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WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #11 – May 2, 1987

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #11 – May 2, 1987

Here we go with another Saturday Night’s Main Event! Tonight’s episode comes on the heels of the biggest Wrestlemania of all time, Wrestlemania III. At Wrestlemania Hulk Hogan faced off against his former friend, Andre the Giant, and was able to score the win. After one of the most legendry bodyslams in wrestling history, a clip that is shown today, Hulk pinned the ‘undefeated’ Giant to retain the World Heavyweight Title. Also at Wrestlemania Ricky Steamboat finally got his hands on the Macho Man Randy Savage and was able to pin Randy to win the IC title, in the greatest match in Wrestlemania history. Also that night, Roddy Piper won his retirement match and had the head of Adrian Adonis shaved, with some help from Brutus Beefcake. Brutus’s former teammates, Greg Valentine, Dino Bravo & Johnny V, left Brutus earlier in the night, after a win over the Rougeaus, which lead to the face turn of Brutus and the creation of the Barber gimmick. Other events that night included Harley Race beating the JYD, Honky Tonk Man cheating to beat Jake Roberts, The Hart Foundation & Danny Davis beating British Bulldogs & Tito Santana, Billy Jack Haynes & Hercules went to a double countout, and Billy was left a bloody mess after being hit with the chains. This brings us to tonight, in South Bend, Indiana, with Randy Savage facing George Steele in a lumberjack match along with The British Bulldogs challenging the Hart Foundation for the Tag Titles in a two out of three fall match. So let’s get to the show.

We open with Randy Savage talking about George kidnapping Elizabeth and costing him the IC title at Wrestlemania. Savage says tonight is the last time they face, in a lumberjack match, and he will survive. Ricky Steamboat will defend his title tonight against Hercules and will melt Hercules’ chains. Jimmy Hart & the Hart Foundation promise the Bulldogs dream title rematch will be a nightmare. Hacksaw Jim Duggan, making his SNME debut, says he will be at ringside tonight and if Nikolai sings the anthem he will get him. Bobby Heenan, with Andre, calls Andre undefeated and the World Champion, and says he will prove that Hulk Hogan was beaten at Wrestlemania. Andre says he is the champion. Hulk Hogan says the fans, Heenan and Andre know who won at Wrestlemania, and tonight he will show how he faced the greatest challenge of his career. From there we go to our opening video!

Vince McMahon welcomes us to SNME, the ultimate in sports entertainment, and introduces Jesse Venture. Jesse has a freaky silver wig and red boa, making him look like a psychotic Christmas tree. We see highlights of the Ken Patera/Bobby Heenan debate from earlier today, where Ken broke Heenan’s neck, kayfabe. Thus the reason Heenan is wearing a neckbrace. Gene is with Kamala, Kimchee and Kamala’s new manager, Mr. Fuji. Gene says Kamala is scared of snakes, and Fuji says he understands snakes and can help Kamala with his fear. After Kamala leaves Gene says he can run back to deepest darkest Uganda. We now get the replay of Honky Tonk Man leveling Jake Roberts with the guitar on the snake pit. Gene with Jake and Damien, as Gene asks if Jake had his brain scrambled. Jake says because Damien wants Kamala, Gene asks why, and Jake says asks Damien. Gene responds we are out of time.

