Drew lifts him up and out of the ring. Drew follows, and grabs the stairs and charges at John. McIntyre throws the step, and John able to get out of the way, but Drew clothesline John into the crowd, and following him. Both men fighting in the crowd now, as Morrison able to get a few punches, as Stryker says this match also has no countout, John gets Drew over the barricade to ringside. John dives over the barricade with a flying clothesline, which looked awesome. John grabs the Kendo Stick and opens up on the back of Drew, but Drew with a thumb to the eye causes John to drop the Stick, and Drew gets it. Drew runs at John with the Stick, but John armdrags the man into the stairs and rolls him in for a near fall. That just looked brutal. John sets up for the Starship Pain, but Drew gets the knees up saving his title. Drew hits the Future Shock, double arm DDT, on the IC title for the victory. 4.5/5 awesome match! That was great, as I expected, and that makes the whole show for me. I hope this means John is headed to bigger and better things.

5. Great here comes old horseface to ugly up the show, I hope Mickie kicks her skank ass the Rumble. Oh no, she has a microphone, no good can come from this. Horseface once again makes fun of Mickie, and claims she’s flawless, yeah I don’t think so ugly. What an ugly looking woman she is seriously. Who can find her attractive, I just don’t see it. Hell, Awesome Kong is better looking than she is. She has the longest, skinniest face, it just looks weird. Horsey continues to blah, blah away, and challenges anyone backstage to face her for the title. This brings out Layla in a fat suit to Mickie’s music. This is so freaking stupid, fast forward time. We get a pathetic mock match; this is stupider than Trump v. Rosie. What a waste of airtime that could’ve been used during Drew/John’s match.

6. Rey Mysterio v. Shawn Michaels. They lock up, and Shawn overpowers Rey, and uses a side headlock, but Rey whips him in. Shawn comes back with a shoulderblock, than a knife edge chop. Shawn sets Rey in the corner and chops him, then whips him in the corner, and Rey jumps over Shawn, but Shawn comes back with a chop. Shawn whipped in the corner, and Rey misses the blind charge. Shawn tosses Rey out, and goes after him, but Rey slides back in, as does Shawn. Rey with a drop toe hold, and goes for 619 but Shawn slides out of the ring. Shawn back in, and knees Rey in the gut and stomps him. Shawn goes to chop Rey in the corner, and Rey avoids it, but gets put back in and chopped. Rey bails out, and Shawn follows and chops Rey then throws him in. This match is sponsored by Vince for Slap Chop, as we’ve had a chopfest from Shawn so far. Shawn tosses Rey in, and Rey holds the ropes, and does a drop toe hold. Rey runs in, avoids the superkick, and pulls Shawn out with him as we go to commercial. We come back and Rey is working over Shawn’s legs. Matt calls this a match between two of the best ever, not a chance. I’d put Ric Flair, Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Jake Roberts (yes, in his prime he was awesome), Sting (in his prime) and Barry Windham above either of these two. That would be my top five of all time. Or at least the last thirty years I’ve been watching. Throw in Dusty Rhodes, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels and that would be the ten most entertaining wrestlers ever. Yes, I include Benoit, what he did was horrible, but his matches were great, and I’d rather remember him for the great matches he did. Anyways, back to the match, as Rey is working over the knees of Shawn. There’s only one way this can end, with someone (Batista) interfering, as neither guy can lose. Rey can’t lose before a big title match, and Shawn just doesn’t lose. Shawn limping, starts to chop Rey, and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Shawn chops Rey in the corner, how many chops has that been? He whips Rey in the corner, but gets caught running in and eats turnbuckle. Rey hops to the top rope, but Shawn sweeps the foot out, and Rey falls, and may have injured a knee. Shawn goes for a slam, but Rey slides behind him and goes for a dropkick. Shawn catches the leg, and uses an Indian Death Lock on Rey! Rey gets the ropes to break the hold, and Shawn picks up Rey, but Rey nails an enziguri on Michaels. Remember when that almost ended his career, in story line of course, from Owen Hart? Now both guys are slugging it out, and Shawn gets whipped in, forgetting about the injured leg. Shawn hits the flying forearm into the nip up. Shawn goes for an atomic drop, but Rey counters and hits a springboard seated senton for a near fall. Rey off the ropes, and goes for spring board, but lands crotch first on Shawn’s knee for a near fall. Shawn goes for a slam, but Rey counters to reverse DDT, and slides to the apron. Rey goes for the springboard splash, but Shawn gets the knees up. Now Shawn climbs the ropes, and drops the elbow, as Shawn gets up he remember the bad wheel. Shawn does the vintage stomp before the Sweet Chin Music. You know, he’s been doing the pre SCM stomp for so long, how come people still run into him, why not leave the ring? Like when Hulk starts to Hulk up, instead of punching Hulk and it does nothing, why not roll out of the ring? Just saying is all. Rey runs and spin kicks Shawn down into the ropes. Rey hits the 619, and goes for the springboard, but Shawn nails Sweet Chin Music, as Stryker is having a coronary during this. Suddenly out comes Batista who spears Shawn, than hits a spinebuster on Rey, causing the DQ. 4/5 was actually better than anticipated, but ended exactly as I expected. I knew neither guy would take the loss, so Batista had to get involved. Batista readies for the Batista Bomb on Shawn, and out comes HHH for the rescue. Triple H with a spinebuster on Batista, killing his heat, and then clotheslines him out and goes out with him. Shawn & Rey alone in the ring, slowly get up, as we hear a gong and the lights go out. When they come back on Undertaker is standing over Shawn and Rey. Undertaker readies both a double chokeslam, and nails them both.

