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ECW on SyFy: Two great matches + no crap = great show
January 27, 2010, 12:01 pm
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ECW on SyFy – January 26, 2010

Tonight the road to the Royal Rumble continues, as we have Christian teaming up with Kane to face William Regal & Ezekiel Jackson. This should be a very interesting tag match. I’m looking forward to Jackson v. Christian at the Royal Rumble. By the way, to know when the newest updates are posted, follow me on Twitter here

1. We open this week with William Regal in the ring, introducing the next ECW Champion, Ezekiel Jackson. When he wears red, he really looks like a larger Ahmed Johnson, but at least he’s a better wrestler, he hasn’t injured anyone yet. We see the replay of Regal and Jackson double teaming the ECW Champion last week, as Jackson has a huge smile. Jackson says five days is all Christian has left, as they left him sprawled at his feet last week, and it will happen again on Sunday. Jackson says Christian will drift out of consciousness, but not before hearing he is declared the new ECW Champion. This, of course, brings out the ECW Champion, Christian, who says to Ezekiel if he likes biblical quotes, so does he, as he is Christian. Christian quotes the bible, and ends with the peeps will know he is Captain Charisma. Jackson laughs and asks if he is a comedian, Jackson says Christian has never faced anyone like him. Christian agrees but points out he is a two time champion, and has beaten a pale white creepy British dude, as looks at Regal. Christian says he may be the most powerful man in the WWE, but he looks forward to facing him at the Rumble. Christian says tonight he will even the score, and out comes The Big Red Machine, Kane, and they make their way to the ring.

2. Christian & Kane v. Ezekiel Jackson & William Regal. So we’re opening with the main event? OK, that’s strange. Christian and Regal start out, and they exchange arm bars, Regal whips Christian in, and they collide. Christian with a snap mare, than a monkey flip, as Regal tags in Jackson, and Christian tags in Kane. The run into each other and neither man budges. Kane with a side headlock, but Jackson fires him off, and they collide again with neither man moving. Jackson mouths off at Kane, so Kane fires back with uppercuts, and whips Jackson in, but reversed, Kane ducks under a clothesline and comes back with one of his own for a near fall. Kane tags Christian in, and Christian off the ropes, slides under Jackson, and slaps him. Christian goes for an armbar, but Jackson pulls him in and slams him. Jackson misses the elbow, and Christian tags Kane, who locks in an armbar on Jackson. Jackson backs Kane in his corner and tags Regal in, and they double team Kane in the corner. Regal starts to work over the knee of Kane, as Jackson watches and learns; Regal continues to work over the knee and tags in Jackson, who stomps the knee. The battle of the big man continues, as Jackson hits a corner clothesline, and covers for a one count, Jackson to a facelock as Kane tries to fight his way out. Kane whipped in the corner, and Jackson charges in, but Kane moves and tags in Zeke. Christian off the ropes, but Zeke doesn’t move, and Christian whipped in the corner. Christian gets the boots up, and hits a dropkick and goes for the cover. Zeke powers out, so Christian goes for the Killswitch, but cannot do it, so he does a reverse DDT, than nails Regal and tosses Zeke outside. Christian dives to the floor on top of both men, as we go to commercial. We come back and Kane with a short arm clothesline on Zeke, then a low dropkick for a near fall. Kane tags in Christian, who comes in off the top, but Jackson just tosses Christian to the floor. Regal gets to close and Christian nails him, but the distraction costs Christian as Jackson runs right over him and throws Christian in. Jackson tags Regal in and Regal with a modified chicken wing on the Champ, who fights out, and hits a springboard sunset flip, but Regal kicks out and fires back with a clothesline before tagging in Jackson. Ezekiel slams Christian, and follows with a backbreaker for a near fall, as Christian able to kick out, so Jackson stands on Christian’s throat. Christian tries to fire back, but Jackson just powers the Champ down, and tosses him in his corner, than tags in Regal. They double team Christian in the corner and Regal with a nice butterfly Suplex for a near fall, as Regal gets in Kane’s face before tagging in Jackson. Christian tries to pull himself up on the ropes, but Jackson nails him across the face with the forearms, and then chokes him on the ropes. This has been all Jackson and Regal for a long time now, as the role of Ricky Morton will be played by Christian tonight! Christian almost makes a tag and Jackson nails Kane, while the ref is with Kane, Regal and Jackson double team Christian and scores a near fall. Jackson tags in Regal, who opens up on Christian, who falls in the neutral corner; Regal pulls him out and hits a quick series of knees, before setting him on the top rope. Christian fights Regal off the ropes, and hits a flying elbow, and luckily makes the tag. Kane fires on Regal in the corner, and whips him in the opposite corner, hits a pair of corner clotheslines, than the side slam. Kane climbs the ropes and hits the diving lariat, Kane goes for the chokeslam, and Zeke runs in. Zeke nailed by Christian, and Kane tags Christian in and throws Christian on Zeke as we have chaos breaking loose here. Kane and Jackson fight on the floor, as Christian goes for the Killswitch on Regal who counters into a nice throw. Kane rammed into the ring post, as Regal goes for the Knee Trembler, Christian avoids and goes for the Killswitch, but Regal makes the tag. Christian has no clue, and hits the Killswitch, but turns into Jackson who nails Christian with the urunage for the win. 4/5 great tag match, very fast paced and Jackson keeps getting better. Jackson stands over the fallen Champion and poses, as Regal slowly gets up. They actually gave that half the show, I’m impressed. We have a six man tag coming up, for the main event, should be interesting at least. We go backstage to Shelton Benjamin, wow Shelton gets mic time, what parallel universe are we in? Shelton says at the Rumble it doesn’t matter when you come in or who you eliminate, it’s whose last man standing. The winner changes the course of his career, Shelton continues, and he goes on to face the champion at Wrestlemania. Suddenly Shelton gets attacked by Vance Archer, who takes Shelton down, and says hopes and dreams are all Shelton has, and calls this reality.