1. Jake Roberts v. Kamala. Jake comes out and throws Damien in the ring, and Kamala leaps out of the ring. The ref gets Jake to put Damien in the bag, and while Jake is busy with Damien, Kamala comes back in and hammers Jake from behind. Jake whipped in, and Kamala with a back kick, but Jake fights back. Jake gets caught off the ropes as Kamala hits a double chop; Kamala then pats his belly right before he hits another back kick. Kamala with a bear hug on Jake, Jake stomps Kamala’s bare feet to break the hold. Kamala retreats to the corner, and Jake calls him out. Jake with an armbar on Kamala, and stomps the feet again, but Kamala comes back with a big chop and then chokes Roberts. Jake gets choked on the ropes, as Kamala slowly stalks Jake and continues to choke him. Kimchee telling Kamala to get back on Jake, as Kimchee pounds the mat. Kamala slaps his belly again, and Jake has the chance to come back with a series of uppercuts, but Kamala with a headbutt takes the Snake down. Kamala picks him up, and continues to chop and headbutt Jake down, and Jake leaves the ring. Jake lures Kamala outside, and has Kamala chase Jake, Jake gets in the ring and catches Kamala with a kneelift. Jake with another kneelift and gives the sign for the DDT. Kimchee quickly jumps in the ring, while Fuji has the ref, and Kimchee cracks Jake with the stick he carries. Kamala follows up with a big splash for the win. 3/5 surprisingly a good match with Kamala, as Jake carried him to an enjoyable battle. Jake was one of the best at the time, and is probably going to be remembered as one of the greatest to never hold a major title. After the match Kimchee removes his hat and mask, to reveal himself as Honky Tonk Man!!! Usually Kimchee was Steve Lombardi. Honky drops a pair of elbows on Jake, as the crowd boos loudly. Jake picked up, and Honky with the Shake, Rattle and Roll on Jake. Honky grabs the mic and thanks the crowd. Honky’s gimmick was a classic; he played it so over the top. Honky leaves the ring, happy with the damage he laid on Jake. We now see clips from Wrestlemania III, what a freaking crowd that night. Gene is with George Steele, and asks him if he knows what a lumberjack match is; George doesn’t so Gene explains it to him. Gene says there is no escape and if he loses he may never see Elizabeth, George says “Elizabeth, nice” and rubs his head on Gene. We now see Kimchee and Honky Tonk Man side by side coming to the ring. Gene with Savage and Elizabeth, as Savage says he is still the IC champion, and vengeance is his. Savage says he will get his hands on Steamboat, and send Elizabeth down the aisle, as Gene sends it to Vince.

2. Randy Savage v. George Steele. This is a lumberjack, and finally closes the door on this year and a half long feud. We see the Hart Foundation, Danny Davis, British Bulldogs, Young Stallions, Nikolai Volkoff, Iron Sheik, Honky Tonk Man, Kimchee, Jim Duggan, Ricky Steamboat, and Hercules around the ring. Vince once again is drooling over Elizabeth as she comes to the ring with Randy Savage. Jesse says this isn’t the Playmate review. As Steamboat distracts Savage, Steele is rubbing his head on Elizabeth; Savage suddenly spots it and nails Steele. Savage pounds Steele in the corner, but Steele comes back and tosses Savage around the ring. Savage bails out, and Herc and Kimchee took too long to throw him in, so the Bulldogs come over to do the job. Steele tosses Savage into the ringpost, and Savage tries to bail, but the Bulldogs are there to stop him. Savage with a cheapshot and nails Steele in the ropes, George grabs the nose of Savage and twists. Savage bails again, and Santana and Bulldogs throws him back in. Steele goes to toss Savage in the corner but reversed, and Steele tied in the ropes. Steele nailed out of the ring, and Steamboat helps him back in. Savage pounds Steele in the corner, but Steele comes back. Steele had such a minor moveset, punch, bite and that’s about it, amazing he made the character last for so many years. Savage nails a double ax handle, sending Steele out of the ring, and the Harts and Sheik & Volkoff start to stomp the fallen Animal. Suddenly Hacksaw chases them off, and chases Sheik & Volkoff into the ring. Meanwhile Steele has been getting pounded outside, as the refs remove Hacksaw from ringside as we go to commercial. We come back, and Savage is pounding Steele, sending him to the floor. Steele headbutts Davis and gets back in the ring, and nails Savage, then a chokelift sends Savage down. Steele has a snack of turnbuckle and feeds it to Savage. Savage with a nice vertical Suplex, and follows with a kneedrop, then tosses Steele out of the ring. Steamboat gets Steele back in the ring, and Steele tosses Savage to the floor. The Dragon tosses Savage back in, and Steele tosses him towards Steamboat, but Savage holds the arm of Steele. Steele with a series of right hands, and bites Savage, then tosses him back to Steamboat. Savage nails Steamboat, who comes back with a chop, and now Herc nails Steamboat as chaos ensues. George and the ref watch on, and this allows Davis to slide in with the ring bell and knock Steele out cold. Savage quickly climbs the ropes and drops the elbow for the win. 3.5/5 a very fun and chaotic matchup, that was the best in the series between these two. After the match Steamboat goes after Savage and chops him, knocking Savage in the ropes, and Hercules to the rescue. Suddenly everyone is in the ring, and we have a battle royal. Out of nowhere comes Jake Roberts, with ribs taped and Damien, chases everyone out of the ring. Jake throws Damien on top of Kimchee, who just barely gets out of the ring. We go to Gene with Heenan and Andre, as Gene asks about the loss at Wrestlemania. Heenan says there was no loss, they beat Hogan and Andre says he was cheated. Heenan says in Hulk’s matches the refs are biased, and says Jack Tunney has no integrity. Bobby says he has film footage of Andre winning, as we see footage from Wrestlemania. Hulk and Andre are face to face, and Hogan with three punches and tries for the slam. Andre falls on top and the referee counted to three, but then claims it was a two. Heenan screaming the ref is lying and demands an investigation. Heenan says strip Hogan of the title, or give us a rematch, as Gene sends it to Vince.

