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WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #12 – October 3, 1987

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #12 – October 3, 1987

It’s time for another classic SNME, as we continue through 1987. Tonight’s episode features one of the biggest moments of SNME and WWF history. Two of the biggest names in the WWF at this time collide in the ring, and make a historical WWF moment! Before we get to that, let’s recap our Champions. World Heavyweight Champion is still Hulk Hogan, The Hart Foundation is still the Tag Team Champions, but Fabulous Moolah lost her women’s title, after just over a year. Sensation Sherri upset the legendary Moolah on July 24th in Houston, Texas to win the title. Also Ricky Steamboat lost his IC title to the most unlikely foe, The Honky Tonk Man, on June 2, 1987 in Buffalo, NY when Honky uses the ropes to score the upset win. Tonight the new IC champion will defend his title against the former champion, Randy Savage and World Champion Hulk Hogan will defend against one half of the former tag Champions, Sika. We have all that and more tonight, on Saturday Night’s Main Event.

We open with Jimmy Hart & Honky talking about his title defense, as he says he’s gonna Shake, Rattle and Roll Savage and steal his woman. Randy calls Honky an Elvis impersonator, and Macho Madness is going to run over Honky, as he says he’s going to shut his mouth. From there to King Kong Bundy and Bobby Heenan who promise to crush Paul Orndorff. Mr. Fuji is with Sika, and says Sika will eat anything and tonight he will eat Hulk Hogan. Hulk says tonight the hunter becomes the hunted and Sika will enter Hulk’s jungle, as we go to our opening theme.

Vince McMahon welcomes us to Hershey, Pennsylvania, which was the home of the third SNME from November 1985. Vince is joined by Bobby Heenan tonight, as we have no Jesse Ventura. Vince mentions three title matches tonight, and makes fun of Heenan for not managing any of the champions. Heenan says he has a big surprise tonight, as Vince sends it to Gene with Honky Tonk Man and Jimmy Hart. Gene asks why Honky wants to come out first tonight, and Honky says the fans came to see a real entertainer and he’s anxious to thanks the fans. Jimmy says no other manager is managing two champions, as Honky says he’s stealing Elizabeth tonight, and they head down the aisle. We go to Gene with Randy Savage and Elizabeth, as Gene mentions the whirlwind of conflicts that Savage has been in. Savage says he feels the cyclone, and is in the Danger Zone and pulls out an LJN Jimmy Hart figure and throws it away. Randy calls Honky a dime store Elvis, and says Honky doesn’t know a guitar string from a g-string. Randy says the time is now, and they head down the aisle, as Gene says he never seen a more determined Macho Man.