Match Recap

1. Triple H beat CM Punk by DQ 3/5
2. R-Truth upset Chris Jericho 3.5/5
3. Drew McIntyre pinned John Morrison 4.5/5
4. Shawn Michaels & Rey Mysterio went to a DDQ 4/5

Honestly, I wish the tag match that was advertised had taken place, but this wasn’t a bad show. I’m just sick of D-X and their crap. They need to step down, as does Undertaker and Batista. It’s time for the next generation to get their opportunity. The matches were good tonight, but JoMo/Drew stole the show, as I expected. The WWE has so many guys that could be the future, but sadly I can see D-X, Batista, etc refusing to give them the chance. You could push Morrison, Swagger, Miz, Truth, Burchill, Benjamin, Haas, Bourne, Ryder, and Kingston. Any of them deserve a shot at the top. I was glad to see Sheamus get a chance at the top, but his title reign has been a joke so far. He needs a decisive victory Sunday, or he’ll be remembered as a Champion the same way as The Mountie or Bret Hart’s first title reign. This isn’t a knock on Bret either, but his first title reign he faced Skinner, Kamala, Papa Shango, Berzerker, etc. I think they were afraid to give him any big names to beat at first. Anyways, it wasn’t a bad show, but I think Punk should’ve won. The best way would’ve been to have Shawn go to nail Gallows with the kick, and accidentally nail HHH allowing Punk the win. That would’ve teased more tension between D-X and given Punk a big win. Just saying is all

For the Rumble, I’ll pick who I think will win and who I think should win. I think Rey should win, but Undertaker will win. I want Sheamus to win, but Orton will probably win. Zeke should and probably will win the ECW title. Mickie should win, but sadly I can see Undertaker putting the stop to that and fire buzzard keeping her title. As for the Rumble itself, I’d like to see one of the young guys win, mainly Kofi but I assume HHH will win. I originally thought Cena, but I hear he’s injured again, so I doubt it. If things go the way I predict, I can see Wrestlemania being Undertaker v. Shawn (Shawn v. Batista at No Way Out with winner facing Taker to set it up), HHH v. Orton, and Batista v. Cena as the main matches. That along with Bret v. Vince in some way or shape. Of course the way I’d rather see it for Wrestlemania is Rey v. Jericho, Sheamus v. Kingston, and Orton v. DiBiase. I think that would be a great three pack of matches, but that’s just my opinion. I’ll be back with the Impact recap tomorrow!


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