3. British Bulldogs v. Hart Foundation. The British Bulldogs come out with Tito Santana and Matilda, a real bulldog. The Hart Foundation has Danny Davis & Jimmy Hart with them, as Matilda chases Jimmy Hart out of the ring and has Jimmy’s megaphone. Bret and Davey start out, and Davey powers Bret back, Bret with an armbar, but Davey rolls out and reverses it. Davey works over Bret’s arm, and drives the knee in the arm repeatedly, Bret with a nice nip up, and pulls Davey’s hair before applying a headlock. Jesse says he’s just Vince has never felt moves like this, to which Vince responds he hopes never too have to. Bret whipped in, and Davey leapfrogs, then a monkey flip on Bret and Davey back to the arm. Davey with a nice crucifix for a near fall, Davey gets caught coming off the ropes as Bret raises a knee. Bret tags in the Anvil, who lifts Smith by the hair, and then hammers Davey Boy. Neidhart gets Davey in the corner and distracts the ref, as Bret chokes Davey Boy. Neidhart continues to work Davey in the corner and tags Bret, as Jesse tells Vince to shut up so they can listen to Jimmy Hart. Bret drops a leg on Davey, and rams Davey in the corner before whipping him in the opposite corner. As Bret charges in, Davey gets a foot up and tags Kid. Dynamite lifts Bret up by the hair and hits a nice lariat for a near fall. Dynamite with the snap Suplex, and then drops the headbutt, as he goes for the pin Anvil runs in and Davey Boy comes in. Neidhart throws Davey over the top, and the Hart’s double team Kid, as Davis is stomping Davey Boy. Tito now chases Davis around the ring, as the Hart’s continue to double team Kid, as the bell rings. The British Bulldogs take the first fall via DQ, as we go to commercial. We come back for the second fall, as Bret tags Neidhart in, and they work over Kid. Neidhart chokes Kid on the ropes, and shoves him back in his corner, Neidhart tags Bret. Neidhart with a backbreaker and Bret drops an elbow on Kid for a near fall. Kid tries to fight back, but Bret grabs the ankle and tags the Anvil. Neidhart with a facelock on Dynamite, as Kid is inches from the tag, Bret charges in and levels Smith, and Smith chases Bret around the ring, meanwhile the ref is distracted and Neidhart has been choking Kid. Neidhart bites Dynamite and distracts the ref, as Bret gets a cheapshot in. Bret tagged in and they double team Dynamite. Dynamite in the ropes and Bret charges in but Dynamite moves and Bret straddles the top rope. Kid makes the tag, as does Bret and Davey with a dropkick on Neidhart. Davey with a clothesline for a near fall, Davey follows with a nice vertical Suplex for another near fall, as the crowd gets louder and louder. Davey off the ropes, and Neidhart with a kneelift and Bret holds Davey while Neidhart starts to pummel him. Bret holds Davey, and Neidhart goes for the dropkick, but Davey moves and Bret eats the dropkick. Davis on the apron, but Tito nails Davis down. Davey presses Kid over his head and launches him on Bret for the win. 4.75/5 an amazing matchup, and one of the best tag matches shown on TV. The best two tag teams in the WWF at the time, and pretty much ever. The crowd erupts as Vince declares the Bulldogs the new tag champions, after winning two falls. However the Hart Foundation has the tag titles, as Jesse says due to the DQ the Bulldogs don’t win the titles. Vince sounds pissed as he sends it to Gene and Hogan. Gene says this victory over Andre must’ve been sweeter than most, and mentions that Andre claims he won, and asks Hulk what it’s like to lock up with Andre. Hulk says he knew it was the Ultimate Challenge, no that’s in three years, as we see the highlights from Wrestlemania again. Hulk says he knew he had to rise above and take 93,000 Hulkamaniacs to the mountaintop. Gene asks about Heenan’s comments, and Hulk says they can investigate if they want, and if they want a rematch he fears no one. Hulk says Andre can’t complain, and needs to face Hulkamania again. Hulk says Hulkamania will live forever, as Gene sends it back to Vince.