1. Honky Tonk Man v. Randy Savage. They lock up, and the ref tries to pull them apart, and Honky gets a cheapshot, sending Savage in the corner. Honky with an elbow, but Savage comes back with a kick, and follows with a vintage Savage neck drop on the top rope. Savage quickly back in, and Honky tries to cower away, but Savage rams Honky in the buckle, hits a snap mare and drops a big knee. Honky begging off, but doesn’t slow down the Macho Man. Savage with a back elbow, as Jimmy Hart is advancing on Elizabeth, but Savage goes after Hart. The distraction costs Savage, as Honky nails Macho from behind and sends him back in. Heenan is hilarious making chauvinistic comments about Elizabeth cleaning the tights, and folding shorts. Savage tries to mount a comeback, but Honky avoids the knee drop, and now Honky nails Savage and then poses for Elizabeth. Honky with a snapmare then climbs the second rope and drops the fist. Why doesn’t that injure the guy doing it, same thing with the headbutt? Honky goes after Elizabeth, as she is trapped between Honky and Hart. Savage catches Honky, and drops a double ax handle from the top rope to the floor, than throws Honky in. Honky rammed in the buckle, and Savage with a roll up, but Jimmy puts the foot on the rope. Savage quickly nails a belly to back Suplex and covers again, but Jimmy grabs Savage by the hair, Savage now climbs the ropes, but Jimmy grabs the leg, Savage kicks him off and nails a double ax handle. Savage with the cover, but Jimmy grabs the leg again. Savage gets his hands on Hart and pounds him, sending him over the top rope. Savage whips Honky in, and Honky goes for the sunset flip, but Savage nails him. Honky rolls out to check on his manager, and out comes the Hart Foundation to check on Jimmy as well. Savage brings Honky back in and chokes him on the ropes. Jimmy Hart is old cold, as Bret and Neidhart try to bring him back, as Savage sends Honky out again. The Hart Foundation and Honky carry Jimmy backstage, as Savage is on the top rope waiting for Honky as we go to commercial. We come back as Honky returns with the Hart Foundation. Savage picks up where he left off, beating the crap out of Honky. Honky tries to fight back, but can’t slow Savage down, as Savage whips Honky in the corner. Savage charges in, but Honky moves and now Honky has a chance. Honky nails Savage with a back body drop, and then dances for Elizabeth again. Heenan keeps saying that Elizabeth is going home in the pink Cadillac tonight. Honky hits a snapmare, and then goes for the fistdrop, but Savage moves. Savage with a series of elbows, as Honky tries to beg off, but Savage will hear none of it as he continues the offense on the champion. Randy with a nice vertical Suplex or so Vince says, and gets a near fall. Honky rakes the eyes and tosses Savage outside, and the Harts double team Savage on the floor then rolls him back in. Honky covers and gets a near fall, so Honky goes for the Shake, Rattle and Roll, but Savage counters and slams Honky. Savage hits the elbow drop for the cover, but Bret dives in and breaks the count, drawing the DQ. 4/5 a great title match, of course a clean ending would’ve been better, but what comes next is awesome. The Hart Foundation pound on Savage now, as they saved Honky’s IC title. Neidhart tosses out the ref, and Honky’s back up, and they triple team Savage, as Elizabeth doesn’t know what to do. Bret and Anvil hold Savage, as Heenan says she’s a woman therefore she’s helpless, as Honky grabs the guitar. Honky dances in front of Savage, as he readies to hit him with the guitar, and Elizabeth quickly gets in between them. Elizabeth in tears tries to stop Honky from hitting Savage, and Honky shoves Elizabeth to the floor, ripping the strap on her dress. Honky dances over the fallen Elizabeth, as the Foundation still has Savage. Elizabeth runs down the aisle, as Heenan laughs at Elizabeth. Honky readies the guitar, and nails Savage over the head with the guitar! They continue to pound on Savage, as suddenly the crowd explodes. Elizabeth is returning, and she brings help for the Macho Man, Hulk Hogan!!! Hulk slides in, and they try to triple team Hogan, but Hulk fights back as Savage gets up as well, and they clean house. Suddenly Hulk and Savage back into each other, and put the fists up. Randy slowly extends the hand to Hogan, and Hogan slowly shakes the hand of Savage. Hulk raises the arms of Elizabeth and Savage, as the Madness meets the Mania. The crowd is the loudest I’ve ever heard a crowd, as we see the recap of Honky nailing Elizabeth and Savage getting crowned. This was a huge moment in the WWF, and was played for years on TV. Watching this as a kid I was shocked to see Hogan saving Savage, but even more shocked seeing Honky nail Elizabeth. This was about half the show just for this, and was an amazing moment. Savage, Hulk and Elizabeth in the ring, as we go to commercial. We come back to Fuji with Sika, as Gene asks about what we just saw. Fuji says he loves it, now Hulk is tired, and Sika is a wild savage who is ready. Fuji talks about Sika eating the heads off chickens, and the blood dripping slowly, as Gene looks like he’s going to vomit. We see Sika, Kimchee and Fuji in the ring, as Gene is with Hogan. Hulk says Hulkamania is the strongest force in the world, but the madness and mania combined will be amazing. Hulk says it’s survival of the fittest in the jungle, and Hulk promises to tear apart the tribe tonight. Hulk calls his fans the natives, which sounds really weird.