3. Zack Ryder, Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta v. Hurricane, Goldust & Yoshi Kwan. Zack comes out with the stunning Rosa, in a very short dress! We get the recap of Hurricane attacking Ryder from last week, as they introduce the rest of the combatants. Goldust and Croft lock up to start, and Goldust with a side headlock, Goldust whipped in, catches Croft and hits a slingshot to the corner, than nails the rest of the team. Goldust with a reverse atomic drop, than a knee lift, followed by a snapmare and a legdrop. Goldust caught in the corner, as Rosa cheers her team on, Croft misses a charge in the corner and Hurricane tagged in. Hurricane with a flying kick for a near fall, Croft tags in Ryder, who gets caught in an armdrag. Ryder hammers the back of Hurricane but misses the clothesline, Hurricane holds the ropes, and Ryder runs at him and Hurricane pulls the rope down sending Ryder to the floor. The faces take out Croft and Barreta sending them to the floor as well, as we go to commercial. We come back and Yoshi in with Croft counters the armdrag with one of his own, into an armbar, and tags in the Golden One. Goldust with a snapmare and legdrop again, same combo from earlier. Croft rakes the eyes, and tags in Trent, who gets caught in an armdrag, as Hurricane tagged in. Hurricane with a series of rights, but gets whipped in the corner; however he gets a foot up, and hurricanranas Barreta down. Hurricane goes for the Shining Wizard, but Trent rolls to the apron, so Hurricane baseball slides him to floor and dives over the top rope onto him. Hurricane rolls Trent in, but gets distracted by Ryder, and Trent knocks him to the floor and tags in Ryder. Ryder opens up on Hurricane on the floor, the rolls him in and hits the Rough Ryder, before tagging in Croft. Croft drops a knee for a near fall; Croft locks in a figure four, as Rosa is taunting Hurricane. Hurricane powers up, and rolls up Croft but not enough as Croft back up and clotheslines Hurricane down, and tags Trent in. Hurricane fights his way up, but Trent comes back with a dropkick and covers Hurricane for a near fall. Trent with a rear chinlock, and the crowd solidly behind Hurricane, who needs to make the tag, but instead Ryder tagged in. Ryder’s team working well together, as they isolate the Hurricane, Ryder with a rear chinlock, but Hurricane fights out, only to get a kneelift. The Hurricane whipped in, and avoids contact rolls Ryder up, but Ryder kicks out and tags in Croft. Croft drops a knee and tags Trent in who pummels Hurricane and Croft back in, as they keep using quick tags to wear the Superhero down. The crowd cheers on Hurricane who fights up, and Croft nails Goldust, but turns into a backdrop from Hurricane. Hurricane with the Shining Wizard on Croft, and both men crawling to make the tag. Trent tagged in, same time as Yoshi, who hits a pair of dropkicks and takes out both men outside the ring, and then a series of kicks sends Trent to the corner. Trent backdrops Yoshi, who lands on the apron, and nails a top rope spin kick, as all six in the ring now. Ryder and Hurricane on the floor, as Yoshi hit the Buzzsaw Kick on Trent for the win. 4/5 a great six man tag with lots of excitement and action, very impressive match. All six guys were impressive, including Goldust, great match.

Match Recap

1. Ezekiel Jackson & William Regal beat Christian & Kane 4/5
2. Yoshi Tatsu, Goldust & Hurricane beat Zack Ryder, Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft 4/5

Two great matches tonight on ECW, what an amazing show this was. There was no crap, no fluff, one brief backstage thing with Benjamin and Archer, which lasted about 90 seconds. This was simply an excellent show tonight and one of the best episodes of WWE TV in a long time. Whoever set this show up deserves a raise for an excellent job. A very enjoyable episode and I’m very happy with tonight’s show.


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