4. Hercules v. Ricky Steamboat. We see Randy Savage, Elizabeth and Gene backstage watching the match, as Savage wants Steamboat to win so he can take back his title. Jesse asks how Gene gets around so many places so quickly, that’s what I want to know. Does he have a matter transporter like Homer did on the Treehouse of Horror episode of the Simpsons? Both men lock up, and Hercules overpowers Steamboat with a series of hammers to the back. Hercules rams Steamboat’s head into the turnbuckle and continues to punch him, then whips Steamboat in. Steamboat slides under Herc, hits a pair of dropkicks and chop sends Herc to the floor. Dragon follows, and hits an atomic drop on the floor, Herc rolls back in, and Steamboat follows. Steamboat with a chop, sends Herc to the corner, Herc pulls Steamboat into the buckle, as Savage is cheering on Steamboat. Hercules stomps the Champion down, and whips Steamboat in and hits a clothesline. Hercules drops an elbow for a near fall, and Herc whips him in again. Steamboat catches Hercules and chops him, then hits the snapmare, but Hercules catches Steamboat coming in with an uppercut. Steamboat in the corner, and Herc comes in, Steamboat gets the boots up, and rams Herc in the buckle. Ricky with a neckbreaker, and then continues to chop Hercules down, but Hercules avoids a chop and gets the full nelson on Dragon. Savage bails out of the room he was in, and charges down the aisle. Savage grabs the ankle of Herc, and Heenan gets in Savage’s face. The ref drops down and ejects Savage from ringside, as we go to commercial. We come back as Hercules climbs the ropes, and goes for a splash, but Steamboat gets the knees up. Herc slams Steamboat, but misses the big elbow drop, Steamboat pulls himself up, and Herc charges, but Steamboat moves and Herc hits the buckle. Ricky with a series of chops, as Savage watches from the aisle. Steamboat whips Herc in, and hits a double chop, and continues to chop the challenger, but gets caught by Herc. Herc with a reverse atomic drop, as Heenan slides the chain into Hercules. Hercules wraps it around Steamboat’s throat and gets disqualified. 3/5 another good match, but a crappy ending. I hate when they do the senseless endings, why can’t Ricky score the clean pin? After the match Hercules continues to choke Steamboat down, as Savage stands in the aisle. As Hercules stands over Steamboat, as Savage says Steamboat’s the winner, sure doesn’t look like one. Savage comes in the ring, and checks on Steamboat, as he turns him over. Savage suddenly climbs the ropes, and drops the elbow across the throat of Steamboat, as the crowd boos loudly. Gene is with Hacksaw Jim Duggan, who’s at ringside. Hacksaw says he loves this country and hates anyone who doesn’t. Duggan shows he has a ticket to stay at ringside, and if Nikolai sings the Russian anthem he will stop him.