2. Hulk Hogan v. Sika. Bobby Heenan says Hulk’s going to lose because he’s tired from saving Macho Man, and he’s not ready for Sika. Hulk rips off the shirt and poses, as Sika and Kimchee are on the ring apron. Fuji sends Sika at Hogan, as they lock up, the ref gets in between and Sika with a cheap shot, then stomps Hogan. The ref pulls Sika back, and Fuji chokes Hogan with his cane, as Sika comes back and continues to stomp Hogan. Sika pulled back by the ref and Fuji with the cane, as Sika comes back and goes for the falling headbutt but Hulk moves. Hulk with a series of rights, sending Sika to the floor. Sika comes back in, and runs into a big boot, followed by three elbow drops. Hulk lifts Sika to his feet and nails Sika repeatedly, as Kimchee gets on the apron and Hulk goes after him. The distraction costs Hulk, as Sika nails him from behind sending him to the floor. Why do they always go after the managers, you’d think they’d learn after a couple times. Sika opens up on Hogan on the floor, and tries to send him to the ring post, but Hulk reverses and Sika goes headfirst to the post. I thought Samoans had hard heads, so this shouldn’t have hurt, but it did as Sika slumps down. Fuji comes from behind, but Hulk catches him and grabs the cane. The ref grabs the cane, and another ref has to come out to control Hulk as we go to commercial. We come back and the refs are trying to get the cane from Hulk, and they finally do as Sika charges in. Hulk moves and Sika hits the buckle, Hulk tries for a splash and Sika gets the knees up. Hulk with a splash? That’s a new one for Hogan! Sika drops the headbutt, and chokes the Champion, as he’s Hulk on his back. With the ref distracted Fuji chokes Hulk with the cane again, why did they give Fuji back his cane? Sika gets a near fall, as Heenan calls it a lousy count and mentions Wrestlemania. Sika with a nerve hold on Hogan, who tries to fight his way back up. Heenan says he just ordered a bouquet of flowers for the demise of Hulk-a-Mania! The crowd gets Hulk fired up, as he gets back up, but Sika with a knee takes Hulk back down and drops the headbutt three times. Sika with a cover, but Hulk kicks out and starts to Hulk Up!! Hulk with three right hands, and slams Sika then drops the leg for three! 3/5 a pretty good match actually, much better than I expected. This crowd has just been amazing loud, which makes the match. After the match Hulk nails Fuji and brings Kimchee in the ring. Kimchee tries to escape, but Hulk with an atomic drop sends Kimchee to the floor. Hulk stands tall with the World Championship, as Sika, Fuji and Kimchee limp back to the dressing room. We go to Mene Gene with Paul Orndorff and his new manager Oliver Humperdink. Paul Orndorff had just turned face again, as he fired Heenan, again, and got a new manager. The catalyst to Orndorff’s face turn was the debut of Rick Rude, as Heenan tried to get Paul to admit Rude had a better body. Thus turning Orndorff, and bringing in a new manager. Orndorff says Heenan wanted him to take a backseat to Rude, and he refused and fired Heenan twice now. Oliver says Paul’s tired of Heenan’s lies, as Paul say Heenan would sell out anyone and promises to make the fat lady, Bundy, sing the blues. We go back to Vince and Heenan, as Vince asks what Heenan’s surprise is; Heenan says none of his business.

3. Paul Orndorff v. King Kong Bundy. Heenan is still at the announce position, as Orndorff is in the ring. Heenan says it’s time for his surprise, but first back to Gene with King Kong Bundy. Gene mentions that Heenan will not be in his corner, and Bundy says Heenan has confidence in his ability. Bundy says the family will stick together and it’s time to go to the ring. Bundy comes to the ring, as Vince says Heenan is making a mistake. Paul starts out quick jumping Bundy and tosses him in the corner, but misses a dropkick. Bundy stomps Paul and rams him in the turnbuckle, than works over Paul’s back. The ref pulls Bundy back, and as he comes back in Paul with a kick, but Bundy shrugs it off and pounds Paul down. Paul whipped in, jumps over Bundy and does a sunset flip for a near fall. Bundy quickly back on the offense and whips Paul in and hits a back elbow. I was always a huge fan of Bundy, he’s quick for a big guy, and the lack of eyebrows is just odd. Bundy misses the elbow, and Paul starts to work over Bundy, as Heenan tells Vince to shut up, as Paul hits an elbow drop and covers for a near fall. Heenan leaves the broadcast booth, as Paul continues to stomp Bundy down. Orndorff hits a nice dropkick, as we see Heenan’s surprise, Andre the Giant coming to ringside as Heenan returns to the booth. Paul hits another dropkick, sending Bundy to the floor, and Andre gives Bundy some advice. Maybe their discussing all you can buffet, as we go to commercial. We come back and both men circling each other, and Paul uses his speed to nail Bundy, but Bundy fires back and rams Paul in the buckle than slams him and drops a knee. Bundy continues to hammer Orndorff, but Paul fights back and wobbles the big man, than knocks him down. Paul drops the elbow, as Vince ignores Heenan, Paul misses the second elbow. Bundy hiptosses Orndorff and drops an elbow for a near fall, then goes to a rear chinlock as we see Andre. Heenan says Paul won’t have a headache, because you need a brain for that. Paul whipped in the corner, and Bundy charges in, but Paul moves and now it’s Paul on the offense again. Paul whips Bundy in the corner, but Bundy reverses. Andre grabs Paul’s shorts and holds him in the corner so Bundy can hit the Avalanche for the win. 3.25/5 a very impressive match, as both guys worked great together and actually had an entertaining match. Gene is standing by with the Hart Foundation, without Jimmy Hart, as Gene says what they did was disgraceful and the event will live in infamy. Bret says it was justified, and Anvil says they have to go out there tonight alone. Anvil calls the Stallions, Paul Roma & Jim Powers, a couple of pretty boys, so young sweet and innocent, Bret says just the kind they like to slap around. Gene gets angry and storms off, as Heenan calls it unprofessional.