5. Can-Am Connection v. Nikolai Volkoff. Can-Am Connection was Rick Martel & Tom Zenk. Zenk did not stay in WWF very look, and Rick Martel wound up teaming with Tito Santana, then later turned on Tito at Wrestlemania V. Nikolai Volkoff requests that we all rise for the singing of the Russian National Anthem. Nikolai starts singing, as Duggan stands up, and jumps the barrier. Duggan nails Volkoff with the 2X4, and grabs the microphone. Duggan calls them Commies, and says this is the land of the free and home of the brave, and starts the crowd chanting USA. Jesse asks why Volkoff is not allowed to sing the anthem then as we go to commercial. We come back with Volkoff and Martel, as Volkoff overpowers the smaller man. Volkoff whips him in, and Rick jumps over Nikolai and hits pair of nice dropkicks. Sheik tagged in, as is Zenk, as they try to keep it quick, but Sheik nails Zenk with the curly boot, and follows with a gutwrench Suplex. No one can Suplex like the Sheik could, as he hits a vertical Suplex now for a near fall. Sheik tags in Volkoff, who whips Zenk in, and nails him with the big boot, then a running stomp and tags in Sheik. Sheik with a belly to belly Suplex for a near fall, Sheik pulls Tom up and locks on an Abdominal Stretch, as Hacksaw tries to fire up the crowd. Zenk able to hip toss the Sheik out of the hold, but Sheik whips Zenk in and nails a big clothesline. Sheik tosses Zenk out of the ring, and Nikolai stomps him in front of Duggan, as Sheik nails Martel. They double team Zenk in front of Duggan, as they rolls Zenk in the ring, they go after Duggan. Sheik and Volkoff get in the ring to avoid the countout, and Duggan follows. While the ref is with Duggan, Zenk rolls up Sheik and the ref turns and counts the three. 2.25/5 not a good match, but the stuff with Duggan and Sheik’s amazing Suplexes saved the match. As Duggan checks on Zenk, Volkoff, Sheik and Slick attack Duggan and knock him out of the ring. Duggan and the Can-Am Connection charge back in the ring, as Sheik, Volkoff & Slick bail out as we go to commercial. We come back to Vince and Jesse recap tonight’s show, as they close the show. We get “Take Me Home” by Phil Collins, but not a Hogan video, instead we see Jake clearing the ring and taking out Kimchee.

Match Recap

1. Kamala pinned Jake Roberts in 4:18 3/5
2. Randy Savage pinned George Steele in 6:44 of a Lumberjack Match 3.5/5
3. British Bulldogs beat the Hart Foundation in 2 straight falls at 9:48 4.75/5
4. Ricky Steamboat beat Hercules by DQ in 6:42 3/5
5. Can-Am Connection beat Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik in 4:45 2.25/5

This was a great post Wrestlemania show, as they touched on all the major points from Wrestlemania. The matches were good, other than the final match. The tag match was nothing short of amazing, as all four guys were awesome. A great SNME, as usual, and our next SNME features one of the most historical moments in WWF history, watch for it! Be sure to follow me on Twitter to find out when new updates will go up:





Can-Ams/Sheik & Volkoff

The Interview with Andre & Heenan


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