4. Young Stallions v. Hart Foundation. Hart’s come out without Jimmy due to the fact he was knocked out by Savage earlier. Anvil and Roma start out, and Roma uses his speed to take Neidhart down and tags in Powers. Powers gets slammed and Bret tagged in, but Powers catches him and whips him in. Powers with a sunset flip for a near fall, as Powers goes to an arm bar, and Bret whips him in, but Powers with a crossbody for two. Powers off the ropes and Bret with a kneelift, than nails him with a backbreaker before tagging in Neidhart. Heenan says the Stallions need a manager, and Vince suggests Elizabeth, as Neidhart pounds Powers down. Neidhart tags Bret in, and Bret drops an elbow, as Powers is getting pummeled. Bret tags Anvil back in, and holds Powers open for Neidhart can nail him. Neidhart slams Powers on the top rope, and proceeds to stomp Powers, than bites his head. Bret tagged in, and whips Powers in, but Powers jumps over Bret and tags Roma. Roma takes on both Harts, as the Stallions whip the Foundation into each other. Roma power slams Bret and almost wins, but Neidhart breaks the pin, and while Powers has the ref, Hart Foundation hit the Hart Attack for the win. 3/5 a fast paced match, but no one thought had the Stallions had a chance in there. Still a pretty good match. We now go to Gene with Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Elizabeth. Hulk says they don’t what they’re dealing with, as they may blow up the planet. Hulk says when he got in the ring and saw the Madness he knew there was another universe. Savage says he’s in a state of shock, and may not come down for a long time. Randy says Elizabeth opened his eyes and he has direction now, as he christens the team Megapowers! Gene asks about the hit over the head, Hulk says don’t worry about it, he’s worried about where they’re going from here. The Megapowers could take over the whole WWF, as Gene says it’s an amazing moment and sends it back to Vince. From there we get the World Premier of Koko B. Ware’s hit song Piledriver, this is classic WWF 80’s. We have Hulk, Billy Jack Haynes, Bam Bam Bigelow, Superstar Billy Graham and Don Muraco as a construction crew, as Honky Tonk Man and Jimmy Hart try to drive through. This is hilarious, I love Vince trying to be one of the guys ogling the girls going by! Why was the song called Piledriver, yet Koko’s finisher was a brainbuster, called the Ghostbuster? This doesn’t make any sense, and now I need answers, anyone? Vince and Bobby wrap up the show, and recap all the things we’ve seen tonight. We get a closing video of Tammy Wynette’s classic “Stand By Your Man” as we see Elizabeth saving Savage! Cool way to end the show.

Match Recap

1. Randy Savage beat Honky Tonk Man by DQ in 13:00 4/5
2. Hulk Hogan pinned Sika in 7:59 3/5
3. King Kong Bundy beat Paul Orndorff in 8:00 3.25/5
4. Hart Foundation beat Young Stallions in 4:35 3/5

What more can be said about this SNME, except awesome. The whole Savage/Honky/Hulk stuff was amazing, and makes this one of the best SNME’s. A great show with a great match and three good matches!





Piledriver Video


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